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Scott here. We just got back from the first leg of Justine’s tour. It was a total blast, so thanks to everyone who came along! We’ll be on the road again soon, so hope to see you in Philadelphia, upstate NY, Michigan, Ohio, Missouri, and Texas.

Robin, our redoubtable guest-blogger this week, sent me this post yesterday, but I was in aircraft all day, so it’s slightly out of date . . . oops. Just read it and imagine it’s still Friday.

Take it away, Robin!

Is anyone else really tired today? Like crawl-back-into-bed-wait-for-Saturday tired? It can’t just be me.

Anyway, apparently, a lot of bloggers do this thing called the Friday Five. I don’t, because I don’t really understand the point, other than the fact that both words start with an F – but since today is Friday, and since I oh so coincidentally have five things to mention, I figured I’d go with it. I do love me some alliteration. So…

Friday Five!

1. Want to win an iPod shuffle? Enter the SKINNED contest! Here’s how:

Write me a newspaper headline from the year 2060. (Eg: “This Year’s Top Vacation Spot: Venus” or “Apple Announces Record Sales for iJetPack” or “Lichtenstein Declares War on Republic of Disneyworld!” – you get the idea.)

Email me your headline — robin (at) robinwasserman (dot) com – by October 10. Two runners up will get a skin for their phone or iPod. And one winner will get an iPod shuffle!

Winners announced on my blog October 13.

*It’s a random drawing. So don’t stress about your headline.
*If you win, and you don’t want the prize, you can request a B&N gift certificate instead.
*If you don’t want your email address entered onto my mailing list (to receive updates on Skinned, future contests, etc), let me know in your entry.

2. Obligatory self-promotion. Want to know more about SKINNED? You can read an excerpt here or watch the trailer:

3. Okay, end of obligatory self-promotion. You guys have been awesome, sharing some of your obsessions with me, so I figured I’d reciprocate by sharing some of mine with you. Am currently loving:

a. Joss Whedon (Firefly, Angel, Dr. Horrible’s, Buffy!!!) – I want to be Joss Whedon. I hear that job is already taken, so I’ll settle for marrying Joss Whedon. Or being his best friend. Or getting his dry cleaning. Or, hypothetically, sitting outside his house with high-powered binoculars gazing adoringly at his every move. (Um, hi Joss. Hi Joss’s lawyers. That totally wasn’t me outside last night, writing “Robin hearts Spike” in the condensation on your window. Really.)

b. Battlestar Galactica – this show explores a lot of the same issues I do in SKINNED. I’m told by my editor, my agent, my friends, and common sense that I should probably stop telling people the show does it better. So I’ll just say that this show is one of the greatest pieces of sci-fi ever created. Draw your own conclusions.

c. Spring Awakening soundtrack – I just bought this (for rather embarrassing reasons connected to its repeated appearance on the horrendous 90210 spin-off). Cannot stop playing it. Am playing it now. Over and over and over and over . . .

d. Gossip Girl (the tv show) – first you think it’s trash. Then you think it’s trashy brilliance. Then you realize it’s just brilliant. (And then you realize you’ve fallen in love with Chuck. And you feel a little gross about that. Then you love him all the more.)

e. Miscellaneous – ‘sweet and salty’ brownies, Lost, Friday Night Lights, Midnighters, The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks, WNBA, Gotham Girls Roller Derby, politics, Neil Patrick Harris, Nathan Fillion, Josh Jackson, Robert Downey, Jr, and (this falls into the category of actual, unhealthy obsession) going to B&N on a semi-daily basis and counting how many copies of my book they have left on the shelves.

4. THANK YOU to all of you guys for being so friendly and fabulous while I was hanging out here for the week. I feel like I’ve been house-sitting for a guy with a flat screen TV, 500 channels, a personal chef, and an indoor pool. Suffice it to say, I’m none too pleased to be heading back to my run-down apartment with the broken microwave and the leaky roof. But I hope some of you will come and visit me there — If you’re wondering what I usually post about, well . . . see above.

Seriously, this has been so much fun, and you guys are the best. Scott’s lucky to have fans like you! (Well, I guess we can agree he’s not lucky, so much as brilliant and deserving. Except when he does things like k___ Zane. Why, Scott? Whyyyyyy?)

5. I’ve given it a lot of thought and, while I’m still open to debate on the subject, I feel I have to come down on the side of speed, agility, magical horns, and lack of skin-rotting, brain-eating grossness, not to mention all things being equal I prefer to root for the underdog, so . . . UNICORNS!

