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Here at Casa Larbfeld, we’ve been working hard on our upcoming tour of Europe. There are three main parts to the tour:

1) Leviathan research (Alps and airships)
2) The Bologna Children’s Book Fair (foreign sales and farfalla)
3) The launch of Extras in the United Kingdom! (at long last)

Obviously, I’ll be blogging as we travel. But here’s a heads up for those of you in the UK—next week I’ll be doing a couple of appearances in and around London:

Tuesday, 25 March

Waterstone’s Harrods
Children’s Book Department
Harrods, 87 Brompton Road London SW1X 7XL
on the 4th floor
Further details: 0207 730 1234

Wednesday, March 26
5PM รขโ‚ฌโ€œ 7PM

The Gloucester Room
Redbridge Central Library
Clements Road
Essex IG1 1EA Tel: 0208 708 2423/4
Contact: Vivian Archer
T: 020 8552 9993
Sponsored by Ilford Libraries in conjunction with Newham Bookshop

There may be one more, at Forbidden Planet in London. Let’s hope so.

See you Englanders soon!

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  1. well at least it felt like i didn’t touch the last set of stairs. i probably did, but it happened so fast that i was just running and then all of a sudden i was on the floor. very weird indeed.

  2. i dont know when school ends for me
    we’ve had lke 3 or 4 snow days/wind days

    we do warm ups too
    we run back and forth across the gym doing things like sprint high-knees grapevine and such
    then weight room monday is always fun
    and wedsday since its an hour early release day we do relays
    i HATE thursday though
    ugh run day

  3. yeah. i had p.e. last semester.
    it sucked.
    i hated my teacher.
    we did pre-warm up. laps.
    30 push-ups.
    30 sit-ups.
    then streched.
    then did running techniques. i think they are called some thing else but they are like your warm up.
    then we go and run on the track. usually half a mile to a mile a day. the track is evil. i mucho hate it. (especially when i go for summer conditioning they try to kill us.)
    then we do our unit sport. ex: tennis, volleyball, football, soccer…those are a few.
    and then we have like 4 minutes to change and get dressed before the bell rings.
    it was suckish.
    glad to be out of it.

  4. we dont have a track
    cuz our school is new so not till next year *sigh*
    so we result to running in the parking lot/round-a-bought/sidewalk
    or inside if its raining
    im usally ok with the unit sports
    except soccer im really REALLY bad at soccer
    last semester i stepped on the ball and tripped
    i bruised my knee pretty bad

  5. oh that sucks.
    i’m actually pretty good at soccer.
    probably the best in my class since i played from 2nd to 7th grade in an upper leage.
    oh and you don’t want a track.
    tracks are EVIL!
    it’s like you never end.
    you just keep going in circles.
    very not my thing at all.
    and yeah. unit sports are easy.

  6. ya but i kinda do cuz were in walking distance of the highschools track so for the mile we have to go there and last time it was pouring

    wee i like alien ant farm their pretty good

  7. ohh. never mind then. i guess that does kinda suck.

    ok well i’m really tired so i is gonna go to bed. night!

  8. eew, volleyball. last year when we were picking teams, everyone wanted me on their team. not because i was any good, but because everytime i hit the ball, i hit one of my opponents on the head BY ACCIDENT!! it was tres embarassante

  9. heyy pplz!!!!!!!! wow i havent been on since like wow so many new things! i dont know where to

  10. I’m going to Florida
    I hate traveling
    I’ll probably be on a laptop most of the time

    go to goole
    it’s faewsome
    it’s all black because of that Earth Hour thing

  11. falling down in gym?
    Sounds like me
    Well, me would be more like getting hit in the face with every single ball you’ve ever played with or running for 3 minutes straight with blisters on your enlarged tonsils and almost passing out afterwards due to pain and lack of oxygen.
    Luckily I only had to take gym for nine weeks
    they built a new middle school right across from my house so I’m going there next year
    the old one was too crowded so they’re splitting the kids

  12. Haha. I am the master when it comes to getting hit by sports balls.
    You name it, i have been hit by it at some point.

    Its really not funny, whenever a ball bounces off somewhere i automatically crouch down and cover my head as in generally tends to hit me.

    The worst one was when i screamed and covered my head from a SHADOW of a ball… My friends were nearly wetting themselves.


  13. ya when i was really little is when my fear of getting hit started
    i always would get hit with tether balls
    and i had/have(not as often anymore) a condition where i would get bloody noses like really easly so ya
    it got really bad to where id get at least one a day

  14. My spring break ends on Monday then I have to deal with CSTs.
    -pouts- Ah, well. Such is life. Ya know what’s freaky? Whenever I write poetry that uses words that are like old fashioned-ish, I can’t stop talking like that after a while. It’s a bit agitating.

