Starry Rift

More about my Zeppelin ride soon-ish. But in the meantime, I have an important announcement. Although there are no novels by me out this year (for the first time since 2002!) I will have many stories published in 2008. Yes, old-fashioned short stories, the backbone of literature!

This is weird for me, because when I was young, I could never write short stories. Just as some people can run marathons in record time but suck at sprinting, I thought I was designed only for the long haul of novels. And yet over the course of writing fifteen novels, I have somehow learned how to construct a decent story.

So 2008 is the Year of the Short Story, as far as I’m concerned.

The first of these stories is in an anthology called The Starry Rift, which just came out today. This book is mighty star-studded. It has stories by Garth Nix, Margo Lanagan, Cory Doctorow, Neil Gaiman, Gwyneth Jones, and many others. It’s such a vasty book that it has its own blog! You’ll find free samples and downloads aplenty there, along with interviews from several of the authors.

My story in this collection has the unlikely title “Ass-Hat Magic Spider.” I won’t tell you much about it except that the title makes perfect sense, and it’s a real tear-jerker.

Here’s the lovely cover of The Starry Rift . . .

And here are many places to buy it.

I hope some of you get a chance to check it out, either by buying it yourself or prompting your librarians to get a copy.

More on Zeppelins soon!

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  1. That sounds really neat, and I like your short stories on your website, anyway. Nice cover and (your) story-title, too. I wonder if the ole’ Hermitage Branch library has it…

    Oh! And last night I finished the third midnighters (finally)! My library didn’t have it and I’m too much of a wimp to demand that they order it, so I got it from a friend. It was so…unexpected…you’re a great writer!

  2. totally understand the short story deal. anything i write tends to be epic length. haha at least the idea anyways. i’m still trying to get to the whole….epic part. lol

    question for everyone else…i’ve been a lurker on scott’s blog for a long time, but i haven’t ever actually posted before. for those of you who entered an application for the ALPHA writer’s conference…did any of you get in? because I did, and i just wanted to know if any other westerfans would be going too.

  3. awwww, no new novelz. but short stories are also cool.

    also, prettyful cover.

    congrats, Briana-la! somebody else was saying someone got in, but i’m drawing a blank.

    i’ve got the opposite problem. too many ideas, and a tendency to short word counts. i’ve got at least seven finished short stories sitting around (along with a couple i’m just too lazy to write), and no finished novels. though one very close to being first-draft completed…..
    actually, i’ve got novella issues. all my stories wrap up too early. like, not that i run out of story, but they just stop. i’ve got a story finished at 17K, and another at 25. this phenomena confuses me.
    and makes it wierd to talk, because i feel irrationally odd saying the word “novella”
    but, you people probably don’t care. so i’ll stop rambling.

  4. TOP TEN! This is a new for me! I love the idea for the new book and PLEASE have the Uglies guide come out soon! Lots of love, Emma

  5. I’m excited for Starry Rift! I think your short stories are just as great as your YA. I’d have to say that of your short stories, Non-Disclosure Agreement and The Front of the Can are my favorites. Can’t wait!

  6. See i wish i had ur talent scott. I make my stories to fast paced. And i get bored quickly with my novels. Im pressuring myself into finishing the one i started about 10 to 9 monthes ago. It is 33, 679 words long. That includes title, chapter headings, and the dedication. I dedicate my short little short things to my friends and family.

  7. ooohhh i want that book so bad i need some scifi at the moment i just read a ten book high fantasy series (wich is good but i prefer scifi) i wish it was at ANY of the TEN barns & nobals by my house
    *mutters to self “stupid florida murmeremuremer mermer erg”*

  8. Wohoooo!!!
    Yay, more stories by scott-sensei
    I am sotally going to order it (now I love that word too)
    BTW I also live in Florida and let me just say we have a seriuos problem with getting good books.
    The B&N I go to only gets books for old folks.It’s like “Hello , some teens read too, gosh!”
    We even have our own genre for pete’s sake
    All I can say is Hooray for B.A.M

    Ok that’s enough of my ranting, I heading over to James Patterson’s site.Join the Flock

    Oh and read Fangs’ blog, because he sounds HOT


  10. Nice story title Scott-la, lol. I can’t wait to read it if I can find it!
    I can’t wait for the uglies Guide either, you’ll have to tell us when it’s coming out!

