Done and Done

Well, after a very productive month in our Undisclosed Location, Justine and I have both finished our next books! Much wooting occurred.

Of course, there’s still all the rewriting, editing, cover designing, catalog printing, marketing and selling into stores that has to happen. All of which means these books won’t be published until, oh, about a year from now.

This is why Bogus to Bubbly is coming out on October 21, to make the long year of waiting fly past. (Zoom.)

In the meantime, I can get back to blogging a bit more often. Thank you all for your patience during crunch time! Sorry to have been away.

There are a few things I missed. First, here’s the cover for the Brazilian version of Peeps:

I really like this cover. It’s sort of like a graphic novel, with plenty of peeps-like images. As you can see, the title is Os Primeiros Dias, or “The First Days.” I guess “peeps” didn’t translate into Portuguese, so the publishers thought it would be cool to set up the sequel, The Last Days.

I wish I’d thought of that. Well, except that when I was working on Peeps, I didn’t realize I was going to write a sequel.

And if you’re a Peeps fan, you totally have to read this article in the NY Times. It’s about a scientist who infects his patients with hookworms (as in Chapter 5, aka “Bahamalama-Dingdongs”) . . . on purpose!

So here’s the story: David Pritchard, the scientist in the article, noticed that people in Papua New Guinea who were infected with hookworms were less likely to suffer from asthma and hay fever. Now, this was nothing new. As I point out a few times in Peeps, parasites are so intertwined with humans that we can get sick when we don’t have them around.

Basically, your immune system has evolved to deal with lots of parasites—our ancestors lived in a very dirty world compared to us. But these days, people in industrial societies have hardly any parasites, so our immune system gets bored and starts making trouble. Sort of like a third-world army with no enemies to fight, it starts trying to take over the government. Allergies, asthma, Crohn’s disease, and other auto-immune issues may be related to people being too darn clean!

Dr. Pritchard wondered if hookworms were suppressing the Panuan’s immune system, and helping them escape hay fever. So, in the proud tradition of mad scientists everywhere, he used himself as a subject. That’s right, he infected himself with hookworms, which sounds . . . itchy. He has since expanded to larger human trials, and so far the treatment seems to work well on allergy sufferers. Maybe one day it can be used for more serious conditions, like Crohn’s Disease.

Good luck to him. Plus, I love this last paragraph:

“I gave myself 50 worms, and I felt it,” he recounted. “I had stomach pains and diarrhea. But with 10 worms, we’ve ascertained a dose that does not cause symptoms. The patients are happy. They’ve kept their worms, and I get an e-mail a day from people all over the world who want to be infected.”

See? Everything in moderation.

Even worms.

81 thoughts on “Done and Done

  1. ew…



    the cover looks like a bomb comic book!
    mi gusta!
    A scott westerfeld comic book would make me happy…

  2. Frankly? Allergies suck… but I don’t know if I’d be brave enough to give myself parasites to be rid of them. If I got them when I was younger and it was just part of my daily life, nothing that was taught to me to be “gross” or “icky,” then I think I would be okay – but now? Yeah… I think I’ll pass this time around. w00t for experimental medical treatment working, though! (and Leviathan, of course!!!)


  3. congrates for finishing your book. best peeps cover ever! no hookworms for me, thanks mr. selfinfecting mad scientist

  4. WOOT!! awsome fawsome foolie coolie cover, I always like graphic novel art(even though I dont really read it)
    weird infecting people for a purpose t stop getting infected with something worst, kinda like chicken pox and small poxs. all around WOOT!

  5. Hmmm… hookworms are interesting. Who knew worms could actually HELP people?

    I’m trying to get my hands on Peeps, but libraries are turning against me lately… Anyone here read The Dark Hills Devide? it’s the next series I’m reading, I’ve got the first book in my rooma dn i’ll start it when I finish the book I’m currently reading, TimeCat… which is a bit boring and elementary. Anyway, let me know if anyone liked it!

  6. That’s kind of depressing that the book probably won’t come out for another year or so. But getting it finished is always a step in the right direction!

    I’m not sure how I would feel about purposely infectiong myself with hookworms. Luckily my allergies aren’t bad enough for me to have to find out. But it’s still an interesting thought. It makes you wonder what kind of medical discoveries they’ll make next.