91 thoughts on “Robin’s Last Post

  1. we’re all going to miss you, robin. i’ll have to remember to drop by your blog sometime. have to finish reading your book first, though.

  2. awww your leaveing already its very sad i mean i love it when scott posts but… he never does and you posted almost everyday your blog is on my favorites
    zombies and david all the way

  3. Aw im totally gonna come see you at your little apartment, Im sure alot of us will and it will soon be a awsome house/masnsion just like Scotts!
    Haha battlestar awsome. Everyone at my house watches it, but no one says they do. But whenever it comes on we all know whos who and everyhing, its quite funny actually.
    …..I need to think of a awsome headline now, even if it doesnt really matter.
    Unicorns p-own all other mythical creatures, I do like their Harry Potter cousin, the Threstal though, but Unicorns all and forever!

    Gah this keyboard is soo weird its all jelly and orange and really hard to type on, I mean you can fold it in half for petes sake! it may sound cool but in isnt.

  4. “Is anyone else really tired today? Like crawl-back-into-bed-wait-for-Saturday tired? It can’t just be me.” Ha! Its very funny that you would have said that on Friday because I stayed up all Friday night into Saturday morning. Or maybe that’s just funny to me…
    I LOVE UNICORNS!!! They were the stars on my presentations about ecosystems. *Chaaarrrrlllie!*
    I’ve never seen gossip girl but I did read this really funny article about it ( ). I laughed really really hard.

  5. Hey! OMG i haven’t been on here in like forever! it is so crazy, and it looks like everyone has kinda ran off like me but i shall remember to read this when i get the chance! so how is everybody? huh huh huh!

    ya well i lost my pass word to my blog and i can’t remember how to spell my user name correctly so that has knida gone down the tolete. i am about to try to get oin there yet again, but i doubt it will work. well….

    i hate 8th grade beccause my math teacher is oing this weird thing called layered cirrulcelum and i end up wth 3 to 5 hours of homework everynight, and i end up call my brother every 3 mins asking for help becasue we get no notes at all.

    then i have my frist two advanced classes this year, and just in the month and a week i’ve been in school i’ve had 5 test’s, 16 projects, and another 22 extra credit projects to do. so ya. then in P.E. we do these things called “9 stations’non stop, and i end up spelling horrid.

    i just hate it. then i have not ime to go to my home away from home here, and write. and it bugs me becasue my brain feels like it is going to elploud from good idea’s for stories, and wondering what’s going on here, and trying to retain all ofthe information in school, and get my homework done, hang with my friends, and do as my parents want, and do my freaken chores. so ya been reall reall busy.

    and wat malkes me really mad is i can’t go on vation bymyself anymore becasue of how much plane tickets cost. one ticket costs $500, just to colorado. so ya not such a good start.

    sry for my ranting. lol


  6. I will totally miss u,robin! Scott better post as much as u do from now on,lol.Make sure to 2 write scotts posts when he is on his next tour! Oh,and,sophie-la,that sucks about ur homework.Sarah,good job getting first post,lol.I never get first post! also,I am just amazed with the skinned do u think of this cool stuff,robin? It`s so totally bubbly! oh,and has everyone heard about scott`s new book bogus to bubbly?i can`t wait!

  7. Ah, a bittersweet moment, it is. Gonna miss ya robin-la, but it’ll be cool to have scott-la back, too. And Sera-Zane, of course we know they’re PURE EVIL! Why else would I love em??? HeHe. Will definitely check out your blog!

  8. um,amy la? what was that?! u posted 2 say u had to clean ur room?lol. Tally & Zane,have u watched the charlie the uncorn thing on utube?u should so check it out.

  9. I will miss you Robin-wa! I’ll be sure to visit your blog too!
    And uh, hello, zombies are like, awesome.
    They don’t die until you decapatate them. My personal opinon.
    and Yay! Scott-la!

  10. Yeah, but zombies have no brain capacity! All they do is walk around really stiffly and slowly and make noises like UNNNNGGGGHHHHHHH! Before they try to eat your flesh. That’s not very nice if you ask me! They need some manners! I can see it now! Like a circle of zombies all holding teacups with their pinkies up and sitting cross legged and then one of their eyes falls out and into the cup and he sips it, and they’re all like, aaaaaaagggghhhhhhhh, and go on a wild rampage and try to devour their unicorn instructor but it impales one with its horn but it gets stuck in it and we have to saw half of it off to get the zombie unstuck and now for the rest of it’s life the unicorn will wear a bag over it’s head because it has very low self esteem cuz the other unicorns make fun of him. Poor, poor unicorn. And it’s all the zombie’s fault cuz they have no hygeine and don’t take care of themselves so their eyes fall out. Tsk Tsk Tsk. Ha. This is what happens when I am bored.

