Airships over Manhattan

It’s been a particularly good week for writing about airships. Several times I’ve looked up, and there was the Direct TV blimp floating past.

Now, obviously, this mere blimp isn’t as cool as a dirigible. Blimps are just big, cigar-shaped balloons, while the airships in Leviathan and the Zeppelin I rode in Germany have frames to keep their shape. (That’s why they can be so much bigger.)

But still, it’s cool to see that classic airship silhouette among the cranes, water towers, and skyscrapers of the Manhattan skyline. There’s nothing to make me grab my camera like a future that didn’t happen intruding politely on a weekday afternoon (or evening).

So enjoy, and by all means click to enlarge:

Photos by Scott Westerfeld. Steal them—steal them all!

490 thoughts on “Airships over Manhattan

  1. AHHHHHHHHHHH! I am going to blow up into a million little itsty bitty pieces if i dont get help on this!!!!!!!

    I. Need. Something. To. Write. About. I love writing but when it is a boring story…then its no fun to write. I NEED SOMETHING! ANYTHING! I NEED SOMETHING SCI-FI THATS ALL CRAZY AND FUN!!! PLZZZZZZZZ!

    Please…i need it….please!!

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  4. lol! Yeah! I was telling my friend Delaney about it when my friend Ryan came up. (He likes me. He’s admit it.) And he listened and offered to fly to Texas to kick his ass! I wish he did. 🙁

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  9. You can visit me in New York. Where are you staying? I hate when people call me ditzy because I am blonde. I am like the smartest person in my grade. Don’t trying to brag or anything.

  10. I can’t believe there isn’t a new post yet, Scott-la stop doing whatever you are doing that is important and give us a new post! please!

  11. Seriously people, i need something to write about and no one is helping me. I’m like totally brain dead so i need as much help as i can get.

  12. I should. My last book was about werewolves. Oooooh, ScArY! Yeah, since then i couldnt think of anything…ill find something to do with vampires, no matter what it takes.

  13. Romance vampire books sell a lot. All my friends talk about them! (Including me). have you published it? If so what’s it called I want to read it!

  14. Bran-la and I are talking about her writing a book. have you guys read Twilight. I’ve read each one like 15 times each. (I can’t sleep well @ night so I have a lot of spare time on my hands.)

  15. HORRAY! I’m working on a book too. But I’m only 12 with barely ANY writing skills soooooo there’s NO WAY I’m publishing it.

  16. I can’t wait untill you publish a book. That’s what the HORRAY was for. :mrgreen: I’ll buy a copy no problem!

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