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So, I need a title.

Most of you will remember the anthology I edited about Phillip Pullman’s His Dark Materials trilogy. Since then the same publisher (Teen Libris) has done a number of these collections, including this recent one about Stephenie Meyer’s Twlight series:

Lately, Teen Libris and I have been discussing a similar project for yours truly—a book about the Uglies series.

Of course, this is very different from Bubbly to Bogus, which is a behind-the-scenes guide to Tally’s world, with maps, diagrams, and such. This anthology will be a dozen or so other YA authors writing essays about the series, with subjects like:

“David vs. Zane”
“Shay: Evil Antagonist or Secret Hero?”
“Why do people get plastic surgery?”
“The dangers of technology and conformity”
“Slang and language use in the series”
“Radical Honesty versus being Pretty: are they the same thing?”
“The idea of wilderness in the series”

This is just a random list, but it gives you the idea.

So my question is, What do we call this book? Here are few lame suggestions of mine:

The Color of Cat Vomit
Adventures in Special Circumstances
Facing the Future
Skin Deep
Ugly Truths
Turning Pretty
About Face

Some of these are okay. But we’d really like to have your help this.

So comment away, and give us some good titles!

Note: This book won’t come out until 2009, but Bubbly to Bogus comes out October 23, 2008, and you can pre-order it now from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or Powells!

643 thoughts on “Name This Book

  1. I got my password for neopets emailed to me too

    and its really weird its about a girl who is tryinng to have abstanence but all this crap goes down where that doesnt happen and she finds out she has vagina dentata<—-you can look that up
    Im not going anymore into it because its rated R and I have no idea why I watched it

  2. Wow. This is REALLY off-topic. I hope you all don’t mind if I reply to the original topic here…XD

    These are ones that I’ve read that I like:

    Under the Knife
    Skin Deep
    Ugly Truths
    The Side You Despise
    The Color of Cat Vomit (teehee)
    Also, I like this combination- Mindrain: When Pretty Gets Ugly

    I have a few of my own ideas…

    Staying Icy or Becoming Icy
    Ugly Mind or My Ugly Mind or Your Ugly Mind (..?)
    Things Might Just Get Ugly (from the last line of Specials)
    Pretty Special (get it; haha. lame I know)
    Behind the Pretty Face

    do you like any of those?

  3. I really, really like The Color of Cat Vomit. Mindrain and Behind the Pretty Face are good, too. How about “We’re Getting Rusty” or “After the Rust”. I DON”T KNOW. I’m awful at this kind of thing. 🙂

  4. Oh my goshhh

    I completely loooove

    Skin Deep
    Ugly Truths

    Pick out of one of those. They’re relevant to what inside the book and i think they suit the complete point to the Uglies series really well!

    Alisha-la xo.

  5. Okay…I don’t want to sound stupid or anything, but…I don’t really get Skin Deep…

  6. Hmm I’ll think of some titles……..
    meanwhile I like

    Skin Deep
    Ugly Pretty
    The Side You Despise
    The Silent Truth
    THe Color of Cat Vomit

    and of course the absolute favorite

    personally I think its should be all Caps.

    I thought of
    The superficial truth
    A Strange Beauty
    Rewiring the World
    CAKE and Destruction

  7. Oooh I like Rewiring the World! That sounds awesome!!

    I thought of another one:

    Last Words: Pretty, Special, and Cake


  8. I wish I could take the credit for the title “Cake”, since it was in my post, 155, and I had posted it before I had read any of the earlier comments…

    but I see now that I had simply thought of something that others had, too. -_-

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