  11. Wow! You’re a great blogger, Robin, and I can’t wait to read Skinned. It was a pleasure reading your posts.

  12. You are guest-blogging for Scott Westerfeld. You like Joss Whedon and Spring Awakening. (I watched 90210 for the sole purpose of seeing them perform “Mama Who Bore Me”.)

    Will you leave your post outside Joss Whedon’s house and marry ME?

    (Um. Not really. I…I can’t wait to read Skinned? Will that make you put the restraining order away?)

  13. D=
    I’ll miss you Robin-la!
    You’re a great blogger and an awsome writer (I just bought “Skinned” and I’m making all my friends do the same xD)

  14. Robin, we seem to have a lot of likes in common, so I might have to give Gossip Girls a chance and stop hating them for displacing Veronica Mars. I know intellectually that it isn’t really GG’s fault that VM was canceled…but you know how it is.

  15. OMG, cool contest! Sadly though, all my homework is quite potent at weathering away any ounce of creativity I have, so I doubt I could think of a good entry.
    That is SUCH a sick a sick trailer! Wonder who made it….
    I think I’ve heard about that show, though I have no idea what channel it’s on (although probably, no surprise, the Sci-Fi one), or time.
    I love Gossip Girl! I actually read the first book after the first season, and found it a bit dissapointing, which is very rare, because I practically NEVER choose a movie or show over a book. Not sure if I agree with the loving Chuck thing, but the second season sure is making it a bit easier to so far.
    (Again,) OMG, I’m in absolute love with Midnighters! Probably my fave Scott Westerfeld series. So far I’ve suggested (i.e., forced) three of my friends, and they all loved them! In fact, I’ve actually been lending out a lot of SW books lately, I feel like a Scott-la library.
    Haha, love the unicorns thing. They actually are a pretty cool idea for a mythical creature, but all the glitter, rainbows, and PINK that become associated with them kind of ruin it.

  16. ya was just going to lend Uglies t my cousin and then a book report came up and had to put it off but once thats done with I will convert that little twilight girl to our side haha
    GO UGLIES!!!!she will soon see that this book is better

  17. and it should be easy because she one of the sane lovers that knows that that(shiver) book isn’t nearly as good as Harry Potter and will never be(GO JK ROLING) ( SCOTTT)

  18. srcsmgirl: (love the name, by the way) fair warning — gossip girl is NO veronica mars (which is one of my favorite ever shows, so I should know). If VM were a gourmet pastry baked by the world’s best pastry chef, GG would be a cupcake made from a duncan hines mix. Still very tasty, but in a rather…different way.

    PrettyxMindedxRusty: No need to think up a *good* contest entry — crappy entries (not that I think you’d make one of those) have equal chance of winning!

    Seriously, how am I going to fill my time when I don’t have all your comments to read anymore? I’m going to go into some serious westerblog withdrawal.

  19. well great my day is ruined ur leaving but Scott’s coming back and now im torn between two great people *BIG SIGH* hopefully this will help fire me up for my game today or maybe it’ll just depress me and i’ll play really suckishly. WOW u have alot of interesting interests (haha redundant sorta) I LOVE CHARLIE AND THE UNICORNS!!!! its my favorite youtube show EVER!!!!! i’ve watched every one of them!!! soooo ya im with UNICORNS all the way although i don’t usually like the rainbow sparkle thing but they’re just sooo funny especially when i think of CHAAAAARLIEEEE!!! (hahaha classic)

    I still have to go get ur book and How to Ditch Your Fairy so i can goo to the book tour in Philly which is on wednesday. im soooo excited for that but i’ll be sooo tired for skool on thursday since the tour starts at 7:00 and i don’t know how long it will last and i live two hours away from Philly but i will risk falling asleep in skool (which i do anyway) just for Justine and Scott (ya im a die hard fan) speaking of being a die hard fan i just bought a shirt from the WEARABLE EXTRAS it will be here on monday(once again soooo excited!!!) once i get it i’ll probably wear it for a couple of days straight (with washing of course)

    well i think i’ve posted longer than all of ur attention spans (at least from wat i’ve read all of urs r pretty short) but i want to give robin a kick a** farewell so with out further adu

    GOOOD-BYE ROBIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’LL MISS U (AS WILL EVERYONE BUT ME THE MOST!!!) I WILL REMAIN LOYAL TO U AS A FAN AND BUY ALL OF UR BOOKS (THATS A HINT TO KEEP WRITING MORE!!) SOOO GOOD-BYE (AGAIN) AND AS I SAID BEFORE I WILL MISS U *starts to cry coz speech is sooo amazing and loves robin soo much* GOOD-BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  20. I have to agree with the unicorn thing. i mean, come on, their unicorns!

