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A big announcement here:

Next Tuesday, September 16, is the release date of Justine’s next book, How to Ditch Your Fairy!

How to Ditch Your Fairy is set in a world where everyone has their own personal fairy. These creatures are invisible, but they have a huge effect on your life. Each one has its own special power, so you could have, say, a “good-hair fairy” and your hair would always look amazing, styled by unseen winds. Or a loose-change-finding fairy, and you’d always find a quarter when you needed one.

The protag of the book, Charlie, has a problem, though. Her best friend, Rochelle, has a clothes-shopping fairy, so whenever Rochelle goes into a store, she finds the perfect dress . . . and it’s on sale! Even more annoyingly, Charlie’s worst enemy has an every-boy-will-like-you fairy—and that includes the boy that Charlie likes.

Charlie herself has something much more lame: a parking fairy. Every car she’s in gets a parking space right next to where it’s going. Now, you’d think this would be handy. But it means that since she was a baby, Charlie has been borrowed by friends and family and distant relatives to go to concerts and sporting events and museums and court appearances that she doesn’t want to go to, just because they’ll get a parking place.

By now, she totally hates cars. So the book is about Charlie trying to ditch her fairy, and swap it for a new one. As you can probably tell, it’s a comedy with lots of thrills and spills.

Click here for Justine’s story of how she came up with the idea. And here’s her bio on her flashy new website.

In honor of the release, Justine will be touring for the next few months. Next week, she’ll be in northern California, then doing a couple of dates near home. In October she’ll be in Ohio and Michigan, and in Texas for November. (I’ll be traveling with her some of the time, and maybe popping in to say “hi” in a few places, but this is her tour, not mine. I will be officially appearing at Book People in Austin, though, and I am looking forward to seeing a few of you.)

You can order HTDYF at Powell’s, Amazon, or Barnes and Noble.

Click here for details on all of Justine’s tour dates.

66 thoughts on “Justine’s Tour

  1. I”m going to get that book from the library when it comes out. Waiting list person # 3.

    Why can’t you guys ever come to DC??? The closest place to my is Philidelphia, PA! Which is like 3 1/2 hours away!

    I think i’m post # 3 if so…yippie!

  2. That sounds like it’s going to be a really funny book! I’ll have to get it. I must admit that the first thing that it reminded me of was Navi (the fairy in the Zelda games). She is totally annoying, even though she is supposed to be helpful.

  3. im planning on going to the book store to get this book pape2r towns and the uglies guide when they all come out so i only have to make one trip save fuel eh?

    you never come you florida it makes me very sad its very warm here too

  4. I WILL read that book. It sounds cool. 😀

    (aww, #14…couldn’t I have gotten 13, at least? Life is so cruel.)

  5. I’m currently reading Magic or Madness its so good! I can’t wait to read the fairy one! I love Sci-Fi and Fantasy they’re the best! Jonathen agrees. He just came back from getting ice-cream……..o my….YOU PEEPS ROCK! (And yes by Peeps I mean cannabalistic parasites who are going to take over the world.

  6. Heh it sounds like a really good book. Woohoo I now have an excuse to buy two books when I go and buy From Bogus To Bubbly.

    By the way. . . You should come up to Alaska. . . We fans are really lonely and forgotten up here =(

  7. totally cool. definitely gonna read it. and YEAH!! Scott- la might be stopping by on the tour! persuading my mom to let me go to the one in Phillie! she’s thinking about it (that means YES). probably gonna have to use the puppy dog eyes though. haha.

  8. oh crap just realized i was comment 24. that sucks. 2maro’s gonna be a crappy day just coz of that. commenting again coz i cant wait for BOGUS TO BUBBLY!!!!!!! SOOOOO EXCITED!!!!! 🙂

  9. Whoa Scott you are so totally nice. Giving all these other writers advertisment. You should get paid for it cuz I bought Cycler and Ordered HTDYF. Haha. And seriously no one good goes on book tours to New York. ugh! Oh, and I just finished The Last Days *SPOILER ALERT* and it was amazing, loved the ending, poor worms though. Even if the worms were going to kill everyone. So, yeah I’m rambling now sorry. bye.

  10. The book sounds really good; I’ll have to invade my bookstore. I must have a hair-parted-slightly-to-the-right fairy because no matter how windy or how unbrushed my hair always stays in a neat part. Although it might have a weakness toward wet hair plus pillow. That never goes well.

  11. interesting. i’ll have to check it out. that is, when i’m not reading the other three books i’m reading. or doing math homework…

    Because I’ll totally make the Top 100 😉

  12. now that i’m thinking about it, i would kill for a good-grades fairy. or maybe a gets-everyone-to-do-what-she-wants fairy. that would be awesome. i want a fairy!

