142 thoughts on “New Look

  1. Aya’s kind of creeping me out, though. It’s like–hello there, my Pretties. With a capital P, of course, dearest Allie-wa.
    I’d rather have TALLY-sama staring at me, Scott-la…

  2. Type it in the seearch box. They should come up…I think. You might have to scroll some. I think. idk, but I just did it.

  3. I love the new look, the old one just didn’t express the true awesomeness of the content. Snazztastic!

  4. i love it! well most of it anyways. im glad that the homepage didnt change. at least i think it didnt. if i did and im not seeing it cuz my computer totally sucks, well im going to be ticked.

  5. o no wait, i figured it out! for me at least, when you type in just http://www.scottwesterfeld.com it goes to your origanal homepage. then when you click on “latest blog entry”, thats when i changes. weird. but when im in you blog space, and i click “home”at the top, i says that this is your homepage. im officially comfused.

  6. For me, I have been visiting your website for about 1.75 years and I am super excited about the amazing changes. I am so glad I bought So Yesterday almost two years ago!

  7. The look is awsome. Btw on new looks, so u all no those awsome shoelaces in So Yesterday right? well while on an expidition in my bookstore i found this book that had totally fawsome ways to do ur shoelaces!!!!!! it was so cool! unfortunatly i am broke from buying presents and was unable to get it. BUT IT WAS SO FOOL!

  8. hehe. my shoelaces tie at the top instead of the bottom. no what i mean?



    my shoes:


    if that makes any sense…

    -Lizzy-wa OUT! 😆

  9. Oh, its amazzzzzing, Scott! It was a bit confusing at fist, since I’m used to the old look, but this one is fawesome! Except I coulndn’t find links to the Spooiler threads on the side :/

  10. ha. I see…that is really weird, Lizzy-wa.

    Mine are in this really weird arangement. It’s sorta like woven but sorta not…it’s really confusing to explain. I did it while watching Stargate one day. heh.

    instead of 8 mine are more like…MMMMMMMMMMMMM with a strike through it, in case the html doesn’t work. Which is probably won’t.

  11. my laces r boring 2 but now i’m gonna go back and read the book and redo my shoes. There’s one where u can tie them likea noose. it’s weird but kinda cool

  12. hehe. spooiler. hehe. but yeah. where are those things? its getting annoying. and i dont think wordpress has an option for polls. cuz i have an account, and it wont let me make any. but Scott-la, if you find a way to make polls, please tell me.

    -Lizzy-wa OUT! 😀

  13. I have to write a stupid poem for this stupid fine arts thing. I’m supposed to be doing that now but…

    you know. I don’t want to.

  14. lol I’m listening to Fall Out Boy while trying to write Christian poetry. they mix well, don’t ya think?

  15. Fall Out Boy is killer!!!! I love them so so so so much! I went to a concert a few weeks ago, it was amazing!

  16. Mmm I highly doubt you’ll see this but it needs some color on this main part. Maybe like a light blue tint or maybe some red. I like it alot, it’s sort of just..blah


  17. I AM SO JEALOUS my cousin said she might take me next time their in town.
    yeah color would be good.

  18. The mighty webmistress is working on addressing all your complaints. Apologies for anything you don’t like. This is still a work in progress!

  19. Can you post about Libba Brays party? Sorry you have the flu Justine. Get better soon! And do I even want to know what a “John Big Booty” is?

  20. (in response to the very mean customer review thing^) I’ve figured out that the Ugly series is you either love it to death or you hate it. Certain types of books go with certain people. I love these books. I love the messages in them. Some people are bubbly heads and cant really grasp the concept of what Scott is trying to say in them and can only go as deep as the text and how Tally asks. I’m sure that person likes books that I don’t like and thats just fine. But yeah. I don’t think that they should’ve said that you shouldn’t read it but it’s their opinion..

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