  7. Congrats on the finished manuscript! I’m sure it will be completely wonderful and deffinitely a must-read when it hits the shelves. I can’t wait!

  8. congrats on levithan!!!

    i start school a week from yesterday….sigh. double sigh. i still haven’t finished my summer reading…..//rolls eyes// i hate summer reading! i like reading for fun, not otherwise. plus all of the books were like, i woulda enjoyed three or four years ago, not now. sigh. what is this world coming to?!?!?

    those hookworms’re creeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepy!!!!!!!!!

  9. haha! yeah peeppsss is my faavvvvoooooorttttttteeeeeeeee!!!!!!
    I <3 CAL
    the cover is cooool but i like the one i have better…theres like three different ones …i have the one with the eye, lol it scares all my friends.
    and thats gross but cool about the hookworms,,must be a painful injection though.
    and YAY FOR BOGUS TTO BUBBLLLLYYYY and congrats about the finsihing book thing. cant wait till next year!
    so cant wait

  10. I really don’t know if I could convince myself that it’s okay to inject hookworms into people. I am so excited for bogus to bubbly and Leviathan!!!!! cant wait!

  11. YAY!!! I do hope the year goes by fast. I’m reading Uglies (again) for lack of newer material. It’s still just as good the third time though. I can’t wait for Bogus to Bubbly too. That cover is fawesome. And that story is kind of gross, but still…… a cure for allergies? Sounds too good to be true. If that guy could perfect this (as in, no unpredicted side effects) I might be able to fulfill my dreams of having a cat when I grow up (I’m allergic to about everything with fur, plus I have hay fever.) Wow….

  12. WOOT for the new books!

    And…. The hookworms thing….

    Sick-nasty, but still very interesting…


  13. Oh, ew! lol!
    I’m glad that’s not me!
    I’m so glad you’re blogging again!

    haha no, but really it’s the most interesting always!

  14. Oh My GOSH. LEVIATHAN. YES!!!!!!! I can NOT wait! Oh wow, I’m gonna go insane! YAY SCOTT! YAY JUSTINE! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m like so happy now. You totally made my day! And……..fawesome cover for peeps! And dude, props for universal mad scientists,lol.

  15. Brilliant. I wonder what other kind of unconventional cures are the result of parasites. Maybe scientists can refine what the hookworms do and make it more safe?

    CONGRATULATIONS ON FINISHING LEVIATHAN, SCOTT-SAMA! I’m super excited for it and “Bogus to Bubbly.” EEEEE!

  16. Ych, speaking of which, I am suffering from MAJOR hay fever at the moment. My mom is at the drug store getting me some Claritin as we speak. Maybe I should just swallow some hookworms instead!

  17. woah. that’s weird. i might read peeps. even though it’s a vampire book. *sigh* yay for leviathan!

    i’m kinda not excited for bogus to bubbly yet, though. i like leaving some things up to interpretation.

    Because I’ll totally make the Top 100 😉

  18. I like how scott[westerfeld] (its weird not saying his last name) up-dates his blog as much as he can.
    **Certain** authors don’t do that.
    Or they have their brothers do it….which is angry-making.
    Snaps for Scott-la[westerfeld]!!

  19. I’ve already marked on my planner when Bogus to Bubbly comes out 😀 I’m really excited about that~

    Worms: Icky but useful.

    I guess everything really does have a purpose on this planet 🙂

  20. Yay for Scott-la! And you’re right, Jay-wa, saying just plain “scott” sounds weird- probably because I know someone named scott… so I say scott-la! Sounds much fawesomer…

    Anyone read The Dark Hills Divide series?

  21. Aw, only top…forty.

    Still. Congratulations on finishing the book! Woot indeed.

    Also, that is a very awesome cover of awesome. And an interesting title thing.

    And yeah…parasites…I actually have a nearly phobic freakout about parasites (this comes from parents influenced by scientist grandparents talking about worms boring out through your eyes EEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWW cringe). Which does not explain at all why Peeps and TLD are two of my very favorite books. Guess that’s a compliment to your writing. :mrgreen:

  22. Yaaaaay Leviathan!

    Boooooo waiting a year!

