New Midnighters Covers

Almost forgot to say that the new Midnighters covers are IN STORES NOW!


And for you online shoppers, here are multi-store links for The Secret Hour, Touching Darkness, and Blue Noon. (Check to make sure the store you choose is showing the new cover!)

Thanks to everyone at HarperCollins for re-launching this trilogy in such beautiful form.

I also forgot to mention that I’m appearing at the Park Slope Barnes and Noble next week. Details:

Monday, January 7
6:30 PM
Barnes and Noble
267 7th Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11215
Here’s a map.

Hope to see you there!

405 thoughts on “New Midnighters Covers

  1. well, actually, i take pride in making him hate me. it makes him more aware i hate him. i hate english teachers who try to act like you must like them when you hate them.

    writing essays just sucks, btw.
    here is the funtime story of my english Great Expectations essay. first, it was a thousand words shorter than the minimum limit. second, i inflated the word count with song lyrics/saying i like pork/narrating movies i was watching.
    third, i got a 97. highest grade in the class.

    our class is pretty divided. one side, softball-playing aberclones who ask lots of questions and don’t get stuff. this is an honors class, just so u know.
    on the other side, my friend, codename SMARTNINJA. other side, annoying guy i am somehow quasi-friends with despite his insufferableness, mainly to the fault of other friends (SMARTNINJA….). he is easier known as WANNA-WRITE BUT FAIL TO ADMIT MY REAL CALLING IS HARRY POTTER SLASH. long, but unnerringly accurate. then there’s UPSKID, who wants to know if your second cousin is incest, and gives great debates on who would win in a fight (Frankestein’s monster vs. a zombie, werewolf vs vampire, 10 vampires vs army of zombies).
    oh, and SIMBA. but he don’t fit in too well. also, GRACE, who’s another sort of friend of mine.

    sometimes i feel like the outcast side of the room.
    and that’s how i like it.

  2. hehe. nice…but i thought you said you were vegietarian?…………..

    our class is pretty…messed up.
    we’ve got a werewolf, a couple secret agents, 4 or 5 kids from other planets, 3 from other dementions, a superhero, a supervillan, a porcupine, a sponge fanatic, a stalker, a mob boss, a pro sky diver, a pro singer that sings really really bad, some kinda monster thing, a dentist, a MAD scientist, and this kid who has fake hair.

    dont ask.

    -Lizzy-wa OUT! 😀

  3. Well, here i go through more guy trouble. Uh, my math class hottie, sit next to me, total cutie, smile and all, and funniest thing eva’. but he is so not really bf ‘material’ as my friends say. Urg, life can really suck.

    Ok, i really need to finsh So Yesterday.

    To. Much. to. do. In. One. Day.

  4. My social studies teacher hates me
    I think it’s because it’s an advanced class and I’m asleep (well, half-asleep) through the whole thing, every day, and I take notes in a half-concious scribble then I go home and perfect them into my most current favorite form of font on my computer (she always says stuff like ‘I guess your notes look ok’)….yet I have a 101%, the highest grade in the class

  5. I know this is randomly out of the blue, (get it blue time, okay back to the point) but i was reading the series again of the holiday break and i just realized how much bixby high is exactly like my school. 0.o and the fact they all wear black and sit at the corner table at lunch is like the table of goths in the corner where I sit by. Yeah It was fun reading over again and noticing similarities in my every day life. Let’s just say it was Fawesome.

    : ] the end.

  6. hehe. relationizing books to scool is fun. unless the book sucked. which it didnt of course.

    i just dont get why teachers have to hate the smart kids. im gonna go with the theory that the teachers are mad because we are smarter than them. yep. thats probably it.

    -Lizzy-wa OUT! 8)

  7. i am pretty much a vegitarian, the “i like pork” thing is an old joke.

    lol, that soundsd awesome Lizzy-wa.

    and Bran-la, i ttly sympathize. kid i sit next to in geometry class is also completely hot but never gonna happen/never would work out or want it too. plus, many other conditions. lists them, they become confidential, b/c i know of at least one real-life friend who sometimes finds this.

    wow, wish i had a 101% adverage. i’ve got like an A or a B in World History, i think, and everyone else is failing though, so wahatever.