  15. Hehe. I’m on easter holidays right now. Had 2 weeks and i have one left. Then it’s back to school to hand in coursework, MUY lame.

    I’ve got so many books to read at the minute its a joke! I know this guy who works at Borders and he gives me free books and i write reviews for them. I read Dragonfly by Julia Goloding yesterday. Its not out yet but when it is read it, its SO good! Had me up till 4am (A) lol.

    Okay, sorry, I was
    I just went to the llibrary
    cuase we’re leaving for Florida tonight and I can’t be bookles!!!

  17. I’ve heard of [learner’s] permits on American shows and movies and such, but no, I haven’t lived in the States since like… a decade ago.

    Spring Break isn’t for another week? We already had ours like two weeks ago…
    Florida sounds exciting!

    P.E.’s acutally not that bad… but then again, our teacher didn’t make us do sit ups or push ups. So sore today, last week’s practice was brutal. Our coach made us do a ton of drills and conditioning stuff like push ups and the usual.

  18. Hey i have to write a report on my favorite author so I chose you. We have to write a biography and have been searching the internet and i have not found anything on your early life. So i was just wondering if you could write a blog about your early life so i can make this project and make it so that it is a good report.


    ~ Rin-la

  19. la. la. la. la. la.

    i had easter today.
    it was so much fun.
    i won $5 in the easter egg hunt.
    then we played pictionary.
    and taboo.
    me and my aunt tried to cheat in taboo but we got caught. lol. it was funny.

    yep. yep. that was my day.

    la. la. la. la. la.

    free books? & before they even come out to the public? uber not fair.

    wish i was in Florida. u lucky!

    i is very jealous of all you week long spring breakers. or to be week long spring breakers. oh well though. i think i can survive the last 36 days of school.

    la. la. la. la. la.

  20. yeah. my moms side of da fam couldn’t do it last sunday cuz most people were doing stuff with other fam so we had it today.

  21. hehe my mom told me the awards were on but i was in deep conversation with a lot of my friends so i kinda ignored it and now i wish i would have watched since i ended up being sad talking to my friends

  22. I am getting annoyed. there is this song that i like that i keep hearing and i want to no the name and who its by but i cant freakin find it and i want to no so i can listen whenever i want tooooooo! URG!

  23. Hahaha. Can i write the lyrics? am i pathetic or what? you know how u no these songs and you just cant seem to no what there saying, yep thats whats wrong. BUTTTTT!!! dont doubt me yet. The beginning of the song starts to the same music as the Anthem by Pitbull. and its a remix cause in the beggining they say “Remix!” so i looked up pitbull songs but i didnt find it but it might be something he feartured in.

  24. I dont no what music you listen to so may be wondering what in the world im doing listening to Pitbull but thats cause i listen to hip-hop, pop, and some r&b

  25. You know when people ask what my favorite song or movie is I cant say there are way too many for me to choose from. But latley for songs on my list I just have been adding and adding. It’s kind of getting big.

    I love Superman/Tom Welling!!!!

  26. I suggest that if someone wants to lisen to the song not to watch the video, just a warning. Like almost all videos these days, its a little……unwanted.

  27. i have a tickle in the back of my throat and it’s driving me crazy! i’m using sour gummy worms to scratch it. lol.

  28. Yum, sour gummy worms.
    My fav. song changes everyday.literally.Today it was Thanks For The Memories -by FOB. Yesterday it was Misery Business -by Paramore.

  29. ? now i i havent been on looking at these comments like for a long time ….lol i hav been on the phone wit my bf but shaa i want Scott to come to Chicago if he does that would be the best! lol he the best writer ever! he has the best books ever..

  30. i dont think i even have a favorite band
    it just changes with my mood
    one day it might be gary allen
    then panic! at the disco
    then jack johnson
    ya i have ever changing moods

  31. you know what gets under my skin? The fact that since I am using my moms I phone and I scrolled (with my now cramped finger) through all these comments……and then it goes back to the top!

    I had a good day! We won’t have homework all week due to some testing all schools are painfully forced to complwte! Darn! Srry for badp spelling, this is a small messesd up keyboard.

  32. We start AIMs testing next week!!! I hate just sitting there in a quiet room and trying not to talk. Sometimes it’s almost creepy in the class room when it get so quiet that you can hear people’s pencils in the paper.

    I love Superman/Tom Welling!!!!

  33. I got this really funny email. i tell you what it said:

    It was saying this girl went to the doctors office and that her blood pressrure was high and all this stuff and that she had gained some weight and that her doctor told her to think in terms of colors… want to eat things green and yellow and red. and then it says so i went home and ate a big bowl of….. and you scroll down and it shows a big bag of multi colored M&Ms (which includes the colors green yellow and red) and at the end it says he was right i never knew eating heathly could be so easy, i feel better already.

    Yep, i do too when i eat tons of candy. and fat, i feel fat.

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