Back on Tour

Justine and I are back on the road, where she’s promoting her new book, How to Ditch Your Fairy.

Here’s where you can see her tomorrow and the next day:

Wednesday, 1 October 2008, 4:00PM
Pooh’s Corner
Breton Village
1886 1/2 Breton Rd. S.E.
Grand Rapids, MI

Thursday, 2 October 2008, 7:00PM
With Kathe Koja and Michael Spradlin
Oak Park Public Library
14200 Oak Park Boulevard
Phone: (248) 691-7483
Oak Park, MI

Coming very soon: The German publisher of Peeps has been running a fan comics contest, and the results are amazing! I was going to post them today, but we’ve been traveling. Tomorrow or the next day, depending on how the hotel internets stack up.

And for those of you who are interested in yet more political dialog, there’s another post by me over on YA for Obama, in which I discuss Morgan Freeman in greater detail.

55 thoughts on “Back on Tour

  1. I have to read that article! The last one was happy-making ’cause it’s so true.

    And, unfortunately, I have not had the chance to get How To Ditch Your Fairy yet…

  2. Yus! It is! And Can’t wait for the contest results! I wanna see! And I keep trying to get How to Ditch Your Fairy at Borders but they still haven’t gotten it in! I reserved it though. Can NOT wait!

  3. HOW TO DITCH YOUR FAIRY IS AN AMAZING BOOK!!!!! i loved it!!! my mom’s reading it now, then my grandma, and then maybe my sister. i’ll probably get my friends to read it too!!!!

    GREEN DAY!!!!! <3
    Drain the pressure from the swelling.
    This sensations overwhelming.
    Give me a long kiss goodnight,
    And everything will be alright.
    Tell me Jimmy i won’t feel a thing.
    So give me novacaine.

  4. im so sad that you never come near D.C Scott PLEASE !!!! that’s like my dream right there. meet you.

  5. yay for politics! (not!)

    i couldn’t make it to the san francisco stop on the tour and i haven’t read HTDYF yet, so i’m kind of a slacker. oh well! i’ll check out those links when i’m done revising my essay on the important leadership qualities as presented in Lord of the Flies (fun…)

    Because I’ll totally make the Top 100 😉

  6. fawesomeness!

    …i have such a long list of books to read… and no time to read them. 🙁 hopefully the library will have it… cuz i am running low on the cash flow.

  7. I’m still waiting for How to Ditch Your Fairy to get to my local bookstore. I guess I should say bookstore/stationary store/office supplies store. Which is probably why they don’t usually get new books in right away. I look forward to your article.

  8. I’m still waiting to read How To Ditch Your Fairy but I really really really wanna and I am gonna at some point.

    Good article BTW!

    >>Wake Up, The Living End
    TLE is sparky!

    The fan comics contest sounds SPARKY AS, it’s GOTTA be on here soon … 🙂

    Hotel internets sound really frustrating. Same with paying for it.

  10. My school has the Obama site blocked, which is BOGUS. (they haven’t blocked this[or robin’s] page) muhahahahahahaha!!
    And I haven’t gotten HTDYF yet either, sad.
    Blue Bloods series is REALLY good.
    (though I have NO idea what to do in debate…or math….)
    German people!

  11. Don’t forget that you can ask librarians to order a book. They’re always happy to have input from students. (This goes for whatever you’re interested in: novels, non-fic, manga, etc.)

    Jay-wa: What’s wrong with a metric association? Is the metric system scary now?

  12. Scott- I was in the book store the other day and saw a collection of science fiction short stories in the YA section. One of the stories in it was by you. It’s a relatively new book- still in hardback. Can you tel me what it’s called? (If you know what I’m talking about that is…) I went back and couldn’t find it. I couldn’t ask foit because I didn’t know what it was called. Also- it’s not under your name on Amzon. Thanks!

  13. * for not foit. Also, the metric system is full of win. So much better than customary in my opinion. Besides, you have to learn metric anyway if you’re going to do anything in science. I saw Justine in Philadelphia. She’s so cool. =]

  14. ImInLoveWithJonathan!- it might be the starry rift i think its new enough to still be in paper back its really good you should get it…

  15. Haha… Jessica Daylight and IMINLOVEWITHJONATHAN are both wrong- Jonathan is mine. Actually, I’ve claimed… 4 fictional guys (David, Zane, Edward and jonathan), one fictional cuccumber (YAY LARRY!), and one guy who lives in England that I’m so totally staulking and he doesn’t know it… Hahahahaha…

    I WANT HTDYF! Ugh, I bought an iPod finally, a 3rd gen. for $100, but now I’ve got a little more than a dollar. And I’m going to Chicago for the weekend, it’s our Fall Break here. So I’m broke. And I want Skinned so badly, too… WHY MUST EVERYTHING BE SO EXPENSIVE?!

  16. Justine’s in Michigan! Coool! I’ve never been that close to an author before and I don’t even live in Grand Rapids or Oak Park! I saw Skinned at Barnes & Noble, I should look for HTDYF. I want Little Brother too. So much to read, so little time! I FINISHED BREAKING DAWN!!! YAAAAY~!!:-)

  17. I wasn’t haten’ on the metric system, ’cause I think its soo much better than the British Imperial.(especially after reading Dess’s blog…lol) Its just weird that there is actually an ASSOSIATION for it. A liiiiiitle crazzzyyy…..
    Oh, and EDWARD IS MINEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(do you see those exclamation points? Yeah, I mean buisiness.)

