Bogus in French

I was recently informed that the Uglies series is a bonafide bestseller in France. That must be why I’ve been getting so many Facebook friend requests from Paris schools lately. That’s also why my books tend to come out in France almost instantly, translated straight from manuscript.

In fact, the French version of Bogus to Bubbly is already in stores. It’s called Secrets and looks like this:

For comparison, here’s the US cover again (also in stores!):

I like the cropping on the French cover better, actually. And the slightly redder color scheme. It somehow seems more . . . secrety. It’s a cool title, too.

So hello to all my fans in France! And thanks to everyone at Pocket Jeunesse for their support.

If you read French, click here for all my books at

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82 thoughts on “Bogus in French

  1. aww that cover looks cooler

    6th comment yay πŸ™‚

    i wish we would have gotten that cover, now off to read more midnightetrs

  2. The French cover looks more like the American cover for Uglies than the Bogus To Bubbly cover. It’s the way its cropped.

  3. That’s super cool! I bought “Bogus” on a whim a couple of days ago, and it’s been awesome to read! And since I’ve been taking two insane literature classes this semester, I’ve been thinking a lot more about how books relate to their historical time period, and how you take topics that are super pertinent today, but set them in this awesome universe, and what that reveals about you and our society.

    Yeah, bet you weren’t expecting THAT.

    Also, it helps you’re books have wicked awesome plots. πŸ™‚

  4. I like the French cover better too. but the US cover looks more… icy. the French one looks bubbly. top 10, yay! πŸ˜€

  5. I like that cover better, actually. I’m take French in school so hopefully I’ll be able to read the series in French someday! #10!

  6. coolio!! the french cover is a little bit better also
    im gonna have 2 ask my friend wat the french words mean though
    awesome top 20

  7. I speak french, but I hate rereading books so I guess I won’t be reading them in frech. πŸ™ that would be fawesome though. And it A-Apocolypse suposed to be Peeps? That’s weird that the title is so different if it is.

  8. You know, I think I like the French cover better, actually.
    Not to mention my incredible love for the French Peeps+TLD covers.

    Ironically, I was just texting my friend in ungrammatical French as I read this post.

  9. wow! i love that cover! it’s soooooooooo cool it’s icy! still doing homework. ugh


  10. I agree! The cropping and red-tinted colour scheme does look a lot nicer. The English cover is very cold, and tinting brings out the model’s features more; her face on the English cover looks kind of flat.

    While I do love “Bogus to Bubbly”, “Secrets” sounds pretty cool too. Kudos to your French publicity team, whomever they may be.

  11. coolness! hey scott, I had a question:
    after reading Bogus to Bubbly and rereading Uglies, I noticed that Shay and Tally clip their sensors to their belly rings. Do all Uglies pierce their belly button? Do they have it removed when they become pretty? At what age does this happen? Is it as common as ear piercings?

    just wondering if you could make this make a little more sense. it’s all very interesting πŸ˜‰

  12. Hmmm…

    I have to say, the French cover is a little better. Although the green color scheme is much more… Uglyish?… than red. Red is for pretties…. And I like “Bogus to Bubbly” mroe than Secrets. It sounds more Ugly-Series-ish. But Secrets does sound pretty fawesome.
    Speaking of fawesome, what’s up with TLD? I read Peeps, and started TLD but it made my head hurt. What happened to the characters in Peeps? And since when was a book that doesn’t even have to same characters get labeled a Sequel when Libba Bray called Rebel Angels the sister book to A Great and Terrible Beauty? That’s just switched up 0_o

  13. I just facebook friend requested you a few days ago. Only from a very English speaking part of Canada. Still, I’ve been taking French classes for years so maybe I should give a shot at reading Secrets.

  14. I wanted to take french at my school but they took it out. Now im stuck with taking spanish. blahhhh… i hate it.
    <3 Nicole-la

  15. I have to take french πŸ™ and I have had bad teachers every year except this year! my teacher so fawesome

  16. the french cover is better
    i only know bits and pieces of french, just enough for a conversation … i know heaps more german and russian …
    the forum looks weird … not used to forums

  17. ok so i’m starting to reread SPECIALS…again. but every time i read it i notice that the first sentence starts out “The six hoverboards…” but then later on the second page it says “The FIVE Cutters…” so i wanna know wat happened to the other Cutter or was there no other Cutter or did scott just forget that he wrote six in the beginning. it’s been bugging me so i just had to know if anyone else noticed it too. personally i like to think that i’m the sixth Cutter i just wasn’t named coz i’m too great…hehe. but seriously i just thought i’d let u all know.

