Airships over Manhattan

It’s been a particularly good week for writing about airships. Several times I’ve looked up, and there was the Direct TV blimp floating past.

Now, obviously, this mere blimp isn’t as cool as a dirigible. Blimps are just big, cigar-shaped balloons, while the airships in Leviathan and the Zeppelin I rode in Germany have frames to keep their shape. (That’s why they can be so much bigger.)

But still, it’s cool to see that classic airship silhouette among the cranes, water towers, and skyscrapers of the Manhattan skyline. There’s nothing to make me grab my camera like a future that didn’t happen intruding politely on a weekday afternoon (or evening).

So enjoy, and by all means click to enlarge:

Photos by Scott Westerfeld. Steal them—steal them all!

490 thoughts on “Airships over Manhattan

  1. OMG sella-wa. 🙁 🙁 that’s so bogus that’ they’re making a movie. the book was like a movie in my head. and to see it on the big screen would be totally uncool. they’d make everything all wrong!!!! >:( *grr* god, they shouldn’t make the Uglies movie or the Twilight movie

  2. Yeah…hehe, it involved a baseball. And a pitcher. Gah. Can’t believe I let it get past me. But I was distracted! LoL. Ya, I don’t really mind that there’s an Uglies movie. It’s cuz I KNOW how it is in my head, so I can see how other people(aka the movie people) portray it, but that’s not gonna change the way I see it so I don’t really care.

  3. Gabi, yeah, they’re making a movie.. .same producer who made Eragon (sp). :(.. its going to be totally bogus *bleh*

  4. that is bogus,
    but idk maybe it wont be that bad, although yeah theyre gonna completely ruin twilight.
    have they like started filming it? or like casted anyone????

  5. Ello! So, whats everyone up to? I havent been on in what seem to be forever. Actually i dont even no the last time i got on. Like 4 or 5 days ago??? I have been busy (avoiding ya’ll). Just Kidding. Haha.

    Or am i?

    Okay…so, as you can tell i am a teeny bit hyper or maybe a lot but that is ok but i will need to energy. I dont no why but i will! Yes, i will! Bored…help me have fun again by talking to me. I will be disappointed if you dont. And if you read through this post like normal, read through it again but fast and in a peppy voice. This will give you a feeling for my hyperness. Haha.

  6. Shan-la, I agree! They shouldn’t make the Uglies or Twilight movie, it’s going to ruin the books…I don’t know if I’ll watch either…*sigh* But I think I’m too curious not to…

  7. I double agree the movie will be TERRIBLE but I’ll watch it any way but I still wish they weren’t making it I AM ANTI MOVIE 100%!!!!!!!!!!

  8. PS i believe all metaphorical boxes should be eaten by metaphorical nanos PPS is anyone on?

  9. haha, sella-wa. i’ll prolly get ’em off of netflix. why waste my money on at max two hrs worth of dissapointment? :/

  10. me! i’m on! 🙂 finally home. ..after a week long road trip through 7 different states with a bunch of friends. it was sooo very much fun! i LOVE the Ocoee river… yesterday i went white water river rafting on it and it was AMAZING! it was definately my favorite part of the trip.. and then one day we went to Nashville and went on a huge riverboat for the afternoon and that was a lot of fun too.. there was this live band playing and they were hilarious! it was a really good time!

    …so what have i missed??

  11. yep yep. sorrys.
    i went downstairs to get a glass of water…
    and then i read your blog.
    …sorry about your cousin.. that really stinks!
    …i don’t really know how you feel because i’ve never had that happen… or at least i wasn’t close to them.
    but i’m sure he will be fine… and i will pray for him.

  12. i bet. it would be horrible being a mom and your baby going off to fight in a war. …hopefully we won’t be there much longer.. hopefully our new president will put an end to all of it sooner rather than later.

  13. Kenzie my older brother’s in the Army and he had to go to Iraq for like 15 months. It was seriously scary. I hope your cousin doesn’t have to go but that’s cool what he wants to do.

  14. thanks guys
    Im feeling better I think
    but I hope my cousin isnt in Iraq for 15 months
    though Im glad your bro’s ok
    I dont think my brother could even get into the army he’s SKINNY like flesh and bones which for that I guess is good

  15. Yeah, I have a military family. My Dad was in the Army, my Uncle, My Cousin, My other cousin in the Airforce, My other other cousin is a marine, and My brother’s National Guard. It’s really frustrating sometimes. But we’ve been lucky cuz they’re all okay, thank God.

  16. my great grandpa fought in some war.. it might have been the vietnam war.. i don’t remember. and my uncle, who i also don’t know very well, fought in the war when i was younger. but my mom comes from a really big family so i don’t even know some of the people.. like i have an uncle Sam that i’ve never met and he has like 5 kids or something. and then some other ones that i’ve only seen like once in my life cuz they moved away or something. my mom grew up with 15 brothers and sisters… but they came from 2 familys.. cuz my grandmas 1st husband died and then my grandpas 1st wife died and then my grandma and grandpa met and they already had like a bunch of kids each and then they got married and had my mom and my aunt Becky. it’s so very complicated. i don’t even know all of the story.

  17. yea i love having a big family though… our family reunions get so crazy like i have sooooooo many cousins and a bunch are my age or really close to my age and so we have the best times together. last reunion we went to my aunt and uncles cabin and all the adults slept inside and all of us kids slept in this huge tent and ate giant pixie sticks and drank pop all night long.. we were on a serious sugar high. fun times.

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