National Book Awards

You guys may remember that last year I was a judge for the National Book Awards. Sherman Alexie’s excellent Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian won, and you should still check it out, and the rest of that year’s nominees too.

But we have a new crop for 2008, just announced this morning, and here they are:

Of these, I’ve only read The Disreputable History of Frankie-Landau Banks, which is totally and completely amazing. By E. Lockhart, it’s about a girl at a posh boarding school who infiltrates a secret boy’s-only club, wreaking havoc on their brains. You guys may see similarities between Frankie and the chaos-making heroes of So Yesterday. But it’s less about marketing and advertising, and more about boys vs. girls and rich vs. not-rich.

Emily (which is what the “E.” stands for) also wrote two other books I loved, Fly on the Wall and Dramarama. if you’ve ever been to a summer drama camp, you simply have to read that last one.

I highly recommend Disreputable History, and I’m sure all the other books on the list are awesome too. Our pal Holly Black was among the judges, as was Daniel Handler (aka Lemony Snicket), so you know those were some interesting conversations.

Anyway, here’s what to look for in your friendly neighborhood bookstore or library:

114 thoughts on “National Book Awards

  1. Andrea-la: uh….i dunno wat “Canadian Identity” is and it doesn’t sound like i want to. huh…must be bad.
    Shaylaluna or Shayla: uh…NO he can’t name it CAKE! coz then all my creative ideas would go to waste for just one simple word!! uh…it won’t make me mad if a title is chosen that’s not mine as long as it’s longer than one word!!

    GREEN DAY!!!! <3
    Ready for a cheap escape
    On the brink of self destruction
    Widespread panic
    Broken glass inside my head
    Bleeding down these thoughts of
    Anguish… mass confusion
    Well the world is a sick machine,
    Breeding a mass of s***
    With such a desolate conclusion.
    Fill a void with i don’t care.

  2. OMG!!!! just realized that it’s an ANTHOLOGY on the Uglies series, NOT ANALOGY uh…all this time i was wrong! the words are so close in spelling and the ends are the same! now i feel dumb! uh… ok so all my comments that have ANALOGY in them, ignore that and pretend that it’s ANTHOLOGY!! uh…CAN’T BELIEVE I DID THAT!!

  3. 1. Take Care of the World and What You Do With It
    2. Radical Circumstances
    3. Nanos of Destruction (there are nanos in every book that cause destruction)
    4. The Next Time We Meet
    5. The Ugly Things About Beauty
    6. Cable Cutters (Dr. Cable’s Cutters. sounds better shorter)
    7. Beautiful Destruction (Pretties turn agains the city and the white orchid killed all the crops but it was still beautiful.)
    8. A Pretty Ugly Circumstance
    9. SUPER (Special, Ugly, Pretty, Extra, Rusties. ugh.. not my best)10. Celtic Swirl (Tally’s flash tatoo. kinda dumb and only obsessive people would get it. like me)
    11. I Had to Hurt You, But I Didn’t Want To (Tally does that to a lot of people. and let’s get this clear Tally is my favorite character but all the titles i think of have to do with her so i’m not dissing her the titles just make sense)
    12. A TYC (Tally Youngblood Circumstance. kinda plays off my name only the last word is different but it still works)
    13. How to Take Whole Cities Down
    14. Bogus, Bubbly, Icy, and Everything in Between.
    15. Double Sided Beauty (dunno if anyone said that. it sounds familiar)
    16. The Art of Betraying Your Friends (Tally does that alot)
    17. What Being Used Feels Like
    18. Beauty=Bubblehead (ok not my greatest idea)
    19. Cut Out Beauty (works with cutting and beauty)
    20. SCARS
    21. Until the Fireworks Burst (wow that felt deep. maybe coz i just read a really deep, sad, and thought provoking book)

    ha! ok…so i was tired of posting my ideas where no one was looking at them (except for a few who are very nice or… who just have time on their hands. THANK U!!) so here are all the ideas i came up with for that ANTHOLOGY book. the ones at the bottom of the list are some of the first ones i came up with and the ones at the top are the most recent. so…ya…if u think i’m being a pain about this SORRY!!! it’s just that i love thinking of titles for anything and i’m never sure if they’re good enough sooo…i just wanted to know.

  4. oh…5 more i forgot about them!! sorry!!!
    1. Smokies: Rebels or Heroes in Disguise?
    2. Keep Challenging the Gods
    3. Sayshal
    4. The True Shape of the World (Andrew Simpson Smith learns that the earth is round. and everything else plays with it)
    5. Beyond the Little Men (sounds familiar…hmmm…i dunno. kinda cool though.)

  5. oh. my. gosh. i. am. so. excited. for. auditioning. for. the. school. musical.

    seriously. my audition is on wenesday. i’m listening to the song right now. it’s easy. but i have to get it PERFECT. do you hear that? PERFECT. As in PERFECT. No mistakes. wow. I’m probably gonna get all obsessive about this…

  6. Hmmm, i like 8, 14, 19, and the second 3. I will stic to my Cake however. Would you like it more if it was Cake, an ethical dilemma. Or

    Cutting The Cake

    oh, and i just thought of this…. i dont even like to eat cake.

  7. Oh by the way, Taylor, its not a daschund its a basset hound. (the epicanthic folds aren’t the same) you have to read the book to understand. read the book.

  8. i thought lemony snicket was a penname … and see?

    hey emily-wa i did actually think of miley cyrus’ song fly on the wall …

    i like “the ugly things about beauty”, “a pretty ugly circumstance”, “i had to hurt you but i didnt want to” and “the art of betraying your friends”.

