Favorite Quotations

We might have a Favorite Quotations section in Tally’s World: The Ultimate Guide to the Uglies Universe. So I thought I’d ask you guys what your fave quotes are.

Here are mine:

“What you do, the way you think, makes you beautiful.” -David, Uglies

“I can’t imagine anything worse than being required to have fun.” -Shay, Uglies

“Of course, a hoverboard. What is it about those things and miscreants?” -Dr. Cable, Uglies

“So wait. You have jewels in your eyes? And they tell time? And they go backwards? Isn’t that maybe one thing too many, Shay?” -Tally, Pretties

“I thought that food of the gods would be . . . better, somehow.”
“Hey, this is dehydrated food of the gods, okay?” -Andrew and Tally, Pretties

“Freedom has a way of destroying things.” -Tally, Specials

“It doesn’t take much convincing to make someone believe they’re better than everyone else.” -Tally, Specials

“I’m not trying to be mysterious. It’s just working out that way.” -Aya, Extras

“I know what it’s like to be manipulated, Aya-la. And I know what it’s like to be in danger. While your city was building you mansions to live in, my friends and I have been protecting this planet. We’ve spilled more blood than you have flowing in your veins. So don’t try to make me feel guilty!” -Tally, Extras

Feel free fill this comment thread with your own suggestions. I’d prefer to stick to things that the characters actually say, rather than my own spare prose. But we’ll see.

Let the quoting begin!


443 thoughts on “Favorite Quotations

  1. hey, scott, im doing a report on my fave author and of course it’s you. i wanna know wat your fave pasttimes are except for the ovious writing

  2. I love when Shay said that they wished that they would have thrwon her over a cliff instead of in the water. Hilarious.

    I love Superman/Tom Welling

  3. oh my class went to one of those movie theaters where the movie is all around u and everyone was like this is so dizzy making and it was really funny because it was right after our teacher read us the books

  4. doesnt anyone have

    “Agent Youngblood, we don’t want to hurt you!”

    “I’m afraid you’ll have to!”

    (guard and Tally in Specials)

  5. Scott Westerfeld is hand’s down my second Favorite writer 2nd because I wish to become a writer and I hOp3 to oneday be as good as hIM!!
    ~}LC{~Inspired bY d3 Inspiring N Inspiring the Inspired~}LC{~

  6. alright.
    so, i can’t think of any off the top of my head.
    but last night or the night before, i was reading pretties and i found one that made me stop reading and ponder for a moment. but i can’t recall what it was right now. and i can’t go back and look because i’ve moved on to specials.
    but if i find a good one in specials or extras, i’ll be sure to post it.
    and i’ll probably end up reading the series a thrid time [i read it last year, and now i’m reading it again] eventually. especially since i’m planning to buy it.

  7. wow you guys are too funny. and i cant believe i just spent like an hour reading all this. im not gonna lie tho im obsessed with his books too, specialyl the uglies series..

    my fave quotes are “it doesn’t take much convincing to make someone believe theyre better than everyone else” and “What you do, the way you think, makes you beautiful.”

    but i love the books sooo much! and i cried when zane died.. even when i reread the books, i still cry everytime.

  8. I like the quote at the end of Pretties
    “Face it Tally-wa……You’re special.”(Shay says evily)
    And at the begining of Uglies.
    “The sky was the color of cat vomit.”(tally says with a laugh.)

  9. omg!!! i keep writing all my fav quotes and they keep disapeiring!!! SO P-O’d RIGHT NOW!!!!! I’VE RE’WROTE THIS LIKE 3 TIMES!!!! sry, gotta chill, UGH!!! well, pretty much all of mine have already been writin, except i didn’t see

    “ok aya-chan, let me get this strait, you want me, a person who can’t lie, to lie about the fact that i can’t lie?”-frizz, extras

    “oh right! maddy sent me a messedge for you.” david’s eyebrows went up, “she sent you a messedge for me?” “yeah. i love you……i mean, she said to say that. so maybe she knows were you are afterall.” “maybe so”-david and tally, specials

    “do me a favor tally, if you ever break up with me, just leave a note”-zane, pretties

