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So there’s some mutterings around these parts of doing a sort of Guide to the Uglies Universe. You know what I mean: one of those books full of background data about the people, places, and gadgets of Tally’s world, maybe containing a few diagrams, glossaries, and maps for your fannish perusal.

Holly Black and Tony DiTerlizzi’s Spiderwick Chronicles has the wonderful and richly illustrated Field Guide. Erin Hunter’s Warriors books have a similar companion work, though with more text than pictures.

So what would you guys want in a guide to the Uglyverse? What questions remain unanswered? What background info do you demand?

Here is your chance to ask questions and to list obscure gadgets, slang, places, and characters that you want to know more about.


Warning: Lame cover mocked up by me. Not in any way real (yet).

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  1. I think that there should be a map of the city, AND how many cities are actually left in the new world? before mind rain.

    i didnt want Zane to die! although, at the start i didnt like him. he seemed to just like her becuase shes interesting. then, he did the operation JUST because Tally found him yuck, and then he died, i was like, OMG NO!

    and i dont think there should be alternate ending btw

  2. and HOW can they make a movie of Uglies when the Pretties are more beautiful than models? because models are only semi-pretty.

  3. An alternate ending? No way! I loved the ending! (Yes, I’m glad Zane died. I hated him.)

    Gordon-la, I thought the same thing with the Twilight movie on vampires, when no human is supposed to equal the beauty of vampires, and so I thought that at least they’d choose outstanding people, esp. for Edward, and touch them up well, but- they’re disappointed me. 🙁

  4. How do you know what your name ends with like Tally-wa, or shay-la? will this be a movie i would love to play Tally or anyone really caause the books are amazing. ive read uglies and pretties can’t wait till i read the rest you a great author!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Hannah, if your name has an L in it, it ends in -wa. If it doesn’t have an L in it, it ends in -la.

  6. Yay Sella-wa! thanks for agreeing with me!

    i was a bit disapointed with the choise of Edward. it wouldve been better if Meyer chose the actors, because she would know better.

    but i was thinking…..weird i know….but who would win out of a Special (Sayshal) or a vampire (out of Twilight). its hard haha

  7. Oh I thought about that for a LONG time and I came up with the answer!! Specials would win. Here is my long list of reasons why:

    Specials have a lot of powers that Meyer’s vampires do…sharp teeth, strength, really good muscles, sharp senses and reflexes, speed…so which one are better, are more powerful? If they met in a fight who would win?

    There are a few things that vampires have that Specials don’t…they have venom in their veins and they can bite. Also, specials can be killed like a normal human, but it takes more work to kill a vampire, because they’re dead.

    But also, Specials have things that vampires don’t…like the rewiring in their minds, which can be really useful in an attack…and sharp fingernails. Plus they have hoverboards so they can fly, and other high-tech stuff.

    So if Specials and Vampires came together in a fight, I think Specials would win…they have the advantage of flying and they could cut the vampires to pieces with their razor-sharp teeth and nails. Their teeth is probably as sharp as a vampire’s, so they would be able to cut through vampire skin.

    Does it make sense?

  8. I was thinking the same thing!

    I really like the idea of a “cruel beauty” and it would be so cool to have that! But its not very friend-making is it…..

    Even though the Specials have lightening quick reflexes, the Vamps are SUPER fast. But i guess (in the Specials book) when Tally caught those arrows or whatever they were, they were SUPER fast as well.

    And yeah i agree. The Specials are way more high tech than the Vamps which helps a lot lol.

    So i have some more questions 🙂

    What music (apart from when Fausto is blasting techno in the skintenas) do you think they listen to? i was thinking maybe….either really basey techno, or classical. you know, like minor classical.

    Would they have long hair? Or short hair so it doesnt get in the way?

    and i love the sneak suites!

  9. I think they have short hair, so it doesn’t get in the way…and I thought that they listened to rap-like music, but that’s just my opinion. Lol.

    I just thought of something, though…some vampires have their “special powers” (like Edward’s mind-reading, Alice’s future-prediction, Jasper’s emotion-controlling, etc…) so that’s another advantage they have over Specials. Especially Jane.


  10. i know aye! omg omg! i read it after 3 days, and it is seriously the best finishing book ever!!!!!!! LOVE IT!

    hey do you have facebook or anything? it might be easier to talk then 🙂

  11. Ahola! Long time no see…or type. We still think that u should make a REAL fifth book, Scott. And a website where u could design ur own pretty face and do lots of other stuff from the books. U would get lots of visitors. Thanx!

    Eri-la and Ellie-wa (a.k.a. We Pretties…)

  12. Yo SCOTT, what I personally wanna know is info on the time period portrayed in this book. OR maybe you could tell about the pictures, objects, or materials that illustrate the elements in this book,”Uglies”.

    Also, I’d like it if you could tell me about the geograaphy, weather, culture, and history of the book’s setting.

