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So there’s some mutterings around these parts of doing a sort of Guide to the Uglies Universe. You know what I mean: one of those books full of background data about the people, places, and gadgets of Tally’s world, maybe containing a few diagrams, glossaries, and maps for your fannish perusal.

Holly Black and Tony DiTerlizzi’s Spiderwick Chronicles has the wonderful and richly illustrated Field Guide. Erin Hunter’s Warriors books have a similar companion work, though with more text than pictures.

So what would you guys want in a guide to the Uglyverse? What questions remain unanswered? What background info do you demand?

Here is your chance to ask questions and to list obscure gadgets, slang, places, and characters that you want to know more about.


Warning: Lame cover mocked up by me. Not in any way real (yet).

629 thoughts on “Uglies Guide

  1. I would like to know mainly about the Skintenna and the eyescreen. I think it was pretty bogus not to add how they worked in Bogus to Bubbly: An Insider’s Guide to the World of Uglies. I wouldn’t mind a map and can’t wait until the movie comes out later in 2010. I hope it is like the book .Anyways, I really liked the book. I felt totally bubbly throughout Specials, making me come back for more. I thought that number four was okay, but needed improvement. Would you also consider telling how the Pretty/Special operation is done? I agree with Margy-no-chan. (Don’t ask about the no-chan part. It’s a Japanese title) It would be happy-making if you made a final book about what happened after the whole Extra thing. What happened between David and Tally at the end? The thought is soo dizzy-making. I guess I’ll never know unless you write another book.
    Thanks again,

  2. What were the white flowers?

    and a map! i need a map!

    and Peris is an awesome name!

    And whats with the interface rings?

  3. I want a story on Tally and David. Just them. I want to know what happened while they were alone and protecting the world, and I want to know what they did after the Thousand Faces party. PLEASE!?

    Sorry, I really love those two 🙂

  4. how do you pronounce fausto .????? its driven me crazy since the first time i read it && i cant find it anyyyywhere .there are others but mostly Fausto .a proununciation guide would help lotsss .

  5. I want to know, whether Tally-wa and Zane-la had sex.
    Sorry I have a dirty Mind, but I want to know xD
    And, are David and Tally in a relationship now?
    Are they in love again?
    And what happens to Shay, Peris and the others?

    I didn’t liked it that the lead in “extras” isn’t Tally!
    I wanted to know what happens to Tally and David and Shay and the others!

    I always said it like ( Faw-stow)
    Hope that helps 🙂
    And yes. Vani-wa. A very sick mind.
    But probably.. It says she lived with him. I imagine they might have
    Slept in the same bed so… Haha AWKWARDDDD.
    Yeah! I hated that Tally wasn’t the mainperson in Extras. ):
    I always imagined Shay a little built.. And boxy… With black hair
    And Tally With straight frizzy hair in light brown.
    But after the operation.. Idk.
    So picures please? (:
    I need to knowabout the holein the wall.
    They are bomb.
    I want one. Bad. Haha.
    And interface rings.
    And everything. oh! Especially what happened
    In ”Rusty” times. The whole oil thing. Ya know. I need to know these things!!
    Ok. so yeah. Now IM rambling. So bye bye

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  8. Definitely like, a thing telling about whatever happened to the characters in the end, orrr, you could just write another book(; whichever works…haha. Also a guide about the flash tattoos, and…well… i guess an explanation of how the pretty surgery came to be. And i also agree with the other few comments ahead of me…sooo..yaa. BUT i REAAALLYYY wanna know what happens to tally, david, and shay…:P

  9. Ok so, my teacher recommended me to these AMAZING books! The books have really changed me (the way I look, think, and react). I <3 these books! and at the end of each book, I cried because I knew that it meant I was one step closer to the worst thing in the world! THE END OF THE SERIES! WHY? I cried for an hour, I wish you (Scott Westerfield) would write MORE books! And MOVIES! Please! 🙂 I wish THAT YOU WOULD WRITE MORE!

  10. Also, I want TALLY back!!! I mean I love Aya-chan and all but seriously, What happened to Tally-wa? I miss Zane-la and was sad when they kissed that last time! I feel bad for Maddy for Az’s death. 🙁 But I want to know more like, what’s up with Shay’s life, David’s, Fausto’s,& Peris’! At the beginning of the whole series I thought that when Tally-wa turned pretty she and Peris would fall in LOVE! I miss these books please write more, make movies please! I beg you!

  11. Yes, as nick said that he best performers can only have survived, by definition. Had they looked at the worst performers, then the results would have most probably included survivorship bias

  12. My story of how David got his scar was that.. ok I wrote a story as a continuation of Extras, and they find out what happened about his scar. So in the story they find something called smart mechanics that lets you change it into anything you want. But it can only be used once. If it’s used twice, it kills everyone within a kilometer. But, it gets weaker the more it’s used. So, David and his friends were ot (in the Smoke, of course) and they came across some smart mechanics, and changed it into a blender. It had already been used 4 times, so it exploded and David got cut by a screw. Not very fantabulous, but that’s my idea.

  13. I think im a mixture of Tally. Im so ugly and have low confidence but no guys like me, even when she has two guys after her…Help?

  14. I know im pathetic and sad. But this book i cried over ( im also REALLY emotional) Ppl all the time say im pretty. Tally is so lucky i wish she and Peris hooked up tho. They would be so cute! but David and Shay…and then Zane Died 🙁 Noooooooo.

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  18. More on Dr Cable!!! Also, a diagram that shows the differences between uglies and pretties and specials! Also, I just really want to know, WHAT IS TALLY’S CITY CALLED???? I really love the Uglies series and I need to know these!!!

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