  8. dude, there’s a table of ppl who ttly remind me of midnighters. i know a couple of the people there, but there is….
    a tall guy with long hair (sort of ponytail) and glasses, who totally owns Rex Greene.
    and a girl who just has a wierdly Melissaish vibe.
    and a guy who looks nothing like any of the characters, but is named Jonathan, and i happen to know that his girlfriend who goes to another school is named Melissa.

    then, as far as wierd Midnightersnessishness in my school…there’s me *smiles at rings Electrocution and Zombiefication and knowledge i own both a Bixby High School sweatshirt and U R So 11:59 shirt, and also i was Melissa for Halloween.*

  9. Wow, see, in my school, its kind of like a rule where you cant EXPRESS (i dont no how to get italics) yourself. No one in my school is goth, emo or Midnighterish. We have total freak skater people and really obsessed jocks but thats all, o and cant forget the soccer players. There the top of the ‘pyramid’. Me, well im the friend of the people of the top of the ‘pyramid’. So i get the pleasure of sitting with the ‘top chaters’. There boring.

    I was at school and i was saying to my friend ‘im writing a book called Love Stalks’ and she gave me this weird face and smiled and i was like ‘what’ and she said ‘your writing about about how you love socks?’ and it i was like ‘uh, no Adi, Stalks, not socks.’

    Crap, i left my candle burner on!

  10. just b/c lizzy-wa and serafina were doing this awhile back, i figured i’d try it b/c it looked fun.

    i’ll diagram my adv. science class for you, b/c that’s probly the most interesting one:

    X: well, what does it sound like? all aside, is barely scraping by w/ the 85 you need to stay in the class. horrible organizational habits, binder bursting w/ papers. addictingly wavy hair. asks irrelevant questions, as many in the class do.

    O! M! G!: abercrombie everysinglesecondoftheday. like i bet she must have some pajamas too. will count calories and say “i ate too much!” b/c everytime she does, she gets attention when everyone says “oh, you are so skinny! you don’t need to do that!” JUST LIKE SHE WANTS THEM TO . at a tie with tanning bed over ADHD-ness. randomly bursts out like COMPLETELY MORONIC THINGS (and i quote, “elephants are big?”). used to show her intelligence, now diguises it w/ what i just mentioned. never had a boyfriend. flirts with anything that moves. yeah, i mean girls too. friends with FIT. insults everyone–even her friends–by covering it up with a “just kidding!”

    Joe: one of my friends, is a girl, loves jonas brothers (especially joe). very into sports, plays soccer, bastketball, and softball. extremely tall (5’10”). hangs out w/ O! M! G! in some classes (including this one). slacks off during labs from being around O! M! G!, which saddens me greatly. despite this, doesn’t mask intelligence, at which i heave a great sigh.

    NICK JONAS’ FUTURE WIFE: well i just wrote that on her birthday card, so i figured i’d add it in. one of my friends. got everyone in my closest group of friend jonas brothers bracelets for xmas (includes herself, Joe, me, and Owl & Ditcher, who are both not in this class). HATES that Joe and O! M! G! talk. ignores them when they just sit there during lab, does it all herself (we have groups of 2 or 3). very focused, highest average in entire 9th grade. Very polite, originally from boston and is a diehard red sox fan.

    Eggo: had a cat named waffles, which she loved, but it got run over by a car. was devestated, especially since she sent me pictures of him weekly. one of my friends. knows how to bootleg movies. has a bunch of fake purses, but doesn’t use them. LOVES aeropostale. my lab partner, very good at actually performing the lab itself, but isn’t very good at writing the reports. always emails me for last minute help. great at tech, taking CAD (computer-aided design) to be an architect.

    BALLIN’: says the word way too much, can be an idiot, acts/calls himself a redneck when he’s from NY, does way to many sports and lies about his guitar hero scores.

    ok person: well, yeah. she’s just that. O. K. but that’s it. like i can’t even think of anything else to describe her. oh wait–is going out w/ BALLIN’ which for the life of me i cannot comprehend.

