Manga Heads!

Sorry for being so long between posts. There’s a good reason, as Justine explains here, we’ve been hiding out at an undisclosed location to finish our next books. In fact, the only reason I’m taking a break is because Leviathan just crossed the 75K word mark!

Pause for woot.

And no sooner do I turn to the internets for relaxation, and what do I see on BoingBoing but manga contact lenses! They’re so totally like the manga heads in Extras that I had to interrupt my fierce writing schedule to show you:


Okay, my manga heads probably aren’t that scary. But still, I’m glad someone’s trying already. And yes, these are a real product:

Read more about them here at Inventor Spot.

I will be posting more soon . . . promise

124 thoughts on “Manga Heads!

  1. Oh my gosh those are amazing.
    Sign me up for them, please! I could get a legal name change to Frizz or even Eden.

    It’s possible.

  2. @ nikki-wa

    check the older posts; Leviathan is Scott-sama’s new book that he’s writing. Its set in an alternate-reality World War I about the Archduke Franz Ferdinand’s teen son and romance. 😀

  3. omg thats so tight!!!!! i love it when the world gets closer to the uglie world!!! it’s so happy-making!!

  4. Ah, Japanese people have too much time on their hands. They have some of the coolest/weirdest inventions ever. A many sided-eraser? O.o Some gadget that translates what your cat is saying? O.O They are the M in Modern and probably the O-D too, just cuz.

    I would want to try those eyes probably, just to see. I always liked big eyes.

    And Scott, you totally pawn pawn-ness. If that is possible. You seem incredibly intelligent and one-of-a-kind. Instead of just posing the existence of “vampires” in Peeps, you explain their being, and not just how they came to be. You went into ripping down the myths, and used enough big words to make it believable! Yay, big words. I think you have mastered the English language. XP


  5. These aren’t nearly as strange as the contacts with the little butterflies and stars all over them that were pictured further down the website…

  6. Holy crow, those things are freakin’ fawesome!!!
    I think I want a pair in green…
    Ha. They do look a bit creepy, though…Oh well.

  7. those are cool…i wonder how they’d look on me…pretty creepy, probably. i have a feeling they’re not made for someone who fits Jessica Day’s appearance description…

  8. I want to try a pair my self….. I could not Imagen myself wearing those things, Haley~Hyperness is Icy your so right. And i also hope that the movie is like the book. I hate it when they change the it.

    love the Books!!! Cant wait for the next one!!!!! ; )

  9. I think they airbrushed that picture a lot. There’s only so much that contacts can change your looks. And although I don’t want to actually have a pair for everyday (I’m big on the natural look. I don’t even bother with contacts–I’d be too afraid to poke my eye out. I only need them for reading anyway so I just use glasses.), I was thinking of being a Cutter for Halloween, and the black-eyes would definatley do it. But I don’t want to buy them ($50’s a lot for the eyes of a costume), and besides, my eyes aren’t black but are dark. Not going to lie, though–I’d love to try them on, just to see how it looked, and probably crack up laughing.

  10. Asians are cool… what isn’t cool is the fact that eyes are said to be the “windows to the soul”. If we can change the way our eyes look, then that’s kind of creepy. I mean, if your eyes are fake, what does that say about you?

    Because I’ll totally make the Top 100 😉

  11. Coooool! I was picturing those big old manga eyes you sometimes see in manga. Those are aaawwesome!

  12. They look like dolls’ eyes. And that looks like a doll’s face. Those might look creepy on a Mexican’s face. I can’t see myself with those dolls’ eyes but they’re cool all the same.

