Inkys, Chicklish, Uglies Video

Three quick things while I write the end (END!) of Leviathan.

1) Extras has been long-listed for a 2008 Inky Award. Go to the Australian YA site Inside a Dog to peruse the rest of the list.

2) An interview with me on the UK YA site

3) A wicked cool Uglies-inspired video from Caitlin:

Mad PhotoShop skills on display, plus I’ve never heard that song before . . .

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  1. Hi!!!!

    I’ve just heard something about the Uglies series, and I wanted to know if it’s true. Is there a fifth volume which will be released next november???

    Thanks for the answer

  2. Amy-la, i agree, the vid made me kinda sad too because so many girls always are complaining about the way their hair is, and just everything about them. πŸ™

  3. thanks TZ! and when i got it on Tuesday i was fine (not at all sleepy or dizzy, lol so don’t worry i didn’t fall asleep. πŸ™‚ ) but it’s just kept getting worse from then on. so i went to the doctor this morning and he said i have a concussion and that i can’t play until i’m symptom free for at least 48 hours and then i have to go see the trainer after that. so i’ll probably only be out half a week to a week.. inless i throw up… then they’ll have to do x-rays and all that icky stuff. so what did they do to you when you had your concussions.. and how sever were they?

    PrettyxMindedxRusty.. yes we could actually see her skull. it was disturbing… for awhile every time i closed my eyes after that i saw her smashing into the wall. and sorry that i made it hard for you to sleep.

  4. Well i don’t understand, because Extras has just been released in France, and on the end, they say that a fifth volume, called “secrets” will be out in november. I wanted to make sure. But i thought indeed if there was a 5th coming out in november in France, it should already be out in the US, but nothing. They must have made a mistake, not really nice;o)

  5. Yeah, the Guide is out soon but there isn’t a fifth one. Otherwise we would all be the first to know. Scott-la has been too busy writing Leviathan anyway!
    All i saw on those was ‘You could really see her skull?’ So i’m not even gunna ask =P
    I miss Scott-la’s books, i’ve been Stephenie Meyer obssessed recently. Time to re-read Ugliiiiies xD

    Lishy-la xx

  6. Ok, so first of all, that video was amazing. It must have taken forever and a year to make.

    But hey what is with all of this Leviathan talk. Aren’t you tired of triolgies yet. But whatever.

  7. i start school the day after labor day–like, almost a week (well, five days–i think; i can’t think on vacation). it means that my summer vacation is longer, but it also means that i get out later….SIGH! w/e, tho. my neck hurts. idky. sigh. gtg and read eldest!

  8. Um, when I broke my nose I got a concussion and they had to do x-rays on my head! HeHe…I looked like a raccoon with two black eyes for like a month! It’s really funny, my Mom has pictures even though I begged her not to take any! It was a pretty severe concussion though too. And the other ones weren’t too bad, just headache-making.

  9. Wow, Caitlin, you were way prettier before the whole process. And that song was by Jason Mraz, right?

  10. that’s when you know that scott-sama needs to post something new! πŸ™‚

    does anyone here read The Luxe series? i just made this amazing Bumper Sticker for Facebook that has the Rumors cover and it says “Forget Edward, I want Henry Schoonmaker”

    Because I’ll totally make the Top 100 πŸ˜‰

  11. Hey, kind of off-topic, but I didn’t get a chance to buy the Midnighters books before the covers were switched (I was out of a job at the time of the change), and I really don’t like the new version that’s out (it’s not a very high-quality paperback and I collect my books). Do you have any advice on where I could find an affordable version of the old copies?

  12. my friend got a concussion from falling down the stairs at school, i’ve never had one but when i was 5 i fell off the couch and broke my arm (not kidding) and last winter i broke my leg skiing

  13. PS anyone who loves Twilight go to, they have movie previews, they are amazing, so much like the book!

  14. OMG that was a weird video. I saw somthing kinda like that but it was how to make the mona lisa on microsoft word. It is cool how much it is like the book!!!! I LOVE UGLIES!!!!

  15. OK i figured out the son title and it totally fits, its called “the beauty in ugly” COOL SONG ( Please check out my site tks)


  16. Oh My Gosh, Audrey that is amazing! Awesome essay! And dude, you live in Walnut Creek? I know where that is! HeHe, we went through it I think on our way to my Grandma’s house. Um, I’ll check out the trailer, but not so sure I’ll agree with you guys.

  17. Awsome essay fo sho. <—-Gangster, right? lol

    There is a family of racoons by my house I think they’re cute, at least cuter than possoms, bleh.

    I’m so in love with Cobra Starship right now. I mean one of they’re music videos has pies in it. Is so awsome!

    Fangs up! woo!

  18. Haha. “Gangster, right?”

    Has anyone ever read The Glass Castle? My friend had to read it for school and she was telling me about it. It seems so sad…

  19. omg you guys i had the best night ever last night! i went to street fest last night and Smash Mouth was preforming, right? so there were 2 million people at the least. and me and my friend were right in the mosh pit area. i got to touch Steve Harwell’s hand (the lead singer) and the guitarists guitar. i was so hyped. there was this amazingly cute guy behind me ((and becuz it was so packed i had a reason to kinda lean into him)). except the bad things were i got beer splattered on me, someone kind of fell on me while attempting to crowd surf, and i kept getting pushed around and stuff. lol why i’m telling you this i have no idea, but i’m so hyped about it. so yeah…
    Ping-la: i love the song, its by Jason Mraz and its called The Beauty in Ugly its a theme for the show Ugly Betty. πŸ™‚ just in case you wanted to know.