    FIT-the college acronym, not the word. you know, Fashion Institue of Technology. wears nothing but abercrombie, except for when she was going out w/ some druggie at which point she shopped at pac sun for awhile. has had way too many boyfriends, lost “it” at age 13 to a guy she met at the beach that day (it was summer). overall, nice to talk to, but has some MAJOR issues. and, hence the name, wants to be an “ultra-famous” (her word, not mine) fashion designer when she gets older.

    tanning bed: probably just came out of one. has ADHD. like way worse than anyone i’ve ever met (including me). winked at our teacher during lab period today, she just gave him a confuzzled look. asks irrelevant questions. voice cracks a lot. likes a girl who likes him in return, aren’t going out. close friends with BALLIN’.

    well, that’s it. i didn’t bother describing myself.
    btw, BALLIN’, ok person and (sometimes) FIT sit together; tanning bed, X, and (sometimes) FIT sit together; Joe, NICK JONAS’ FUTURE WIFE, and (previously) O! M! G! sit together; and finally Eggo, me, and (currently *grumbles*) O! M! G! sit together.

    yeah O! M! G! used to sit at the other table, but she talked too much so she got movied…to MY TABLE, of course, b/c i have that kind of luck. but our science teacher forgets things sometimes, so she tries to sit at her original table every so often–and gets away with it.

  11. as long as people are talking about evil teachers my spanish teacher HATES me 4 no reson. ok so she is the b-ball coach for 7th grade and this summer i went to camp and she treated me like crapola. and then this year i get her 4 spanish and i am like NOOO. i nevver listen and i have a 99% and she hates that. i always sleep in her class to show how bored i am and she always gives me this really freaky look. *shivers*. but i make it clear i don’t like her. like when she is wrong (i am not even mexican so) i always correct her and she is always like “thank u SoPhIe-La.” and then corrects her self and she says that in like this tone of hate. and of course i just smile at her like “ha ha ha. i am a 7th grade who knows more that u! ha ha ha!” but ya…


    WoRd 😉

  12. whoa, like WHOA. um, sorry about the monster comment. it didn’t look that long…and as NICK JONAS’ FUTURE WIFE says about my extensive emails, “they’re informative!”

  13. that ttly sucks. i mean, my school is a complete PreppyHell, but there’s definitly a window to express yourself.
    or maybe there isn’t, and i just ignore it.
    or maybe it isn’t such a big deal when you’re at the bottom of that exclusive little fascist pyramid. i mean, i don’t quite rate freak status, but i’m friends with a lot of the people who are called that. and i don’t care. because fake people suck.
    i often tell them that.
    hmmm…the theory i am just ignoring the social hierarchy is becoming stronger……
    seriously, i get bored with brown, i dye my hair purple. i like the color black. that’s what i do. i don’t think it’s majorly expressing myself or some creative statement. i just got bored. i’m not trying to stand out, or thinking this makes me stand out. it’s just who i feel like being.
    our school’s got some kinda goth people. no one with hot emo hair though *sad* two guys had great emo haircuts last year, but they both cut them.
    seriously guys, it almost always looks better long. as a rule.

  14. My spanish teacher cant speak English, shes goes ‘Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Book’ and thats all i can understand.

    that was a funny comment Taylor, but i had no clue what it was about, but funny.

    Urg, my computer is going slow.

  15. haha thanks bran-la, it was just my ranting characterizations of the people in my adv. science class. there’s 10 people, including me. like, that’s kinda pathetic. DIDN’T MORE PEOPLE PASS THE TEST???

  16. I dont like guys with shoulder lengh hair but i like it when it at least comes to the bottom of there ears, i say i like it ‘shagggy’.
    I took this one pic i talked about one time and i showed it to her and her respnce was, “Dont turn emo, i wont hang out with you.” and i said, “I’m not gonna be emo, i just like the hair style.” i have to admitt, my hair is freakin awesome. I mean its no purple, its natural color but i love my hair style. I hate short though.