    “The New System may have made the other cities nervous, but they seem to think my gang of psychotic sixteen-year-olds is worse.”-Dr. Cable, Specials

    david and tally’s whole ping conversation(well, conversation-ish) SO GET MASSIVE BUTTERFLIES EVERYTIME I READ IT!!!! WHICH IS LIKE 4856286986374265 TIMES!!!!!

    and even though it’s not a quote, add in the sleeping beauty dream tally has about david, when she realizes the prince was totally uglie(omg!! crazy butterflies!! SO CUTE!!)

    and scott, add that zane and david both changed tally the first time they kissed her.
    david~convinced her to stay at the smoke and stay ugly
    zane~convinced her to stay bubbly and to take the cure

  10. I love the monologue of Tally’s at the end of specials I can see that so well in my head what it would be like as a film!!

    They would be sooooo coool!!
    And not one film cramming it all in because that would just be crap but a film for each I would LOVE!!!

    I can just imagine it all you are an amazing writer to make someone think and see what they are reading!! 🙂

  11. My all-time favorite quote is “Be careful with the world, or the next time we meet, it might get ugly.”

    Last page of Specials

  12. My favorite quote isn’t really a quote at all. It just goes with the quote and what I think part of the book was trying to mean…

    ” What you do, the way you think, makes you beautiful.” -David, Uglies.

    This quote and throughout the Specials book makes me think what made Tally cure herself was love. First she loved David then she loved Zane and then she was all twisted up inside… Love can sometimes do amazing things… It’s just to bad Shay-la never got it….

    My other favorite quote’s are when Tally is talking to herself and trying desperatly not to blame herself…

  13. Hi ping-la!Was the one of the funniest parts in specials…

    The early mourning sky was the color of cat vomit!Tally,Uglies

    Specials are like grimlins;You blame them if any thing wierd happens.Periz,Uglies

    When she awoke the world was on fire. Tally, Ugleis

  14. Huh? Anyway, as to “ur gay,” it’s things like that that make me lose my faith in society. Is THAT the next generation?

    [But he’s been deleted. Hah!]

  15. My favorite quote is pretty much everything Tally Youngblood has ever said, but these are ones that come to mind:

    “I wouldn’t say worried, In fact, it would make things easier. Governments have been taken down before, after all” Tally turned and gave Aya a sharp-toothed smile “By me.”
    -Tally Extras

    “Fighting fires is almost as much fun as starting them!”
    – Shay Extras

    Wow, there both from Extras, probably because that was the last one I read.
    I love Uglies! 🙂 all of them are really good and I’m reading Midnighters at the moment, well when I can finally FIND Blue Noon I will be reading it!
    The world of Uglies is so great, but really creepy because I can see it happening in the futre. It also makes you think about global warming and pollution (hello!? The rusties!)

  16. oh oh oh oh oh i have one:

    ” And give me that. I might need it one day.”
    “Maybe you won’t”
    ” Don’t confuse me”-tally and david specials
    i someone wrote this one before sorry but i’m not going to read 3701 comments to check.

    “You’re not alone Tally. Don’t pretend you are.”
    ” Tally, I”m just saying; I’ll be here when you’re done.”

    and also another one that i think it’s on uglies but i’m totally not sure and i alos can’t remember if its the exact word per word:

    “Get your ugly face out of here”-tally

    it’s not nice i know but how david reacts to that it’s like, what i always remember.

    also in extras:
    “What is it with you city kids and surgery”-david

    “David’s never had any surgery at all. But I wouldn’t use the word ugly- Tally might eat you.”
    Shay page 348

  17. yes i must say that i loved it when Shay says
    “Tally might eat you”
    its probably one of my favorite parts with Shay in it

  18. omg i ♥ that one too so everyone hows it goin
    scott it would be so cool if u made the uglies trilogy (w/ extras) as two trilogy!!!

    eMiLy ♥ 😉

  19. =] hi every body wats shaking? i cant wait till they make a movie! peace out! have a good one!

  20. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a happy day!

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    *************************************************** Wow thats a lot of smiley faces! hehehe!

