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Scott here. We just got back from the first leg of Justine’s tour. It was a total blast, so thanks to everyone who came along! We’ll be on the road again soon, so hope to see you in Philadelphia, upstate NY, Michigan, Ohio, Missouri, and Texas.

Robin, our redoubtable guest-blogger this week, sent me this post yesterday, but I was in aircraft all day, so it’s slightly out of date . . . oops. Just read it and imagine it’s still Friday.

Take it away, Robin!

Is anyone else really tired today? Like crawl-back-into-bed-wait-for-Saturday tired? It can’t just be me.

Anyway, apparently, a lot of bloggers do this thing called the Friday Five. I don’t, because I don’t really understand the point, other than the fact that both words start with an F – but since today is Friday, and since I oh so coincidentally have five things to mention, I figured I’d go with it. I do love me some alliteration. So…

Friday Five!

1. Want to win an iPod shuffle? Enter the SKINNED contest! Here’s how:

Write me a newspaper headline from the year 2060. (Eg: “This Year’s Top Vacation Spot: Venus” or “Apple Announces Record Sales for iJetPack” or “Lichtenstein Declares War on Republic of Disneyworld!” – you get the idea.)

Email me your headline — robin (at) robinwasserman (dot) com – by October 10. Two runners up will get a skin for their phone or iPod. And one winner will get an iPod shuffle!

Winners announced on my blog October 13.

*It’s a random drawing. So don’t stress about your headline.
*If you win, and you don’t want the prize, you can request a B&N gift certificate instead.
*If you don’t want your email address entered onto my mailing list (to receive updates on Skinned, future contests, etc), let me know in your entry.

2. Obligatory self-promotion. Want to know more about SKINNED? You can read an excerpt here or watch the trailer:

3. Okay, end of obligatory self-promotion. You guys have been awesome, sharing some of your obsessions with me, so I figured I’d reciprocate by sharing some of mine with you. Am currently loving:

a. Joss Whedon (Firefly, Angel, Dr. Horrible’s, Buffy!!!) – I want to be Joss Whedon. I hear that job is already taken, so I’ll settle for marrying Joss Whedon. Or being his best friend. Or getting his dry cleaning. Or, hypothetically, sitting outside his house with high-powered binoculars gazing adoringly at his every move. (Um, hi Joss. Hi Joss’s lawyers. That totally wasn’t me outside last night, writing “Robin hearts Spike” in the condensation on your window. Really.)

b. Battlestar Galactica – this show explores a lot of the same issues I do in SKINNED. I’m told by my editor, my agent, my friends, and common sense that I should probably stop telling people the show does it better. So I’ll just say that this show is one of the greatest pieces of sci-fi ever created. Draw your own conclusions.

c. Spring Awakening soundtrack – I just bought this (for rather embarrassing reasons connected to its repeated appearance on the horrendous 90210 spin-off). Cannot stop playing it. Am playing it now. Over and over and over and over . . .

d. Gossip Girl (the tv show) – first you think it’s trash. Then you think it’s trashy brilliance. Then you realize it’s just brilliant. (And then you realize you’ve fallen in love with Chuck. And you feel a little gross about that. Then you love him all the more.)

e. Miscellaneous – ‘sweet and salty’ brownies, Lost, Friday Night Lights, Midnighters, The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks, WNBA, Gotham Girls Roller Derby, politics, Neil Patrick Harris, Nathan Fillion, Josh Jackson, Robert Downey, Jr, and (this falls into the category of actual, unhealthy obsession) going to B&N on a semi-daily basis and counting how many copies of my book they have left on the shelves.

4. THANK YOU to all of you guys for being so friendly and fabulous while I was hanging out here for the week. I feel like I’ve been house-sitting for a guy with a flat screen TV, 500 channels, a personal chef, and an indoor pool. Suffice it to say, I’m none too pleased to be heading back to my run-down apartment with the broken microwave and the leaky roof. But I hope some of you will come and visit me there — If you’re wondering what I usually post about, well . . . see above.

Seriously, this has been so much fun, and you guys are the best. Scott’s lucky to have fans like you! (Well, I guess we can agree he’s not lucky, so much as brilliant and deserving. Except when he does things like k___ Zane. Why, Scott? Whyyyyyy?)

5. I’ve given it a lot of thought and, while I’m still open to debate on the subject, I feel I have to come down on the side of speed, agility, magical horns, and lack of skin-rotting, brain-eating grossness, not to mention all things being equal I prefer to root for the underdog, so . . . UNICORNS!

