New Midnighters Covers

Almost forgot to say that the new Midnighters covers are IN STORES NOW!


And for you online shoppers, here are multi-store links for The Secret Hour, Touching Darkness, and Blue Noon. (Check to make sure the store you choose is showing the new cover!)

Thanks to everyone at HarperCollins for re-launching this trilogy in such beautiful form.

I also forgot to mention that I’m appearing at the Park Slope Barnes and Noble next week. Details:

Monday, January 7
6:30 PM
Barnes and Noble
267 7th Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11215
Here’s a map.

Hope to see you there!

405 thoughts on “New Midnighters Covers

  1. there should really be a fourth, maybe even fifth or sixth Midnighters!!! i think it’s needed. I’d love to know how things work out between Jonathan and Jessica, how Jonathan and Melissa get along together for so long, how them findind other midnighters works out, if and how Rex and Melissa can stay apart, if things go according to Dess’ plan, and if the darklings make a come back. So much more too!

  2. I feel good because my friend didn’t want to read the books when me and me other friends were even though I told her how good they were, anyways, this year I MADE her read them and she LOVED them – it is like, Told you so- and then she read the peeps books and soon going to read Midnighters.

    And then my other friend that read the books right after I did thought they were Great, but aparently not great enough, she seems more interested in reading other books. The only reason she is GOING – sometime – to read Scott’s other books is because I am pestering her to. – I still can’t believe that she just stopped in the middle of the first Midnighter book !

    Oh…. and then I wore my “Special Circumstances” Shirt to school today, and my friend that I recently got into reading his books asked where I got it and all I said was, “You would know if you would EVER go on Scott’s site” – She just rolled her eyes.
    (Twilight lover- ugg )

  3. yes. the comments have slowed to a simmer. now its like when you take sompthing off the heat and its all foamy an what not. ya no. instead of like where your making oatmeal and walk away from it for two minutes and come back and its overflowing onto the floor. then you have to take half an hour to clean under the stove an backtrack an all.

    wow. that was an amazingly accurate reference. hehe.

    -Lizzy-wa OUT! 😀

  4. xD nice discription of the comments Lizzy-wa. My mom does that with oatmeal, except it explodes in the microwave 🙂

  5. Finally! AH! i have been doing homework for a while and its finally done. Lets see, started at 4:30 and its just now 7:02. wow, i cant type today.

    Ew. Oatmeal is nasty. Well, its ok, ill eat it, but i choose not to.

    Urg. I need a nice warm bath. Stupid stressful homework O ya, i hate baths too. o well.

    i better check my mail before the annoying blinking sign makes me loose the rest of my insanity.

    Notice i said THE REST!

  6. i personally don’t care what series, i just need another book to occupy my time on.
    haha, and my english teacher overheard me saying what i say about every single day of my life
    “Scott westerfeld is a genius.”
    and shes like “yep, i agree.”
    and i walked away, and im thinking
    “did that just serouisly happen?”

  7. strong love for math eh?
    i prefer english.
    Yeah, i hate being sick, it basically…sucks.
    i LOVE school, so i guess im just weird like that?
    i’m an individual i guess.

  8. Its ok to love school. I love going to school to social but thats its. But i pay attention because i want good grades and to e an author when im older.

  9. I also have a math test Thursday
    I really like english and science too, they’re fun, but my science teacher told us that science isn’t supposed to be fun….that’s just too bad for her

  10. I really like history when I have a good teacher
    mine just makes me fall asleep
    I like to socialize too, Bran-la, as you can tell from my posts

