Bogus Release!

Bogus to Bubbly: An Insider’s Guide to the World of Uglies is out today!

Bogus to Bubbly is somewhere between a giant FAQ and a vast blog post. In it I try to answer every single one of the most common questions that I’ve been asked by fans over the years. It includes the following sections:

An illustrated hoverboard manual!
Notes on the science of beauty, mag-levs, and nanos
A History of Tally’s world, starting with the Rusty Crash
Maps of Tally’s city and her continent
Illustrations of various gadgets from the books
A complete series glossary, plus an essay on slang generation
Mini-histories of all the cliques
Character names and how I came up with them
Where I got the big idea for the series

You can buy Bogus online at Amazon, Powell’s, or Barnes and Noble. Or at bricks and mortar bookstores everywhere!

I hope you enjoy it, especially because it’s dedicated to a whole bunch of you who read this blog.

Also, thanks to all of you who voted for Extras in the ALA’s Teens’ Top Ten for 2008. I’m at #8 on the list, with some pretty impressive company.

And finally, we hope we see you in Toronto:

Justine Larbalestier and Scott Westerfeld
Indigo Bookstore
Toronto, Ontario
Monday, October 27
7:00pm – 8:00pm
Yorkdale Mall
3401 Dufferin Street

195 thoughts on “Bogus Release!

  1. thank you so VERY MUCH for putting me in the book!!!!!!!!!!!!111one!!!on1o!I1j!22!LK!!! now i can say i was published in a SCOTT WESTERFELD BOOK =DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

  2. Netta-la that is right. There r 2 Sonjas – Sonja and Sonja-la.
    Sonja is the real Sonja. Sonja-la is an imposter πŸ™‚

    I wanna go to Borders and get Bogus to Bubbly but I can’t atm!
    I haven’t been able to for ages!

  3. HA. I’m in a book. That’s awesomeeeeeeeee. Congrats to everyone that made it in the dedication list!


    it makes me want to read all the books again

    (for the 8th time though…)

  5. hey, im new here- ive read almost all scotts books though- but Specials is SOOOOOOO my favorite!!!

  6. im so mad! i wanted to buy B+B but im like broke now that i spent on summer $ on my new mac, and now my dad doesnt want to buy it 4 me- he wants me to wait till its in the librarys!!

  7. i just finished reading the book!
    it was amazing i loved knowing all the insight on details from the books. i thought it was really bubbly to have all those people in the beginning. i think i might re-read all of them to see how the story is different now that i know more about it.

  8. I just bought Bogus to Bubbly at my schools book fair today. As soon as i got home i cracked open the book, and in 2 hrs i was done. It gives you amazing in depth details about events and people in the book. It has given me such a better understanding of the whole series that i’ve started reading Uglies again. Buy it, because you wont be dissapointed!!! πŸ™‚

  9. heyo
    does somebody know when this and extras are appearing in germany?
    there isn’t anywhere sth about it
    and i can’t live without the uglies
    sorry for my bad english ^.^

  10. okay so i was FINALLY allowed to get it and i was sooo honored that my name was mentioned in the thank-yous
    i took it to school today to show everyone!!!!!
    haha =]

  11. I got this book from school when i was lookin around at bookfair… and I was reading it when i was also reading pretties. I was like… in love with zane-la, and when i read bogus to bubbly, it sooo told me zane died… i Like started to cry. Then when i got to that part in specials,… i figured out that he was like… taken off life support and i was literally YELLING at the book!!! poor zane-la.

  12. Amanda*Boo-cha, Zane needed 2 die. no offence, bu he waz already shaking! it shows a good author if he’s (or she) is’nt afraid to kill a good charecter. im too late 2 b put in the thank u page. boo hoo. too bad

  13. and again sonja, IM NOT AN IMPOSTER!!!! IVE NEVER MET U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    😑 😑 😑 😑 😑 😑 😈

    I know, you’re all so happy to see me again. Sorry I’ve been gone. Wait, I wonder if anyone even remembers me…
    Well, anywho, I got it yesterday (my neighborhood bookstore closed so I had to wait to go into the city) and I found my name, and I got so excited and started blabbering nonstop to all my friends at school, so they all hate me now because I was in a book and they weren’t! Thanks, Scott-la!

  15. I’m so bummed…I thought I’d replied to at least one of those posts, but I guess not….would have been cool to be in a dedication lol. I’m so excited this book finally came out though!! Scott, you’re so awesome to dedicate it to fans!!

  16. i know!!!isn’t that wierd? personally i don’t have a tooth plan and i don’t know anybody who does!!=D

  17. OMG that would b hilrious!!!! idk if u can where i live, since some people din’t even have dantal insurance!!!(i do)

  18. I got this for Christmas, but it just came the other day (good work, Amazon).
    I’ve already read it all the way through, totally excellent.
    And it was pretty awesome/surreal/really awesome/awesomely awesome/really awesomely awesome to see Hope-Potato in the list of usernames at the front.

  19. Can i get this book at my local borders? I searched at my book fair for it but i couldent get it.. it was too expensive so i missed out on it. Is there a chance it could be in borders? [Yes i repeat myself] It’s kind of worry-making to wait for this book, however i’m glad its out finally! YUS!

  20. Go Scott! I just read the series it was so good!!!! I really hope to get BTB…. I always kinda wondered where Tally lived.

  21. wow…you guys are really into this…i jus started reading uglies last december 2008 and i just got the 2nd to 4th book just days ago…o love the series so much im in Valentino 317 of pretties

  22. OMG! I saw this book at my schools book fair. I was totally going to buy it but you wanna know what?!? The book fair was closing in five minute and they wouldn’t let me buy it!!! GAWW! I wish I lived in this series! I LOVE THE WAY THEY TALK! It so happy-making ^.^

  23. I just bought Bogus to Bubbly and I am reading it!! It is soo good! And thankyou for dedicating the book to us!!!!!

  24. Um I can’t find this book at the library (grr!!!)! Anyway, I am almost finished w. Specials and can’t WAIT to read Extras! These books are so happy-making!!!

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