  23. Ping.
    “Hi Ping-la.” -Tally under anethesia, Specials

    “You don’t need to break them Tally-wa.” Shay, Specials, busting out of the hospital

    “I’m illegal?” Tally, in a padded room, Specials

    Specials didn’t cry, but her tears had finally come. – Tally, crying, Specials

    Better to be naked then in that. – Tally, padded room, Specials

  24. I loved it whe Tally reconized Shay’s voice and said “oh no” and shay said “oh yes Tally-wa” and ended by shay saying “Face it Tally-wa your special” from the end of Pretties. I like started to freak out (in a good way).Also my other favorite quotes are from Extras.when Aya meet Frizz and told him her first name only then said she has to go and he said “Of course. People to see,reputations to bomb.” and when he said “I want to know your last name, Aya. But I think you’re purposely not telling me.”

  25. i havnt read extras too much, but i have pretty much memorized the other three. my favorite from extras is like the one where tally and the rest of them got cot and were in the hover car and tally goes up front and ‘takes over’ and then shay joins her and something she said, i dont remember it exactly, im going to have to double cheack later, but i think shay-la says something like -do any of you know how to drive a hover car?- but im not sure exactly about that
    and the others
    dr cable in specials when she was rescuing tally, once she was done and tally was out she said something like -smart move taking out the breathing tube first-
    and the ever famous

    tally might eat you – shay.

    this post would not be complete with out
    “i dont want to hurt you, but i will if i have to”

    -sorry for repeats-

  26. oh and of corse the ever famous conversation with frizz and his radical honesty screwing the plan up. and tallys reaction. funny stuff.

  27. One of my Faves is in the Uglies
    near the begining when shay says
    “Making ourselves feel ugly is not fun.”

    I like when in the extras when they are in the
    back of the hover car and Aya and her friends
    are saying mean things about Tally in Jappanese and Tally says
    Its a goo thing thats Japanese cause it doesnt sound nice

  28. I like
    Aya to Frizz- “I don’t know Frizz-chan I kind of need you around to kepp me honest.”
    Frizz to Aya- “Don’t worry. I’ll still be here. And I’m not giving up on honesty, just Radical Honesty”


    “Okay, I officially hate this city”- Tally, Extras

    Aya to Frizz- “I’m not trying to be mysterious. It’s just working out that way.”

  29. Haha it’s hilarious when Tally says “Hi Ping-la” when she’s in operation room in Specials…hm…other favorite quotes…

    “From now on, no one rewires my brain but me.” -Tally, Specials

    “That’s why you’re beautiful, Tally.” -David, Uglies

    “Pretty? Think again.” She smiled. “I’m Tally Youngblood. My mind is very ugly. And I’m taking your car.” -Tally, Pretties

    Plus a lot of them that were already mentioned…

  30. ” freedome has a way of destroying things” definetly and my own,

    nature diddn’t need an operatia to be beutyful, it just was.


    the wisdome of the crowd!


    i don’t need to be cured. just like i don’t need to cut myself to feel, or think

    last one…

    that’s me. little miss lucky she said softly.

  31. i still love the quote “Freedom has a way of destroying things”…but i’ve contemplated it a LOT and I’m not quite sure if it’s right in all contexts….oh well….

  32. One of my favorite quotes is
    “”See you down there.” he looked over his sholder at the distant earth, then turned back to her. “I LOVE YOU” ” I’ll see you down …, she began, but the words sputtered out. It took a moment to reply in her mind what Zane had said. Finally she managed, “Oh. Me too.”” That was the first time anyone said i love you in the series and i am glad it was zane to tally.

  33. How could you all forget when they break the ice rink in the Pretties?! My fav quotes: “Gloved hands grabbed her coat every direction in a moment of group panic, then a whoop rose up as the middle of the rink gave way altogether, icy shards and Crims and Zambonies all tumbling down toward the green grass of the soccer field, ten thousand faces staring up at them in shock.
    Now this wasbubbly.” I just love the last part!

  34. Haha I started reading Uglies last month and am now reading Pretties, & my only advice for you Scott is to keep making these “pretty” books!! Thanks
    Sarina V. In Californiababy-<33

  35. i have a LOT! but one of my top is
    “another cult of me? just what the world needs!”
    tally, extras

  36. I’m not sure, this might have already been listed. I probably read the first 50 or so quotes before giving up, but I really love the quote:
    “Sometimes you have to lie to get to the truth”

    from Extras.

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