    ANd WHAT A >>FALL<< BREAK!!!
    *rolls eyes*
    kinda unfair.

  18. I read both the Morgan Freeman and Do The Math posts. Cool math. You do that subject proud, Scott-la! And I liked the Morgan Freeman one. It was Awesome!

  19. Jaw-wa: If you just read Dess Blog, you really ought to be aware of some mistakes. 1) there are 640, no 625 acres in a squre mile and 2) there are three, not four, teaspoons in a table spoon.

    Those are the only mistakes that I found, so I’m assuming that that’s all there are…..

  20. I really want to read HTDYF, but my reading list is so long, it will probably take forever before i reach that book. And yeah I read WAY too much, I’m currently reading 4 books, plus an extra book for world history. (so boring), so yeah, I probably won’t be reading HTDYF anytime soon.


  21. Le. Gasp. No no no no no. A million times no. Emily-wa, you can’t have Zane! Ah! Zane and Tally belong together! You can have David though! Take him, he’s yours! And Jessica Daylight, if you get Iggy, I’ve got dibs on Fang! LoL, I think she’s talking about The Maximum Ride series, correct?

  22. uh… i’d like to point out that NONE OF U CAN HAVE ZANE OR DAVID!!!!!! seriously!!!! Zane is Tally’s…not to mention *SPOILER ALERT* (starts crying) dead! (sigh…soooo sad) and David is Tally’s also!!! we must not forget the end of EXTRAS! now jonathon on the other hand still has a girlfriend (Jessica) but then there’s the whole ending of Blue Noon soooo… idk wat would happen with that and besides i think that if ur gonna fight over Jonathon (weird btw) that JESSICA DAYLIGHT should win coz it just makes sense. and edward from twilight (at least i think he’s from twilight. i don’t read those books soo i wouldn’t know) do watever u want with him. Fang and Iggy… Iggy anyone can have. Fang is Max’s and that’s that.

    GREEN DAY!!!! <3
    Hey can u hear me?
    I’m calling ur name.
    Hello. Or is this goodbye?
    That gleam in ur eye.
    It troubles my brain.
    Will I see it again??
    So i can rest my head.

  23. i already read HTDYF too!!! and….*drum roll* it was signed by the author herself! sooooooooooooo coool!!! ya that was a fun night.

    GREEN DAY!!!! <3
    Princess in the school girl’s dream may i please speak to u?
    I’m having troubles with control and it’s all because of u.
    Today i kept on falling down.
    I thought it was the street.
    So i looked down at my shoes,
    They were on the wrong feet.
    I find it be myself. (Can u please explain?)
    And i do not think that it’s my health. (When ur the one to blame.)
    You’re the one i wish i had.
    And now my girlfriend’s getting mad.
    I cannot call this sane!!!

  24. Ew, David. I was trying to forget the end of Extras…till you brought it up! Lol, jkjk. Aw, but Fang’s amazazing. Ya gotta love him. I want Alex Rider then!

  25. sorry!!! i didn’t know u felt that way about David. i agree Fang is amazing, but Max really likes him despite how she acts around him (that really bugs me) and Fang really likes her. U can have Alex Rider though!

  26. HaHa, I’m just kidding around. Sarcasm is like my other half. And Alex Rider is so awwweeeeeeeeessssoooooommmmmeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have you read the series???

  27. sarcasm is with me too… VERY STRONGLY!!!!! it’s like Luke Skywalker with the force, but instead it’s like “May sarcasm be with u!” haha.. ok that was geeky even though i’m not a Star Wars fan. and unfortunately no i haven’t read the Alex Rider series. i want to but there are always other books that i see and i can’t buy them all (trust me if i could i would). i’ve seen the movie though. that was cool!!!

  28. haha!!! i have HTDYF too!!!!! and it was also signed by justine!!! and i also bought extras and had scott it!!!!!! i went to the schuler’s one in michigan and i was the only teenager there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! there was like, 5 people there total!!!! so i got to talk to scott for a while!!!!! but i was so psyched that i was actually meeting him that i was shaking the whole time. and for like, an hour after. i had to make my mom drive home instead of me because my legs were shaking so bad!!! yeah, i was super jazzed. mostly cuz i’ve never met ANYONE famous before, and scott’s awesome, so i was freaking out. he was sitting 2 rows behind me, and when i told my friend that, she said i should’ve gotten up and went to sit by him!!!! i was like, uh, no!!! that would make me look creepy!!!!! and i forgot my camera, which totally sucked. anyway, there’s my little adventure from yesterday.

    oh, and by the way, EDWARD CULLEN IS MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO IS JONATHAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you just wish they were yours… 😛

  29. That’s cool! And Le Sigh. I’ve decided to stop arguing over things like this. Edward belongs with Bella. Not any of us. Jacob belongs with a cat, so he’ll suffer for the rest of his life while his mutt instincts take over.(Lmao, I’m so mean.) Jonathan belongs with Jess. Zane belongs with Tally. David belongs with Shay. Fang belongs with Max.

  30. It is the starry rift! Thanks so much! Unfortunatly, my dad won’t take me to the book store until I get my permit. Stupid dad. Stupid ultimatums. But no seriously Jonathan’s mine. And if not him, then Moz. Or maybe Mr. Darcy… So many fictional characters, so little time. =]

  31. Yeah, Iknow you aren’t taking any request blah blah blah… but you really are an inspiration.
    I love your books, they are all so awesome!!!

    Kepp writing!!!
    p.s. You should totally come to Oklahoma
    It would be so coll meeting you!

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