Manga Heads!

Sorry for being so long between posts. There’s a good reason, as Justine explains here, we’ve been hiding out at an undisclosed location to finish our next books. In fact, the only reason I’m taking a break is because Leviathan just crossed the 75K word mark!

Pause for woot.

And no sooner do I turn to the internets for relaxation, and what do I see on BoingBoing but manga contact lenses! They’re so totally like the manga heads in Extras that I had to interrupt my fierce writing schedule to show you:


Okay, my manga heads probably aren’t that scary. But still, I’m glad someone’s trying already. And yes, these are a real product:

Read more about them here at Inventor Spot.

I will be posting more soon . . . promise

124 thoughts on “Manga Heads!

  1. I’m kind of worried that everyone else finds them alarming and I don’t. I don’t even read manga.

    I actually imagine all pretty eyes looking like that…

  2. I imagine the pretties eyes like that too!
    I think they are really cool!! :S. They are a little freaky though. I would get a fright if I saw someone looking like that walking down the street!
    How happy-making, second comment! 🙂

  3. Wow the close-ups are actually very pretty. They look a bit computerized, but who knows maybe they can look that dazzling in real life too! Thanks for the info, Scott, you always come through with interesting things. 😉

  4. “Manga contacts” have been quite popular in Asia lately… Just walk down a street in Singapore/Taiwan/Japan, you’d see many of us wearing those… But still, these are the better ads I’ve seen…

  5. *woot* for Leviathan!
    There are all kinds of contact lenses these days… and guys wear them also, apparently… As San-san said, it’s quite popular these days in Asia (though I wouldn’t wear them myself XD)

    Although, I think they are usually more subtle than the ones in that pic ha…

  6. Woot indeed. Hooray for Levithan! Nearly done!

    Those contact lenses scare me. Really, they do. Some things shouldn’t exist. Especially not things that, when used in real life and not cartoons, make you look like A) You have a concussion or B) You’re on drugs. Or perhaps both.
    I must say that the Hello Kitty contacts frighten me more, but it’s a thin margin.

  7. And, see, I think they’re pretty. Go figure – then again, I’m pretty darned close to being a manga head myself, so my opinion probably isn’t the most unbiased thing out there, =S.

    *adds her w00t to the growing pile*

  8. lol, wouldn’t they have to keep their eyes wide open all day?
    i think it’s pretty, but woOow.
    the things people buy.

  9. Hey Scott, you never explained your first lines! I have to admit I’m disappointed about that.

    But these awesome contact things… well, I guess they sort of make up for it. But only SORT OF!

  10. I like the contacts but would they look good on a typical blonde hair blue hair american girl?

    Pisssh posssh.

  11. theyre really cool, but theyre freaky cause they remind me of like living dolls. there gorgeous in a creeeppyyy way.

    then again, twenty years from now everyone will probably be wearing them. haha. scott, u r soo physic…

  12. ha! that’s really cool! I would totally get green ones. but the closeups are kinof creepy. . . .
    WOOT! for leviathan

  13. Creepy, but what’s so different from ordinary contact lenses? I wear uncolored ones but I have seen people with colored lense and they looked pretty much just like that. They said something about an extra wide darker color around the iris, but my eyes are like that so I thought everyone’s was…. Frankly it just looks like their eyes are open super wide, are wearing some odd fake contacts and the nose isn’t so prominate, normal colored lenses alone couldn’t make someone look that freaky…

  14. they’re creepy, but i might want some one of these days, so….w/e. depends on how much $………….

  15. woah, totally weird but cool in a way. i want some just to have some but i’d probably never where them in public

  16. dude those are frickin awesome!!! i don’t think they would look good on me *shudders at the thought* but the ads look cool. The contacts seem like they would be kind of painful, or at least not as comfortable as regular contacts.

    oh, and as soon as you have infra-red vision installed in your eyes, i’m creating a new religion called Westerfiedism. no joke. if scientology is considered a valid religion, i’ll totally be able to pull this one off. our church services will be held on mondays (and they’ll be long and mandatory, so no school that day) and we’ll spend each service writing an email asking scott-sama for the latest prediction about the future.

    ok, maybe not. but still… that’s kinda freaky…

    Because I’ll totally make the Top 100 😉

  17. they do look kind of creepy close up but they are cool, i have violet contacts but they don’t make my eyes look anything like that

  18. they are awesome, I’ll join that religion when eyescreens and/or hoverboards are invented (whatever comes first) and what is Leviathan?

  19. Wow, that picture’s really weird. They shouldn’t have airbrushed her so much!
    Those lenses would be cool for cosplay. Anything else, a little odd.

  20. Holy shiz. The manga-eyes are so huge that it’s actually kind of creepy. I wouldn’t want eyes like those staring at me all day.

  21. Hm. I have mixed thoughts. I know they probably don’t look that good on the normal person, though.

    My dad told me about these…

  22. Well, that was just…really weird.

    They actually look kind of cool, but to actually have? No. I don’t think they’d look very good on anyone in real life. Although I am tempted to order a pair just for fun…though for $50 I’d be better off messing around with Photoshop.

    But, hey, to each her own, right?

  23. They do look a little alien-ish.
    And the people on the inventors site
    think that they are completely wrong.
    Its cool that they come in prescription though.
    I can’t spell.

  24. Woot for Leviathan!

    Wow, those are awesome. I’d love to get some. I’m such a manga head 🙂

  25. wow. these are interesting. kinda fawesome. very interesting though. it would be fool to have them to like freak people out though. that would be fun.

  26. I agree with San-san and dessemerald….it’s common to see people wearing those contacts in Singapore/Taiwan/Japan…well, since I live in Singapore… >.< I would wish to own a pair but I had seen several ads and they don’t seemed to come with powered lenses….I am almost blind without my glasses. T.T

    Oh, and it’s not totally safe for some as I heard on the news that some dyes can actually trigger some allergic reaction or something. So not bubbly making.

    So to those who are buying, check that it’s safe first!~


  27. Wow thats pretty fawesome!

    I was wondering why you were gone so long, and I wooted before I even read “pause for woot”! That’s fawesome you got past the 75K mark.

    To Nikki-wa: What’s Leviathan?! It’s the book he’s been writing!

  28. okay, so i was just on BoingBoing and guess what they had there? an article about how they invented a robot. with a brain! yes, it’s true! they gave it a brain so it can move and do stuff without a human or a computer controlling it! (and it knows not to bump into things) how sick is that?

    bow all they need to do is attach a camera to it and make it fly…

    Because I’ll totally make the Top 100 😉

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