Flash Tattoo Watch 02

The realization of Uglies technology continues!

First, engineers at the University of Washington have developed an eyescreen-like contact lens:

Thanks to Erin-la for this catch!

In other news, howzabout some blood-powered flash tattoos?

Thanks to Jade Lennox and Temvald for kicking this to me!

This subcutaneous digital display uses the sugar in your blood and turns it into the electricity it needs to run. (And it’s Bluetooth compatible.) The article is a bit unclear about what stage this gadget’s at. The photo caption says the it’s being demonstrated, but the article says, “just a concept.” Well, “concept cars” are prototypes . . .

Anyway, it’s sort of like the flash tattoos in Uglies, because it monitors your bio-signs. Not your heartbeat in this case, but your blood chemistry. Seems to me that if it could control its own energy use, it would be great for diabetics.

If you read the articles for both these devices, they both mention cell phone applications. Like, dude, that is so 1997.

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  4. ok whats up with raul’s & pj’s comment not aproriot but who cares they havent been on since april and ive heard worse at school. but any way id totally love to get a flash tatoo it be so cool

  5. Dude, that is totally icey! I seriously want those contacts! (And notify me when they come out with the hoverboard, we knkow that’s coming next!)

  6. OMG this is sooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool i heard that there’s going to be an ugly movie out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cant wait to see it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I. Freaking. Want. An. EYESCREEN. And a hoverboard, and a house that makes stuff for me, and flash tattoos…Yeah. Old news or not, I still want this stuff so bad…

  8. I want those contacts!!!! and a hoverboard and flash tattoos and a crash bracelet(just in case)! They r already on my wish list! do u think “santa” will get me some?!? :p

  9. ive been waiting for someone to figure this out and im soooooooooooo sure whoever did would hit the top 200!and i might of misunderstood you wandav but im pretty sure icy means an extreme bubblyness or extreme exitement.i also think that people like us should take the world over,not.but i have a feeling that the world will turn out that way.i often draw on my self and wonder what it would be like to have an eye screen and flash tatoos.ps does the eye screen actually work or stay the same but look all fancy,just wondering it would be cool to have either way.pease to my fellow bubble haeds or special heads

  10. that is so cool, i would kill for those. That is so like advanced and futuristic. Scott, do you think we will end up like the rusties or even worse? I heard the world is ending in 2012, so I don’t suppose it would matter anyways, right?

    (L)(L)(L) I LOVE YOUR BOOKS (L)(L)(L)

  11. Why in Extras is it Aya’s story not Tally’s until the end?? Because i think it’s better with Tally

  12. You know what’d be a step up? If connecting to the skin interface (Skinterface) was a wire to your ears, where there would be tiny chips near your eardrums, playing music without headphones.

    It’d, like, play music when you squeeze your first joint! 😀

  13. That is… just plain epic.
    By 2018 we won’t even need cell phones anymore. It’ll just be a chip in your ear and an eyescreen. Maybe they’ll even have flash tattoos and skintenna to hook up to it!
    P.S. The link is broken Scott-sensei…

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  15. Great job ! I really lOved this story , I’m 12 and I’ve read them all ! Tally is my favorite charter , shes so .. So .. Icy ! 🙂

  16. I love these books! When I read I see myself as Tally. I often feel angry when Tally calls Shay “Boss” because Tally seems more “boss”. It may seem not lyal of me to say so but still! O-O Tally, your the boss! Don’t let shay boss you even tho she get cured from being special. 🙂 oops


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