Headed to Ohio

Hey, everyone. This whole week, Justine and I will be in Ohio and Missouri. She’s promoting her new book, How to Ditch Your Fairy.

Here are the dates:

Monday, 6 October 2008, 7:00PM
Joseph-Beth Bookstore
2692 Madison Road
Cincinnati, OH

Tuesday, 7 October 2008, 4:15-5:00PM
Scheduled stock signing
25 W Winter Street
Delaware, OH

Cover to Cover
3560 North High Street
Columbus, OH

Wednesday, 8 October 2008, 7:00PM
Books & Co at The Greene
4453 Walnut Street
Dayton, OH

Thursday, 9 October 2008, 7:00PM
Kansas City Library
4801 Main Street
Kansas City, MO

Also, there’s a contest on Justine’s blog, where you can win a signed copy of How to Ditch Your Fairy. And for the grand prize, a gift certificate to Forever 21, which comes with your own personal shopping fairy.

148 thoughts on “Headed to Ohio

  1. For those of you who saw my response to the last post, i will be posting the screenplay as soon as i can. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I have never been to a book signing.


    I plan to catch Scott before one of us dies though — hopefully that will happen.

  3. I plan to catch Scott before one of us dies though รขโ‚ฌโ€ hopefully that will happen.

    Wait . . . hopefully one of us will die?

  4. Ohio, Ohio, Ohio, Montana?!?!

    Total and utter crap.

    Also, to the whole “dying” scenario occuring in the posts above, I should sure hope that either, rather, both of you two die EVENTUALLY. I’d be a bit terrified if Mr. Scott Westerfeld were to be around for hundreds and hundreds of years.

    Er, I guess I won’t have to worry about that either.

    Also, the wording from that quote made me giggle in a happy way.

    Good to see you posting, Mr. Westerfeld!

  5. Also, a single-digit post is a rare occurrence for me as well.

    And what an odd looking word “Occurrence” is.

  6. i think im going to enter the contest must ask my mother. forever 21 has cool skinny jeans i love skinny jeans so comfy…

  7. which brings me to say that during english class today, it was reading period, right? so basically the teacher made us talk about the books that we were reading so that she could confirm that we were actually reading it. so for the book i had read (well, one of them anyways) it was “The Last Days” by Scott Westerfeld (duh) and so then my english teacher was all “have you read Uglies” and I was all “YES!!!! have you?” she was all, “i’ve read the first” and so i was all grinning to myself thinking “she’s on MY side”…it was so funny….and then my friend who I had forced to read Midnighters had to tell the teacher about it and I was looking at her and my friend made one little mistake (can’t remember what) and i was all “no, it’s……” and launched into a huge explanation. So then my teacher was all “so you really like this author, don’t you?” and I was all “yeps.” then went back to reading a book. Then she and my friend exchanged glances and I’m pretty sure that she realised that I was the one that caused the giant outbreak (aka five people read the same book) of everyone reading Midnighters and so now I’m forcing the new girl to read “So Yesterday” and yeah….As you can see, I’m very controling of these things……

  8. I made most of my friends read midnigters, uglies, peeps and the last days. For some reason, none of them want to read The Risen Empire. weird…

    Oh yeah, I also made the school library buy copies of all the uglies series. heh heh…

  9. I like it when Scott-la posts! And with the whole stalker thing…you are not alone.
    And nice Andrea-la with the book thing.

  10. lol…my friends refused to read Uglies when I told them that they had to….probably cuz they don’t wanna think ’bout how bad the world’s gonna end up in a couple hundred years.

  11. i kinda hope is does end up like that… well not really. but i hope my great great great grandchild or whatever gets to be a special. now thats cool!

  12. Once again. Why not colorado. . . although Stephenie Meyer did come here . . .
    I don’t have time to worry about 300 yrs from now. . I just need to get through the week.

  13. OMG! I used to live in Dayton OH!!!!! But then I moved to San Antonio!!!!! That is sooooo unfair!!!!! Scott, you HAVE to come to San Antonio, Texas!!!!!!!!!

  14. If you don’t come to San Antonio, I will forget all about you and quit re-reading Uglies! I will be only a Potter fan and a Twilighter!!!

  15. *sigh* I’m so depressed. You’ve no idea how much I wanted to go to the signing at J-Beth. I go there ALL THE TIME. And they have such cool toys for the little kids!!! I had a babysitting job for a quick fifteen minutes, guess where we hung out, that’s right. J BETH.

    But I had play rehearsal which I can’t miss, and sooo much homework.

    At least I went to one of your signings, Scott. But still…

  16. I think it’d be wayyyyyyyyy great to have a future like Uglies/Pretties/Specials
    ‘Cept I’d outlaw the crims, ’cause otherwise they’d totally harsh my mellow.

  17. man. it’s never close to my little town. *pouts*

    anyways i hope you and Justine have fun in Ohio and Missouri!

    well i’m gonna go check out that contest now….

  18. i wish that we had a future like uglies/pretties/specials cuz then i’d have a hoverboard….cuz i check ebay EVERY STINKING WEEK AND THEY NEVER HAVE HOVERBOARDS!

  19. I could probably still go. But I wouldn’t finish my lab report. Which, I checked, if I don’t do will take my grade down to a C. And the B I have not is just too low.

    I want to be there so much.

  20. aw….the world is stupid….i mean, i’ve heard of a fifth grader inventing a hoverboard out of a leafblower, but breaking it by ridinging it in the gym….g2g…stupid choir concert….

  21. NO! Le gasp! Scott can’t die! Neither can Justine! They’re like The God and Goddess of all things bookworthy! My English teacher gave us a long term assignment. Basically, we have to fall madly in love with a popular person that hates our guts cuz we’re so dang pushy and have to make it TOTALLY obvious that we like them, and make sure we’re so annoying that we get rejected multiple times. Just so we can understand the mood of Romeo And Juliet when we read it. Can’t wait!

  22. Hmmmm…interesting contest but i already have a signed copy and i don’t shop at Forever 21, just not my style but watever. ya i agree that an Uglies future would be TOTALLY cool. actually it’d be cool to have that happen right now, but sadly it’s not. ya i’ve heard about some hoverboards that hover a whole 10 FEET of the ground and cost sooooo much it makes my head spin. *sigh*
    Tally&Zane: that project sounds interesting. but does that mean u actually have to tell a popular person at ur skool that u like them or like a famous person?? coz if it’s someone at ur skool well that sucks, but a famous person would be cool. i’d choose Billie Joe Armstrong.
    Director: Can’t Wait!!!!

    GREEN DAY!!!!! <3
    Bite my lip and close my eyes.
    Take me away to paradise.
    I’m so damn bored I’m goin’ blind.
    And loneliness has to suffice.
    Bite my lip and close my eyes.
    I’m slipping away to paradise.
    Some say quit or i’ll go blind,
    But it’s just a myth.

  23. that sounds like fun! sort of…

    it would be fun to annoy the hell out of some popular kids… but then they’d think that you actually do like them. which is not so fun

  24. Oh *insert popular person’s name here*, I love you, and I shall stalk, annoy, bug, pester, irritate and generally piss you off until the day you die!

  25. lol…i did that last year to some random populare person….actually, more like i stalked her, and sang harry potter songs in her ear all day….good times, good times….last year she switched schools, can’t IMAGINE why…..

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