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  1. Hey guys… Sorry I’m not posting half as semi-obbsessively as I did when I first found this blog…

    Robin-la, I am so buying your book. My family went out to eat last night to a new restraunt nearby, and since we had a 40-minute wait we went into the B&N across the street. I immediately went ot the teen section to look for books scott reccomended, and I am officially going to buy How to Ditch Your Fairy, Skinned, and when they come out the Uglies Guide to the Universe and the other Uglies book coming out, the essay one. And I think Scott-la reccomended a book called Code Orange, right? Well, anyway, i found a bunch of books I want to buy now… Only I’ve only got $50 and I’m supposedly trying to buy an iPod Nano… oh god grief, please tell me I said that right, right? IPod Nano? Crap, I’m slow today… I’m home sick, I’m not sure what I have but I’ve felt bad since last night… Bleh.

  2. Your obsession with Joss Whedon made my day (on Monday, not Friday or even Saturday). I must, must, must get my hands on a copy of Skinned.

  3. emily-wa: you’re sick? that’s so super ironic due to the fact that i’m sick too (but i went to school anyways…there was a rehersal for junior vocal group). I hope you don’t have food poisoning…a friend of mine just had that. And yeah, you haven’t been posting as semi-obsessively as you used to…maybe ‘cus of school…idk. And yeah, i just bought a ton of books a week ago, so if i randomly don’t post of a few days that means that i made good choices with the books. Which would be good since i was gonna buy an ipod or a new hair straightener….neither of which i really need, but whatever. but now i’m kinda trying to forget that i want those things because what i really want now is Sims2 Appartment Life. So yeah…also, I’m gonna somehow have to pay for oboe lessons, so I’m pretty much broke. Ultimately I want a laptop, but I’m pretty sure that that’s not gonna happen any time soon. So yeah…Also, emily-wa, when did you find this blog? just wondering….’cus i only found it, say, 3 months ago…

  4. Eep! Anastasia called you old! AND said Robin was better than you!


    And yes, I’m sick Andrea-la, and I’m not sure if I have food poisoning… I’m not puking, but I’m thinking it make have been from the pizza from the new restraunt my family went to last night.
    Although nobody else feels uber-sick. I’m such an outcast…

  5. Hey Scott!
    I have a pretty good question for you.
    How did you manage while you were waiting to if your firt book would be publish because write now I’m kindda freaking out. I usually eat a school for lunch time but right now I’m obsessed by eating at home just to be able to go the the mail box (my friends are pretty uch laughing of me about that, thought).
    Please, please, help me. Do you have tricks to get time to go faster? Right now I’m counting the days that passed since I’ve sent my manuscript and I’m pretty much desesperat. xD
    I look so pathetic!

    By the way, I’m sorry if I’ve made mistakes that make my post incomprehensible because I’m a french from Quebec who has the luck to went in English Concentration. I’m pretty good by reading things and watching Tv too but, for writting and talking I’m always obsessed to know if I’m doing mistakes.

    I have time to kill so I will continue my post ( and practice my English writting too :P). I wanted to tell you that I trully love your books. I’ve already read Uglies, Pretties and Extras (in french, of course) and I’m right now waiting for Extras too arrive in my library (here’s another thing for what I’m waiting!). Can’t wait to read it! ** bouncing on my chair just thinking that I will soon read it**. I’ve also red peeps ( in french, again). That book was truly awesome! Actually, peeps was not available while the day after was so, I’ve read the secound one before the first one because I couldn’t wait anymore and guess what? Even reading the secound one before the first make sense and I understood everything. I knew already how the story would end but I loved it so what’s the matter.
    Hey! I was asking you for tricks to make time past faster and, without knowing it, your presently helping me because right now, I’m doing something else than bothering about my book’s response. 😀 But, just by saying it, I remind it and I’m starting again to worry -_-

    I’m wondering if, right now, I am writting the longest comments on your blog. That would be so cool. 😀
    I just remind something I wanted to tell you.
    Continue posting things on your blog, I like to read it all before going to school. It starts my day on a pretty good note.
    I’d love you to answer me, just by curiosity about what tricks you would give me. Or just to know if you had enough time to loose for reading all my comment.

