Life = Art

Here are a couple of real-life (if speculative and fanciful) glimpses into the Uglies universe.

First this one . . .


What is that? A special? A pretty with some fairly heavy flash tattoo action?

Nope. It’s a Claritin makeup ad.

And check this out . . .


And eyescreen? Well, yeah, sort of.

Implanting a micro-camera directly into the eyeball may be a future solution for restoring sight to people with damaged vision, according to this patent application. The camera could be charged wirelessly, and communicate directly with a chip implanted at the back of the eye, so very little external hardware would be needed.

It’s from an article over at Gizmodo about installing a camera into the eye. So it wouldn’t just be an eyescreen, delivering data into the visual field, but also a camera, taking in real-world information to pass onto the visual cortex.

Maybe it’s not working technology yet, but it’s far along enough for a patent application. (Not that people wait very long for that these days, but still.)

Anyway, I thought I’d share those images with you. Working too hard on Leviathan to blog much. Sorry!

Update: The Claritin ad was sent to me by Tali (short of Natalia) Eldering. Thanks, and sorry I forgot to mention that the first time!

218 thoughts on “Life = Art

  1. Don’t be too sad, look on the bright side. If they screw it up all of us Scott fans can go after them with pitchforks and torches! That would be all too enjoyable, don’t you think?(-insert evil laugh-)

  2. wow! thanks! Tally & Zane! that actully dose make me feel much better! I will go shparpen my pichfork right now! jk 🙂 thanks! 🙂

  3. HeHeHe!!! I’ll go gather the angry mob! Sure Amy-la you can have a sledgehammer! Everyone can, heck lets even throw in a crow bar or two! HaHaHa now I’m getting carried away.

  4. wow! i can see the angry mob coming down my street! oh! i have 2 crowbars! yes Tally & Zane you did get carried away but it made me laugh hystaricly! 😀

  5. Glad I could help.HaHaHa!!!! Yeah, um…I just said Amy-la cuz when you add a wa or la it’s supposed to be la, but that’s okay just Amy is fine. Sorry.

  6. The camera eyescreen is totally happy-making!! And that flash tattoo is really cool, it would be so awesome to see people actually walking around with them on a day to day basis! =]

  7. Wow I love love love that “flash tattoo” i bet they did get it from “Specials”
    To Scott – I love your writing!!!!
    PS to Clarissa-wa, Amy(-wa), and Tally & Zane: you guys are crazy 🙂

  8. LoL, I was just kissing, but if you really want to see crazy go to the Flash Tattoo watch page and see Amy and mine’s plot to world domination. HaHa, it’s amazing what a sugar rush can do to a normally calm person like me.

  9. i have this HUGE project due monday for school but my mom 😛 was going to make me finish it tonight – but she just said that i can work tomorrow and over the weekend and stuff!! yay so now i can actually have a life

  10. yeah this is a project we got assigned in like november so i procrastinated a lot but so did all my friends…oops
    oh well

  11. Wow, that must be a HUGE project! I always end up doing my lil bro’s projects. Like I did all of his mission, But I got him back cuz he did the Santa Cruz Mission so I decked it out with tons of flowers and sea shells so it looked really girly.

  12. Thank you, I know i am crazy. Me and my friends always talk about destroying things from books movies, ect.
    I thought it was a Lunar Eclipse. Thats what i heard.
    It was sooooooo cool! I was like outside in the freezing cold for like 1 and a half hours, but it was totally worth it! 🙂
    (at the moment me and my friends are thinking about raiding Little Brown books company which has Breaking Dawn. oh and bashing up Jabob!) 🙂

  13. wow are you kidding? i thought breaking dawn came out in august!!
    i dont know who i like more, jacob or edward … so hard to choose…

  14. to Ali-wa: you should read scott’s story about the eclipse he saw in australia – it’s on this website under stories -> check it out!

  15. Yes, Tee-la, I am very crazy. I get that a lot. And what’s more, I’m proud of it! “I’m crazy and proud of it” has been one of my mottos since umm… fourth grade, maybe? “I’m crazy like that” is another, and “I do that sometimes” or “I’m like that sometimes” are my standard responses to “You’re creeping me out” or “You’re really weird”.

  16. hahaha!
    Tee-la, i ausume you were saying your kidding to me, but i dont know if your talking about me being crazy or that i sat outside to watch the Lunar Eclipse for an hour and a half.

    It does come out in august, but we are just so frustrated we want it now!!!!! and i have a love hate relationship with Jacob with myself. but i still would like to hit him with a crow bar! 🙂

    (oh and me and my friends only like to destroy fictional things that we dont like.)

  17. i love jacob and i love edward
    i dont know who id choose 🙁
    but yeah i might have been talking to you, i cant rememerb lol

  18. lol! oh okay! i dont know, they are both super annoying, I think it is spelled Remember. 🙂 yeah, i dont know who i would choose

  19. Those tatoos are TOTALLY BUBBLY!!!!!! Iwould LOVE the whole Special Circumstances look on me!!!

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