Skinned Interview

Another book in the blurbed-by-me stack comes out this week: Skinned, by Robin Wasserman. Here’s what I said about it:

A spellbinding story about loss, rebirth, and finding out who we really are inside.

But there’s much more to be said about Skinned than that! So I decided to do an IM interview with Robin, like this one with Lauren McLaughlin a couple of weeks ago. It turned out to be another rollicking trip through the wilds of science fiction, teen angst, and writing advice.


So while I’m on tour with Justine next week, Robin will be guest blogging a couple of times here at Westerblog. (Because I know you all hate the dead air.) I’ll be back next weekend, though, with tales (and pix) from the road.

Click here for details on all of Justine’s tour dates.

By the way, here’s what Skinned looks like:

You can buy it at Amazon, Barnes and Noble or Powell’s. Or at bricks and mortar bookstores everywhere!

If you have any questions for Robin, I’m sure she’ll be monitoring the comments and will answer them.

Ciao for now!

69 thoughts on “Skinned Interview

  1. ImInLoveWithJonathan!: We were using google chat, which I agree works pretty well (although less well when your crappy internet connection dies midway through the conversation…). As I think I may have mentioned (ad nauseum), much technology hates my guts. So I feel your pain.

  2. ooooo…. sounds intense. I’ll have to check it out… once I finish all the other books I currently want to read. Have fun on the tour!

  3. i wanna read. the cover scares me though the top looks like normal scifi but the top lloks like dark fantasy

  4. Don’t be scared, Haddy-la! It’s totally sci-fi. No faeries allowed.

    (No fairies, either. I’ll leave those to Justine, because it’s clear no one could handle them as awesomely as her.)

  5. I have this book on hold from the library and am waiting to read it.

    And I’m liking these IM interviews, they’re interesting. Cycler is sitting on my TBR pile and is currently within my line of sight.
    …right next to the essay I should be starting right about now. *dashes away*

  6. You keep making my book list long!! I have like 14 books I NEED, awesome. Now to go to Barnes & Noble…haha.
    I like those interviews too, they’re pretty rad.
    And yay! Guest blogger!

  7. that sounds soooo faazing;
    fantastic and amazing together!!!
    i’m going to the mall in a feww,
    so i’m gonna go get skinned!!!
    (hopefully i won’t fall off my bike
    and skin my knee, though)


    : )

  8. btw i also got cycler about a

    week ago.

    It was soooooooooooooooo


    ( jumping for joy next to my labtop )

    you were right, scott; that iss awesome!

    i hope you like my words, too. i have lots:)

  9. I just finished this yesterday! Score one for me. I really liked it. I kind of wanted to cry at the end though….but I think that’s just me.

    Also, great interview! I like these IM things.

  10. khy: Glad you liked it! (I’m still kind of amazed whenever I discover there are real people out there reading something I wrote. You’d think I would be used to it by now…)

  11. Big Knowing that Changed Everything: The second law of thermodynamics.

    On a more positive note, it looks like I’ll enjoy this book. Nothing like a good dystopia!

    Scott, why do so many authors say that their ideas come from Schenectady?

  12. dudes I just bought this book!
    I was looking for that cycler book then
    I saw Scott westerfeld and was like
    sweet so I bought it and its a trilogy
    so Im happy

  13. Awww… I just went book shopping.

    I will get it in a couple weeks.

    I already got Cycler, but I am cooped up reading Garth Nix’s Abhorsen trilogy.

    A must read though.

  14. I’m reading Scott’s book Evolution’s Darling right now. My book store said it was out fo print but my new librsary had it. =]]]]]]] I’m going to have to read this and Cycler right after I finish it, 1984, and HTDYF.

  15. Yay! I’m reading Skinned right now and am LOVING it so far!! 🙂 I’m about 100ish pages in. Gonna be reading more after my shower. I love these interviews, and they always seem to be posted right around the time I’m reading them, lol. I’m reading Skinned now, and was reading Cycler when Lauren’s interview was posted. I hope more of these interviews happen in the future!

    Can’t wait to see what Robin posts about!

  16. Oh, and just saw the comment about the cover. I LOVE THE COVER. It is so awesome, and is actually what made me want the book in the first place. I don’t think I even read the summary before asking Robin for a review copy; I just wanted this cover in my hands, haha. But I’m enjoying the book, which I knew I would cuz I love most everything which is why I can make these kinds of decisions based on the cover, lol.