  17. Hmmmmmmmmm.I am much confoozled.Warning Tally & Zane-la liable to go all Stephanie Meyer/ Twilight fan in this message.(Note to self,stop typing in third person)Okay, does anyone know anything about Stephanie Meyer’s next book.?I know that she is re-writing Twilight in Edward’s point of view, but does anyone know if she’s working on another book in the series? Like I said very confoozled.Thanks so much.
    By the way, Team EDWARD/ZANE/JONATHON!
    See Ya!

  18. For tally & zane. yah i love Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse!
    They Rock! Stephenie is writing the 4th book Breaking Dawn right now and it is coming out in September 2008. She is writting the books from edwards point of view after Breaking Dawn is finished. i can’t wait.


  19. hi 😉
    i have been taking a break from reading
    i will now start again
    here is my reading list
    in order:
    cross my heart hope to spy
    last days
    so yesterday
    new moon

    i might change it
    i will keep you posted on my reading
    if you want
    please list all the books in your personal order
    i am doing some research
    thank you
    gtg by

  20. my science class is never boring. like whether it’s hoping that my teacher won’t notice where OMG is sitting (so that she won’t move her back w/ me & eggo), wondering what the heck ok person is thinking when she randomly just stares at ballin for like 5 minutes w/ this weird look on her face, or laughing so hard we’re practically crying about a random but HILARIOUS thing tanning bed said about his weekend, there’s never a dull moment.

    except for the part when we actually have to do WORK.

    yes, i’m gonna use those names from now on so it might be best to try and remember who’s who. but i don’t think i have the patience to read my own comment so i shouldn’t talk.

  21. wow scool sucks.

    ok. so, ya no how i have a wierd scedule cause of my eigth grade mathness and orchestraing? well, orchestra is at the same time as language. well, the last half of language. so, what im SUPPOSED to do is skip the last half of language and go to orchestra. but sometimes i dont. just cause i dont feel like it.

    and then later in the day, im supposed to just go TA in the office. its not a period and its not even on my official “scedule”. but its just a fill in cause i dont have an actual class for that half an hour. of course, its with HIM. so naturally i avoid it at all costs. so for the last…month or so, ive been skipping TAing. and i just hang out in the sevey math class reading or doing homework or whatever.

    so. yesterday i skipped orchestra. and my teacher got all on my case. so i just told her that we had a test in the last haf hour of class so i had to skip it. and she was all “ok”. and then later the ladies in the office ask why i was marked absent. i tell them the same thing. then they ask why im not coming to TA anymore. and i make up some stupid excuse that nobody shood buy. but they did. so now all of the teachers are suspicious of me and its annoying.

    -Lizzy-wa OUT! 🙁

  22. I hate it because I wanted to be in orchestra AND choir this year but they were the same period !!! — They would never do that to the band people. —

    I remember in middle school Orchestra was so Forgotten. Everybody knew there was a band, but when it comes to Orchestra — they had to clue.

    Atleast I didn’t have a final for orchestra today ( I got to sleep in intstead ) — Yes.

  23. I’m sick(again)so I can’t go to school, but we are doing different kinds of poetry and right now we’re writing sonnets,you know those really mushy poems.Well I was bored so I decided to write another one,but this one is about Edward and Bella.(it’s probably really lame though)

    Edward and Bella

    In a confusing sort of way
    When you’re here, night becomes day and day becomes night
    Your love is strong within my sight
    I love you so,is what you say
    The lightest touch,like the gentle breeze of May
    We laugh and joke,but when I’m scared you hold me tight
    And your gentle words are, Nothing to be afraid of,love, you’ll be all right
    When I rest my head and close my eyes,I think of only you as I lay
    You’re here till the end
    Whenever it may be
    You hold me close and whisper only the truth,Take care of my heart,for to only you I will lend
    I know you will never leave me again,so my heart is whole,it’s at amends
    You are my heart,my soul,my mind,my life,you’re all that matters to me.
    Okay, I know total yuck fest.I didn’t even know I had it in me to be so mushy.I surprised myself. Tell me what you think though. I might write one about Tally and Zane or Jess and Jonathon.I don’t know.Tell me if I should.Bye.
    See ya!