  11. I am going to take a second to scream to myself! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!
    I had to go back to school today and it was aweful!So aweful that I decided that I wasn’t there and that I was either having an extremely detailed nightmare or having an extremely long and horrifying hallucination. School in general, I have no problem with, I actually like my language arts class and we have some pretty cool writing assignments(which I always get A’s on.Not trying to gloat,but it’s true.)And all my teachers are nice.That is except my Spanish 2 teacher. I had an A+ in her class until she started losing my assignments and now my grade is a C- and it’s not even my fault.
    __________Careful possible spoilers for Eclipse ___________________________________________
    On a brighter note I finished Eclipse!I LOVED it!
    It is sooooooooooooo much better that Bella chose to marry Edward instead of choosing Jacob.Edward rocks!
    Here are some of the best things about Edward:he is
    PERFECT!!! I don’t think I have to continue.You get my point right?
    I don’t think anyone could disagree with that kind of awesomeness.
    Plus to me Jacob is self centered and egostatistic and doesn’t have enough self control to back off when Bella says no.He’s arrogant and selfish and rude.Sorry Jacob fans, but that’s my point of veiw.
    Oh my gosh! I am really freaked out.This is going to sound really extremely wierd.Okay,Twilight fans, you know how when James bit Bella it left a scar on her palm?Well when I was reading Eclipse last night, for some reason I looked at my hand and on it there’s this cresent shaped scar. I knew about it a long time ago, but couldn’t figure out how I got it.(I get hurt all the time so I didn’t think about it really)I didn’t realize until then that it is also in the same exact place as Bella and it matches the description in the books.Cool huh?
    Kind of scary though if you ask me.(I am so not making this up)
    I have nothing to read so if you have any suggestions for any good books that would be awesome!Thanks!
    See Ya!

  12. i go back tomarrow. he he he

    u guys should read Ellen Hopkins book’s or I’d tell u i love u but then i’d have to kill u.

    So bored

    WoRd 😉

  13. You have to be kidding me Lotti-wa! I can not believe that you get that much time off,you are so lucky.It’s not that I hate school it’s that I am physically much too lazy to want to get up in the morning. My little brother was complaining that he had to go to school today,but he’s been off since before ThanksGiving.

  14. I went back to school last Wednesday!!! February??!! Before Thanksgiving??!!

    On other notes I finished my project last night (In the process I super-glued two of my fingers together hehe, total ouch-making trying to get them unstuck though) But mine is sooo much better then my brothers, ahhhh sibling rivalry, or is it twin rivalry (randomness though: It would be sooo cool if Ben and I had twin telepathy! But I guess I will just have to like how we had our own language when we were babies hehe) It’s not like his is BAD it’s just that well MINE IS SOOO MUCH BETTER hehe But his is Good too!

    hehe, mines still better!

  15. i have so much homework. trying to finish it now in the ten minutes before the bus gets here. shoot. i still have to eat breakfast. i think i’ll eat some of that leftover pie…

    -Lizzy-wa OUT! 8)

  16. Ugh..I didn’t go to school today either….still sick…I passed out this morning…I like got all dizzy, which happens alot, and everything went black, which also happens alot (normally around 2:00 though, it was only like 7 am) and then I passed out, which has like never happened to me, I’ve ALMOST passed out before, like almost every time I get my blood drawn, but never after my vision goes all black…

    sorry for the confoozlingness….

  17. I’m confoozled…
    If Tally was taller than pretty standards in Uglies, but she was shorter than David that means David was taller than pretty stndards also. But Tally was taller than David in Pretties, so she was even taller than pretty standards. And Zane was taller than Tally, so was Zane like a freakishly tall person?

  18. Yes, very confoozling and sense-missing, Netta-la!

    Netta-la, last year I got sick 2 days before we went back to school from Winter Break and I was sick for 3 weeks! I was sick for 3 weeks more but I went to school after the first 3 weeks, very uck-making! I almost passed out to, though, but I didn’t!

  19. hmmmm….thats….utterly boring and sense-missing homework, Bran-la! Why can’t they make some fun HW, or better yet no homework at all!

  20. hey if there a Shela(sp) that post on this blog
    or a person that wore their “I’m an EXTRA” t-shirt yesterday and their dess shirt today for scifair
    or goes to stinky Teague
    (if there is that would be amazing)

  21. i have to read stinky Gathering Blue why cant they ever make us read good books
    i mean most people have ready it and my teacher talks about it wrong

  22. oooo guess what peoples….i told my fawesome english teacher about Uglies today and she totally wants to read them. so i’m letting her borrow my books over our little break-(hehe. we get out at 11 on Thursday, and don’t have school Friday or Monday!!! 🙂 It’s the only upside to testing week.)-and when we come back we get all new classes different lunch periods and what not. it’s somewhat sad-making though cuz i really don’t want to get out of my english class, we like laugh for an hour and a half in that class. other classes i can’t wait to get out of though. well anyways i have to start my homework….bleh. then jazz..(dance.)

