Kaleb Nation Interview

Hey, it’s been a big week for interviews around here. So I thought I’d share them with you guys.

First is one from Kaleb Nation. Click here to read it!


(Now that’s some lazy blogging.)

And, by the way, thanks for all the slang! Progress report on the Uglies Guide coming soon.

107 thoughts on “Kaleb Nation Interview

  1. i liked that you didnt say the same thing in this interview that youve been saying since extras cam out
    scott-sama when are you going to tell the rest of the bloggies(is that what where called o well it shall do) that your going to be blogging at between the lines. its not very nice you know 😛

  2. Hi Scott!
    I’ve recently discovered that I want to be a philosopher (well a theologist actually), and while studying I came upon Thomas Hobbes Leviathan, is this in anyway related to YOUR Leviathan?
    I wonder…

    And I am also not doing my philosophy homework instead I am reading blogs and scratching my annoying hives…

  3. Or is it about a giant sea monster?

    maybe a satire on social constructs really being a giant sea monster? Wait that doesn’t make sense…

    I’m so itchy! -_-

  4. Irene-la on 13 Mar 2008 at 7:51 am
    Awsome interview!
    My teacher read us “The Giver” today in class, and all I kept muttering was “Scott would have done this better… Scott would have never written such a boring book… Scott generally rules!” Until my teacher got really annoyed and said “Lets all clap for apperantly the best author ever, Scott Westerfeld!” She was sarcastic, but everybody clapped anyway. Yay Scott!
    Stay Icy,

    so irene la

    i love the giver..
    good book
    scott would have done it differently not neccesarily better
    i like john green too he, mj, justine and of course scott are the better writers. after you finish the giver you should google lois lowrys acceptance speech for the newberry honor award for the giver. then read. it is amazing. makes you love the giver more.

  5. Totally bubbly interview.
    I got my friend hooked on Midnighters! She’s so mad cause CSAP keeps interrupting her reading.
    I like the Giver. But it’s banned in my school district. How lame is that?

  6. I can’t wait for news on the Uglies Guide! I just finished the series, and GUH, I am DYING for more. DYING. I hope you feel guilty.

  7. lol. TZ i was saying interesting to Kenzie’s comment: i think it will be something with a high risk and no not like fear factor like something you could actually die from

    …because i asked what t.v. will be like in the future. (homework thing.)

    i’ve never read the Giver. i want to though. but first i have to finish the oddles of books i have in my book shelf that i haven’t had time to read. yep. well i should go to bed or do more make-up homework. don’t know which. sleep sounds amazing, i haven’t got more than a few hours everynight for 2 weeks. and it’s midnight now. hmm…draw a tiger or go to sleep??? ….i choose sleep! goodnight!

  8. that story reminds me of the time my teacher was reading all these photocopied extracts of the adventures of tom sawyer and going on about how they were from the adventures of huck finn. i was like no they’re not! she was like oh , and i suppose you’ve read them both (all meanly, because she really hated me) and i was like, um yes i have! she gott really pissed of then.
    so, whatever. if you don’t care, don’t bother reading the above…

  9. Loving the interview!

    And i thought it was called a hatch…. Oh wells =P lol.

    I will direct the movie!!!!!! I would make it absolutely perfect. Down to the LAST detail. NOTHING would be missed. And i would most probably cast myself as Tally. Just cause if there ever was a movie i would want to play her xD

    I just needs funds and skills and to know what im doing etc… But i would make sure nothing was missed like most films that come from books!


  10. hello! today was okay. kinda boring and long. but somewhat good too. so much homework though. and 3 test tomorrow. ughhh.. 🙁 on the plus side a lot of people loved my hair. 😀 ..even the guy i like noticed and said it looked really really good! 😀 hehe. yay me. so how was everybody else’s day??

  11. Wow! That was a nice interview. The interviewer seemed really nice, and you never fail to make me laugh.

  12. …sorry to double-post, but I just read Alisha-la’s movie post.
    Haha..that’s fine if you cast yourself as Tally and direct it also (Christopher Guest, anyone?), although, sorry world, but why anyone would want to be Tally….bleh. Heresy, I know.

  13. ug i feel horrid
    stupid throat stupid headaches
    im gonna have so much work to make up
    bleh this is so not my cup o’ tea

  14. i is a procrastinator. so much homework that i don’t want to do. sleep. that is what i need. butt nooooo…homework comes first. grrr…

    and guess what…i have a freaking 78 in art. 🙁 🙁 and i’m an A+ student. ya know how much a 78 would bring my GPA down. ughh…it’s painful to even think about. stupid week of school i missed put me so behind.

  15. oh, not a lot. stressed. procrastinating. and tired. and i’m eating sixlets. they taste kinda odd.

  16. yeah these ones are kinda old though. i use to love them when i was little too. they were my fave candy cuz they came in the little tube thing and you could just squeeze them out. they taste a lot different then i remember though.

