Midnighters in Japan

About a year ago, I blogged about the wonderful Japanese cover of the first Midnighters book. Well, the other two in the series are available now, and are equally lovely.

Let’s take a look at all three:

What I love about these interpretations is how they’re simultaneously literal and surreal. All three use scenes directly from the book, but they also have a trippiness about them: the close up on the raindrops, the huge moon, the distended human figures.

Also, I like how the key settings—suburban, urban, and wild—show up across the covers. Location is everything in Midnighters, where the differences between city and wild are even more extreme than those in Uglies. So it’s nice to see those geographies reflected here.

And best of all are the odd touches of a different culture, like the water tower on the book 2 cover. Maybe it’s just me, but that tower seems more Okinawan than Oklahoman.

Altogether satisfying.

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