Bogus Art

Bogus to Bubbly: An Insider’s Guide to the World of Uglies will arrive in stores two days from now! That’s Tuesday, October 21.

The guide starts with a Hoverboard Manual from Tally’s era, which gives you tips on riding, repairing, and caring for your very on hoverboard. The manual and other sections of Bogus were illustrated by Craig Phillips, an Australian cartoonist.

Here’s a sneak preview of one bit of manual art:

And here as an added, blog-only bonus, is the rough sketch Craig sent me beforehand:

Actually, he pretty much nailed it the first time. But still, BONUS MATERIAL!

Here’s his website, if you want to look at other stuff he’s done.

One more piece of news: Justine and I will be appearing in Canada next Monday! I’ll be promoting Bogus and she’ll be talking about her new book, How to Ditch Your Fairy.

Indigo Bookstore
Toronto, Ontario
Monday, October 27
7:00pm – 8:00pm
Yorkdale Mall
3401 Dufferin Street

Hope to see some of you there!

151 thoughts on “Bogus Art

  1. Lol, wow TZ… Did you scare him?

    I’m sure you did. And I’m so uber-jealous of you guys. I’m so broke it’s not even funny… And I can’t drive, so I cant even get to the bookstore since my mom’s busy. Grrr.

  2. Ya, but I know him so it was okay. I know everybody that works there, it’s like my second home. They’re all used to my random outbursts by now!

  3. lol…right when i got to school today i showed my friends Bogus to Bubbly ….then i’m all “NO YOU MAY NOT TOUCH IT!” and it was so mega-funny cuz they’re all “is your name on it?” and i was all “uh huh”…and i showed them the dedication page… which they were not amazed, they just said “what’s with the “la”?” to which i promptly turned to the page with the stuff with “la” and “wa”….to which they said “hmmm…can i read?” and i said “NO YOU MOST CERTAINLY CANNOT!!!!!! MY. BOOK.” then i started stroking it like it was a pet…..then they gave me the whole “books are not pets” speech. yeah. I’d heard that one before. Then when I finally let them touch it, they were all amazed…..yeah….it was a mega-fun day…then i showed the book to my english teacher today….at which point i was spazzing…..totally and completely spazzing…..and she was all “Andrea? Are you okay?” and I was all “YES!!! I’m happier than okay!!!! I’m downright giddy!!!” then she was all “okay then”…..she didn’t understand how totally happy i was……..

  4. Lol, Andrea I couldn’t help but laugh at your post… I’m serious, when I get that book I will probably come close to worshipping it… In a metaphorical way, of course, I would never worship anyone other than God =D That would be idolism. Which reminds me, some girl at school is like a major Christian, and really annoying too. We got off to a bad start…
    She sits at my friend Teresa’s table, and I sit at that table every other day (other days I’m with Courtney, but that’s not the point.). The first time I talk to her, we get talking lightly about our religion. First, I tell her my brother’s an atheist, and had fallen out of his Chrstianity. She acts like she’d never heard the word before. I’m serious, she’s in 8th grade and is all “What did you just call him?!” THEN, the bad part, she tells me being a Catholic is WRONG. To my face. She thinks Catholics worship Mary, which is a form of idolatry which is wrong. Ugh, I hate when people think we worship saints and Mary… We pray to them, and we don’t believe prayer is a form of worship. We pray to them, asking them to pray for us. Note the, “Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee. Blessed art thou amound women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb Jesus. Holy Mary, mother of God, PRAY FOR US SINNERS, now and at the hour of our death. Amen.” We ask for prayer, not like she’s a god (goddess… whatever you wanna call it.).

    Then she has the effin nerve to come up behind me a couple days later and give me a huggish thing from behind me, puts her face up next to mine and goes all, “hey buddy how’s it goin’ yea blah blah blah…”

    …Teresa agrees with me. She scares us. We seriously said it at the exact same time when she left to get in the lunch line. It was pretty freaky, actually..

  5. I remember when I got a post card from Scott-la. It was prewritten, but still SO COOL! I let my friends touch it after them giving me a bunch of skeptical looks when I was all “STAY AWAY!”…but only by the edges, of course. OMG, I hope my name’s in there! I doubt it, but I will SCREAM right in the bookstore if my name is in there. On the off chance that it DOES happen, I hope I don’t break any of the store’s windows….

  6. Me too, PxMxR… IF I’m in there, I doubt I will be since I kinda stopped chatting for a while during the time period when he wrote it, I’ll probably scream. If not, I’ll probably jump up and down and cause a commotion… Hehe.

  7. 2 bookstores later…

    I got BtB at Joseph Beth, after my mom asked a employee to see if there was a copy in the back. And there was, they hadn’t shelved them yet. WHOOT!

  8. lol… english teacher thinks that i’m slightly obsessive….which i’m not…..i just really REALLY love that book….which explains why i told my friends that they are not allowed to borrow it cuz i don’t wanna let it out of my sight…..during lunch and spare today, me and my friends were reading aloud from Bogus to Bubbly….then we all burst out laughing cuz it just seemed kinda weird….then i’m all “OH MY GOSH THIS IS JUST LIKE…………..”I basically went on a really high-pitched rant about something in some book…..not like anyone could understand cuz i was using my “I can talk really high pitched cuz i’m excited” voice….

