Slang Fest

Back to Tally’s World, the guide to the Uglies world first mentioned in this post. I’d like your help with this.

So . . . please use this comment thread to list the following:

1) Slang terms you want defined.
2) Cliques you remember from the books.

And (pretty please) try to limit repetition of the same words! (That means you have to read the earlier comments. But you can always use Find on the thread, you know.)


355 thoughts on “Slang Fest

  1. This has probably been asked. D:
    But I’m cuuuurious.
    Is there population control in Prettyworld?
    Like, some way to keep Uglies and Pretties from getting pregnant until they’re middle-pretties?
    Because it’s pretty much fact that there’s some wiiiild parties in New Pretty Town.

    And if only middle-pretties can have kids
    Is there a limit to the number of kids, gender, years apart…?

  2. Umm I was wondering what AI is, in extras when Aya talks about Ren Doin stuff to moggle she says everybody knew AI is illeagel and how do hoverstruts works I tottaly don’t get them. I also would like to know What city Tally lives in, I think she lives in L A because of (San) Deigo and where does Aya live? Oh ya More info on the movie!!!

  3. Well, i think you you should put in how you came up with the slang. Oh, and are hoverboards like surfbaords? Do you ride them the same? Maps would be cool, maybe of Tally’s City and her path to the smoke. That would be awsome. Where exactly does everyone live?
    (i have tried to figure that out many times)

  4. i think Tally’s city is in california, bcuz scott said something about death valley and (i’d never thought of this before i read this blog) the san diego thing. and aya lives somewhere in japan, cuz the girl on the cover looks asian,aya speaks japanese, mentions asia, mentions cherry blossoms, eats sushi, and everybody in extras has a japanese-sounding name. Hey, has anybody on here read the twilight series? cuz its like the best series ever (no offense to scott).

  5. I was thinking the music would be like vocaliods (Mika Hatsune, anyone?)

    Hm, don’t think I have a question that hasn’t already been asked. XD

  6. I would like more info. on how the hover cars and hover boards worked. I am doing a futuristic car report and I had remembered the hover cars. Do you know how they might actually work?


  7. Thanks again Reagan!
    The uglies guide is coming out? Is that just in America or do u think it will reach England aswell?

  8. I think it will eventually reach England, maby not as soon as it is released in America though…

    I would like to know if there is going to be a fifth book in the series!
    I have read Uglies, Pretties, Specials and I’ve started on Extras.
    This series should be continued, I would read them all if there was like… 20 books or more!

  9. Hey here are the things that I want to know: why did zane have to die? was tally meant to be with david all along? if so why did you even have her meet zane if you knew he was just gonna die? are the people on the covers supposed to be them? what do the skinntennas look like? how tall was tally? did hoh like shay? why was shay so mean? (well I guess that last one was kind of already answered) what inevitably happens to everyone? were all of the cities dfestroyed? totally confusion-making!

  10. oh and one more thing, how do you get kids? is there like a baby factory or do the crumblies make them? is there only one kid per family? is the crumblie neighborhood like the suburbs? well I will come back if I have any more questions, love to all

  11. I was wondering what the characters looked like and how they were imagined to look. I was also wondering which Country Tally came from.


    Berii La

  12. Hey I was wondering about a couple of things. And also have a couple of things to say

    a) Beki-la: They are in California. If you have read Specials it talks about them crossing the border and also in uglies they say something about the Mojave desert (I forget in what context) to basically they are in Southern California.

    b) I want to know hoe long it took to write uglies (pretties, and specials too) and what the inspiration was.

    so yea. Thank you!

  13. I have bunches of questions!

    1. 5th book… yes or no? (plz yes!!!)

    2. I dont understand the whole “-la” “-wa” or “-chan” thing… I did notice in the book extra’s (that i just got finished reading about 5 minutes ago! Loved it!!!) that Tally and Shay each used “-wa” and they used “-la” with Aya… does it have to do with friendship?

    3. Is there any way you can describe feeling “icy” in this century’s context?

    4. Have you ever thought about what a hoverboard looks like exactly? If so plz explain!

    By the way… your an amazing author and this is the most spectacularly amazing series I have ever read! (and I’m being radically honest!) ๐Ÿ˜€

  14. Hi.
    I know this has nothing to do with the slang but Scott…if you actually read comments…I’m just wondering if you’ve ever thought about making a movie out of the Uglies, Pretties, Specials, and Extras books. If you do I’d really like to know….this might sound stockerish or weird or something but if you ever do could you e-mail me cause I would want to be in the movie…but thats only if you can and you do
    by the way my name is Christina.
    if you actually get this message please don’t shrug it off, I’d really like you to e-mail me back wih an answer

    i know making this movie would be a lot of money but I think it would be totally worth it!

