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So there’s some mutterings around these parts of doing a sort of Guide to the Uglies Universe. You know what I mean: one of those books full of background data about the people, places, and gadgets of Tally’s world, maybe containing a few diagrams, glossaries, and maps for your fannish perusal.

Holly Black and Tony DiTerlizzi’s Spiderwick Chronicles has the wonderful and richly illustrated Field Guide. Erin Hunter’s Warriors books have a similar companion work, though with more text than pictures.

So what would you guys want in a guide to the Uglyverse? What questions remain unanswered? What background info do you demand?

Here is your chance to ask questions and to list obscure gadgets, slang, places, and characters that you want to know more about.


Warning: Lame cover mocked up by me. Not in any way real (yet).

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  1. o man i thought i was 500! o well
    well okay heres some more questions
    do u want a movie?
    did u wish tally was in extras?
    rate the series 1-10
    wat was ur fave book?

    ok answer theseplz!

  2. ok feel free 2 answer whenever im going 2 eat but my computer will only be like 4 feet away from me! ill check the blog when im done okay?

  3. ok! plz ask me sum questions! i wanna answer sum! plzplzplz! just blog sumto me okay? idc wat u ask! just plz give me sum questions!

  4. yes plz! thats exactly wat i wanted! plus read my article and tell me if u like it! ask away!

  5. o btw ive only read uglies, pretties, and part of specials i just started the series not 2 long ago

  6. i sooo hearted uglies
    9 out of 10
    NOOOOO i didnt know that!!!! o well crud i didnt know!!! noooooo!!!!!
    i kinda guessed it though

  7. well im guessing its because hes mentally retarded rite? the whole nanos thing rite? plz tell me no one kills him! TELL ME YES!

  8. hi! i wanna talk too! omg is there gonna be another book in the series??? anyone know? well… i could answer questions since i red(and loved) the books.. ya reply if anyones here


  10. O.K. I have a couple more questions: 🙂
    ~Do those people celebrate any holidays? Even Birthdays?

    ~What are some things that they have, that we also have
    (including PETS)?


    P.S. Sorry, I really didn’t know how to spell your name… 😉

  11. Hey Scott-la PLEASE make another book! Maybe something about Tally , David, Aya, Shay, and Fausto bringing Andrew Simpson Smith back to his home in the wild, and finding Peris!!! maybe called ‘reunited’? And maybe they visit Zane’s grave (If they have graves then) And they see Zane’s ghost! (I know this is a little weird but i have a big imagination) (Im also wondering what happened to Croy) Maybe Zane tells them a secret and then he dissapears without telling them how to find it. While they are searching for it they find Croy, and find Zane’s secret at the remains of the original Smoke! maybe they could rebuild the Smoke and bring Maddy back to help. (Even though they have no reason to run away, since there are no more specials or bubble-heads) Maybe they are running away from all the hovercams? (;

  12. Nice idea Ellie-wa! The fifth book needs the original characters, but a LOT of action! If the fifth book will be the last, you have to make the ending good! In Extras it just leaves you hanging. You need an ending that will make everyone content. Like when you’re eating cookies and need a big glass of milk. The milk makes you sleepy, and the good ending makes the readers happy. If you ever need an opinion or help, I’m someone to go to. So is Ellie-wa! I may be young but I’ve read many books and know what gets attention and what doesn’t.

    🙂 Eri-la

    P.S. If you don’t write a fifth book, you’ll let down millions of fans! Just think of all those broken-hearted people! 🙁 (Hint, hint) 😉

  13. A fourth midnighters book!!! Lots of maps . A lot of stuff about recent history of other places in world.

  14. OK, Ellie-wa, I’m on.

    Now, I have a couple more questions.
    Sorry, I can’t remember them right now. 🙁 I’ll check back later when I do remember them. 😉


    Eri-la 🙂

  15. Right now I just want to test out these smilies, so pay no attention to me.



    PS How do you do all of those faces? Like the devil one and the bug-eyed one? Just wondering…

  16. ummmm…..

    tally & zane

    stop faking stuff

    i know this is not your real name!!!!!!!

    and if that is tally on the front cover of the book uglies

    she is not ugly

    and for anybody who havent read the book UGLIES OR PRETTIE

    i recomend you to read it ……… it is really good

  17. what exactly do pretties look like?
    there should be a picture of one.
    you have said that they are extreme and if we saw one today we would probably find them quite weird looking…but the book mentions natural pretties…i really wana know what they look like, and how tall are they? the book says tht tally was taller than david after she became pretty..was david just short? or are all pretties supermodel height?

  18. Hmmm… maybe stuff like what may go on after the end of Extras(Tally and David). Definitely a map and pictures of people(sketches are excepted). Maybe like a profile for each character, with height age and all that stuff. OH! And pictures and a diagram of a hoverboard and hovercar. Maybe one of the hovercams too. DAVIDS SCAR! Have to have that. I do also agree on the fifth book thing. It keeps you wondering about BOOKOO stuff! Anyways, a diagram of pretties and specials. Oh and a pictures of the Extras(freaks)….

  19. Hey first of all I was wondering if you ever thought about the Uglies series going big screen? And if you should do a fifth book it should be about Zane and when he was an ugly. oh and I have a thought why didn’t zane say he would become a special but only if could take someone with him, like tally and then he wouldn’t have died( i think)

  20. 1 word: Shay

    Anyways, maps of all the locations would be awesome, especially Aya’s world, b/c I don’t have as good an idea in my head of how her City works.

    Also, maybe do some short story bits, like the extras in space, stuff from the perspectives of other characters, and the end of Rusty civilization.

    Actually, I want a 5th book, titled Rusties, about that, but this would work as well. ;D

  21. Hey I was wondering if you could some how:
    1)Make a movie of the uglies series if you have thought of that(i know the perfect person to be zane even though he is a little small)
    2)in a biography thing put in what each character looks like in color (i hate black and white for no apparent reason
    3)explain/draw a picture of what tally’s dorm looks like and same with zane room and every thing that is in there such as the hole in the wall
    4) and ofcourse explain the parties which sound like a hole bunch of fun!

  22. ok i think #3 and 4 are good. Number 1 and 2 i hate, no offence to you or anything. I don’t want pictures placed into my head of what the characters look like. And a movie, I think if an Uglies movie came out Andrea-la and i would find someway to protest outside every movie theatre. Even if we got kicked out. Because that would be seriously EVIL of scott-la to put his books to such a low level…

  23. i cant believe they r actually making a movie out of uglies!?!
    y?! scott-la y!?
    oh and if tally and shay were unfamiliar w/ aya’s city’s reputation economy wat were all the other cities like?

  24. There should really be an alternate ending, where mabey zane doesn’t die, and he goes to find Tally, and when he does David is all heart-Broken… Suprise us.

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