  17. wow. this looks really kewl. i’m liking the cover. haven’t actually had a chance to read the interview or anything yet, but it looks sweet!

    today is one of those days where i just lost at life. ya know those days? like some days you win at life… where everything goes your way.. and then there are those not so good days where you lose at life. yea well my volleyball pictures mysteriously disappered from the school comp and someone might have deleted them which would suck cuz i spent like hours taking them and editing them for the paper. and they weren’t anyones but mine to delete. so i’ll pretty much be p.o.ed if i found out they were deleted. and then everything else just sucked today. and my mom and dad are going on a business trip for 4 days so i’m stuck with my grandma. 🙁 and i have 2 big tests tomorrow that i am in no way ready for. yep i lost at life today.

  18. LOL, this is actually really funny (well, to me, anyway)–I JUST bought this book at B&N this weekend, and the first thing that attracted me to it was that the covern resembled a Scott-la book, lol.

  19. BTW, if Robin even bothers to read this comment, just want to let her know that IT’S SO AWESOME! I technically didn’t get to “read” it (I’m discouraged from reading multiple books at a time :o/), but I skimmed it so thoroughly that it’s almost like I did (although I will go back and properly read it, when I’m done with my current book).

  20. Robin, the book sounds really good! This is definitely going near the top of my reading queue. At first it kind of reminded me of Bionic Woman. Although it doesn’t sound like there’s any butt kicking in Skinned…or is there?

  21. Robin, also, before I decide to read the book, can you tell me if there’s any sex/swearing/taking the Lord’s name in vain in the book.

  22. PrettyxMindedxRusty: I definitely read your comment, and thanks!!!

    (While I’m at it, thanks to all the rest of you guys, too, who have already read Skinned or are about to. You’re awesome!)

    Tam: Not so much with the butt kicking, although there’s definitely a little action (and a lot more in the next couple books). There is a smattering of sex/swearing/taking the Lord’s name in vain, though. Sorry if that’s a problem.

  23. PS — Kay-wa, I know exactly how you feel, I’ve been having a whole month of those days. And when I was in high school…let’s just say there were times I could have won a trophy in the ‘lose at life’ championships. (I worked for the school paper too, and while some days it was fun, some days it was DISASTER.) Good luck with the rest of the week!

  24. Hi Robin,

    You’re book looks great. I’m putting it on my TBR list — at the top.

    Skinned has a premise on the flip side -sorta- of Anne McCaffrey’s brain ship books. In her books the person is glad to have their mind controlling the machinery (ships) and find a new way to expand themselves. So I’ll be very happy to see how you handle your view.

    Keep on typing!

  25. I STAYED UP ALL NIGHT TO READ SKINNED! Oh, my god, the book was AWESOME. I can’t wait for Volume 2!

    Although staying up all night reading gave me a migraine, and I was tired all the next day, it was TOTALLY WORTH IT!

    I’ll probably be checking out the 7 Deadly Sins later… :3

    (ARGH. I still need to read Specials, darn it!)

  26. sounds totally awesome!!!!! definitely gonna read it along with Cycler, How to Ditch Your Fairy, and all the other bazillion books that are just waiting to be read! can’t wait for HTDYF’s tour i am sooooo going to Philly!!! 🙂

  27. Thanks, Meg, I’m glad you liked it! (Though sorry about the headache.) Doing my best to finish up #2 — PLENTY of headaches on this end as well…

  28. That cover is pretty stellar.
    And Dessa-la, thats pretty lucky you can ride your bike to the mall. It’d probably be dark, and closed, and three days later by the time I got there.

    But I re-read the interview and these were the parts that I…

    …And thats because the fact is, when we talk about what really makes us human — and what really makes us alive — it’s not in the end, what the philosophers talk about. It’s not some complex, ineffable, essential quality separating animate from inanimate, man from machine. It’s basic things, like the ability to laugh. To smile. To cry and bleed. We process the world through our senses, and everyone’s senses are telling them that Lia’s not human. Her senses (the ones that still work, at least) are telling her the same thing.

    So your crumpled future world is a metaphor for high school.
    (Because EVERYTHING is a metaphor for high school)

    More frighteningly, I would argue that high school is a metaphor for the rest of the world — frightening because that means you can graduate, but you can never escape…

    I guess that’s the secret. It would never have occurred to Lia to want to escape — but then she gets kicked out. Best thing that ever happened to her? I’m not sure she would say yes, because obliviousness tends to be rather pleasant, but once you realize you’ve been oblivious, there’s no turning back. You can’t un-know what you know.
    You know?

    So staying clean is important, and outlining is important for your process.

    The high school part is scary, and obliviousness[don’t know if you have it..] is a tridecalogism soo is archbishopric[history class woot!] I sit around and count the letter of words now….

    [and whoa ironic to the #14 thing!!]
    oh ohoh
    I think we should call [we, hehe] Robin Robin-wa
    cause her name is Wasserman.


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