  23. hehe, thats funny Kay-wa.

    Both my Advanced English, and my Advanced U.S. History teacher have read the Uglies trilogy except for Extras, and yesterday My History teacher, Mr. Fox, he’s the coolest teacher ever, TRIED TO STEEL MY BOOK!!! hehe, of course he was just kidding, but since I’m rereading it for like the 5,000,000 time (thats why it was at school) I’ll probably let him borrow it, hehe. He did it today too, so I think he wants to borrow it anyways!

  24. huh. my english teacher is an @$$hole. it’s just true. he reads no good books.
    also, he hates me.
    possibly because i’m really obnoxious in that class.
    because he’s a pretentious poseur.
    he totally singles me out though….maybe because i was like *five* minutes late today, totally before the cut bell, and he’s all, “glad you showed up, [Sera-la’s classified real name].” and i’m all *sneer* i’m barely late. and i have a nintey-five in this class. quit whining. i show up every day you bloody hypocrates!
    ummm….yeah. i may have actually used the phrase “bloody hypocrates”. out loud. yeah.
    then he’s like, okay, introspective is the word of the day. he defines it. i ignore him. i do not write it down (haven’t done that for months. his words are easy. yo i just noticed introspective is a tridecalogism. hardcore!
    [in fact, yesterday he’s like, take a newspaper and read it. i do not get a newspaper because there aren’t enough and i lacked the initiative to go get one when i first got there. so i sit and drum on my totally empty desk with both hands, covered in silver rings. it’s quite loud. i am not aknowledged. that is how much nothing i do in that class.]
    so anyway this morning he’s all, [Sera-la] use the word of the day in a sentance. in the next fifteen seconds.
    and i’m like *mentally* f*** u, moron. i refuse to give effort.
    [just like i hate writing 10 paragraph essays for people who tell me to “Site Three Examples”.]
    and then i use the word in perfect context in a great example.

    i kick pretentious english teacher @$$ with my ability to be smart and also not give a crap.
    hmm…i have a feeling this comment is rather long.

  25. wow….if it makes you feel better my LA teacher hates me too,

    we write dumb persuasive essays (for some reason I get lower scores in LA than in other classes I write essays for) and now she’s making us use “smiley face tips” which are these dumb tips that this dumb lady found in books concidered “good”

    1. How does this make our essay scores any better?

    2. What do things from a book have to do with writing an essay?

    And she treats us all like we’re idiots (granted a lot of the kids in my class are but still…) But I digress….

    BTW I have Blue Noon in the new cover *squeal* lol though it was the only one in the new cover format (Touching Darkness and The Secret Hour were in the old paper backs)

  26. yeah i think my english teacher hates me too
    this girl and i have to do this thing for class and she and i each wrote one for it
    one day we asked her witch one we should should chose
    she like well their both good you’ll have to flip a coin
    then the next day she steels our papers and choses the other girls
    its like

  27. humph. my science teacher hates me. don no why. she liked me last year. but its probly cause last year i was all quiet and perfect and hardworking in math. and now im all loud and non-shoe-wearing and pulling off an A-. well, i was last quarter, now im over 100 again. but its just cause i did some of their math stuff and got extra credit for it in science. yeah.

    but seriously. she hates me so much! i walked passed her the other day and it was like, DAGGERS!!! and then my friend is walking behind me, and when i pass the teacher, she’s all like smiley and perky and not dagger-ish anymore and shes like “hi Kailey!” and im all like “EVIL PERSON!!!!’ yeah. hehe.

    i have an hour to finish a essay, a makeup test, a stupid map of mexicano, and yet another story of when i was in grade scool. i seriously dont remember that stuff! none of it is true. im making up everything in all of those lame stories to make my life sound exciting. then i have to go to dance for 4 and a haf hours. *sigh*.

    -Lizzy-wa OUT! 😛

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