Midnighters Fan Art

I recently ran across my all-time favorite piece of Midnighters fan art. Here are Bixby’s fab five as envisioned by Shira-chan:

What makes this so great is that all the characters have been transformed into manga-tastic superheroes. Dess is a mathy warrior goddess. Melissa and Rex are brooding goth magicians. Jonathan hovers a bit out of the group, a sly smirk on his face. And Jessica really looks very 11:59, from a different world than the rest of them. And yet she’s still totally cool—her flashlight like a rock star’s microphone in her hand.

Even the details are delicious:

Rex’s book is full of black post-its. (Where do you get those? I need them.)

Acariciandote sparkles on Jess’s wrist.

Jonathan’s t-shirt has a corporate-logo version of the acrobat sign on it.

Dess has pi on her t-shirt!

Go here to check out Shira-chan’s Deviant Art page, where many other fabulous pieces (and a slightly larger version of this one) can be found.

In Other News:

1) Cory Doctorow’s Little Brother, as mentioned here, can be downloaded for free now. Cory does this with all his books, so you taste before you buy, or just read the whole thing for free.

2) Here’s an interview with me at Gateway Magazine.

3) Leviathan proceeds apace!

243 thoughts on “Midnighters Fan Art

  1. sorry this is off topic but i was wondering if anyone knows about any updates on the Uglies movie? because it looks like the idea has either been put on a long pause or had just been dismissed.. anybody know anything?? =/

  2. hello! so today has been good. i got this wire that had been bugging me taken out of my mouth at the ortho then i came home and my friend called me and told me to get out to the park for the rustler staff party (newspaper) cuz they forgot to invite me since i was added late. and so i was walking up the sidewalk and this guy comes running at me and gives me a hug and i didn’t even know him. so i hungout there for a little while. and i got this uber fawesome waterbottle that says *insert city name here* Journalism 2008 and it has a monster truck on it for some reason. it’s pretty sweet though! i loves it. okay well just stopped in to say hey. must go work on pile of homework. laters!

  3. Yeah, the end of the year gets rough for me. I am studying for my final exams. So yeah. And i have a science project to work on. So yep yep.

    Lol, Kay-wa. I thought the water bottle really said *insert City name here* instead of your city. I was like, “why would they put that?” Hehe, but i understand now.

    I got The Host brom B&N today! i have only read the first 2 chapters (and the prologue) and it rocks! Although it is a tad confusing.

  4. Btw, i am catholic but for some reason i have always had a hard time believe. Trust me, i want to believe, but for some reason my mind and my heart dont connect. My mind challenges the religion while my heart says “go for it!” It is confusing! Me dont no what to do…

  5. I finished it about a week ago, I think it gets better as you get further into the book. And Bran-la, if you’re confuzed bout what you feel then I’m just wondering, do you know enough about you’re religion to understand what you believe? Cuz that might be a way to help you sort it out…

  6. Lizzy-wa, trust me, I’ve barely hit on anything. This kind of stuff interests me, so I try to understand it. But some people never even bother. Which is why Earth Day should just crawl up in a corner and die.

    Religion is never a good subject for me, since the ranting gets even worse.

    And thanks no one for provoking me, I just like to pop in randomly. I’ll get out of your hair now 🙂

  7. when i was typing that i was wondering if anyone would read it and be confused lol.

    i’m like super excited for Rustler. it’s gonna be fawesome! the people are like amazing! and they get to go out to lunch. cuz newspaper meets 3rd block…which is 2 hrs. — and most classes have 30 mins. lunch, 90 mins. class but Rustler has 45 mins. of Rustler, 45 mins. of nothing, and 30 mins. of lunch, plus passing time. so basically i get an hour and 15 mins. to do whatever. and i know some of the staff goes out to lunch a few times per week. i don’t know how since we have a closed campus but they always bring my spanish teacher food and she shares with us cuz she’s awesome like that. well anyways. sleep time. night.

  8. that is soooooooooooooooooooo cool!!!!!
    i can’t read all those comments for the life of me, cuz i haven’t been here in like a week.
    we went to the midnight show for prince caspian last night-SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good…i luv it sooooo much, even better than the book.
    if any of u haven’t seen it, you really should….can’t wait till it comes out on DVD!!

