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You guys may remember that last year I was a judge for the National Book Awards. Sherman Alexie’s excellent Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian won, and you should still check it out, and the rest of that year’s nominees too.

But we have a new crop for 2008, just announced this morning, and here they are:

Of these, I’ve only read The Disreputable History of Frankie-Landau Banks, which is totally and completely amazing. By E. Lockhart, it’s about a girl at a posh boarding school who infiltrates a secret boy’s-only club, wreaking havoc on their brains. You guys may see similarities between Frankie and the chaos-making heroes of So Yesterday. But it’s less about marketing and advertising, and more about boys vs. girls and rich vs. not-rich.

Emily (which is what the “E.” stands for) also wrote two other books I loved, Fly on the Wall and Dramarama. if you’ve ever been to a summer drama camp, you simply have to read that last one.

I highly recommend Disreputable History, and I’m sure all the other books on the list are awesome too. Our pal Holly Black was among the judges, as was Daniel Handler (aka Lemony Snicket), so you know those were some interesting conversations.

Anyway, here’s what to look for in your friendly neighborhood bookstore or library:

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  1. i have the lockhart book on my desk to read next…i hadn’t heard of a couple of the other nominees, and i try to stay on top of things! lots of good reading to anticipate, i guess, though i’m steering clear of the sad animal story…

  2. Hey here’s a random question that no one probably knows the answer to….

    Are they gonna make a movie? Or is that not gonna happen?

    I can see why it would be hard, with the Pretties and specials and extras… lol but it was be SWEET!


  3. hmm…..guess i have more books to add to the never ending long list of books that i wanna read. *sigh* so many books, so little time.

    COMMENT 7!!!!! YAY!!!

    GREEN DAY!!!! <3
    I wish i could tell u,
    But the words would come out wrong.
    God, if u only knew.
    The way i felt for so long.
    Sitting in my room last night,
    Staring at the mirror.
    I couldn’t find a reason why.
    I couldn’t be near her.
    Coz u are the one that started.
    To make me feel this way.
    And every night i’m think,
    About those words u say.
    Coz u are the one that i want.

  4. comment 8!!!! ugh…. i gotta stop saying my comment number coz i never know if anyone else is commenting! ugh…9 kinds of annoying!!

  5. I’ll have to read it! ^^ So excited! So Yesterday is one of my favorite books, so if it’s good enough to be compared to that, than I’ll HAVE to read it! *squeal* I read this REALLY good book, The Last Gaurdian of Magic, by Randall Andrews, and it’s sort of off topic, but REALLY good. ^^ It’s a fantasy book, and really good… Anyone else read it?

  6. HEY!!!! want something to do???? go look at the NAME THIS BOOK comments!!! i posted some more! not as great but still good. and if u haven’t looked at my earlier posts then look at those too!!! u won’t be sorry!!

    Question: Uh…was a title already chosen for that book??? well even if it was go look! it’s fun!

    oh and POSSIBLY comment 13, but with my luck someone already posted soooo…ya.

  7. I hear ya. My Wanna-Read-List gets longer as well. My Need-To-Read list is still there. My sister keeps finding books to read and her reading list is expanding as her amount of money get smaller. *sigh* The Disreputable History looks interesting.

  8. I should read that, but I just got the Uglies Guide today, and yes it was early. Not even out yet, I feel so special lol. Plus I’m reading the first book in the Young James Bond series, and Skinned for my book report. UGH!

  9. i NEED Bogus to Bubbly….also, my english teacher found out that it’s I who’s behind to “Midnighers Craze”….as in, I’m the one who has forced six students at my school to read Midnighters….and we have to moniter what we read for english class… yeah…..oh, and I’m also forcing another person to read “So Yesterday”……it’s mega-funny cuz whenever one of my friends goes to talk to the teacher about what they’re reading (cuz we have to give a brief oral summery of the book that we read) the teacher just looks at me then asks them if I had forced them to read it….and they say “No. She forced me to read the first, but I was hooked from there.” It was mega-funny cuz the teacher just stared at me…….

  10. GAH! At the moment my book list is already a mile long and a lightyear out of my budget. At this rate, I don’t think it’ll ever be truely completed.

  11. Umm…I remember the good old days when I used to complain that there were no good books to read. Now I need a new book shelf cuz there are four shelves, and enough books to fill like seven.