  13. Oh MY GOSH!
    I wonder if they are available in the USA….Or if they’ll ever be…..

  14. CRAZINESS~ I couldn’t imagine walking around like that…how about a picture of Frizz, though? That might change my mind…

  15. hiya rex-la!

    hehe, i want some too. but then, this is from the girl that wants the contacts that make your eyes look like cat’s eyes. i am not, however, allowed to get them because “they are bad for your eyes”. sigh…

  16. I want those contacts….

    ON THE OTHER NOTE, when Uglies casts for Tally, I’m SO auditioning.
    I’ve wanted to be her in Uglies forever. I wanna meet the dude who ever is going to play David, David is the best character (in Uglies)

  17. you know who I wanna meet? the director and script-writer, seeing as they don’t exactly exist yet either…

    Because I’ll totally make the Top 100 😉

  18. That’s fool! I CLAIM THE BLACK ONES!!!! The picture is really creepy though. And I can tell it’s photoshopped. Her complexion is WAY too perfect! And how come the girl in the picture has green contacts, but there isn’t any green. Only blue, gray, black, and brown! It’s totally weird. It makes no sense!!!! But I seriously want some. I want to scare everyone who doesn’t read Scott-la’s books! They shall read them all!!!!

  19. The star contacts are beyond amazing.
    I think a movie would be great-unless its nothing like the books.
    ‘Cause then I’d totally throw popcorn at the screen.
    I don’t think Twilight is going to be like the book.
    But if they do make an Uglies movie-
    Some one has to supervise [I can’t spell] so it doesn’t turn into a mess!

  20. those contacts would be perfect in the Extras movie (i agree if the movie wasn’t like the book I would throw popcorn at the screen too)

  21. Nikki-la, i can totally imagine you sitting there in a movie theater with Jay-la throwing popcorn at the screen every time something isn’t right and everyone in the theater giving you weird looks, haha….

    you know what would be hella sick? if all the hard-core Uglies fans bought these contacts and wore them to the theater instead of dressing up…

    Because I’ll totally make the Top 100 😉

  22. must. have.

    so. weird. but still so unbelievably awesome.

    perfect if they ever make a pretties movie :]

  23. Huh, that is really creepy….very very creepy! Although kinda cool. Huh. Tu-da-lu <3 Nicole-la

  24. they couldn’t make a movie for the series.
    I don’t think any directer or anyone would put in the amount of effort necessary on effects for it to be worthwhile.
    To make the pretties, specials, and extras truly represent the characters in the books, it would take so much cgi and special effects that i really don’t think anyone would do it.
    not to mention the buildings and such, while easier, would still be a ton of work.

    it would be sweet though.
    midnighters movies would be more likely. i mean, they were considered for a TV show, right?

    I actually like those contacts. like, they are a bit out there, but i would get them. i just wish they came in more colors, because i want bright green, purple, and gold contacts.

  25. WOWS!

    Completely love them. But yeah, i’d like more colours. Purple would be yummy, but i want some blue ones anyway =]
    Pity i don’t have £20 to spend on one pair of lenses =P
    Still, Awesomness.

    Lishy-la xx

  26. I have a question,
    I want to send a message to Scott Westerfield but when I go on”contact” it doesn’t work….. 🙁

    I like the colors of the lenses! I want the green ones! 🙂

  27. Does Scott respond to these comments and questions? — – Wait is ” Tally and Zane” the person that responds aka. Scott? someone Please tell me Scott responds to this !

  28. Can someone like please help me? i tried to contact Scott Westerfeld but when i clicked “contact me” it didnt work. said it needed some email-.-” Can someone or Scott help me? I have a few questions and comments, i would put it here, but not sure if Scott reads these comments and questions and answers them.. So help me please.

  29. Wow!!!!!
    I would Love some of those lenses if they came in Prescription versions(blind-bat ,speaking).
    The faces of the the people are a bit nightmare-making, though.
    They look as i fthey are wearing A LOT of smart plastic!

  30. XD sells them also… They have carnival, black, gold, brown, violet, blue, green, and a bunch of other ones… For $24 or so… Though you need- 1. to use paypal, and 2. to pay for shipping from malaysia…
    I don’t think it would be that bad though… I’m getting some… XD I’m getting contacts anyways, so they might as well freak my teachers out.

  31. Manga heads aren’t so far off, really. Garnier has a line of hair products called MangaHead. I used to use it to spike my hair like Cloud from Final Fantasy lol.

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