German Comics

I’m literally blogging from the lobby right now. The hotel has forced us to check out (we’re flying to Detroit tonight) and we haven’t been picked up for the appearance at Pooh’s Corner in Grand Rapids yet.

So I’m sitting here on a couch next to the gift shop and remembering that the wonderful German publisher of Peeps, Kosmos, have been sponsoring fan-art comics contests lately.

I don’t have all the info about these contests, but down below you can see a few of the wonderful efforts they’ve inspired. They prove that manga and western-style comics are going strong in Germany.

Click any of these images to make them bigger.

This one’s from Sandra Chemnitz. Great use of layout and frames.

And here’s one from Rita Folduari, who made her own paper for the comic! There’s a cool mixed-media thing going on, using both pen and watercolors.

And this one from Daria Jurek, which looks somehow very German to me:

All of them very awesome, as are many of the others submitted. Once I figure out where these contests are being held, I’ll let you know. (My German is shaky.) I think more might be coming in.

Oh, and here’s the cover of the Kosmos version. A special non-existent prize for the first commenter to translate the tag line. (It’s from the book, and I figured it out on sight.)

And click here for the scoop about Justine’s appearances.

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  1. Its okay TYC, we’re all harboring a secret obsession….
    Mines going pretty okay, Kay-wa.
    Hows your’s going?

  2. wow. that stinks lotti-wa! …but you are on holiday break?? that’s no fair!

    mines been great too! tomorrow’s probably gonna suck though i have a ton of homework to do. and i have to write my article for the paper which sucks cuz i don’t know what my angle is gonna be yet.

  3. This is a little off subject. But i am interested in movies, so i am in the middle of writing a screenplay for the book Uglies. Since, there was suposed to be a movie of the book, but it hasn’t come out yet, i wanted to try writing this screenplay. if anyone wants to read the first 5 pages, let me know and i will post it.

  4. 1) turns out, i might not have to audition for band camp…I just need a letter of recomendation from my band director…(easy)
    2) going on a run when you’re sick is a BAD idea…especially if that run is right after a bikeride and if you’re gonna do 50 push-ups and 100 sit-ups right after…cuz now, i’m even more sick.

  5. I hope you get into band camp! And Director, you totally should post the screenplay! That would be amazing!

  6. Bran-la… have you read Revelation yet?? i read it all today and i’m like wow. the ending was the best part…. complete craziness! wow. you have to read it… it is not at all what i expected.

  7. tomorrow’s monday…
    //visualize large, cartoon-like gray cloud float above my head, then start pouring rain over me//
    but wait…!
    Graceling’s coming for me tomorrow!
    //visualize gray cloud stop raining, though still remain there//
    //glares up at gray cloud, shrugs//
    it’s an improvement.
    but i’ll have to go thru the entire day waiting and worrying that it won’t come today, etc…
    and we have this math test tomorrow that i’m TOTALLY stressing about…and this big history/geog. proj due fri that i’ve barely started (tho we got assigned it like three weeks ago). so yeah, major stressing going on at my end….and procrastination. that’s the only reason i’m here, really (no offense).
    o yeah, on fri, we were doing typing, and i got 140 wpm (w/92% accuracy)

  8. Andrea-la: going to bed early would help. that’s the best thing u can do when ur sick…SLEEP!!! i like sleeping, actually no, sleeping isn’t wat i like, it’s dreaming and that just happens to be associated with sleeping. i had weird dreams last night. something to do with wizards, Yankees, a book i have NEVER read, kids from my skool, and falling in love with someone u shouldn’t. ya… that was weird.
    DIRECTOR: u should TOTALLY post the screenplay. i’m DYING for the movie to come out (even though it might ruin the book but still) so even 5 pages would be enough to make me happy.
    Oh and my weekend was okay. i didn’t really do anything. i had softball today and lost both games. i didn’t do that badly but we just weren’t hitting the FREAKIN’ ball. *sigh* oh and funny story. so the third base coach today was REALLY annoying and had a BIG mouth sooo naturally my whole team was pissed off. then i got this one girl out at third on a tag even though the ump called her safe but i told him her foot wasn’t on the base (well coz it wasn’t) and then he looked and… I WAS RIGHT!! he called her out and then this fan for the other team opened HIS BIG mouth and so i opened MY BIG mouth right back at him and just coz the third base coach HAD to say SOMETHING he did. UGH!!!!! I HATE PEOPLE SOMETIMES!!!! ok ranting session is done!
    ok one more thing: i did a really late post on Name This Book which was about the analogy that other authors are gonna do on Uglies. so i posted TEN of my ideas if u could read them and tell me wat ya think that would be cool.

    GREEN DAY!!!! <3
    I woke up on the wrong side of the floor.
    Made,made my way through the front door.
    Broke my engagement with myself.
    Perfect picture of bad health,
    Another notch scratched on my belt.
    The future just ain’t wat it used to be.

  9. well, i just figured out that i have a french test tomorrow. fun….NOT! I. Am. Toast. (not just any toast…a toasted squirel who got caught in a toaster, run over by a truck, and then eaten…multiple times by a cow)

  10. ughhhhhhhhh…. i’m getting no where. i’ve been working on this stupid article for hours and i’m not getting anything done. and it’s due tomorrow. ah man. i’m not gonna get to sleep much tonight. 🙁 i hate it when i get to bed at like 1 on school nights cuz then i’m always so tired the next day.