  15. oh and also did u use he same person for the cover shoots of the Uglies/Pretties/Specials books?

  16. are u going to use the person on the cover of the uglies books in the uglies movie (if there is going to be one).

  17. hey
    first of all the uglies triolgy was the best, ive been reading them non stop since my cousin recommended them to me, ive been walking in the hallways, in lunch and on the bus reading not being able to put them down, i was wondering tho,

    how did david get his scar,

    what is going to happen to tally and david (i havent read the 4th book just finished specials right now but i heard their not in it..)

    and can you pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee make a movie

    and i was wondering the same thing as christy-la, are those the same ppl on the cover?

    please please make a sequal about tally and david im dying to know i dont want it to end ๐Ÿ™

  18. As for slang, hmm… never really had a problem with it.

    I have read Uglies and Pretties (In about 2 days, went reading-insane with it) Now, I’m doing everything in my power to track down Specials and Extras, but to no avail.

    I’m 15 and broke, btw. So any online stuff is out of the question.

    Definately NOT bubbly.

  19. sorry this is off topic from the entry but i was wondering if anyone knows about any updates on the Uglies movie? because it looks like the idea has either been put on a long pause or had just been dismissed.. anybody know anything?? any information would be great ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. wow. I was hoping they would make a movie! Sorry this is the first i’ve heard about it, so i don’t have any new info. ๐Ÿ™ I hope they will still make it because it would be an awesome movie :D!

  21. all of my stuff has already been said…oh, well “Well, did you actually read all of the 331 posts?” nope. just the first twenty. but yeah, i cant wait!

  22. Ok thanks. When i was reading the series I kept on thinking:

    but I think that you are right

  23. Give us some background about Special Circumstances. How did it all begin? How many Specials are there? Do they do anything other than hunt down the Smokies and keep things under control? Do they do anything for fun (doubt it)?

    I’d also love some background on Dr. Cable. She’s always been my favorite character, and there was never much development for her.


  24. I want to know the definetion of bubbly because it has 3 different definitions(one for each book in the trilogy)

    1.Early Uglies:happy partys new pretty town

    2.Pretties:clear (deluited form of icy)

    3.Specials:spaced out pretty-headed

    And i would like to know more about special circumstances and if Dr. Cable created specials who did the sugery on her

  25. you guys, I think scott-la’s already got it planned out… considering he’s busy writing it and will have the book out in less than half a year…

  26. i don’t think dr cable invented specials. she may have invented the cutters, but i think specials were around for quite a while before her.

  27. for everyone who dosn’t know what PadThai is, its a noodle-filled meal from Thailand and its not abreveated its actually spelled PadThai

  28. Ok I want to know what the name of Tally’s city is where on what continient she lives and what would happen if she had never met Shay would there still be 3 books with the idea?hmmmm and just for a note I love the cutters they are awsome

  29. Well, I know this has ALREADY been meantioned(darn) but only in small detail.
    could we learn more about how the dorm colours and system works!?
    NB: I do realise that the book is already out , but if this isn’t mentioned, could you post it please?
    i hate background things in books, they annoy me.
    Thankys, toally grateful-ness!


  30. I love this series, but it’s hard to find all of the terminology and slang in one place! Would totally appreciate it if someone could try and lump it all together; hunting it all down is tiring!

    And, a note: for those of you that love this series, the new book Skinned is a GREAT book and set in a world much like the Uglies series; it was even praised by our dear Scott. I definitely recommend reading it!

  31. hover struts, and why do we have to be rusties?!?!?!?!?!?!?
    yeah! top 1000 ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜‰ ^_^ >:o :3 >:-( ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ˜ฎ 8) 8

    -| :p O.o -_- :/ 3:) O:) :-* <3 :v

    :|] :putnam: (^^^) <(") ร ยณโ€นร†ยธรŒยตรŒยกร“ล“รŒยตรŒยจรŒโ€žร†ยทร ยณโ€น

  32. if you do make another book, (cakes HAHAHA i love that!) a great group might be: The Netters (the Webbers?) they try to bring back the internet, and bring them to eyescreens, by simply putting wi-fi connectivity wires and whatnot underground with the “streets” that support hoverboards.

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