    Do you know any music that would reflect the book or its time?

    Anyway, I really, really, REALLY need this info for a school project! By the way, I really liked the way you write! (Don’t tell my peeps!)

    P.S. Please tell me more info about your life and other works!
    (You don’t have to do it if you don’t want to! I really don’t want to sound demanding about it!!!!!!!!)


  13. well when i read the book and think of where they live….im thinking like The Island? you know, the way everything is. interior, ideas ect ect. and for music….probebly Hitman movie soundtrack or The Island movie soundtrack.

  14. i always wondered, whose the guy on the cover with tally on the Pretties cover?
    and it IS tally on all the covers besides aya on extras right?

  15. i was also wondering, do you think that you will write another book after extras? following tally’s story again or picking up from where aya’s left off with tally with her?

  16. OK I have a important question
    Why in Extras is the main character have to be Aya I mean she is ok I guess but I WANT EXTRAS TO BE ALL ABOUT TALLY!!!!!! Aya can be in it but TALLY HAS TO BE THE MAIN CHARACTER I LOVE TALLY Aya worries to much about her face rank WHAT DOES IT MATTER

  17. Taylor-wa I loved what you said I LOVED it I totally agree with every word it is like you read my mind I mean make it a movie and he can make millions of books and I would read them all and I do not like how aya is the main character of extras I AGREE I LOVE TALLY AND HER FRIENDS

  18. id like to see how the hoverboards, bungee jackets, interface rings, and all of the weird/cool gadjets from the series work. id also wanna see who came up with the idea for the surgery and tally’s “perfect world”. other than that, i cant say…. ive only read uglies so far

  19. you should have pictures of what everyone from all the books looks like.(frizz,tally,aya,zane,shay,hiro,ren,peris…)

  20. my friend interested me in the books. they absolutely ROCK!!!!! when i read Extras i just LUVED it. GREAT BOOKS!!!!!!!!!

  21. hey ur books rock my sox and it took me three whole weeks to finih all the way from uglies to extras i love em!!!!!!

  22. I would absolutely love to know more about mag-lev riding and the physics/ of hover boards (again because it was kinda in the books)

    Also about how the hoverboards push off(?) of the metal in the ground… and then there’s all the characters… maybe an index and biography pages on the characters

    Physical/Mental Characteristics:
    Past times:
    Fave food:
    Brief life story…AMAZING BOOKS!

  23. ok first of all I LOVE THIS SERIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! after i finished the twilight series this summer, i thought there wasn’t gonna be another series as good as that. then i went to bookstores to like find books to read since i havent read in like years after breaking dawn. then i saw uglies, pretties, specials, and extras. well i remembered a friend of mines read those books for her book report(warning: this comment is gonna be longgggggggggggggggggggggg) so i decided to give it a try. and i thought uglies was pretty good. then i went to borrow uglies pretties and specials at my school library. and guess what????? ITS SOOOOOOOOOOOO AWESOME! i love tally david and zane. some of u hate david some of u hate zane. but i don’t hate either of them. i think they’re both perfect for tally. (this kinda reminds me of twilight) like david likes her for who she is and zane does too. at first i thought zane only liked her because he wanted info from her. but then in specials he went to get surgery so that he and tally could be together again. and then he DIES! OMG Y DID THAT HAVE TO HAPPEN, SCOTT????? well im pretty sure it happened to teach tally a lesson. but u could’ve done something less cruel. like he disappeared or somehing and u don’t have to tell us how he disappeared or anything. i was reading that part in math class and i almost started crying! its like dumb (i know)but it was so sad. all he wanted to do is be normal again and be with tally again. but never happened. ok well i kinda imagined Zane as the guy i have huge crush on. i’ll write more later g2g

  24. debbie-la: that was long! last year this girl was reading uglies& i picked it up and started reading it……..(u r probably thinking i m going 2 say how great it is right) the 1st thing i said was “this is really stupid& boring. why r u reading this? do u think its good or something?” i now hate myself 4 saying that cause it is an AWESOME book &series!!! lol…….that was my 1st impression of Uglies, but not my last!!=D

  25. Okay, I’m dying to know why you put the last book in Aya’s point of view and not Tally’s. I know that some of it had to be in Aya’s because of the background about how she got the extra story in the first place, but I want to know what happened to Tally in the end. I know you said on the last page of extra’s that her and david were kind of ‘together’ I guess. Of course, I’d like to know more though!! I feel like I was left in the dark, and I have a feeling you won’t be writing any more stories, so could sort of an ‘epilogue’ be in this guide like what happened to all the characters. Who went to space? Who ended up together? Are Tally and Aya still going to be friends? And much more!(:

  26. I agree with almost everyone. I don;t want pictures of the people though. You see I already have these images of them in my head, and if I saw how the were supposed to look I would probably be disappointed. Maps. It was so hard trying to picture where everything went. How did David get his scar? What happened to Ho? What happens to Aya’s and Frizz’s relationship in the end? Does Hiro ever get on the top thousand’s list like his sister with only a single digit?

