Bogus to Bubbly

So you may remember from these three posts that I’ve been working on a guide to the Uglies universe. Well, I’m happy to say that the project is now real enough to have a title and a cover:

That familiar face is, of course, the model from the Uglies cover. In fact, it’s a photo from the same shoot, which almost made it onto the book. But at the last minute, the powers that be decided to switch to the cover we all know and love.

Fascinating factoids like this are what Bogus to Bubbly is all about: tons of background info on how the series came to be conceived, researched, written, and produced. It’s sort of a giant FAQ, in which I try to answer the thousand-or-so most common questions that I’ve been asked by fans over the years.

Among its many sections are the following:
Research notes on the science behind the series;
A massive history of the world (including the Rusty Crash and recovery);
Maps of Tally’s city and the greater continent;
Illustrations of various gadgets from the books;
A complete glossary, plus an essay on slang generation;
Mini-histories of all the cliques and derivations of the character names;
The definitive essay on the inspiration for the books;
An illustrated hoverboard manual!

Bogus to Bubbly doesn’t come out till October 21, and at the moment it can be pre-ordered only on Amazon, but I’m sure the other online booksellers will be listing it soon. And, of course, come October your friendly local bricks-and-mortar bookstore will be stocking them in quantity.

As that date gets closer, watch this space for sneak previews of Bogus content.

Did I mention the hoverboard manual?

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  2. I don’t know exactly, i guess it’s because it’s the most exciting. Lot’s of twists in the plot.


  3. Oh please… Zane was totally awesomely PERFECT. And not just cause he was Pretty… he was so much more like Tally, and could relate to her better. They both helped Special Circumstances, both were friends with Shay… And more. He’s the most fawesome fictional guy out there. Closely followed by Edward… David ranks just about my fictional boyfriend Larry the Cuccumber. And that’s barely. In fact, he’s probably behind Larry. Out of Zane, Edward, Jonathan, Larry the Cuccumber, and David. In that order, too.

  4. ugh…hmmmm…i dunno who i like better. David’s real and really likes Tally and saw all the good things inside her and wat she could and would become. Zane was kinda independent and did things without her, but he was with her when they found the cure and became cured with her and he actually told her that he loved her, david didn’t do that, but then again he didn’t have to… it was kinda just unspoken. *sigh* also David was with her thru EVERYTHING!!! (ok i guess we can cut Zane slack coz of his brain damage but…) David knew more about Tally…Zane and her only knew each other for a month and at the time they got together they both had the lesions sooo… that makes a big difference. David also keeps Tally icy the whole time…he helps her rewire herself…better than cutting did.
    hmmm… guess i’m a David fan. (even though Zane is extremely HOT!!!! but i think David is too…in his own way)

  5. hmmm….David is better than Zane just cuz he’s David. I mean, that’s like trying to say that whats-his-name beats Bergman. Just cuz they’re new doesn’t mean that they’re better. And larry is the oldest, therefore he wins!!! lol. Just kidding. David wins cuz he saw the real Tally instead of how Zane just trusted her that she would be herself ’round him. But that’s just how I’m thinkin of it.

  6. TYC Leader, remember, Zane was the reason Tally stayed “bubbly.” She didn’t GET the cure, only Zane did.

    I dunno, David doesn’t seem to have it. Whatever “it” is. I don’t even know, but apparently Zane has it, while David doesn’t.

    I gotta go, shower then snack then bed 0_o stupid school… Making me get up at 6:20 in the friggin’ morning… Night.

  7. 6:20? that’s crazy. i wake up at 7:00. and i have to be out the door by 7:20. Which leaves 20 minutes to get ready for school. Which is almost too much time. I could get ready for school in five minutes if I had to.

  8. David is so not better than Zane. I think David is way meaner to Tally than Zane, but anyway, Tally loves Zane, and she can’t be with David just because she was with him first. She can’t really remember him, which isn’t her fault. She can’t just forget Zane, like she said so in Pretties.

  9. Emily-wa: Tally’s lesions never truly set in. she was saying unpretty things before her and Zane got together. and David was with her for everything. huh, but Zane was the only reason Tally ended up going to the Smoke coz he told SC about it but then again Tally pretty much did the whole mindrain by herself (GO TALLY!!!) and even if Tally told Zane that she loved and not David it doesn’t matter. David and Tally’s love didn’t have to be written in words…it was just understood, but was Zane and Tally’s love understood without words…NO!!! he kinda just used her to get cured and something like that would bring people together. David and Tally got together on their own without something bringing them together except for the fact that they were both runaways who wanted the cities to change…but everyone in the Smoke wanted that. soooo…that’s all i have to say.

    GREEN DAY!!! <3
    Uptight, I’m a nag with a gun.
    Ya, All night sucide’s last call.
    I’ve been uptight.
    All night, i’m a son of gun.

  10. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw

  11. hey 🙂
    is there really gunna be a movie for uglies????
    i really hope theres gunna be another book…pleaseee scotttt,
    cant wait till bubbly to bugus comes out…

  12. AHHHHH!!!! i didnt know this was coming out!!!! I am so gunna havta get it today or tomarrow


    you are kiling us here with no more UGLIES books……. 🙁 *tear*

  13. The book is amazing, i picked it up the day it came out.

    on behalf of Uglies fans every where… THANK YOU, for continuing this series.

  14. UGLIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  15. OMG it seems soooooo cool, I bet it will help me understand more about the series, I hope I can buy it sometime, since it’s open in the bookfair @ my school, I even flipped through some of the pages!!!
    Thanx for writing…
    Your fan Nick

  16. YEAAAAAAAA!!!!!

    well.. i’m ALWAYS late on these things! oh well…. time to go bug my mom to take me to Chapters 🙂

    i still cant believe i found Uglies at my school book fair!
    i tried to get EVERYONE to read it … some did most just looked at me like huuuhh?

    i LOVE the cover of this book too! i did think it looked like the one off of Uglies … then when i read it was going to be it cover i was like OHHH.
    i like both covers but i am glad the current picture is the cover.. it was the reason i picked up the book, and the title! i LOVE all the titles … they make you want to pick up the books just to read what its about and the reason for it.

    anyways … i’ve written a small blog here

    xoxo Cynthia 🙂

  17. Okay, so i’m trying to convince my brother of the history of halloween and that it isn’t the whole demonic one that they tell you ’bout in school. that it’s really a Celtic holiday that originated in Europe and all that…..gosh, my brother is tricky to convince….just cuz his teacher told him a bunch of stuff….so now i’m a “dude, halloween started 2000 years ago….now it’s an excuse to dress up like your favorite book character…..get it?” yeah….

  18. also, that isn’t to say that i don’t dress up like my favorite book characters otherwise…i completely intend to dress up like Dess on pi day…..

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