How Bubbly Are You?

First: I have a new post up on YA for Obama, in which I discuss one of my favorite subjects: science! (Guess who’s being lame about it.)

And next: Speaking of science, below is a survey from academic Clare Snowball. She studying teens’ online activities, including you guys. This is all anonymous, by the way, so your answers won’t be used against you. They’ll only be used in the support of . . . science!

Here’s an introductory note from Clare:

I love Scott Westerfeld’s books, especially Uglies, Pretties and Specials. I live in Australia so I might have to wait a bit longer for Bogus to Bubbly, but I’m looking forward to it.

I’m a librarian and that’s how I discovered his books. I used to buy them for my library and read them before anyone else. But I don’t work in a library anymore; I’m doing a research project about teenagers and what they think of reading. Right now I’m writing my thesis, which is like a really long essay, 80,000 words, pretty much the size of a book.

I’ve been reading Westerblog for quite a while and when I noticed that some of you used names from Scott’s books when you posted and some of you added “–wa” and “–la” to your names, I thought that was very bubbly. Because I’m researching teenagers, I wanted to find out more about all of you. I’ve set up a survey that I’d like you to answer. The survey questions will be online for four weeks, so if you don’t read Westerblog every day, you’ll still be able to tell me just how bubbly you are.

I want to hear from people who comment on Scott’s Westerblog, people who don’t comment and just read Westerblog, and those who visit every day, or only visit every so often. Diversity is what makes the world bubbly.

I’m going to write about what I find out from your answers for an article in a magazine for librarians. So I can write about you as a group, I need a name for all of you. I thought of the Bubbly Army. I wondered if you really are an army, but I thought of it because you’re fighting (through non-violent action of course) to change all those non-thinking pretties of our world into thinking pretties or uglies or crumblies, and maybe even a few specials! What does everyone think of calling you the Bubbly Army? One of my questions asks this and if you don’t like it, you can tell me a better title for all you bubbly readers and commenters.

I’m pretty busy writing my thesis right now, so I won’t be able to write about your answers until next year, when I finish my thesis. When I do, the article for librarians might be a bit too bogus for you guys to read—if I use the words bubbly and bogus in it, the librarians probably won’t know what I’m talking about. So I’m going to write a version for you to read. When I’ve put it online Scott will blog about it, so you can all read it, and you might even read something that you wrote when you answered my survey questions.

Click here to do the survery.

Happy answering from the Chief Philosopher of the Bubby Army,
Clare Snowball


77 thoughts on “How Bubbly Are You?

  1. weeee… i just bought my copy of Bogus To Bubbly…
    I was so excited when i opened it.
    I wanted to show the girl at the cashier,
    but I didn’t think she’d care….
    but yeah… weeeeeeee!!!

  2. You could like add a * or ~ or something to distinguish yourself???
    I’ve always used Julie-wa except a few times at first I used Aevia-la… Aevia is my main rp chara

  3. Wow! I am really glad a middle-pretty is taking time out to hear what we have to say. But if she publishes anything and says I wrote it ,it’s ALL LIES.I-I th-think I’m going…to….Get somethign now. *drives off* bye!!


    But seriously, we are very lucky. Not all writers are like Scott, some are mean and evil and patronising and-Wrong.YA is ………

    Oh, I think I’d better stop ranting now.

    WE ROK!

    Survey done …

    I vote Uglies!
    But it is REALLY close
    cos Maximum Ride is good too!
    It is!
    Aww poll closed 🙁
    But Uglies won, muahahahahaha!

  5. I haven’t been on here in foorreverrr.

    I feel like an outsider now. XD

    I dont mind the term Bubbly Army, but I think I will always refer to myself as a Westerfan. It’s my favorite. c:
    The survey was pretty interesting and I cant wait to read the finished product..does that say she’s writing 2 completely different versions? I’d be fine reading the one just for the librarians,

    [and is her last name really snowball?! awesomeness.]

  6. HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!! I’m gonna go obsess over my costume for another few hours…lol….or maybe i’ll go check to see if provincial honor band audition material is on the website yet…even though it’s not supposed to come out til tomorrow….


  8. Audrey-Sensei —> thanks for commenting on my blog 😀 I responded, and just added another post if anyone is interested.
    My blog isn’t half as icy as Scott’s and I normally don’t stick to my blogs that I periodically create, but hopefully I’ll stick to this one.

  9. i just took the survey and i think i’m super bubbly i’m reading Bubbly to Bogas right now and i think it’s icy just becuase i like that word better

    i would of loved to be a Special for Halloween i will be one next year, or a stressed writer who has an impending deadline

  10. hi i am very bubbly cause i am writing my own novle currently i am a young adult i am 14 my friends say they like it but their friends they’ll tell you anything you want to hear i am reading pretties write and i love it it keeps me bubbly

  11. well i am posting agian exept now i am reading specials and i am ticked off scott i cant belive you made her a special thats so depessingT_T and what she does to zane is just mean and extras thats depressing to because i was hopeing it was about tally-wa but its not but i am still going to read it when i can some one should make a movie of the uglies series that would be awesome i would go see it every one of them! but i love these books scott-la but i am almost done with the series which is also depressingT_T but illjust have to keep myself bubbly which will be hard! oh and shay-la grrr….. she made tally a special i hate her so much and she is totally mean to tally-wa in specials some one should smack her lol jk well any way i am still writing my novel i havent wrote much lately trying to focus in school and all but i am still writing it well bye!!!!!!!!

  12. I know what you’re all thinking… is this REALLY Tally Youngblood responding to all of our posts? Well, to answer your thoughts, YES this is Tally Youngblood IN THE FLESH (not really cuz you can’t see me… but you know what I mean!!!)
    So anywayz, I’m getting off subject. I don’t like how Scott Westerfeld (the guy who totally created me! How happy-making!) SAID there was an “alternate ending” to the 3rd book in my series (Specials). I checked the website: and there was nothing about an alternate ending. Just, like, a copy of the last chapter of Specials and commentary on WHY he ended the book the way he did. How sad-making!!!!! Can you believe that?! If I WANTED to see the last chapter of Specials AGAIN I would’ve just read it again. I don’t need him SAYING that it’s an “ALTERNATE-ENDING” when it’s nothing but the book.
    And I KNOW that all of you want the books to be made into movies. SO DO I! I can’t WAIT to see if they make the movies cuz they were SUCH great books!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I finished the first three in a week. I know what you’re thinking… WHY would the main character of these fiction books read about HERSELF?! I know, what a bubble-head!
    I would LOVE to know what ever happened to Shay, FAUSTO, Peris, and DAVID! I wish the Specials book would’ve ended with me kissing David! That would’ve been so cute and a great ending! Cuz, you know how Tally (ME!) when she kissed Zane while she was a Special got all woozy and nearly threw up cuz she thought he wasn’t like special enough to make out with her. So since Tally (ME!) like rewired her brain all on her own she could’ve made out with David without it being a big deal. I really wish that could’ve happened…! 🙁

    So, I hope you all LOVED the books starring ME! I hope they become movies and I hope you love those TOO!

    Hope your lives are VERY happy-making,

    Tally-wa Youngblood

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