  9. Well, actually I can
    I can’t decide which of my best friends I am going to go with tomorrow
    they both want me to do something with them at conflicting times

  10. haha I never even attempt to read all the comments anymore- I don’t have time (cough cough or the cough patience hack cough wheeze faint…cough). I had school today -.- I have school until May 30th. *twitches* evil school…
    So… Um UMRchilde-wa Narnia is just a bunch of people sword fighting and speaking in those, as you’d say it, “nifty old english accent.” I dont dare go see it. Right now Im reading a new book called “The Chicken Dance.” Or at least it’s new to my library…
    It’s an okay book. My ankle is feeling much better- I can walk on it perfectly fine, but it’s still super swollen and hurts of i move it to the side or mess with it alot. obviously. And if Anyone here is wondering, I’ve given up on Becca… I’ll have to tell you about my “super fantastical” time in Atlanta with her and two other crazy-yet-fun girls… ttyl.

  11. I do know about my religion. I just dont get how im supose to believe the thngs they dont get from the bible.

  12. Um making paper is one cause of global warming fot those ppl who decide to believe it’s happening. The carbon dioxide is realeased into the air bc that tree kinda has that in it. If you cut down trees, CD is realeased and who-knows-wat happens to the athmosphere when that happens. And it kills trees, altho i have to say that CJ went a little far when going through the whole offspring survival thing…
    Tally&Zane i read your comment- #78. I’m in the 7th grade, so if we get MORE in 8th I think i might seriously DIE!!!!
    Btw about the religion thing I’m a catholic- the strictest christian religion there is… and just to clear this up we don’t pray TO saints- we pray asking the saints to pray for us to God. Just thought I’d clear that up, considering people get confused on that subject. BTW I pictured the characters exactly like in the picture except Jonathan but I pictured them wearing less…gothic…? stuff.

  13. scott-la,

    maureen johnson said that all the YA authors live in a big mansion together… i just wanted to ask how big is this mansion? who is the most annoying person in the mansion? did someone really blast the high school musical soundtrack? if so, who was it? anyway… that is all.


  14. Okay
    I think I might have just cracked
    but this is freaking awesome
    see, I told you I’d cracked
    but really, we do
    they put two 266s and changed one to 266 ½

  15. Oooh, I see! K, so Bran-la, some Churches nowadays don’t always preach from the Bible, some believe differently, and from what I’m interpreting is thats kinda how your Church is(?) Yes no maybe so?
    Anywho, if it is then I would suggest looking into other Churches or Study Groups in your community….Yes there is more homework. Much. I think my head shall explode any moment now from over-exposure to knowledge. What a way to go. I can see my funeral now, “Ah, she was a talented girl. A great student, what a shame it is for her to be gone….” “Oh that’s awful, how’d the poor dear pass?” *wipes tear* ” She Spontaneously combusted from learning to much,” *says matter-of-factly*….Yep. That’s exactly how it will be….

  16. Haha. Well, i dont no if any of you are Catholic but Catholics also preach from what is…assumed i suppose. Like, Catholics believe Mary is a virgin and Catholics believe that one of the only ways to get to Jesus is through the heart of Mary which means tons of hail marys and rosaries. But i dont understand how they would get some of the stuff they teach if they never actually read it some where. I did do some classes and they never talked about how we got any of the information. I think for now i can just believe in what is written and try to figure out the rest!

    Uh, i dont want to study for finals… I hate school. Some of the things they twach is pointless. I am wondering but when in the world are we going to have to no how to find a Direct Object in a sentence? Why would we need to no that?!?!

  17. Bran-la that isn’t true. I’m catholic as I said and yes we do believe mary was a virgin- that was the only way for Jesus to be born w/o sin. lso, we dont think you HAVE to pray the rosary and such to get to heaven, we do that so Mary would pray for us and such.
    Why in the world am i going to have to know three ways to say the square root of 9? O_o And why do I need to know the entire history of China and India and Asia? I live in the US and I STILL dont find it important to learn a whole lot about the US history…

  18. okay guys. Am i just slow or am I the first person to figure out that Philadelphia has twelve letters- a darkling number- and that’s where Jonathan moved from!!??