    Oh well. I’m sure it’ll be a year well worth it:)

    Congrats to you and your writing achievements – finishing the book and getting another published in Brazilian. I mean… Brazilian!? That’s pretty fawesome:D

    The worm thing is down right creepy, though. Glad I don’t have any alergies or suffer from hay fever (knock on wood). But, hey, if it works it works.

  23. Hahahaha. For some reason, my brain seems to stop working when I comment on here.

    Mind boggling…

    But still! It should be in Brazilian! I should come up with a language, name it Brazilian, and get the book published in it!

    Yeah, now I sound smart:D


  24. Although I am WOOOOOTing about the Levianth accoplishment, I think Scott-la is overestimating our patience. Does he honestly think that Bogus to Bubbly will keep us occupied for a whole YEAR?! I have a way shorter attention span than–hey, look a penny! Lol. But seriously, I’ll finish that book in a week maxiumum. I usually would not even say that long, but who knows how much home work I’ll get? And yeah, that does look really graphic novel-ish. (I love ‘ish’. It’s the best adjective, haha.) I don’t ‘The First Days’ would suite the story of Peeps. If it weren’t for the cover photo, people would think it was about the prehistoric times of something. (Than again, it did talk a lot about revolution….) I’m pretty darn happy that I wasn’t one of the gunei pigs for that experiment. Well, they didn’t *really* do it on gunei pigs, of course. That’d be just cruel.

  25. No hook worms for me! I can’t imagine myself with hook worms though there are parasites in my human body (I suppose). I prefer not knowing about it. UGH.

    Nice cover! Very different from the original but still cool!

    Looking forward to the release of Bogus to Bubbly!~

  26. No worms for me either…. unless they will help me.
    Just something about having worms inside of me that creeps me out.

  27. omg audrey!!
    its my favorite and its not really vampires its wayyyyy better
    its good
    just read it

  28. i think that’s soooo true!
    back then like…maybe…thousands of years ago, humans did not have soap and baby wipes! and what they probably did use was running water like in a stream or a river to clean themselves.
    soo… their immune system was soo much stronger compared to ours because they were faced with so much more bacteria and viruses and would get sick, but the result would be, that they were IMMUNE to it!
    So i do agree that sometimes we can be TOO clean.

  29. Yay! Your finished with the rough copy thing of Leviathan!
    Although Bogus to Bubbly probably won’t take to long to read, we could be talking about it for a while! Hmmm…maybe instead of pre-ordering it, I’ll just go out and buy it the first day. Because when my sister ordered the JOnas Borthers newest CD, she got it the day after it was released….hmmm…

    I’m not to sure I would apreciate having hookworms in me, especially because I don’t have allergies or asthma, and I wouldn’t like getting hurt.

    That is a preetty fool cover for “The First Days”. EVen though I do agree with, someone don’t remember name, about that sounding lke a dinosaur book name. The cover looks pretty skate also, and it would be oh so Fawesome if Scott-sama made a comic book.

  30. Congrats on finishing Leviathan! Fawesome cover for Peeps (I should check that book out). And ew on the hookworms XP. That’s just…… gross. Even if it does help against allergies and stuff, I wouldn’t want one; it’d just make me feel icky inside. Glad I don’t suffer from allergies.

  31. See…worms fix everything.

    They told me I was crazy. Tsk tsk.

    Hookworms sound…painful. And, uh, I’m not sure I would want to be inserted with worms with the research of just one scientist.

    My two cents.

    I still don’t know where that phrase came from. Must go search Wikipedia…it’ll pass the time, helping my procrastinate further on studying for that geometry quiz.

    There goes the time. Zoom.

  32. hi ick school
    the hookworms r soo nasty quite the grossness
    this year science stinks
    it is physics and chem.
    ewwwwww (twisted)

  33. heeheeheee
    random fact i <3 lol catz

    when i get board i do quite random things
    this is one of thoes things

  34. darn it didnt do what i wanted it to do

  35. woot! i cant wait for bogus to bubbly or leviathan! on an unrelated note: tomorrow is friday! so… i guess thats it…

    (commenter number 1 and 50!)

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