  11. UMR-wa, how are you scaring yourself?
    Feel better Andrea-la! And good luck on your test! Beautiful mental image you gave me bout the squirrel by the way!
    TYC I didn’t know you played softball! That’s cool! I play 2nd base.
    Pssh, psssh, stupid people!

  12. Very cool cover, and I’m digging the anime, too.

    Which is cool, ’cause we have some German exchange students over at our school for a couple of weeks. I like listening to them speak in a different language.

    Randomness continues.

  13. haha. yes it is. and my article is on Teen Financial Responsibilities… it’s called: Running low on the cash flow? by 2 a.m. i had it all finished and finally got some sleep. And my teacher really liked it so i guess it’s all good. but i almost fell asleep today in espanol. and then i went to Hastings to get a book and they didn’t have it. i was very disappointed in them. and then i went to work and got a ton done.. i am so behind in paper work… today was my 1st day back since like before school started in August (i take softball season off… b/c my parents business is open from 8 to 5 and softball is from 4 to 6.) do you have a job TZ?

  14. Nope, can’t say that I do. I have to wait a like another year. But according to the date, in Australian time, it’s already my birthday. woo. *blows out metaphoric candles*

    Kay-wa: that SUCKS that u can’t play! i couldn’t live without it (or without Green Day or Scott’s books)!! i start weight lifting for the high skool team on thursday!! crazy!!! i play third base. i used to play first but then some girl came on the team and that’s the only position she could play and i can play anywhere so ya… but i LOVE third base coz u can listen to the third base coach and the fans and players and learn wat they’re gonna do. i’m always listening. also i’m always swearing at third base like if i do something wrong or if my team is sucking ya there’s some language goin’ on over there. the last game we had i overthrew the ball and SCREAMED GOSH DARNIT (mellowed down version but i think u all know wat i actually said) seriously it was loud. good thing i had my mouth guard in otherwise EVERYONE would have heard me. ya….i need to work on my anger management skills. oh well.

    GREEN DAY!!!! <3
    She smashed her radion with the board of education.
    Turn up the static left of the state of the nation.
    Turn up the flame step on the gas.
    Burning the flag at half mast.
    She’s a rebel’s forgotten son.
    An export of revelation.

  16. Andrea-la my mum thinks I’m weird when I listen to classical music, and so does my little 8yrold sister.
    That’s sad, my MOTHER hates classical …

    I’m sorry, i’m behind 🙂

    U wear a mouthguard in softball???
    Sparky, I didn’t kno that!

  17. *gosh darnit* that sounds most awfully terrible, guv’nor. How could your mother not appreciate the fine art of classical music?

    srsly, classical is pretty fool.

  18. Yep, I’m in love with classical music. Of the piano variety to be exact. HaHa, TYC that’s hilarious. We don’t wear mouth guards…it’d probably be a good idea though….I think I’d like to keep all my teeth! LoL. I’ve taken some pretty hard hits. Stupid pitcher…I still swear she did it on purpose. *rubs jaw*

  19. Woooooooooooowwww. I feel so empowered being called a peep…kinda craving some steak now….My cat infected me though! Don’t worry….I didn’t get infected the other way! LMAO! *twitches*

  20. heh heh heh. maybe i got infected by my guinea pig. she was totally a vampire – she didn’t like the sun at all, she had an unaturally long life for a guinea pig and she bit every person in sight. except i was bitten most because nobody would go near her

  21. o_o Spit take definitely! That had me worried for a second! You wouldnt want to say you got infected the *other* way!!
    Hamsters are sparky 🙂 So r guinea pigs 🙂
    I like classical music composed by Grieg and Tchaikovsky, mostly. Theirs is sparky.

    I’m at dad’s work (he had to go in after hours to do some tissue culturing or something), consuming a thing of orange Tic Tacs and listening to Paramore’s second album while doing this. Spass!
    I reckon orange Tic Tacs ought to come with a warning: ADDICTIVE. Cos they SO are.
    Baked beans (this is totally unrelated btw cos I haven’t jad any in MONTHS)ought to come with a different warning: EAT WITH CAUTION: MAY CAUSE EXPLOSIVE FLATULENCE. lol 🙂 Oh and for nutritional info, BEANS BEANS THE MAGICAL FRUIT, THE MORE U EAT THE MORE U TOOT, THE MORE U TOOT THE BETTER U FEEL, SO EAT UR BEANS WITH EVERY MEAL. Lol 🙂

    Yeah I’m not just weird I’m whacked out 🙂

  22. Oh Oh Oh Happy Birthday T&Z!!
    October birthdays are the best! Mine is later this month 🙂

    I cant stop eating these Tic Tacs … worse than chocolate, this is …

    Is everyone back at skool?
    My holidays must start after everyones cos I still got this week!

  23. HaHaHa, you’re crazy! I find that awesome! Welcome to the club! Lol. I’ve never had orange tic tacs! It’s like 6:30 in the morning so I should be getting ready for school…but I’m on here. Ah well, I can multitask. Love the song, just…weep inducing! *wipes tear* ENCORE! ENCORE! Lmao. Thanks! Happy Early Birthday to you!

  24. Hmmm, I should put music to the song … 🙂

    Haha, a crazy peeps club. I like 🙂 Oh and I wasn’t infected by the *other* way (that name has stuck!), it must have been my auntie’s Katze. Cat.

  25. TYC… i play softball and LOVE it! 🙂 … i ment that i don’t work during fall softball season cuz i never have time to. sorry if that was a little confusing.

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