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So, I need a title.

Most of you will remember the anthology I edited about Phillip Pullman’s His Dark Materials trilogy. Since then the same publisher (Teen Libris) has done a number of these collections, including this recent one about Stephenie Meyer’s Twlight series:

Lately, Teen Libris and I have been discussing a similar project for yours truly—a book about the Uglies series.

Of course, this is very different from Bubbly to Bogus, which is a behind-the-scenes guide to Tally’s world, with maps, diagrams, and such. This anthology will be a dozen or so other YA authors writing essays about the series, with subjects like:

“David vs. Zane”
“Shay: Evil Antagonist or Secret Hero?”
“Why do people get plastic surgery?”
“The dangers of technology and conformity”
“Slang and language use in the series”
“Radical Honesty versus being Pretty: are they the same thing?”
“The idea of wilderness in the series”

This is just a random list, but it gives you the idea.

So my question is, What do we call this book? Here are few lame suggestions of mine:

The Color of Cat Vomit
Adventures in Special Circumstances
Facing the Future
Skin Deep
Ugly Truths
Turning Pretty
About Face

Some of these are okay. But we’d really like to have your help this.

So comment away, and give us some good titles!

Note: This book won’t come out until 2009, but Bubbly to Bogus comes out October 23, 2008, and you can pre-order it now from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or Powells!

643 thoughts on “Name This Book

  1. Ooh I got a few more ideas…

    “Cutting the Cake”


    “To Cut or Not to Cut the Cake: That is the Question”

    (yeah lame, I know.)

  2. As much as I would love to suggest some fantastic original idea … I think that Mind Rain pretty much fits the idea perfectly. It’s short, people who have read the series will probably do a double take in whatever book recepticle they are wandering in, and it really seems to fit with the other titles of the series.

    Buuuut that’s just one bubblehead’s opinion.

  3. OMG! what about
    Bubbleheads: A Pretty Ugly Circumstance

    Idk what you guys think… but I think it catches the three books…
    so yeah but I also like Mindrain

  4. My currently favorites are…
    Destructive Freedom
    Nobody’s Special
    The Ugly Truth
    The Aftermath
    Rustie Revelations

    Whatever you name it I’ll buy it. Just reading the blog makes me want October to hurry up!

  5. All of these titles are wonderful…
    It’s so hard to come up with my own!
    How about “How to Crash a Hoverboard 101”
    It’s kinda got a double meaning.
    There’s a lot of hoverboard crashing in the books and then there all the societies that crashed too. I dunno.
    Kind of lame idea.

  6. Pretty, Special, Ugly, Cake
    (the last words of all the books)

    Harry Potter, Eat Your Heart Out! (I suppose this would be better for a similar Twilight series book.)

    Scott Requests: Help me Make Money! (Hey, it’s honest.)

    Saving Face

    I like Pretty Ugly.

  7. Lets see, there are 564 comments ALREADY so I’m not sure if this has been said or not, but why not just, Cat Vomit?

    Its simple, and anyone who hasn’t read the books will most definitly be interested in something called cat vomit. Anything to do with that first line in uglies, because its pretty much the best opening line and where it all starts.

    Other than that I like Mind rain the best.

  8. Well, I’ve only read the midnighter trilogy so far-don’t worry, I’m currently trying to find a decent book store that has THE UGLIES in stock-so I might not be very good at this. But, this is me trying:

    “Difference” or

    I know they’re silly, but HEY, I wanna feel like I contributed. 🙂

  9. ha! I come here and what do I see? my second favorite author’s book on my first favorite author’s website! how cool and random is that?
    anyways, I really like the titles Skin Deep, Ugly Truths, and Mindrain. those are really good ones!
    oh and I also like this one: “That’s Some Pretty Special Cake”
    I don’t know, it’s kind of silly but I like it!

  10. I realize that I’m waaay late in commenting on this, but oh well, I don’t care.

    How about “The Beauty in Ugly” as a title? I was listening to a song that almost sounds like it was written by Tally and Zane in New Pretty Town — Entropy Reigns (In the Celestial City) by Kelley Polar, if you want to know — and that title popped into my head.

  11. Here are a couple of suggestions:

    -Underminded Beauty
    -Beauty’s Way Of Destroying
    -The Change After 16
    -Special Destruction: Going Underneath
    -Turning Icy
    -Behind the Surge

    I hope this help..

