Flash Tattoo Watch 02

The realization of Uglies technology continues!

First, engineers at the University of Washington have developed an eyescreen-like contact lens:

Thanks to Erin-la for this catch!

In other news, howzabout some blood-powered flash tattoos?

Thanks to Jade Lennox and Temvald for kicking this to me!

This subcutaneous digital display uses the sugar in your blood and turns it into the electricity it needs to run. (And it’s Bluetooth compatible.) The article is a bit unclear about what stage this gadget’s at. The photo caption says the it’s being demonstrated, but the article says, “just a concept.” Well, “concept cars” are prototypes . . .

Anyway, it’s sort of like the flash tattoos in Uglies, because it monitors your bio-signs. Not your heartbeat in this case, but your blood chemistry. Seems to me that if it could control its own energy use, it would be great for diabetics.

If you read the articles for both these devices, they both mention cell phone applications. Like, dude, that is so 1997.

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  1. Here’s another realization of technology from the Uglies series: Morphing plastic for implants that can change from soft to rigid, based on how sea cucumbers can morph. Its not for making you pretty though, more for brain implants.

    It also has potential for sneak suit type clothing!

  2. OMFG!!!!!!! THAT IS SOOOO ICY!! ID EFFIN KILL FOR THOSE CONTACTS….SO THEIR REAL??? U CAN REALLY GET THEM?? OMFG! LMAO, and the tattoo thing….ive been dieing for a tattoo but im only 14 so cant get them but so will get a flash tattoo when i can!! EEP!!!!!

  3. Has anyone here noticed how much the supermodel Gemma Ward looks like a pretty!!! She is gorgeously perfect. Look up her name in Wikipedia and you’ll see exactly what I mean.

    The reason I’m writing this is the fact that I think she could star in a Flash Tatoo watch sometime soon.

    I hope Scott reads this……

  4. Hola.
    That reminds of time me and my friends were speaking “Spaustralian”. Where we said to just like random people “Hola mates comoesta?” with an Australian accent.
    People would just look at us like we were freaks and walk away trying to act all natural so that we couldn’t tell that they were walking away because of us.

    I love Superman/Tom Welling!!!!

  5. wow. with all of this stuff comin out, I may end up like a surge monkey or just a plain special!
    who knows, maybe someday soon the world will turn to pretty time, before us rusties die out from the oil bug. it’d be pretty awesome, except, we could all do with out the bubblyness.

  6. Go onto youtube and type in luv addict. The most random music video you’ll probably ever see in you life!!
    I love Superman/Tom Welling!!!!

  7. you do not need bad vision to get the contacts!!! if u havent noticed u do not need bad vision to get colored contacts and they will probably make the contacts for people with good and bad vision

  8. Some times when i read scotts books i envy the fact that they have hoverboards,flash,surge,adventure…..does ne 1 else feel that way???

  9. I always knew eyescreens are realistic, just hard to do. There is a man with a computer chip implanted in his arm that allows him to control computers, but eyescreens are just connected to the nervous system and/or the muscular system (cause aya had to flex her hands/fingers to get it to work)

  10. To Aly-wa, YES!! yes I do! I envy their cool stuff. I want to hoverboard so badly. and everything I’ve heard about eyescreens makes them sound awesome. I MUST go to borders this week to get Extras…GAH.

  11. never been better
    u like scott ??
    r u a crazed fan ???
    like some of the other ppl on
    dis page

  12. Gee thats kinda mean!! dont u think so? whatd they ever do 2 u i mean reely? yes i like scott i may not b dat crazy but im sure ill fit rite in

  13. u dont gotta act all B*#@y u no u could make friendz if u were jus a little nicer i hope u got that cuz well u need 2 like totally read dis u need help and latta im out 2

  14. wow, this is tottaly bubbly! if any one knows about any thing say “mysterious” i need to know, it’s crucially important, my emails carissabeon@yahoo.com , it is that important that i’d give out my email!

  15. That is sooo bubbly! 🙂
    I want a flash tattoo like the ones on the new book covers they look really pretty!!

  16. Ok, look what is going on here? I can’t find any days that Scott Westerfeld is on tour!!!!!!!!! I am getting mad @ him! he won’t come to Utah!

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