    GREEN DAY WORLD TOUR 2009!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Well, you see TYC Leader, there were FIVE cutters and one extra hoverboard that *had* a Cutter on it until said Cutter got knocked over by a tree branch. Then, his board decided to continue on without him just in case, and the Cutter was so embarrassed, he asked scott to leave this little incident out of the story so all his friends wouldn’t make fun of him the next day at “Special High School.”

    Now you know. πŸ˜‰

  19. I’m tempted to print out the French over and tape it over the US one lol.

    Love the reddish color πŸ™‚

  20. wow. i like that cover a lot more. ha. it looks like all the other covers. I like having to open the whole book to see the whole face. question: scott are you planning on writing any more books relevant to this series???

  21. Heey! Scott-la! I love the french cover! (:

    UGH. I still don’t have bogus to bubbly. πŸ™
    lol my friend is getting it for me for christmas, that’s why.

    I vote more sci-fi books from you ay-sap! b/c you’re the only kind of sci-fi I’ll read. Plus, most of them are all flat and sciency and not humanish, or about talking animals, and I don’t like either. Yours are perfect!

    πŸ™‚ kay I’m done.

  22. LMAO…

    “Well, you see TYC Leader, there were FIVE cutters and one extra hoverboard that *had* a Cutter on it until said Cutter got knocked over by a tree branch. Then, his board decided to continue on without him just in case, and the Cutter was so embarrassed, he asked scott to leave this little incident out of the story so all his friends wouldnÒ€ℒt make fun of him the next day at ‘Special High School.'”

    Very nice. I need to check on that, and look for an explanation hidden between the lines…

    Ugh, I miss French class. I took the first half of French one, since we can take french in 7th and 8th grade at my old school. French one takes two years, so we learn french 1 in middle school… But my new school doesn’t have languages, which is so totally unfair. I’m acutlaly starting to forget things! I need to go back through my french folders and study so I can remember again. It’ll really suck in high school when I have to retake an entire half a course… Bleh. But at least it counts as credits… And I got to be someone with a french accent when we read through a play for Drama class today! Although i did get some strange looks when I pronounced “Soljats! Soljats! Américans! Soljats Américans!” right…

  23. today in french class i studied for my social studies test. ummm. yeah. that’s how french class usually goes at my school. people often do other work during french class and deal with not doing well in french (but i am managing to not do french work in french class and still have a 92%). So yeah. I read books during french class too! my teacher doesn’t care, so yay! actually, ironically enough, when i first got Bogus To Bubbly (english version…duh) I started reading it for the third time DURING FRENCH CLASS…lol….nice, eh? okay….now i shall go and read again….cuz that’s just what i do…lol…just have to tell you this one….okay, so i was in the library during spare totally freaking out about how the computer SAID that a certain book was in but it WASN’T THERE. anyways, so these two totaly idiotic boys in my class were all, “how many books have you read this year?” so I said “more than you.” then they said, “how many books have you read this school year?” to which I said “ummm…i lost track after 30…i’d guess maybe 35” and they said “huh? do you do anything else but read?” to which i replied “i go on the computer. i paint shoes. i do things with socks. yeah, i do lots of things other than read.” yeah…the thing about the shoes kinda confused them…whatever…it was just mega funny cuz they thought that they were so book-savy cuz they had read ten books this school year. hahaha. yeah, right. honestly, i started laughing right there. then i remembered that i was in “oh my gosh, there’s a glitch in the library’s system, it’s the end of the world” mode. cuz that’s what happens when the library fails me. okay. that’s it. so NOW i’m gonna go read. cuz i took four books out of the school library today cuz i don’t have school tomorrow! leaving now.

  24. Audrey-Sensei: huh…great explaination. not wat i was thinking but…it’ll work. even though i think u forgot the minor fact that when u fall off ur hoverboard it comes back to u coz ur crash bracelets magnetic pull bring it back. so other than that detail that story could be totally realistic.

    GREEN DAY WORLD TOUR 2009!!!!!!!!!! πŸ™‚

  25. Hey, I’m french, and I looooove your books. I don’t speek very well english, but I manage with a translator πŸ™‚
    I bought “Secrets” in french, and I love it ! Ma favourite book of saga is Specials, I cried when Zane died, and it is rather rare that I cry for a book…
    I wanted to say to you also that I admire you a lot, your books are my favourites, and I wait with impatience for the next trilogy ” Midnighters “!
    I hope you understood everything =)

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