Us on Cult-Pop

While we were at ConFusion, Justine and I sat down with Jim Hall of Cult Pop, a local Detroit cable show about “anything interesting.” (Usually, this means science fiction writers.)

For those of you who live in southeastern Michigan, you’ll find it airing on Comcast (channel 20).

Luckily for those you who don’t, Cult Pop is also available online. Click here to go to the Cult Pop site, then click on #13 to see us. (A lot of other cool people are on that list too.)

Notice that I cleverly wore a shirt that would strobe attractively, plus I was slumping:


Also, as many adult interviewers do, Jim asks us a lot of questions about what YA is. You guys might find our answers non-earth-shattering on that score. But it’s a half hour (!) of fun and excitement, with lots of news about my and Justine’s next books.*


*Speaking of which, Leviathan is almost 25,000 words long!

224 thoughts on “Us on Cult-Pop

  1. I always get books on tape after I read them because I feel the need to just be able to pick up my MP3 player and listen to any part of the story I want to no matter where I am…well I can’t listen to my MP3 at school…
    I got Twilight on tape but not New Moon
    I also finally got the Pretties audio tape from the library

  2. You know those scenes in movies and TV shows where people are yelling or crying and it’s supposed be all emotional?
    Well, I have just recently learned that if some of your not-so-close friends are over and you are watching a movie and it comes to one of those ’emotional sences’ you should not do the following
    50. point out that the one characters looks like he is smiling
    51. laugh so hard at your friends’ confused looks that you start to cry tears of laughter
    52. When you go to get more popcorn don’t spill it everywhere because you crack up at some random line that was related to what you missed.
    53.Pretend to karate kick your friend after they finally unlock the door to the closet the shove you in, because you might possibly actually kick her
    54. Don’t mention to the friend you karate kicked in the nose that it was a good thing that you didn’t get kicked in the nose because you have Von Wilenbrands (or whatever it is called) Disease because then you have to explain it.
    55. Do not mention in your explanation of your blood thinning diesease that lot’s of people walk around with out even knowing they have it because she will freak out and her nose will begin to bleed again and then she’ll freak out even more
    56. Don’t punch the air when you reach 50 things not to do if you are under a loft bed because this makes your knuckles sore…

  3. I just read some Twilight fan fic and I think I’m dying cuz of it. Seriously I fell on the floor laughing so hard I was crying. Still…can’t….breathe…HaHaHaHaHaHaHaHa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So freakin hilarious!

  4. YEAH! I just did my first successful download of my Digital picture from my Digital camera. (Why did i capitalize digital?) Whoa!!! Now there all safe and sound on my computer and im able to pull them out when i feel like looking at the beautiful pictures of me!!!! And well other people. But i get bored I take pictures of myself, and my mom, and dad, and well maybe a random person. (kidding on the last one.)

  5. Um…I don’t remember it was on a link for fansites on Stephanie Meyer’s website the link was twilight fan fic or something.

  6. I had a really freaky dream last night that involved my little brother drowning me, penguins,giant robots,laundry detergent, and people with many many guns.(No the people with guns were not on my side.)

  7. My dream invloved my dad going fishing, a missing girl in a tunnel, and evil spies who didn’t want the missing girl to be found…but I was also a spy and I was supposed to stop them

    Oh and I danced on lightning

  8. YaY!!!! I’m not the only one with freaky dreams!
    Oh yeah, most of the dialogue was in French except for the gun people, they didn’t really talk, it was like shoot now, ask questions later. Very disturbing.

  9. I don’t remember my dream. But onetime i had a dream that (in black and white) i had to figure out how to take my bike back to my friend without touching the found. I only had a car and a bike. It took 5 nights to figure it out!

    I have had dreams were i wake up crying.

  10. I had a dream one time that my dad was killed by this guy called the bucket man. He hit my dad on the head with a bucket and rolled him down a hill and my family let the guy some in ans was eating toast as he killed him!

  11. Oh, you know what I hate the most? Double Dreams, where you think you’re already awake but you’re still dreaming. Ughh! Yeah, when I was like nine years old, I had the same nightmare for like a month straight. Every single night.

  12. I have one dream once every year where people try to shoot me out of a cannon and if I get shot out of I will die. So I hide behind my friend and her parents bu they always turn me in. 🙁
    But the dream I had last night I have about once a month
    With the same evil spies
    I mean it, they have the exact same faces!
    just not the same mystery
    and my dad doesn’t always fish in it
    But last night a character from my story ,who is going to become a spy, was in my dream…
    She just looked like she wasn’t sure what she was doing
    So I talked to her
    It’s kind of awkward talking to one of your own characters
    Since you normally decide what they say
    But this time I only subconciously decided

  13. Haha
    the person in the TV is watching TV and the people on that TV are watching TV and on the show they are watching people are watching TV and so on

  14. Once I dreamt in black and white and it was sort of a Godzilla kind of thing with the running and screaming people, except it was silent so they didn’t make any noise, but instead of Godzilla it was a butterfly chasing after them. I have no clue whatsoever as to why my dreams are so random and crazy, I guess its the only time my imagination just runs wild cuz I’m always having to concentrate on things like school,homework, ect…

  15. i had a weird dream a few nights ago. i was a convict or something and i was at this big hotel and all my family on my dad’s side was there. and i had to escape b/c they didn’t know i was there and if they found out i was they would turn me in and i would be killed. so my mom was the only one who knew i was there and she was on my side trying to help me and so she told me to crawl out the window and so i did and my dad, grandpa and one of my uncles was up on top of the roof playing cards and then i was like staying really close to the wall so they wouldn’t see me and my other uncle was down sitting outside in this garden type thing and we didn’t expect him to be there and so i couldn’t escape and so i hid in a bush but my uncle saw me and then my dad, grandpa, and other uncle came down from the roof and trapped me. and the only thing i had to escape was a bag of chex-mix so i threw handfulls of chex-mix in there faces and they caputred me. then i woke up. it was sooooo very weird.