    I know Scott, WHY!? WHY!? I love Zane!

    Last post…well thats no fun. I liked all of your posts! I was happy you came to sub-in for scott!

  21. Ugh.
    I read The Disreputable History. The story was written very well, original plot, blah, blah, and all that good stuff but I absolutely LOATHED the main character. Purely hated her. She goes on about all this Feminism stuff and then she depends so heavily on her boyfriend? It was that among other things that made me hate her.
    But that’s for another time.
    Aw, man. I was just listening to a song and it’s about the zombie apocalypse. I love that song. [Save Our City- Ludo]
    I don’t really know my own stance on that issue, since I don’t know if they are evil zombies or nice zombies. People always assume that unicorns are nice and sweet and adorable, but how do they know that? For all they know, a unicorn can impale them with their evil horn!
    Free shipping, SCORE!

  22. candy mountain,robin,u have to watch that on utube.Kristina-la:good work! all those twilighters will LOVE uglies.oh,tally&zane,u have a blog,right? could u post the link again? Boo hoo,robin! u need to keep writing on ur blog,cuz if u stopped like scott-la(no offense to the awesome scott-la intended!)I don`t know what i`d do

  23. The real question is: Do zombies do anaerobic respiration?

    I’m not sure who I’ll side with just yet…
    By the way Charlie The Unicorn really bugged me.

    I want to read Skinned so badly!!! AAAH! But I can’t get to the B&N! By the way, how much money will the B&N gift certificate be worth?

  24. why was charlie disturbing?w/e,i love it. and i think zombies don`t need anaerobic respiration,lol.the bn giftcard will probably b as much as an ipod shuffle,bcuz that was the alternative prize.

  25. JM: You know, that’s actually really interesting (about Frankie) — I’ve been having this argument with a lot of people. I totally get why some readers are irritated by Frankie and her desperation to be one of the boys, but that’s actually why I love her so much, because she’s *not* a perfect feminist (nor is she aspiring to be), she’s flawed — in what I think is a pretty realistic way — and obsessed with being a part of the very network she thinks she’s rebelling against. It’s one of the things I like best about the book — but I can totally see where you’re coming from.

    HypotheticalDystopia: Good question, I probably should have mentioned that. The B&N certificate would be $40. $15 for each runner-up. (And I’m happy to do an Amazon gift card instead, if people prefer that. I’m open!)

    Off to watch charlie the unicorn…

  26. I went to my local Chapters today, and they don’t have Skinned! *stabs self because my local Chapters sucks, and because I have nothing to read*

    PS, zombies. and David. Sorry to disagree so harshly D:

  27. wow. this week for me has been soooo very very busy. i haven’t even gotten to come here like at all…*tear*tear*
    i’m gonna order Skinned off of amazon tomorrow! yays! 🙂 …and hopefully it will get here in time so that i can take it with me on the plane on Friday… my cousins getting married so i’m skipping school on Friday and flying out to Colorado for the weekend! well i suppose i should do my math homework now. bleh!

  28. I love LOST and Neil Patrick Harris! If only he was on LOST then life would be more amazing than it already is! 🙂

  29. Idk how the Candy Mountain thing came up, but I love that vid! I found it very stupid at first, and I don’t like the second one too much, but it really is classic in a way. Who doesn’t like random laughs?
    Kristen-la: Good luck on bringing her over to the light (Ugly) side!
    Robin: OMG, this was your last?! Guess I don’t pay much attention, lol. I’m gonna misss your posts!

  30. lol thanks well she wants to read it but I have to use it still
    but she isn’t a crazy insane annoying fan of that book(shiver again) she just likes it without the obsesion that makes my blood boil but she WILL join us!!!

  31. Haha, lol. I do like the Twilight series, and Uglies isn’t my favorite Westerfeld book, but they’re still better!! I’ve never met her, but I think one of my friends already has the title of “crazy insane OCD Twilight fan’ covered, lol. Not that I’m one to talk, I own every one of Scott-la’s YA novels and have read them multiple times.

  32. OMG I just saw your book at barnes and noble a while ago! I couldn’t afford it but i will most definalty read it! 🙂

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