Midnighters Fan Art

I recently ran across my all-time favorite piece of Midnighters fan art. Here are Bixby’s fab five as envisioned by Shira-chan:

What makes this so great is that all the characters have been transformed into manga-tastic superheroes. Dess is a mathy warrior goddess. Melissa and Rex are brooding goth magicians. Jonathan hovers a bit out of the group, a sly smirk on his face. And Jessica really looks very 11:59, from a different world than the rest of them. And yet she’s still totally cool—her flashlight like a rock star’s microphone in her hand.

Even the details are delicious:

Rex’s book is full of black post-its. (Where do you get those? I need them.)

Acariciandote sparkles on Jess’s wrist.

Jonathan’s t-shirt has a corporate-logo version of the acrobat sign on it.

Dess has pi on her t-shirt!

Go here to check out Shira-chan’s Deviant Art page, where many other fabulous pieces (and a slightly larger version of this one) can be found.

In Other News:

1) Cory Doctorow’s Little Brother, as mentioned here, can be downloaded for free now. Cory does this with all his books, so you taste before you buy, or just read the whole thing for free.

2) Here’s an interview with me at Gateway Magazine.

3) Leviathan proceeds apace!

243 thoughts on “Midnighters Fan Art

  1. Thanks peepsouls(You all…you guys…I’ve been getting a lot of complaints about that word lately)
    My teacher’s gave me tons of projects, too, so I know how you feel
    And I have 2…or is it 3?…finals left
    Well, good luck to you…
    btw, if a test felt easy it doesn’t mean you failed
    same goes for if it felt hard

    Kay-wa, they don’t really LOOK like marijuana leaves
    I think it’d be safe to wear to like school
    unless your teachers are insanely paranoid

  2. OMG! Haha, i was cracking up when i read your post Kay-wa.
    Yes, it is a litle leafish, haha. But its pretty….if that helps.

  3. Hello! Hola! Bon Jour(is that how you spell it?) Guten Tag!
    Okay, I think it’s kind of easy to tell mine and Bell’s writing apart but you never know
    Yes, I know I’m lazy for not changing the name but I don’t want to change it back, too.
    Well, I’m never on the computer much so I thought I’d say
    Please, do not take your stress of finals out on me
    I don’t have finals, because, well, I’M FIVE
    O, yeah, my birthday was in February
    Well, anyway, not only is Bella taking finals but so are Addie, Jake, and Paul
    So A LOT of stress is being taken out on me
    So, yeah
    once again

    (ps…the Becca’s only here because Netta(Bella) is my sister and she probably wouldn’t want me to change it)

  5. ew. i have like 2 weeks and 2 days left of school! and lots of finals… ugh… and u guys are lucky, i only have one older sister, i am the youngest-duh- but yeah, i cant wait for summer! and yeah- scott hasn’t blogged something new in a while…
    oh! my backpack seriously weighs like- more than my friends! its insainly heavy…..

  6. Ya…uh…Kay-wa they don’t even come close to resembling marijuana leaves. Like at all. They look like a star and have fives points….and I only know that cuz I did a D.A.R.E. program at school a couple years ago.

  7. kay-wa, no it isnt marijuana… not even close… (there are books in my home ec class that has pictures and it was actually quite funny)

  8. we didn’t have too many breaks… 😥 😥
    sigh. it’s hopeless…
    today’s my older sis’ b-day!!!!!! coolio huh?
    i’m right in the middle. like, plunk…i have two older sibs and two younger sibs. and i’m the only lefty. and i’m the only one w/straight hair (my brother might, but it’s too short to tell). it’s annoying.
    did u guys know that last night john lester pitched a no-hitter? the first lefty since 1956 on the red sox i think. and like two years ago he had cancer. ya. it was cool. he’s only 24 i think…hmmm
    my favorite red sox players r david ortiz, jonathon papelbon and jacoby ellsbury….they’re all cool tho.

  9. haha! lol! well i guess that shows how much i know about marajana! lol.

    so i just got done dancing for 2 hours. …like half my dance class went to my friends house (we have our rectial friday and saturday night) to practice and we like did the dance 2 times and then made up our own interperated dance to this one song by queen. it’s hilarious. and we were dancing on my friends driveway and she lives on a pretty busy street. so all these cars were honking at us. it was pretty funny. sometime we will record it and put it on youtube.

    Tengo mayor hermano.

    hehe. my feets were really dirty from the cement and i was too lazy to get up out of my computer chair and walk the five feet to my bathroom so i used my hand sanitizer and some papertowels to clean them. lol.

  10. Well, my family is confusing
    but here’s everyone I consider my sibling
    oldest to youngest

    Addie (Alison)
    Paul (my step-brother, he’s not much older than me)
    Jacob (only a year younger than me)
    Alice (half-sister)
    Becca (a lot of you know her)
    Candy (Candice, actually…half-sister)
    Cameron (half-brother, Sam’s twin)
    Samantha (half-sister, well, see above)
    Eleanor (halfsister, a triplet…Sophie & Sarah)
    Keith (half-brother, twin of Jeremy, born almost SAME EXACT TIME as triplets)
    Sarah (half-sister, above)
    Sophie (half-sister, above)
    Jeremy (half-brother, above)

    yeah, see?

    I had dance for an hour today, Kay-wa
    but I had THREE hours yesterday (I missed the first hour, though)
    what kind of dance do you take?

    Eh! I don’t want to sleep!
    Oh, well, night!