  19. Wow……… ummmm…… i haven’t been on here in like years. more like months but what eva. so anyone care to fillme in on what we are talking about?
    well i have been so busy. Track, Trying to get all A’s, Running 3 milies every night, Homework, Tests, CRCT, NOvel Projects, my brothers graduation, painting the kichen and extra bedroom, cleaning uo everything, just to busy. i hardly have time to read anymore. the only thing i really have tiome for is to write.

    so ya….
    how is everyone?


  20. hey Sophie-la! it’s been too long! you need to visit the site more!

    ……i’ve been so very up and down latly. with next years class scheduling. like Thursday was great… i found out i made the main photographer for the Rustler (school newspaper) and went to the party and met the fawesome staff. but then yesterday my band teacher found out that i’m dropping band for Rustler and he flipped on me. so that wasn’t so good. and he almost made me cry…. i was on the verge of tears. my upper lip curled up and it was just not good. and i’m kinda freaked that he’ll mess with my grade because of it. (i’m a straight A student. haven’t gotten a B+ since like the beginning of 6th grade… and now i’m going into 10th. …so if he gives me a B i’m gonna be pretty p.o.ed.) and then this morning i went to my parents business to work on this presentation thing for journalism and my grandpa was the only one there with me and i was like almost done with my thing and all i asked him to do was wait 5 more minutes so he could take me home. and he freakin left me! so i had to call my mom to come get me. and i don’t really like stayin there all alone cuz it’s creepy cuz it’s like been broke into 2 times in the last year. so yeah i pretty much think my grandpa is an ahole now. (not the only reason i think that though. he trys to convince me that i’m not good enough to be a photographer.) so pretty much i’m done with him.

  21. Emily-wa, you’re forgetting a little fact: Trees need CO2 to live and grow. They have a natural need for it, so they release it when they die, and let others use it. When old trees die, they sort of pass it on, and the other trees can use it to grow and stuff. Don’t get me wrong, its still vicious, but they don’t waste. They’re dead AND inanimate, what the hell are they going to do with it?

  22. heyy pplz! i just got home from the book store (borders) and guess wat i got!? all the midnighter books and The last days annd Peeps! soo kool! im gonna go read them now bye bye 4 now!

  23. ants are invading!!! and my moms gonna kill me. she told me to clean my room like a week ago..(cuz i had a big party and my friends left all there half filled pop cans and all this junk in my room and i cleaned up a lot of it but i left the pop cans.) and so i look up and theres like hundreds of them crawling around on my coffee table where the pop cans are. and so i killed a hundred or so. but there are still a ton more crawling around. and i haven’t told my mom yet because she’s sleeping. but when she finds out she’ll flip because she’s like already really stressed with my brothers graduation party coming up and now ants are in the room where my cousins are gonna sleep. eh… not so good. the person who said “cats have 9 lives” got it wrong! ANTS have 9 lives!! i smash them and they just keep crawling out of the papertowel and onto my hand. and i smash it again… and well you get the point. hmmm… i wonder if ants are smart enough to crawl out of my trash can? i don’t know. but i’ve pretty much torn my room apart in my killing spree.

  24. meghan-la, it looks like you scored. I still have to get some money to finish off my collection of books…

    Kay-wa, we have ant infestion yearly. Its horrible, since they always stop and stare when I go to the bathroom @_@. Still, just keep it up, they normally leave my house. if not, trap them and drop them into a fire pit. Run away just in case you used any chemicals (which I wouldn’t advise in fire, but hey, you have to kill them somehow…).

  25. eeew, ants always live in my house. usually in the kitchen and downstairs bathroom though. every summer they come in. trick is just to keep it clean and try to avoid.
    luckily, i’ve never had any in my room.

    still. nothing worse than having a wasp’s nest in your bathrom. NOTHING.

    ugh, i’m totally sick and it sucks.

    man i wish i had some better books around to read. oh well. i’ll write some stories about people possessed by demons and watch more Buffy. ha ha, Riley’s gone now! hooray for Spike!
    ow. stupid headache.