  24. Lucky duck that you’re sick! i have soooooooo much homework i HATE it. On the holidays i worked for 9 days on projects! And next week i have 5 projects due! And this is only gr 8. 🙁
    Can’t wait to see what gr 9 is like.

  25. I am kinda glad that I didn’t have to go to school but know I have a ton of homework to make up, and I missed our only half day this month.I know what you mean I am so not wanting to go to 9th grade yet.

  26. ooo Tally & Zane that was full of fawesomeness..i haven’t even read the book and i thought it was great…anyways, yes definately write one about Tally and Zane. we had to write a sonnet for english too, not a mushy gushy love sonnet though….mine was about dance…it’s called The Recital…tell me what you think.

    Our make-up’s on and perfect is our hair,
    our costumes themed relating to the show.
    With beauty such that nothing can compare,
    we step on stage to show all that we know.

    We’ve practiced weekly to get to this place,
    chaines, coupes, and double-turns we’ve learned.
    Our gifted teacher we must not desgrace,
    our right to be on stage is what we’ve earned.

    The lights shine bright, the music starts to play.
    In rhythmic movement we dance our routine.
    So long we’ve waited to perfect this day.
    The crowd applauds, we are the best they’ve seen.

    And once again our work is at it’s end.
    Until next year when we take stage again.

    anyways what do u think??

  27. That’s really awesome! Thanks for thinking my poem is good too.
    I guess I’ll start writing one about Tally and Zane,but I don’t know when I’ll post it.Oh and you should read Twilight if you get the chance it’s really really good.
    See ya!

  28. thanks!! and your welcome. yeah i’m gonna read Twilight as soon as i finish like the ten books i got for x-mas. i can’t wait though, my friend is reading it and is very obsessed with it at the moment, so i bet i’ll love it too.

  29. Hi! I’ve started reading The Secret Hour only yesterday and i’m already in the second half. It’s really a great story, thanks a lot! But i’m disappointed, I didn’t think of the new covers, and I should have waited, because now i’ve got the first one with the old cover, and i ordered the two others with the new ones:o( Well it’ll look bad in my library

  30. hey!! oh my gosh!! you totally need to go to the barns& nobles in oviedo, florida. the small-ish city outside orlando. i’m dead in love with the uglies series. it was the best!! i read all the books in like a week. haha!! guess i’m a fast reader… and now i’m starting the midnighters. you have me intrigued!!

  31. I haven’t read the Midnighters yet. I was planning on starting it right after I finished Uglies, complete with Extras, but then I saw these yummy new covers! So, I decided to wait a bit and get the series in the mod new format. Can I just say UGH! because Border’s only had the third one. All the rest were the old covers. So now I’m reading another series while I check back to Borders daily scoping for the other two. *le sigh*

    Oh, and when I was there last there was a table that said “great gifts for young adult readers”. I went to the aisle and picked up a couple of the Uglies boxed sets and put them on the table.

  32. lol thats very fool kdenae-la. i went to Border’s yesterday too and the only one they had was the 3rd one. but there was like this giant shelf with only Scott-la’s books on it so that made me happy.

    mmmmmmmm…clam chowder is good!!!!

  33. O.M.G. I can’t freaking belive it! One of my best friends looks just like Jess on the cover of the Secret Hour (the new one)

    and my ex friend looks sort of like the girl who was Melissa…..(as of Friday she’s my ex friend since she treats me like a side-kick 24/7-err 25/7?- and watched me cry on the buss and laughed)

    Does that make me Dess? I AM good at math but my friend who reminds me of Jess is in Algebra (in 7th grade, I might add) and I’m only in High math…..if I cut my hair short and dyed it black maybe……but I wouldn’t be able to look goth (collered shirt/dress pants dress code doesn’t work out with that)

    well yeah I’m about 400 pages away from reading Blue Noon! (reading another book first)

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