Photo Request

Justine and I are going through our (hopefully) final interview with US Immigration next week, and one of the things we need is photos of us with other people from across the years. This will help prove that our marriage is a genuine and continuing relationship.

So here’s a request for friends and fans: Do any of you have pictures from book events, parties, or whatever that show Justine and me with a few other folks around. Remember, these don’t have to be great pictures. In fact, they can be like quite crappy, like this one:

Us with sf writer Sean Williams.

See? Crappy. If you have any such photos, just send them to me or send a flicker link to:

scott (at) (Change the “at” to a @, okay?)

It would also be great if you can say when and where they were taken. The more the merrier! (Bureaucrats love repetition.)

We thank you in advance.

61 thoughts on “Photo Request

  1. Sorry, Scott I don’t have any pictures of you and Justine. I have one of you and me… but I really don’t think you want it….

    Aaaaaany ways… how old are you in that picture. Not to be rude or anything, you just look, I don’t know, younger. Your hair looks nice. (hehehehe).

  2. i say “i have none” in triplicate. actually, i think i do have some from that signing i went to, but none of you with Justine.

    on a side note, what kind of qualifier is that? beaurorcrazy (dude. typos are irrationally descriptive. freudian slip, i say!) scares me normally, but that just seems kind of odd.
    like, what if you were vampires or something? huh? what then? what if none of your friends owned cameras?
    i mean, true, photographic evidence is pretty much all they have to prove you didn’t just get married last week for the green card or something, but still.

    bio homework is no fun. but the new Umbrella Academy kicks @$$! as does this song! it be awesome!

  3. I would have some but YOU NEVER COME HERE! Sorry, anger moment. Dont hate me scott.

    That was funny. “It can be crappy like this one:”
    “See? Crappy.” You and your humor scott.

    Wheee i didnt have Home’fun’ as my math teacher calls it. I dont no why i mean how is pre-algebra fun? Wow, numbers, whoa. Throw a party.

    My friends are making fun of me because i said “The blinker is blinking.” and they mad a joke and i was like “I dont get it.” and it wasnt even funny!

  4. Yeah in the photo, you do look, younger. Not that your old! Just your like, u no, younger than what u are today. (which is not old).

  5. Did you randomly pick the crappy photo or were you like “Hey, this is a crappy photo. Thus shall i put it on the internet!”

  6. The stupid school found some dumb law or rule or something that says I have to go back to 7th grade REACH and all 7th grade classes 🙁

  7. I no, thus is a pretty fawesome word right? i dont no why people dont use it more often…….

    Thou shall not use thus because it make thou look unfawesome in front of thou student peers.

  8. yeah
    Algebra is easier than Pre-Algebra
    Yeah it really sucks cuz I was in the middle of Algebra 2 and all the sudden I’m not aloud to be in 8th grade REACH cuz I’m to young. . .
    I like the words thus and thou 😛

  9. thats weird netta in my county age doesnt really matter like i took the 8th grade SOL(big standardize test at the end of the year) in 6th grade and so ic ud take algerbra in 7th i did that but was failing so switched to 7th math honors which is now easy for me=[ so now im like bored but algebra was WAYYY to hard

  10. I also have no pixs. U also never come to where I am.
    I’m in Geometry. But for some random reason we were doing trig functions

  11. humph. sucks for you Netta-la. so there like, gonna make you retake the last half of Algebra 1, and the first half of Algebra 2 next year? wow. that REALLY sucks.

    hehe. nice save there Bran-la. (comment 11) hehe.

    “Thou shan’t eat sister’s pie. Thus, thou shall eat her brother’s. MUAHAHAHAHA!!! *couch*. i mean: HUZZAH!!!!!”

    -Lizzy-wa OUT! 😛

  12. Ok Scott! I need help on somthin, it has to do with writing!

    Ok, so, when you become an author, do you have to stick with one genre? Like just sci-fi or just fantasy or can you mix it all up and do whatever?

    Please answer Scott! Please?

  13. Sadly, I myself do not own a camera, and my father is brainless at times and doesn’t bring his to any important events involving, you know, ME and AUTHORS so I don’t have any pictures at all. D: Sorry.

  14. Yeah I don’t have any either, I know so helpful, but you know I might have some if you came to Edmonton sometime, seriously authors never come here, except Eric Walters came to my school one time and he’s a Canadian author so he mainly goes to Canadian cities but seriously I have never even heard of another author that I acctually can name some of their books that has come here, and now I’m officially rambling. Oh I just remembered I picture from here that was up a long time ago and it was on a bus or something… I’ll go see if I can find it….

  15. In addition to the Nov 16, 2007 one, there are the July 23, 2007 and Dec 28, 2007 pics. You might be able to get screen caps off of any videos too. 🙂

  16. I THINK a mate of mind may have some from a signing lurking in the land or dust bunnies (Read: Under her bed). So….I’ll just randomly show up at her place tomorrow, look under her bed, then wake her up so we can play Resident Evil and Final Fantasy all day.

    Good times.

    BTW, you think pre-Algebra sucks, wait until Math B/Advanced Algebra. With Pre-Calc. And AP European History. And Regents Chem. And Spanish III. Consider yourself lucky if you don’t have to take a regents. VERY LUCKY.

  17. Holy cow guys! Just seach him on google. gosh there are some funny pictures! hahaha
    p.s. scott when are you coming to Chicago? 🙂

  18. haha i wish i had a pic with u and justine scott-la, but thats a funny example….

    sophie-la, i know what you mean, i dont straighten my hair very often cuz its such a pain, but its quite fun when it looks good lol

    ahhh veronica, how fun is it to have a full schedule, im a freshman in highschool in AP American History, Algebra II, Spanish II, and an advanced science, gotta love highschool…..we have exams this week so i completely sympathize…..

  19. Wow, so I just check the timestamp out. Woah. That post is from the future! 17 hours ahead! Totally odd. There it is the afternoon, not 11 at night, and it’s tomorrow.

  20. I have some with me and you, and some with Justine and me, but none with both of you together. You might be able to use the book dedication ( one of the books of succesion ) from wayy back then or also the fact that your blogs link to eachother’s ( correct grammar? I don’t know, it is Final Week, I burn out when I get home. ) blogs. A lot. I wish you the best of luck.

  21. No photos, sorry. I’ve never met either of you fine people.

    However, what about airline receipts? If I understand correctly, you’ve been commuting back and forth to Australia as a couple for quite a while. A collection of boarding passes showing you sat next to each other for the last few years should be worth at least as much as a random picture…

  22. I *knew* I should have taken more pics in the YA trak at Dragon*Con. Sorry not to be of more help.

    OT, but I second the yay vote for Umbrella Academy. Gabriel Ba is one of the best contemporary comic artists and Gerard Way has shown some real talent with dialog.

  23. i dont have any pics of u and justine, but i might have if u would come to places like schools in small towns w/ about 900 people total in them. yeah were that small. teny tiny. we’re so small were not considered a town, were a VILLAGE. but i live near big places 3 hours to columbus, oh, 2 hours to charlston wv, 5 hours to lexington ky. not long to cincinati.
    o but if u search ur names on yahoo images u see a couple

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