  12. OMG I just went on Aly Carter’s (Author) blog and she had the exact same picture of E. Lockhart’s book as scott does, and she loved it to.

  13. My book shelf is holding up…for now. Started having to clear off some other shelves to make room for my favorites. I’ll probably have to go through my old ones to make room soon, or borrow from friends. In a way there ARE no good books to read, in a lot of public/school libraries. That’s why a lot of people on here are broke, lol. Plus, most are in the same genre, which sucks because my English teacher wants us to “read a variety” even though all my “to read list” books are fantasy, scifi, or the occasional realistic fiction.

  14. I know I hate having to read “a variety” cause non fiction is so boring its like “I lived in a little house…in the big woods…and there were trees and chipmunks outside…” SNORE! Seriously don’t we get enough boring in real life? Everyone knows that kinds don’t want boring, they want fantasy and scifi to make them feel better. I don’t think I would survive without the adventure that I can only get from books.

  15. *borededness*

    because real life is boring, of course. the only coolness comes from books, and I agrees with Miranda-la, I coodn’t survive without books

    sorry, i’m in a really weird mood right now


  16. Hmmm, Scott? It is Sherman Alexie…

    I loved The Disreputable History of Frankie-Landau Banks as well. I booktalked it like crazy in the Spring.

  17. I just finished Little Brother and it was awesome! Reminded me of uglies, esp. this line, on page 135- “…I wondered if it was better to be clear-eyed and hopeless than to live in a fool’s paradise.” Weird…

    I just started So Yesterday!!! I finally got it after like 2 weeks of being on hold for it. I’m on page 71, beginning of ch. 12. I luff it. I’m getting Peeps soon (hopefully… when the book comes into the library =P) and I already have TLD because it came in before Peeps. So I’m ready… I want HTDYF so bad, and Skinned. But I’m broke, and since they’re brand new my mom doesn’t want to buy me one of them because new books are only hardcover, for like $17 each. But they’re down to like $8 for a new one now on Amazon… Sigh. So many books, so little time and money.

    Anyone else think immediately of Miley Cyrus’s song “Fly on the Wall” when they read Scott-la’s post? And no, I don’t give a crap about how much you hate Miley, so don’t even post it in response to this -.-

  18. Emily-wa: i did think of that song!!! 🙂 and i like Miley Cyrus…she’s one of the few disney channel stars that i like and i also like her coz she dated nick jonas *gags* but now she isn’t and she’s totally better off!!! ya… I don’t like nick jonas…AT ALL!!! haha…Miley actually cheated on him…that’s why they broke up…hahaha!!! ya…ok…maybe some sick and mean humour on my part but watever.
    YAY!!!! tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!! WOOHOO!!!! i only had a 3 day week but still it was sooooo long!!!! *sigh*

    GREEN DAY!!!! <3
    Hear the sound of the falling rain!
    Coming down like an Armagedon flame! (Hey!)
    A shame the ones who died without a name!
    Hear the dogs howling out of key!
    To hymn called “faith and misery”! (Hey!)
    And bleed the company lost the war today!
    I beg to dream and differ from the hollow lies.
    This is the dawning of the rest of our lives.
    ON HOLIDAY!!!!

  19. The dachshund on the wax seal has caught my attention.
    At least, the thing that looks like a dachshund.
    -adds to booklist-

  20. hmmm… i’m hungry and it’s like 9:00…uh…probably coz i just read about pie but watever.
    Taylor: i didn’t notice that until u said it!! weird…i usually catch those things.

    ummmm… My question still hasn’t been answered! WAS A TITLE ALREADY CHOSEN FOR THE ANALOGY THAT OTHER AUTHORS ARE DOING ON UGLIES?? oh…uh…sorry for caps lock…i just wanna know coz i’ve been posting a lot of titles for that book (go look if u wanna under July 2008!) soooo…ya…just wanted to know and i think Scott’s the only one who can answer that soo…that’d be cool if he did *cough,cough* (HINT, HINT!!)

  21. I AM AWESOME!!!!!! I already have Bubbly to Bogus. It was at my school book fair! Yay me, and it was dedicated to me, and some other people too. YAY for them. but mostly for me! BE JEALOUS!

  22. oh and scott,

    you must name the anthology thingie, CAKE, an ethical dilemma or else. Please! oh and YAY for

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