  17. ya i loved the packaging
    their like candy covered chocolate but not like M&Ms
    they always kinda reminded me of a centipide or millipide or what whatever you call them

  18. go buy some Amy-la. walmart, maybe a gastation might have them. i must say it is pretty fun poppin them into your mouth.

    ok well i has to go do homework. bleh… 🙁

  19. Well, my day was good. I have a must tell story:

    i got mad at my guy friend today cause i was talking to him about something last night (its wasnt bad) and he decided to tell everyone our whole convo. Ok, like, thanks! I dont need ppl in my buissness. but so ok, my best friend told me that he had told her about it and then i got, u no, really mad at him. So i was reading out loud the answers to our work and he kept raising his hand to answer but i wouldnt look at him and when i looked at someone near him i never looked him in the eye. A girl had told me that he wasn’t going to no i was mad. Well, he got the point. He sent 4 people, 4 people, to ask me if i was mad at him. And if i didn’t give an answer…..they came back. So right now i am ignoring him again……maybe hell finally get the point.

  20. Wow, Bran-la you sure get mad at him a lot. I had an absolutely horrid dream last night. Like the worst possible nightmare in the history of nightmares that I’ve ever had. And for me that’s sure saying something.I am dead tired today, like zombie-like. Soooooooooooooo freakin tired, and bored, and more tired.

  21. lol one time I had a dream that I said F you to my ex best friend……

    *procrastinating Spanish project*

    so a graphic novelish thing greeeeaaaat….I’ll have to beg my mom to let me get it, she’s a Nazi when it comes to those things (she know’s I’ll finish it in about 5 minutes)

  22. list of crap i have to do before bed:
    -draw tiger
    -art review packet
    -art wkshts
    -study for art test
    -u.s. history wksht
    -study for history test
    -flash cards for spanish
    -study for math test
    wayyyyyyyy to much stuff. and it’s already 9 o’clock. 🙁

  23. yeah i had a spanish review packet and a math assignment but i finished those already. and i have that much homework about every night. sometimes more. i haven’t watched tv now for 2 whole weeks. and i have like 10 favorite shows, i recorded them all though. and i’ve been up every night this week till 1 or 1:30 a.m. it is very suckish. well i should get back so i’m not up to 1 a.m. again tonight. laters.

  24. Bye Kay-wa! I just finished reading The Sweet Far Thing By Libba Bray. Very good, I think it’s better than the first two by far. But sad too. Oh well….so what’s up peoples?

  25. Nice interview. I was wondering about the “writing as a girl character” thing, not because I think it’d be weird for you Scott-sama, but because you’re so damn GOOD at it. =)

  26. ugh i’ve been sick since like tuesday or something which really REALLY stinks cuz wed. was my mom’s bday and i like threw up that night, so yea. yuck. i had a sore throat and a fever and stuff like that, so there is NO WAY in this entire universe i’m gonna read these 86 comments.
    gtg mom says i have 2 do schoolwork 2day. 😥 wish i didn’t.
    hopefully we’ll watch the last alias episode….i cant believe we’ve watched all five seasons (aside from the last episode of course).
    well, i really have to go right now….

  27. bleh i finally found i have a fever and im still coughing up a storm i really dont wanna miss any more school

  28. that is really cool interveiw. yes, it is Kaleb Nation. Someone will say they are sick then about 200 comments will come after that about when they were sick! I started one about Ugg boots, and a huge argument came up after that. (my bad)
    Guess i did not miss much. I just got back from Spring break!

  29. ooooooooo me too!!

    okay so today was really quite good. went pretty fast, i’m pretty sure i aced 2 of the 3 tests. my math one i got point-slope confused with slope-intercept. so that pretty much sucks. but it’ll be okay because after she finally grades all my make-up work my grade will shoot up probably over a 100. 😀 and art i missed one. and u.s. history i got 100%. i is pretty happy. then in math today the guy i like told me he liked my hair (i did it differently than usual. and he told me he liked it yesturday too. hehe. 2 days in a row! :D) and also i love the color yellow. i think colors actually do affect your mood. like today i wore this cute yellow ae shirt and a green jacket and i was in a good mood all day long. does anyone else think colors affect your mood?

  30. Eh. I wear green mostly everyday.
    My room is painted orange and it is supposed to make you feel hungrier. — And sometimes I feel hungrier if I am in there.

  31. i think color does
    cuz like if its all grey outside(it usally is) i actualy get calm
    and yellow and orange make me happy i dont know why

  32. i toatally agree with the colors thing

    like if i wear dark colors it means i feel very confident that dayif i wear bright colors im like really happy
    my room is LIME green which is my fave color of all time 😀 i love it

  33. My mom chose the colors for my room!!! I hate them. Well ok it’s just a bit girly when you add all the decorations. If I hadd my way I would of painted blue.

    I love Superman/Tom Welling!!!!

  34. i am lucky. i have 2 rooms and a bathroom. hehe. my bedroom is tropical orange. my hangout room is tropical blue. my bath room is a beachy theme and it is lime green and bright pink. i pretty much loves it. can you tell i like the ocean. even though i live nowhere near it.

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