  9. oh and then when i was stroking the book on the spine my friends were all “Andrea, this is NOT the monster book of monsters from harry potter…why the heck are you stroking it?” to which i said “cuz i love it and it needs to be cared for” then my friends are all “you can’t feed a book, you know” and then i said “yes. i know” then they said “….have you tried?” to which i replied “nope. i DO have more than half a brain you know” then my friends said “yes, we know. just you DO know that the book isn’t alive…right?” to which i said “uh huh. just like the sky is purple and cows can talk”….then they knew that i was totally sane.

  10. Lol, I do that a lot, except my voice gets very very VERY fast, and it’s when I rant about anything, from Scott-la’s fawesome books, to the questionable etability of our cafeteria food. I also do the whole “the sky is purple thing,” except mine’s more like “and the sky is green, the grass is blue, and *insert random jking insult about the friend who is questioning my insanity.* I don’t feel too bad about the insults, because when I ask them if they know that I DO have a brain, they’re all “well…..”

  11. yeah….sometimes i’ll say “did you not pay a second of attention during band yesterday? didn’t you notice that mr. klassen quoted this person? are you TOTALLY SUPID? or am i just incredibly smart?” then most people will say “huh? this time, say it a couple octaves lower and half that speed.” then i repeat myself and they say “oh ummmm….you just pay attention to details”….then i quote a random book and i know the page number and everything then they say “my point proven.” to which i reply “ah, but details are what fill up the white space in the big picture”…then they say “was that a metaphore? cuz i never really get it when you go all brittish philosophy on me”….to which i say “that was AUSTRAILIAN you idiot.” then they’ll say “ummm…i think i have math class now”….yeah….apparently i can be slightly weird………and my friends think that i’m slightly insane…but then they’ll start talking about something stupid such as early navigational techniques and i know that i’m the sane one. of course, they would argue that….

  12. everyone auditions for the chorus then there are call-backs for lead rolls. so i’ll get what i get. at my school, it’s a huge deal just to get into the chorus cuz the compition is just like that

  13. awesome we audition for the part we want and if we don’t get the part we want we go into chorus but there are call backs for the lead rolls also

  14. Bran-la… yeah i’ve only killed a roach once and it scared the crap out of me cuz like i didn’t wanna step on it cuz that crunchy noise i’d hear under my shoe so i took a metal pipe and started beating the crap out of it screaming ‘DIE, DIE, DIE’ lol. but the roach i killed was half way dead already so i had an advantage.

    today sucked. it was good up until 4th block when i started to feel like my throat was gonna close up and my head was going to explode. it’s weird too cuz i went from being completely fine to feeling like complete crap in under 20 minutes. at least tomorrow is only till 11:15. but finals are going to suck! especially biology my teacher never actually teaches us so were pretty much screwed. oh joy. and he always throws stuff in the test that we’ve never even talked about.

  15. I dont mind bugs too much, just as long as theyre not crawling all over me …

    Cool, Andrea-la, living in Indonesia … do u kno any indo?
    I’ve neva left Australia … 🙁 At least I’ve lived / been in more than one state!

    I’m TRYING to write a short story thing for drama (I need something really spooky / horror themed for thw intro) but I’m completely at a loss …

  16. lol…..i speek bahasa indoniesia just as well as i speek french…which is basically saying that i failed out of that class in a matter of months and got put into extra english classes! unfortunatly, during that time, i was missing some “important french lessons” causing me to still be behind in it! which basically means that either i’m an idiot when it comes to languages or i have really really bad luck. also, one of my friends who i met in indoniesia is austrailian and right now she lives in singapore. so yeah.

  17. Some of my friends do Indo thru school. I chose German and most of my friends do French.
    i got that story done … hopefully it’s good for the intro …

  18. That reminds me..

    Andrea-la, have you worked on Untitled (Or whatever it’s called, idr.) lately? You said you had writers block, but you were a bit RTSish if I remember correctly…

  19. Haha, I love British/Australian phylosophy (sp? I can’t spell for my life.)! IDK why, but just the word “Winnipeg” sounds familiar…. My area’s definatley getting cold–or at least colder than it’s been in a while. We had a very loooooong Indian Summer, and today it was in the high 40s, and today I actually had to go outside a lot, and I had on a very thin sweatshirt *shivers*.
    My school’s drama is annoying, if you don’t get a lead role you at least get ensemble (out cast is over 100 every year), kind of like Shay-la’s, but they’re SO biased with the parts, that it’s barely worth it to audition. IDK why I did…three years in a row.
    Ew, I hate that crunchy sound! Once I saw a rock or something in the bathroom and I kicked it aside and it made this weird sound that I knew it was a roach and I FREAKED. I’m pretty much to chicken to actually kill a bug, though I’m sure I have before.
    That’s what my social studies teacher is like, she puts things on the test that we never learned and then lecture the class when we all do terribly.
    SONJA, you live in AUSTRALIA! LUCKY!!
    I absolutley suck at languages. I pull off a high B, low A, or (if I’m lucky) high A on the tests, then I forget everything the minute after I’m done with it, so I do SO BAD on the review test.
    (Wow, this is long considering that it’s just me adding irrelevant comments to other peoples’ conversations….)

  20. I got the book yesterday and I LOVE IT!!!!! Thanks so much for dedicating it to us commentors. It makes me feel so loved. 😉

  21. I am lucky 🙂
    Oz be a sparky place 🙂

    My drama thing is about the darkness and how people get dragged off / infected by it … hehehehe.

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