    I may only be 15 but I’m right now starting a singer’s career. Truly.
    Here’s the link.
    It’s in French but you can at least watch the videoclip. I would be honour if you would let a comment on the blog 😀
    I made the videoclip myself ( filming, storyboard, montage).
    I’m doing it with my friend and right now we’re working on finding a place where he coul sing. I’m doing the demo 😀
    That’s a pretty interesting project that I’ve started with my friend just for fun but it find out to turn into a serious thing. We’ve already got three fans that want a cd 😀
    Stiil, i may finish this comment here.

    Byee ans thank you for reading it xD Also thank for writting your books because they keep me occupied 😀

  6. lol…i just remembered something….i think i failed french last year…lol…whoohoo! go Manitoba!!! YIPEE!!! CANADA RULES!!! YAY!!! Okay..yeah…I spent WAY too much time doing social studies homework today….

  7. Did I do my name thing right? I never quite figured that la and wa thing out. Anyways I love your books I’m on Extras I have like 50 pages to go! Also Kristina-La my friend was oppsesed with twight but I told her to read Uglies and now she loves Uglies!

  8. lol to prettyxMindedxrusty ya I have to say that I do like midnighters better than uglies but just because it is so much weirer I love it. and none of my friends are the insane ones. but I know this one girl(who I don’t talk to because 1. insane Twilight fane and 2. soccer enimies) but she is so ubsesed you can just see from her facebook an I havnt enen talked to her at all in like a year but ya everything on her profile is twilight she even went all the way to forks in washington and that sounds crazy to me

  9. One: Skinnedd is faairly sickk.
    Lia’s a bitchh. She kindaa deserves what she gets.
    I guess she changes after the operation, though.
    Zo’s a bitch too, but slightly raadd.

    Two: Yeaah, Zane should not have died.
    It hurts my heart waay too much.

    Threee: Unicorns pwn. I’m currently working on a flash animation of Rody Walker riding a unicorn. Hot to trot.

  10. Kayla wa??
    I think you should make your name Kay-wa
    or Kay-la something like that ’cause kayla already sounds -la tastic. Just my opinion though.
    And I want to go to Forks because It sounds pretty….
    back to debate class
    how sad….

  11. Kristina-la: Yeah, I don’t know why I like it better, I just do. Well me and my friends are actually the obsessive ones usually, lol. I don’t think any of us would go that far (although I wouldn’t pass up a trip to Bixby, mostly just so I could go SOMEWHERE), but I do love books waaaaaay too much. And very random, but SOCCER enemies? Kudos to you that you have the coordination to play that game–I know I don’t, lol.

  12. lol ya well i love soccer(and Im defence so it’s easier) and i would so go to bixby in a heart beat
    which sounds just as bad but midnighers is actually a good book
    and doesn’t sounds like a complete loser town(like forks)

  13. GO SOCCER!
    Love soccer. I’m a midfielder.
    I’m defense in hockey.
    Hockey is fun too.
    I’d love to play lacrosse but there’s a shortage of clubs in Australia.
    I’d also love to play Aussie rules (AFL) but there’s a shortage of clubs in my area for 14y/o girls.
    As u can see I love sport.
    Maybe I shoulda just left it at soccer …

  14. I still wouldn’t be able to do it. When I try to dribble a ball, I trip over it. Yeah, I’d much rather go to a town named after a jewlrey company (I saw a necklace with a tag that said BIXBY on it in a store window, and just about freaked out) than one named after a utensil.

  15. lol oh ya and ya soccer rocks
    but it is one of the only sports im really good at
    when it comes to basketball I look like a fool it ALWAYS hit me in the head and I can never get the ball or shoot for that matter
    I do like hockey but only because of my cousin
    has anyone herd of Karl Alzner(ok yes more a Canadien sport but still) 1. he’s is fawesome 2. he gets to play with ovetchki and 3. he’s my cousin (also captain of canadas jr. team last year who won gold!!!!! GO CANADA!!!)

  16. OMG! I totally know what you mean about Gossip Girl! At first i was skeptical about it but then i began watching it and now…. I’M ADDICTED! Hahaha I love Chuck! But I also love Nate! Oh wow, so confusing to decide. But yeah, great show. EVERY MONDAY ON THE CW AT 8 PM (Western time i guess?)! So scandalous. :]


  17. Nice informative post as usual. I’ve just had a baby and haven’t worried about my appearance for almost a year now so it’s refreshing to read a post like this, thank you.

  18. I like to watch Veronica Mars episodes as well Lost. I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts. I just added you to my Google News Reader. Keep up the good work. Look forward to reading more from you in the future.

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