  11. Don’t worry Bran-la I’m the same way

    I have at least 8 stories that are like around 600 words long and I am trying to finish one for ALPHA for next summer when I’ll be 14

  12. i want to thank all of you for your prayers for my dad. he now needs your prayers again. he has diffuse large b-cell lymphona. he will have to have chmeo.

  13. ok. so like, three months ago i wooda come on here after scool and seen an additional 78 comments that had been added to the previous 106 comments that there were this morning. i mean seriously people. he posted it yesterday!

    im sorry, but thats just sad.

    -Lizzy-wa OUT! 🙄

  14. It doesn’t look like my last post made it… the page died right as I hit the “Submit Comment” button… If it doesn’t show up I’ll try again…

  15. Nope. Okay, let’s try this again:

    This has nothing to do with the blog entry, but I gotta ask:
    Scott, were you by chance on a plane to Cleveland, Ohio from RDU at 10:20am on April 18???? I know how ridiculous the odds of that are, and I have no earthly idea what you would be doing in Cleveland… but it’s been bugging me all day. I swear I was sitting next to a guy that looked JUST LIKE YOU!! It helped a lot that he was reading a book. I guess I figured that if I were to encounter my favorite author on a plane, he ought to be reading a book.

  16. I luv you too!!! Hahaha

    My friend and i always tell each other that we luv each other and people are always like “thats disgusting”. Like, who cares! We are girls! It is our nature to luv everyone!

  17. Wow, GORGEOUS cover. The book sounds like it has quite a few amazing stories… definitely going to have to check that out in the near future. Merci pour la update!

  18. cool! -adds book to book list-

    hey, (this goes for anyone) you know what song reminds of the Uglies Trilogy? The City Is At War by Cobra Starship…its a pretty boppy, punkish song but the lyrics are very “Ugly”. Anyone else agree?

  19. hehe. thats girls for ya!

    yesterday at scool me and my friend Amy (Mr. Robot-la) were walking back from lunch when she pulled out this dark chocolate. i put out my hand and she gave me some and i was like “i love you Amy!” and shes like “i love you 2!” and i was like “aaaawwww!!! wanna get married?!” and shes like “as long as i get the rite side of the bed.”

    hehe. its this freekish inside joke we have. i dont even remember how it started…hehe. anyways. the people around us kinda formed a reputation bubble. hehe. if thats what you can call it.

    -Lizzy-wa OUT! 😛

  20. For any Twilight fans, I KNOW WHAT HAPPENS IN BREAKING DAWN! No I didn’t read it. No, I didn’t find a spoiler page on it. BUT IF YOU THINK ABOUT THE NAMES OF THE BOOKS (AND LOOK AT PAGE 599 – 600) ITS SOOOOOOOOOOOO OBVIOUS!!!
    @@@@@@@ SPOILER ALERT @@@@@@@@@@@
    Jacob calls Bella his persanal sun on the bottom of page 599 and the top of page 600. On page 600 he also said he can’t handle an eclipse. Which makes Edward the moon! New Moon, means that right when Jacob finally had Bella, a new moon came in and took her, unexpectedly. Eclipse means Edward had her offically (as in holy matromony), and breaking dawn means the sun rises up!!! As in Bella is Jacob’s sun again! The only way Bella would EVER be Jacob’s would be id Edward was out of the picture, the only way Edward would EVER part with Bella would be if he was DEAD! So Edward’s gonna die in Breaking Dawn making Bella run to Jacob! ITS ALL ABOUT JACOB! I just figured that out like 10 minutes ago! I’m so proud at myself, but I also hate myself for figuring it out!

  21. hey, peeps. Update on my Midnighters ride- Book One Of Midnighters Finished! Kinda confused at first but now I gots it. I returned the first book to my library, and I have a hold on the second book 🙂

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