  26. okay let me just say this: NARNIA IS NOT ABOUT PEOPLE RUNNING AROUND WITH SWORDS AND ACCENTS! okay, it’s a really good story about betrayal and victory and loss and even some romance and feuds and kingdoms and power…i hate when people generalize. i really really really really (etc.) hate it.like srsly.
    and also, i’m a Catholic and most of the stuff that we believe in is from the Bible. yes, we believe Mary was a virgin, and no, we don’t believe that u have 2 pray a lot of Rosaries to get to heaven. it certainly helps, of course. think about it: in one Hail Mary, u ask her to pray for u twice, and in a rosary u say 53 of them, so u basically ask her to pray for u 106 TIMES! and she’s like, aside from Jesus Himself, the closest person ever to God, that’s pretty good!
    i’m not saying that u have to be a Catholic or anything. but i do believe that being Catholic fills somewhere in u that couldn’t be filled with anything else.

  27. haha. nice plan CJ. well good new is i haven’t seen a single ant since i went on my killing spree last night.

    today has been completely crazy! Commencement was today and my brother graduated and i had to play in the band. so we were rushing around to try and get ready this morning and then like right before the ceremony my brother got in a car accident. luckily no one was hurt and not much damage was done. but it made everything a little more crazy and hectic. and so my parents drove over there and i had to jump out of the convertible and run to the band section so i wouldn’t get in trouble for being late. and so after that most of it went smoothly. when my brother walked across the stage to get his diploma everyone started booing. lol. (not at him. the grads were throwing around a beach ball and a teacher took it away so everyone booed at the teacher and my brother thought that everyone was booing at him. lol.) so yeah. pretty crazy.

  28. My friend’s birthday party was Saturday
    I wore a “new” shirt (It wasn’t really new but I hadn’t worn it before)
    We ended up going to the mall
    we went in hot topics
    the shirt was pink…like BRIGHT
    people gave me creepy looks
    Take no offense if you shop at hot topics, they have cool stuff, but I still got creepy looks

    at least I wasn’t like my friend who has gone in there before wearing a bright yellow dress with her hair in a pink bow

    I was going to California this summer (6 and a half days left of school!)
    Which would be totally fawesome cuz I still haven’t gotten to see Eleanor, Sarah or Sophie (my moms newborns)
    But MARY (Smom, step-mom) thought it would be better if we all stayed home with Keith and Jeremy, HER kids
    I see Keith and Jeremy all the time
    Anyways, Mom’s coming here

    and you DO NOT want Mary and Mom in the same room

  30. ooo that stinks Netta-la.

    tomorrow is my last full day of school!! but i have finals that i am sooooo very not prepared for. just got done shopping. tons of new clothes! 😀 …we had a 40% thing for AE. so it was very happy-making! well gotta go study. laters!

  31. ooooo that really stinks netta-la!!! good luck!!
    U STINKING PEOPLE! how r u getting out like months before me? well, not months, but about a month!!!!!!!
    THIS IS EVIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EVIL I TELL U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    it must be some plan to drive me crazy! i’m not getting out till like june 2something. 😡 😡 or maybe it’s :angry: :angry:
    not sure, but either way i’m angry, mad and sad.
    i’ll just sit here and…and…//voice breaks//…sob here!!! //breaks down into sobs// 😥 😥 😥 😥

  32. aaaaaaaaaaaa it’s 😡 that’s it….
    i’m still angry/sad/mad tho!!!!!!
    gtg and do schoolwork 😡

  33. i bet it’s because you guys get more days off during the school year than we do. like we get a day off for spring break. most places get a full week. so it probably evens out in the long run.

  34. I still don’t understand what’s up with my school
    shorter breaks
    starts earlier(than it used to)
    ends later (””)

  35. Hello people. I am very bad. I no. Right now you are going…were have u been! And i ma here today to say that i have been busy. today was my math final. i only have one more final which means more time to talk to U guys. Yeah.

    My teachers are mean so they decided to give me a project on my last 5 and a half days of school. But the good news is its baout our favorite author. so of course i choose Scott Westerfeld. So i will doing all this reseach and stuff on you. Luckily, i have had experience one your blog and htere for i no u well.

    I am here to talk people, i will talk, i promise!

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