  9. That book looks really good. There are so many books i have to read, i think i need more time. ug… homework takes up to much time. I <3 Tally. I <3 Shay
    <3 Nicole-la

  10. hey, cool!! thanx for looking at my ideas! now i just wanna know if a title was already chosen or not! *sigh*


    GREEN DAY!!! <3
    Boxed up,
    All of her favourite.
    Sold the rest at a rainy yard sale.
    Big plans and leaving friends,
    ANd a westbound sign.
    Weighed out,
    Her choices on a scale.
    Prevailing nothing makes sense.
    Just transportation and a blank decision.
    She’s taking off, taking off.

  11. i have to agree that i love e. lockhart, and dramarama actually got me interested in theater.

    oh and BTW scott,

    I SAW YOU IN THE VLOGBROTHER’S NEW VIDEO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bahhhahahaha =D

  12. (Sorry, this has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with the previous conversation)
    Okay, so Da Vinci had a time machine, went to the time of the Pretties, took mesurements while they were sleeping some time and thats how he got the measurements for the perfect human body.
    Yay! Mathclass!

  13. nice. oh wow. my english story is now officially 3 times longer than it’s supposed to be. my english teacher is discribing it as a “bad example” for a short story….she called it my “epic novel”…yeah. My fourteen page epic novel. Nice.

  14. I wrote a short story that was fourteen pages, and my teacher was happy.
    You have a weird teacher. Whats it about?

  15. *breaths deeply before rushing through a really long explaination* Okay, so Ana kills Maria because Maria was kissing Phil and then Phil takes the blame, and goes to jail. Then Ana gets all depressed (cuz Phil is her husband who she loves) and then Jessica (Ana’s sister who she’s living with) loves Phil, so she wants to somehow kill Ana and not get blamed for it, so she tells Ana that Phil is dead, and so Ana kills herself, just as Phil escapes from prison, then Phil sees that Ana is dead, assumes that it is Jessica’s fault, so then he kills Jessica, then realises that he can’t live life without Ana, and so he kills himself *starts hyperventalating cuz that was all in one breath*

  16. my teacher says that it’s too long. probably cuz it’s only supposed to be four pages. and it’s way more than that. and i haven’t finished writing it yet. But it’s still fifteen pages, at the moment. So it’s really too long. Which means that I’m probably gonna hand it in anyways and suffer the consequences of it being too long…which would mean that i’ll lose five marks out of fifty five. Which means that I can still pass.

  17. omg, omg, omg, omg, omg………………………………………….MY FRIEND’S SISTER GOT A BOOK ORDER AND IT HAD BOGUS TO BUBBLY IN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just totally freaked my friend out by going totally baserk on her…..just cuz of this…she doesn’t get it, though…..

  18. Cool story tho, even if it is too long.

    What’s with someone using my name? (Hi btw!) And what are u saying, it doesn’t make any sense!

    Sorry I just gotta rave about SOMETHING or else I shall DIE.

    I shall get Bogus to Bubbly at some point (probably later than everyone …)

  19. I finished So Yesterday this afternoon! Yay!! It was really fawesome Scott-la. I wouldn’t say your best work, but very nice. For some reason, something near the end reminded me of Uglies. Hmm.

    I gotta go now, I actually should have gotten off twnty minutes ago… Bai!

  20. I was extremely happy today! Why? I go to Books-A-Million, look at the Scott Westerfeld books in hope that maybe the Uglies guide is out and guess what? IT IS!!! I was hoping but not suspecting. I can only say thank you Scott and all those people who he thanked as well. You have made my weekend. I know this probably isn’t the right post to post this on but excitment makes you crazy.

  21. Ohhh! I just got Bogus to Bubly. It is so awesome! I like the part about all the devices that tally uses in the books. (I what a hover board!!!!!!!!!)

  22. I saw Disreputable History today at a bookstore. Didn’t get it since I only came back from the bookstore before reading this. Ah, well. *scribbles iton my to read list and continues reading Julia Child*

  23. *inset excited loud screeching noise here* I GOT BOGUS TO BUBBLY!!!! *insert another loud screeching noise* YAY!!!! I did a happy dance in the middle of the bookstore!!!! Everyone was staring at me as if i was insane!!! *insert yet another loud screeching noise* I’ve already read half of it and it’s AMAZING!!! YAY!!!! I. Am. So. Happy.

  24. HOLY CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How did u get Bogus to Bubbly already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i still have to wait 3 more days!!!!!!

    PS the Twilight movie comes out in 33 days 3 hours and 25 minutes (screams for several minutes)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. i just finished reading Bogus to Bubbly. It was amazing. So many fun things. Yeah. Now I’m gonna go back to work on my audition for the school musical. which will basically suck. especially since we have to audition in front of people. and i don’t like people. yeah.

  26. the bookstore that i went to got it early…..which was why i started freaking out (yes, hyperventalating and all) in the middle of the bookstore, than did a happy dance to the jazzish music that was playing…people thought that i was weird…lol…..nah…i was just over-excited…

  27. Scott-la you’re so full of evil. Since when was the effin release date for books OPTIONAL?! OMG I’m so… not happyful! Aughrah~!

    …Next time I go to a bookstore, if Bogus to Bubbly isn’t there (if tis’ before the official release date, which I doubt will be) I will probably scream.

  28. lol….emily-wa, if it is there, wont you scream with excitment? either way, you shall do damage to your throat. which i am realising now is NOT a good idea.

  29. now i have so many books on my TO READ list!!!! i’ve seen Disreputable History in bookstores and i’ve been really close to getting it every time but i already have 3 or 4 books and i’m not allowed to get more cuz i have a TON at home.

    See ya!!!! :mrgreen:

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