  11. yeah you do have a confusing family Netta-la.

    i take Jazz. this week is like crazy with dance. today i had class for 30 minutes to make sure we knew all our spots and basically it was a technical rehearsal then afterwards like i said we went to my friends house for like 2 hours. only 30 minutes or so were actually spent working on the dance that we are performing on Friday and Saturday night. so then tomorrow is my last day of school and we have practice from 6-7 and then i have a schools out party from 7-11 and then Thursday is dress rehearsal from like 4-10 or so. we run through twice. then Friday from like 6-10, same Saturday, and then Sunday i have my brothers graduation party and like tons of relatives are going to come bombard my house. so yeah i’m gonna be really busy until like Monday. so what kind of dance do you take?

  12. i’ve been rereading Blue Noon….finished it in math class today, after wasting all of math and lunch reading the last half and listening to It Goes Off by Skybombers over and over.
    gotta say, away from the surprise, it really is a great book. and a decent ending. i think i’m actually coming to terms with that.
    the new edition’s got some typos though, i noticed. like a chapter that ends in dialouge and no close quotes. and quotes going the wrong way somewhere else…
    also, the header is randomly in a different font on one page. actually, that was kind of cool.
    i now remember why i love Midnighters.

  13. that’s a really confusing family, netta-la…i have a lotta cousins on my mom’s side, actually too many to list!! heehee or maybe i’m just too lazy…………..not sure

  14. has anyone read inkheart/inkspell? really good books, they’re making a movie out of inkheart!!!!!!!

  15. I’ve read most of inkheart
    but then I lost the book and had to start over again when I found it
    still not done
    I can’t seem to keep reading it

  16. I took ballet and jazz for three years from when I was five till eight, and I hated every second of it. Totally not my thing….but it works for other people….

  17. I tried to remeber. I PROMISE!!! I would have came here sooner but i didnt remeber and before u hate me, i tried to rememeber. I did. i so totally did.


  18. Well i ahve to go read now! 🙂 adios. i love you all. Please, forgive me, and keep me in your prayers…. *crys*

  19. netta-la: just keep reading!! it’s like one of the best books (aside from scott-sama’s, of course) in the world!!
    another great book is the ranger’s apprentice. it’s SOOOOOOOO good, tho i’ve only read the first book…very very good.

  20. Hahaha! I remembered!! Whoop-whoop. Yep so i thought i would just say that now.

    I am working on a project (i no we have like 3 days left?!?!) and i am working on my book soooo i might not be chatty or anything!!!

    Lots of <3

  21. no
    everytime I read it it gets boring in the same area of the book and then I can’t keep reading
    and I hate bookmarks
    I just remember the page number
    much easier

  22. I…*twitch*…can’t….*twitch*…dog-ear…I hate it
    that’s why Addie can’t borrow my books

    I lose bookmarks too
    and they’re pretty much just annoying
    they slip inside the book, fall out, etc.

    plus I’m good at memorizing the page
    the last page number I memorized was 173 in The White Darkness, which I’m still reading

  23. i either remember the page or rip a corner off of a piece of paper and use that as a bookmark…
    HOW CAN U THINK INKHEART IS BORING?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!!!!!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????!?!?!??!!??!?!?!?!?!?!
    that’s craziness squared. cubed. to the fourth power. to the fifth power. to the millionth power.
    it’s like an epic epic book and u r crazy.
    no offense.

  24. Post-its rule
    but I don’t like to waste them and I loose those too

  25. Yeah, I had a bit of a hard time finishing Inkheart too.

    oh-my-jonas! I love Post-it notes too–i’ve got them all over my notes!

  26. Is Inkspell better? I haven’t gotten around to reading that yet.

    Wow Netta-la, you have a lot of twin/triplet half-siblings!

  27. I used to take jazz, tap and ballet but I’m not flexible- i am pretty sure that it is impossible for me to touch my toes or do any type of flexible motion because I have such long legs… seriously i hate the flexible stuff. So because we spent at LEAST half our dance time stretching (and I was close to tears nearly the entire time) I quit. It makes me mad that I cant be flexible because I love doing the actual dances and the whole recital thing. I cant make dance team, either, because we always have to do a toe-touch in our try-outs and in the dance we have to do, last time we had to do a can-can type thing. I couldn’t get my leg up like, a foot without bending my knee. 🙁
    By the way, CJ, if they continue cutting down trees and releasing the CO2, there will be less trees to take it in, along with humans overpopulating producing MORE CO2 *BREATHE* thus ending in the athmosphere damaged by the CO2 and us all becoming fried human. And animal. 😉
    A guy in my class read Inkheart and is currently reading Inkspell. Apparently it’s really good. I’ve added it to my neverending list of books to read…
    hey anyone here think that making T-shirts with the same stuff as the ones on scott-la’s store on them would be illegal? Bc they’re expensive and the ones I like aren’t even in my size O_o

  28. Ive got two older brothers- Christopher, engaged to Melissa, father to my niece Lana Annette, age 23, graduated from college- and Brandon. Brandon is in college and has a girlfriend, Jackie, who’s like and artsy person who has like a moving-truckload of art stuff. I’ve also got a little sister, Stephanie, who’s in fith grade, age 11. She’s evil. Enough said.
    Hmmm…. I just finished Twilight. Pretty good book. yes, I must admit, I dog-ear pages ONLY IF I cant find anything to use as a bookmark *cough or if cough i am hack too lazy cough wheeze to use one hack cough collapse…cough.* It was my friend’s copy of Twilight and was in pretty bad shape… lol. I have to wait until Tuesday to get New Moon from her because of Memorial Day. Stupid Snow Days… i’m going until the last Friday of June.

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