    I have many many more, but for now I think I’m gonna stop.


  27. 1.maps
    tally wa’s city
    aya la’s city
    Extras island
    mag lev train tracks
    mountain hide out
    to Smoke
    of Smoke they work/ diagram
    mass driver
    mag lev train
    flash tattoos
    3. scetches of
    pretty faces
    special faces
    cutter faces
    manga faces
    4.random stuff
    nana love
    Sly Girls
    cliques and how to get in them

    ps 5th book would be happy making
    no movie it would be hard to make and look awulf go here and see manga head contacts go here and see eyescreen contacts

  28. 1. there should be more information about how the cities really work. like, we all know about wardens, bashs, and minders. but we don’t really know the back ground stuff, like where they get food from, how highspeed slidewalks work, and how safety sparklers and fireworks are so safe.
    2. i’d like to know more about the other cities in the world and how the operation can tear peole apart and make them “beautiful” without killing them. i mean, if specials have their bones replaced with aircraft-material, that would require taking out all their old bones without the person ending up dead. how is that humanly possible.
    3. what attracts us to other people, what makes us think’wow, they’re hot. i wonder if they like me..’ i swear, my friend Jordan is a Natural. i went out with him for a while, and even though we broke up a year ago i’m still drawn to him every time i see him. my boyfriend hates it, which is potentialy problematic as they’re really good friends. what causes me to stop and stare at him every time he smiles as he walks by?
    4. and the thing i really want to know is about specials. what do they look like, how are their sences inhanced? and their flash-tats, how do those work. do they only come in black? how do they spin with your pulse? are there specific designs you can choose from, or can you draw them up on your wall screen like uglies designing the face they want when they turn?

  29. so cool! more stuff to read!

    I would like to know more about how hoverboards work and the different models of them. It would also be bubbly to learn a little more about David, Maddy, and Az’s background. A map of the smoke would also be totally happy-making because picturing the whole place was a little hard and dizzy-making. I didn’t know if it was very big or small or anything like that. An explanation on the engineering of hoverstruts and an illustration of the lesions would be interesting. Background information on the surgery and Dr. Cable would explain some things that I have puzzled (along with an explanation of the specialization surgery). The book doesn’t dwell much on what happens immediately after the pretty surgery, and that would be an interesting aspect. An overhead map of Tally’s entire city would be nice because it would be useful to know the placement of special circumstances in reference to the city and the greenbelt. An explanation of how many of these inventions were developed (talking walls, eyescreens, skintennas, flash tatoos, ect.) would help people to better understand the history of Tally’s city. Like some other posts on this blog, it would be interesting to know where the city gets all of its recources from. To keep a city with a lot of people with life extension surgery fed and housed and pampered would require a lot of food and cloth and medspray and and places for entertainment so that people without the lesions didn’t just leave the city for fun. One last thing: How does Dr. C. keep some specials for rebelling? (other than the Cutters, because they still have lesions.) If just one special decided to get smart and attack special circumstances, they could do a lot of damage. Especially if they recruited some of their buddies.

    Thank you for writing this series, it’s totally bubbly! (you should continue it)

  30. cant you people just use your imaginations?

    i think the story is better enjoyed if you just picture in your mind how you see things, not how the author (no offense scott) intends you to see them.

    eg, when i read twilight, i had this really good image of what edward looked like, but then i saw the movie and my image of edward was ruined.


    they were a great trilogy (of 4?), and i think they should be kept that way.

  31. i just bought the book (Bogus to Bubbly) today, and it is PERFECT! It’s exactly what i needed, and I’m saying this while on the 27th page; I haven’t even gotten halfway in!!

  32. I would like pictures of all the main characters in the “Uglies” trilogy. I would also like a map or picture of the rusty ruins, the smoke, their little world thing (new pretty town, uglyville, crumblyville, greebelt, etc.), and i would also like blurbs on the gadgets and all of the gadgets, as well as lots of info about things…. I’m a big fan!!! THX!!!

  33. YES! I would LOVE a book about the uglyverse! :). That would be totally cool (AKA Bubbly). PS Make Tally like David again already! I heart DAVID!

  34. me heart david 2!!!!!!! Can u make them a couple!!!!!! again!!!!!!! pleasssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    anyways is there gonna b a 5th book in the sereis?????

  35. Maybe you could write a book about Shay’s life before Tally came into it ive always kinda like been interested in that… Also Can Tally Like David again No offense but i don’t like Zane very much!!!!! Davids better!!!!!

  36. Definitely more on the slang (thanks shausto-la). and um more on the history from the time of the rusties to tally’s time. How the virus started and stuff.
    Flash tattoos would be awesome too, and a map.
    Also what happens after with the sly girls and extras and the specials and aya and tally and david etc.

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