  12. Heres some reading suggestions:

    Vampire Kisses
    Gossip Girl sereies
    TWILIGHT (favorite)
    Vampire Beach
    Romeo and Juliet (make sure there are notes with it)
    Pride and Predidce (however you spell it)
    Wicked (Not the musical)
    All of Scott-la’s books
    Bad Kitty
    The Juliet Club
    Vampire Diaries

    I LOVE vampire books they are soooooooo romantic!

  13. Hm…I’ll give it a go.

    Mind over Matter
    In the Eye of the Beholder
    True Beauty
    Pretty Ugly and Extra Special
    Center of the Universe

    Gosh…I’m brain-dead right now. Oh, there’s a title: Brain-Dead.

    I also like Special Circumstances, Pretty Ugly, and Skin Deep.

  14. I still really like Cat Vomit .. Its for the true fans who know what it means and for the people who think the title is interesting

  15. I LOVE pretty ugly and extra special, thats genius! LUV IT


  16. Okay I don’t really get what Skin Deep means…(yes I have read all the books) can someone PLEASE explain what it means?

  17. Okay… well first i wanna say im a HUGE fan of uglies & pretties. Im in the middle of pretties and really hooked. I like Adventures in Special Circumstances, Skin Deep, and Ugly Truths. Or you could name it Crims.

  18. I just realized… Uglies, Pretties, and Specials kinda remind me of The Giver by Lois Lowry
    so if you like these books you should probably check that one out…

    Saving Face
    Cake or Death?
    Best Friends Forever

    thats all I got today..

  19. oh and Sella-Wa Skin Deep I think is based on the old saying
    “beauty is only skin deep”

  20. Oh, okay, that sort of makes sense now…thanks!

    I agree, SurgeMonkey, this series does remind me of the Giver trilogy by Lois Lowry!

  21. and then it sorta branches out like The Giver series does with Gathering Blue and The Messenger… its crazy
    hmm… but I like them both so it’s all good lol

  22. Wow! I’m in the 590s! Guess it doesn’t matter. I’ll throw in my two cents anywhoo. 🙂

    -Tallying Evolution
    (I HAD to come up with some play on the word Tally…)

    -Radical Rebellion
    (Using a bit from Radical Honesty)

    -The Tally Transfiguration
    (…even though this doesn’t encompass everything the book would be talking about.)

    -Crims, Cults, Cutters and Cures
    (Yeah, take some, leave some, add some. The “C” words just worked here.)

    -Challenging the Gods
    (You go Andrew Simpson Smith!!)

    -Insight into the World of Beautiful, Useless Things
    (“The world needed more fireworks–especially now that there was going to be a shortage of beautiful, useless things.” Specials pp. 370.)

    -Revolution Rewired
    (This one’s a bit self explanatory…)

    Yeah, I’m a bit of a nut for alliteration. ^_^ Some of the other ideas were great, too! Can’t wait to see what it’ll be called!

  23. ooh i know how about “Randoms” u know i mean in speacials they talk alot about randoms so the book could be called “Randoms”.


    Sorry. Erm. *clears throat* Yeah, SurgeMonkey, I like both…

    Soph, how about you add ‘Cake’ to the title with c’s? (Crims, Cults, Cutters, Cures, and Cake)

  25. I am really confuzzled with cake. I read the series sooooo many times, but confusion still strikes me. TELL ME!!!!!!!!!!!! There should DEFINATELY be an Uglies movie. I would see it 5,000,000 times!

    Challenging the Gods ROX MY SOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Well, i really like the titles Mindrain, Skin Deep, Uglies: Truth revealed. But whatever title you choose, i’ll still read it anyways.
    and i agree with Rain-la there should be a MOVIE. the whole world would be excited. OMG!!! can you imangine that: the whole world would be excited. when you finally make up your mind Scott be sure to tell us.

  27. i like the ugly truths title because it fits the dystopian literature genre and the main theme of the books… its too bad this isnt coming out till later because im doing my paper this summer on these books and others in the genre and this would help me out with writing it. i think the book is a good thought for future reference on other papers and for the interests of the fans of the series!! cant wait!

  28. I really like About Face, haha and Surviving on Spagbol.

    Someone said ‘Face it’ I like that one. Like “Face it Tally-wa you’re Special”

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