  16. ughhh…i have sooooooooooo much homework i still have to do. bleh. 7 freaking work sheets. 50 note cards to make. a collage of tiny tiny piece to put together. and on top of all that i have to practice my saxophone b/c i have a contest next week. omg. i’m gonna be up all night if i don’t start soon. 🙁

  17. I hate dreams where u sy in the dream “I’m awake.” and i actually think im awake!!
    One time i had a dream that i was in the circus and a man put me in a lion cage and i got out and my mom told on me so i had to go back in.

  18. I have to do Science Fair
    It’s tomorrow
    I still have a paragraph to write and a board to organize
    At least I’m getting slightly better at not procrastinating
    You would think that if somebody had never ever ever missed a deadline for something that they wouldn’t be much of a procrastinator
    But I’ve been trying to force it out of me since kindergarten nad it’s still not gone

  19. I’m screwed. My Algebra teacher has us turn all our week’s worth of homework on Fridays, so I keep it all in my Algebra notebook. Well on Friday I couldn’t turn it in because my notebook was missing and now I can’t fing it ANYWHERE. I’ve searched every possible place that it could be twice and still no notebook. So I have to do a weeks worth of Algebra homework in one day! I swear I’m on the verge of mental overload!

  20. Algebra SUCKS.

    ugh, i got stuck at family party today. my cousin is making a Jonas Brothers fanvideo and putting it on YouTube *chokes, vomits* also, she’s in fifth grade and has a laptop, PSP, Chocolat cell phone and an iPod. i had none of those things in fifth grade.
    also, my other cousin’s boyfriend is in a screamo band. that was mildly hilarious.
    oh, and there was vapid watching of football.
    and i had a pounding headache.
    and violins being practiced.

  21. Somebody threw corn over the fence into our swimming pool. It was funny watching my brother fish it out, cuz he fell in.

  22. I’m taking Algebra
    I hate football
    I had a cell phone in 5th grade
    But it’s not very good
    I would say that I still have it
    But I lost it Saturday

  23. I am more bored than all of youse

    I just got to school and have nothing to do for the next 8 hours except to “learn”

    I dont know how i will survive !!!!!


  24. i think i’m going to get in trouble tomorrow. 🙁 see today in band we were working on our small groups for this competition and my band director was gone for a jazz band competition and so the choir teacher was walking around making sure everyone was working on there songs and me and my friend had been working the entire time and we stopped for 5 mins. and he came in and was like i haven’t been hearing much playing. (the reason he didn’t hear much playing is b/c we are usually right next door to his room and today we were 2 doors down b/c the other one was filled w/ stuff for the musical. plus the rooms are sound proff. and there is an even louder group that was playing right outside our door.) and so tomorrow we’re gonna get chewed out for doing what we’re suppose to be doing. and another one of my friends is in this group that doesn’t do anything at all one day they even broke out the spray paint and were painting on the wall. (the room they are in is for making the sets for musicals, so no one cares if u paint on the walls.) ughh….my band teacher is scary. he’s in the marines and he freaks out if we don’t do what we’re suppose to.

  25. Corn is my Favorite vegetable. Yum.

    Screamo band! Ha! thats is hilarious. But not so much of a mild but more of a……spicy (im using sauces) God i cant spell anything today! thank you spell check. URG!!!!

    One time, it was summer, and i was outside walking by the pool and i said “It looks like a good day to swim.” so my mom goes “Ok, tell us how it is!” and she pushed me in the water. In my clothes. Not a bathing suit. clothes. And i had to change into a towel in my garage cause my mom wouldn’t let me go inside all wet! It was weird. Good thing i was in like 4 grade or i would have fainted from embarrassment.

  26. In math, we have an online text book but its not always the same as the regular and i always use the online so i was using it and it wasnt the same and so id dint do it and i told my teacher. and shes like “Well if you give me the work that is wrong tomorrow ill trade you for the right stuff.” and im tell her that i didn’t do it and asked her if i could still turn it in and shes like “Yeah” and so if she tells me tomorrow i cant turn it in, im going to use her words against her!!!!! She better be prepared!!!1

  27. hey pplz, check it out.
    fanfic contest—rewrite the last page of Blue Noon or Specials to make it a cliffhanger.
    not to make it sound like it’s my idea—i’m just spreading the word cuz i feel guilty about not entering for a long time.
    so check it out! it’s over at the New Special Circumstances, run by the new zealandy lotti-wa, and it’s fun and without a ridiculous length limit…..
    so come on, it’s kinda lonely with the two entries! come on down and enter!
    come on, it’d be fun…

  28. Yep it was corn. It’s really funny though, cuz I call my friend corn. Long story short, There was something freaky in the sky, and we went through the whole, “It’s a bird!No it’s a plane! No it’s….!!!” Yeah, and she shouted out CORN! and it was really funny. She even has a theme song now! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I found my Algebra homework! It turns out someone took it off my desk and stuck it in some other random desk. I bet it was Danny, Ughh I can’t stand him.

  29. haha serafina i just read your ending! talk about suspense-making, wow…and it’s all set for the darkling werewolves!

    i like the bag, bran-la…cool. there’s no juicy stores or juicy-vending stores near me that i know of–but i haven’t really looked lol. hey, does anyone have a facebook? b/c now this school in NY is trying to ban john green’s looking for alaska and there’s a group on there against it. i joined.

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