    Because I’ll totally make the Top 100 🙂

  13. Why oh why must you skip over Oklahoma? You go from Missouri to Texas- you cross over us- and you don’t even stop for a bite to eat and a short signing! We know we are the location of stupid book bannings and overly enthusiastic football fans and the fattest people in the nation but that just means we need you more not less!!! While you are in beautiful New York or Sydney think of us here in little Oklahoma listening to large men arguing over who can eat the most ounces of beef and whether you have to eat the gristle or not—and plan the next tour better!!!

  14. The poster shows the character’s face but the actual cover (at least the galley) does that weird YA thing where they cut off the head (presumably to make the character more of a cipher that any reader can relate to personally, under the assumption that a face that isn’t the reader’s own or an exact match to what the reader would imagine is bad). What’s the deal with that? Cause the fuller image seems to work just fine.

  15. jazz tigan-
    The actual book shows the character’s face. Justine and Bloomsbury had some complaints about the cut-off head, so it was expanded.

    See? Together we haz the power!

  16. scott, which schuler’s is justine going to be at??? cuz you’re saying the grand rapids one, which in internet world means the one on 28th street, but the schuler website says the one on alpine!!!! HELP!!!!!!! I’M SO CONFUSED!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Ugh yeah, I am so bored and have nothing to read! Until this book comes out at least. Yeah, Bran-la, I read Speak, it made me cry and I didn’t talk to any guys for a week because I was afraid of them all. Okay maybe not a week maybe like two hours but still, it was a sad book. What was I going to say…? Oh yeah, scott, if you live in New York, why are you never doing book signings there? Oh, and one last thing, I just started reading the first risen empire book and it is amazing. The cover reminds me of The Matrix (The end of the third one).

  18. Okay sorry I know this is like my fourth comment but I just remembered something. We learned about this one dude in history named Ivan The Terrible and he was seriously obsessed with cats, like so much that he killed his own son before he would ever hurt a cat. It made me think of how in peeps the disease started a really long time ago and if the disease were real that would be serious proof. Okay now I’m done bye.

  19. lucky Serafina-la! i ordered it from BORDERS and i havent gotten it yet! i think i’ll sue…

    hey!!!! Justine-la’s not coming to washington! UUGGGHHH!!! i KNEW i should have stolen a manuscript and had her sign it back in october when you guys came on the EXTRAS tour! UUUGGGHH!!!

    im now going to go complain to Justine-la on her OWN blog…see ya later!

    -Lizzy-wa OUT! 🙁

  20. Okay, I admit that when I first saw the title of this book, I was kind of like ???, but after reading the description, it sounds like it’ll be a fun read. Ugh! There’s only one stop in my state, although I’m almost positive that it’s no where my area. Chances of my parents driving me for who-knows-how-many hours to a book tour stop? Slim to none. Wow, that’d actually be really cool, to have your own fairy. If I had one now, it’d probably be the always-find-a-good-read fairy, because every time I finish a book, I find a new one that I want to read in 24 hours or less, lol.

  21. Brandielle–
    You live in Oklahoma? That’s so cool! Well, okay, not going to lie here; I probably wouldn’t think it was so totally fawesome if I wasn’t nine times of obsessed with Midnighters, lol. And living in popular states doesn’t always mean that you get the good book tours (or concerts, or much of anything really). I live in a pretty darn recognizable state, but in a not-so-recognizable part of it, so we get natta.

  22. OMG, i just finished Burned by Ellen Hopkins. That was the BEST and most SAD book i have ever read. It had an unexpected ending though that made me cry my heart out.

  23. OMG!!!
    Okay, sorry, Scott-la, but this has nothing to do with the post…
    Okay, so I bought Bogus to Bubbly last night while I was working our school book fair. As I was skimming threw it, I saw the dedication. While trying not to scream, I scanned threw the uber-long list of names, searching.

    “OH MY GOODNESS! I’m in a book!!!!!!!!!”
    (Librarian) “Yeah, right!”
    “No seriously! That’s my username on Scott Westerfield’s blog!”

    Then my Librarian (who is about 25 and extremly awesome) and I procceded to dance around in spastic circles while people stared at us. It was pretty fawesome.

    Thanx a billion, Scott-la!

    PS- ‘Cause my name was in it, my mom said I HAD to have it and bought it for me!!!!!!!!!!!

    PPS- I’m about half-way through the book and LOVE IT!!!!!

    PPPS- Does the dentist have a name? You should dedicate a book to her! (jk)

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