  20. Audrey-Sensie, I read your essay. Its really good, πŸ™‚ and very true. You’re a really great writer! maybe we should write a book together :P, it would be totally bad ass! lol.

  21. Kay-wa: Definatley a tad (tad?) creepy. Is she okay now, though? And don’t worry about that–I’m an insomatic anyway. As I’ve posted on here before, I think I was born nocturnal and have somewhat converted do to dang species pressure, lol.

    Audrey-Sensei: I love it! And I think it’s kind of what I needed, You see,really want to be a writer. I don’t need to be J.K. Rowling-big. Honestly when it comes to writing, my role model and ultimate fave is Scott-la (big shocker, huh? Lol.). But my mom gave my the whole “dream big, but realistically” (which is almost an oxymoron. What if I dream of flying, wings and all?)speach a week ago. Also, I have to ask, how *did* you get your story published on there? Do you send it in or something?

    Hayyor: I’m not sure which are the old and which are the new, but I know that Barnes and Nobels sells two types of paper-back covers of Midnighters (which I LOVE) for the same price.

    Shan-la: Sounds fun (minus the alchoholic-spillage).

  22. Shan-la sounds so awsome, wish my town was that fool*grumble grumble grumble*


    Im offically in a love hate relationship with many things
    1.skywire 2 an online game by nitrome so evil, yet so addicting and cute
    2.cookies, but who isnt, I kinda sorta dont wanna but still kinda wanna be excited for it, but at the same time really kinda wish it wouldnt start
    4.the mail, I ordered an AWSOME, dinosaur shrug off etsy, but its yet to arrive, I mean look at it

    btw links for evil/awsome online things:
    skywire 2,

    and my awsome/evil shrug/ etsy,

  23. Shan-la sounds so awsome, wish my town was that fool*grumble grumble grumble*


    Im offically in a love hate relationship with many things
    1.skywire 2 an online game by nitrome so evil, yet so addicting and cute
    2.cookies, but who isnt, I kinda sorta dont wanna but still kinda wanna be excited for it, but at the same time really kinda wish it wouldnt start
    4.the mail, I ordered an AWSOME, dinosaur shrug off etsy, but its yet to arrive, I mean look at it

  24. omg, i’m glad you guys liked my essay! and yeah, anyone can write about what they believe in and send it in to “this I believe” (there’s more information on the website).

    Jay-wa: Anna Godberson writes The Luxe. She’s from Berkeley too which is totally dope (little gangster term for you there)

    Tally & Zane: please don’t stalk me! haha, that would be so weird to have to explain to my parents “well, you see, mom, i bragged about my essay on scott westerfeld’s blog, and now this random chick wants me to visit her grandma or something… no mom, scott westerfeld is an author, not a rapist… i see mom… ok… no computer for a year?!?!?! noooooo”

    Shan-la: you’re totally on. i’ll write a book with you, as long as it isn’t about vampires (because if i see one more vampire love story add, i will punch a baby). Speaking of which, November is National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo for short) so check out the website when the time roles around. It’s, like, 10,000 pages (they don’t have to be good) of writing in a month. i tried last year and failed miserably, but this time i’m going to do it!

    PrettyxMindedxRusty: i like your new name way better, haha. and i know how you feel. my dream jobs for the future involve writing, or publishing magazines, or making movies (acting would be cool, but producing or writing or even picking out the music sounds awesome). However, my parents ideas of a good job is being a nurse (mom) or a pharmaceutical salesperson (dad). barf much? what is with parents and law and medicine??? aaaaaaah!

    Because I’ll totally make the Top 100 πŸ˜‰

  25. Yay!
    Someone to be gangster with, yo!
    Hehe my parents want me to be an architect, because I won this contest where you build a tower out of straws that will hold an egg, first try too. Plus they say I would just be good at it. I wanna be either a sound tech for a band, because c’mon, music=awsome(and Ive yet to find an instrument to be easy with my left-handed-ness or was something I liked, though I hope to try bass, so maybe it will work). Or I wanna be a cake decorater, because cake also = awsome. they’re all very different so Im open to different things.

    and I might have just missed something or being very brain missing(both very possible) but Audrey-Sensei whats will you totally make top 100 in, I can’t figure it out.

  26. Oh my gosh, Audrey-sensei I totally didn’t mean it that way! My parents would flip like that too! I was just saying that I’ve been there once! I live like a bagillion hours away from there, so I think I’ll pass on stalking you, lol. I don’t feel so good…sleep deprivation+headache+school, ugh.

  27. ugh. stop reminded me about school, i go back Sept. 2nd , ugh. i want to cry (by the way does anyone know about Midnight Sun) so excited (but it dosn’t have a release date yet)

  28. Wahou, after she is so pretty.
    We can so many thing with computer!
    I asked before what’s Scott Westerfield e-mail adress before but nobody look at manga’head so I ask it again.
    Where can we write to scott westerfield?

  29. Kenzie-La, kind of random, but your dino hoodie is so cute! What color are you getting? Hm, I think I might order the panda one….

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