Bogus to Bubbly

So you may remember from these three posts that I’ve been working on a guide to the Uglies universe. Well, I’m happy to say that the project is now real enough to have a title and a cover:

That familiar face is, of course, the model from the Uglies cover. In fact, it’s a photo from the same shoot, which almost made it onto the book. But at the last minute, the powers that be decided to switch to the cover we all know and love.

Fascinating factoids like this are what Bogus to Bubbly is all about: tons of background info on how the series came to be conceived, researched, written, and produced. It’s sort of a giant FAQ, in which I try to answer the thousand-or-so most common questions that I’ve been asked by fans over the years.

Among its many sections are the following:
Research notes on the science behind the series;
A massive history of the world (including the Rusty Crash and recovery);
Maps of Tally’s city and the greater continent;
Illustrations of various gadgets from the books;
A complete glossary, plus an essay on slang generation;
Mini-histories of all the cliques and derivations of the character names;
The definitive essay on the inspiration for the books;
An illustrated hoverboard manual!

Bogus to Bubbly doesn’t come out till October 21, and at the moment it can be pre-ordered only on Amazon, but I’m sure the other online booksellers will be listing it soon. And, of course, come October your friendly local bricks-and-mortar bookstore will be stocking them in quantity.

As that date gets closer, watch this space for sneak previews of Bogus content.

Did I mention the hoverboard manual?

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  1. What should my name be?

    And i thought Extra was the conclution!
    Sayy what.

    Now im gonna have to Pause Extra’s because im in the middle of it and get this one :DD:D:D:D\

  2. Ahhh!! I NEED to readd the Extrass, I just read the Uggs, andd Pretts in fourteeen hours, straight.(: Go me, But no Phoenix librarys have the Extrrs, or Speshess, which blows, extremmelyyyy.
    Hahhh. I hope Zane wins Tallly,
    And Davidd wins Shayyyyy.


  3. i agree with stephy wa david isnt a pretty and no one not even tally calles him david la its crazy!!!!!!!!!!!but i cant wait to read the book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. yay i love seeing how many people like reading and read as much as me
    scott-la your my favrit writter and i need more books written by u.but i cant beleive zanes dead he was my fav character and tally loved him romance novels dont work that way.know a have a book to look forward to wich is city of fallen angels by cassandr clare its from the series city of bones my fav book but were can i find bogus to bubbly and peeps and were can i find more books by u aaaaaaahhhhhhh i am so exited for thise book

    the only reason girls like twilight is because of the damsel in distress if your looking for a good romance novel read city of bones

  5. i hate the earlier comments about twilight .also edward and jacob all they were doing was hearting bella if i were her i would have broken up whith him right when stuff started going wrong and would have ditch jacob.if you want to read a good romance novel read city of bones. and finally jace beats edward jacob david and even zane.

  6. sorry about that earlier its just i am so tired of twilight and city of bones and uglies are so much better but once i was hooked on them but than i fou
    nd much better books . WRITE MORE BOOKS SCOTT-LA

  7. *Spoiler, btw*
    Scott Westerfeld is amazing! I don’t know how he made up this world! It’s a brilliant idea, 🙂 and a brilliant story. I wonder how long it took him to write each of the books…hmm. And, I loved Zane! =( But, I really like how she ends up with David too 🙂 Because, I like how she’s tough and everything, and she ends up dating an ugly. I liked the twist 🙂

  8. hey the-la i know u ur my sister and so right about the books isnt scott-la amazing i need this book and go tally and zane.

  9. yeah! *cough cough* ah i inhaled my chili candy. this book is cool, especially the science of beauty. im actually using that for a report in my health class, like the symmetry and stuff. with b4naftr pics.

  10. I can’t believe I never heard about this.. I’m going book shopping tomorrow. But, reading this was super happy-making (: Btw it’s kinda really brain-missing to not add a fifth book continuing the series.. Just saying (;

  11. I got this before I even started reading the series. Well… this and extras. IT WAS A GOOD DEAL OKAY! Less money to spend, so I took the opportunity and got it when I had the chance to. And I knew I was going to end up reading the books anyway, so. I just started reading it. It’s pretty awesome….
    Smiley face.

  12. i got this at my bookfair not knowing wat it was and it was really interesting a year later (this year i read uglies slowly starting to realize this was the book i bought a year ago so i understood things better than most people would read it before the series its alot easier

  13. I love these books. I’ve read them all. I’m a very picky reader but when I picked up this book one day and started reading it I thought it was the best book I have ever read….not even twilight was that good to me. Congrats and good luck in life. hope your movie goes well.

  14. this series is my favourite series ever! i cant wait to read bogus to bubbly and to see the maps and manuals and stuff like that! thankyou so much scott westerfield for writing the series and for writing bogus to bubbly! i am sure it will answer many questions which the the uglies series has risen. i just finished specials then. it was a different ending to which i was expecting but very good!! i loved uglies the best though… very gripping. anyway thanks soooo much for writing the series!!!!! its sooooooooo good!

  15. i would just like to tell you – me and my friend maddie have started calling eachother Abby-wah and Maddie-la because we are both obsessed with the series!!!!!!!!!
    pleeeeaasee make a movie and make it asap!!! i love uglies and it would be icy-making if there was a movie to go with it!!! i would definitely buy it! i rate the uglies series A TRILLION milli helens!!!!!

  16. OMG! i am absolutely in love with these books! i have cried at the end of every single one of them! i so want movies to be made out of these books! i love Tally, David, Zane, Aya, Hiro, Ren, and all the rest of them!!! 🙂

  17. OMG!!! I cant WAIT to get this!!! I LOVED this series and was heartbroken when it ended. I’ve always wanted to know, though, exactly what year it was in the series. is it still in the 2000’s or in the 3000’s? Anyways, i love this series and i cant wait for this!!!
    ~Emmy-wa and Cee-le (Emily and Cyara)

  18. i love tally plzz make another book with her sh now about 20 plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz itll be awsome ill buy the book 100 times plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  19. I have read this book it explains so much.
    I really liked the first draft of extras. But I think that Scott-la should rewrite the 4th book from Tally’s point of view.

  20. I love all of Scott-la’s books! Their SO bubbly! Teehee
    I like how he brings in a new set of characters and setting.
    Tally is still in the story but it’s focused more on Aya
    Team Zane 4ever

  21. why can’t life be like the books? is it possible to get the technology for this??????????????????????????????????????btw…I LOVE THESE BOOKS!!!!!!

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