BookPeople = SmartQuestions

Justine and I are in Texas this week at NCTE (National Council of Teachers of English), and we did a joint appearance in Austin on Wednesday night. The questions were written down by audience members and read to us by the host. It was kind of fun and extra classy that way, and had one added benefit—after we ran out of time, we still had all the unanswered questions!

So this morning, for all those of you who didn’t get a live answer, Justine and I answered them on her blog.

Click here for the Q & A.

And here for Justine’s account of the event.

And we’ll be seeing all you lovely teachers, librarians, etc., at NCTE/ALAN soon.

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  1. I understand, too. I flunked Advanced Math because I was sick the day my teacher told us the due date. So I was half finished with the work and the teacher’s all like, “Okay, turn it in!”. That day sucked. But I enrolled in it again, and this time they gave us the due date on the first day. MUCH better technique.

  2. Wow that sounds like fun I wish that I could have been there. It would be hard though going down there from where I live. Thanks for answering those questions though. (A smile on my face)

    Becky from Alaska

  3. amira-la i LUV your blog pictures!!!u know the ones of the Uglies books!!!i have a serious problem w/those books….i can’t stop talking &thinking about them!!!!i think there is a lesion in my brain that prevents me from thinking about anything else!!!!

  4. wow, that was veeerry deep!but as a roman catholic who goes 2 a catholic school& goes 2 church each wednesday w/the rest of the school i can say that i know some people who say they belive in God, but the same day make fun of somebody, or start a nasty rumor!!!!those people r the so called “popular”group!

    i actually have experience w/miracles like that happening!!!…….1 time last year my aunt’s cat escaped outside, so Lolo(my aunt)called &told my mom, me, and my sister Brianna-la2 come over and help her look. so we did. we started searching @about 12:00pm and about an hour into the search we had no luck. @about 4:00pm my mom said we were going 2 have 2 give up soon, but Brianna and i wanted 2 find Trouble(the cat) soooo bad. them i spotted something runing under a deck, so i called my mom over and it turns out we found another lost cat! i was bummed because we were on our way back 2 Lolo’s house 2 tell her about our un-success. i decided 2 silently pray 2 hail mary’s and 2 our father’s while we waited 4 that other lady to come and take her cat home. once she comes, all of a sudden i just hear my sister almost screaming, because about 20 feet away from us Trouble is just sitting there on a rock! (we just looket there before finding that other lady’s cat)my mom scoops her up and we start RUNNING to Lolo’s house as fast as we can, and by this time we r all balling our eyes out.Lolo meets us @the door and starts crying when she realizes we found trouble!!!!

    whenever i think of that day, it always makes my faith stronger!!!=D

  5. I saw Twilight yesterday, and, I dislike the books since Breaking Dawn came out and made realize how incredibly horrible they were (not to mention sexist). I thought it was funny when Edward sparkled and said “This is the skin of a killer.”

  6. i. am. so. tired. why? cuz i don’t have school today which basically means that last night i was at a friend’s house for a sleepover and…well, let’s just say that the emphisis isn’t exactly on the “sleep” aspect. so i’m practically brain-dead at the moment, and my mom wanted to take me shopping for a Christmas banquet dress today…….like THAT was gonna happen…i was all “ummm…can Alex, Shannon, and Virginia come?” and my mom was all “Phone Kendra.” and I was all “she has a doctor appointment today.” and my mom was all “You can only bring one friend.” and I was all “what’s the point then? i’ll wait.” ha. so two weeks til the Christmas banquet and I have yet to get a dress. The sad part? My mother is more excited than me about the Christmas banquet than me and SHE CAN’T COME CUZ IT’S FOR SCHOOL AND I WOULDN’T BE GOING IF IT WASN’T REQUIRED. But then again, i can buy more shoes because of this, so it will all be worth it. And yes, I know that I type a lot cuz…idk….i don’t realise how much I’ve typed until it gets to this point when the scrolling thingy comes and i can’t see the top of the messege. which is what just happened AS I TYPED THIS… nice, eh? so I’m pretty tired right now cuz…well….i was at my friend’s house for a sleepover with four of my friends and it was chaos. Let’s just say that it involved comparing who’s youth group was the craziest (mine won….trust me, the mold on the bolling ball totally wins…but the pumpkin smashing is a close second…) and I think at some point we started singing Christmas songs…..oh and watched Nova…which are a serise of documentries….we watched the one and hobbits and the one about child sacrifice. It was interesting…then we played WII in the morning and i totally lost cuz…well, i just have video game issues. So now my mom still wants me to go shopping with her for a Christmas banquet dress….and i still just wanna go with my friends. Is that so much to ask? Oh and crap, I have a ton of homework due on monday….this is NOT gonna be a pleasent day….mostly cuz I’m so tired my brain doesn’t function right….which means that I shall go play Sims2 now. Cuz you just don’t need to think for that.

  7. OMG i luv Sims2!!!!i don’t think shopping w/your friends is 2 much 2 ask of your mom!my mom actuall keeps telling me 2 go places w/my friends because sh thinks i m not social enough!!!!i also have TONS of homework due on Monday, but that is what procrastination is 4!!!(i only do it sometimes)=D

  8. haha…..i don’t procrastionate, i save the best for last….for instance, I like math, so I don’t do it til the night before it’s due. the rest of it i do the AFTERNOON before it’s due…or during spare or something….see my messed up logic? so yeah. I’m gonna go bake cookies with my grandma soon so first i wanna have a bath cuz i am absolutely frozen right now, probably cuz I’m not wearing any socks…did I seriously just type that? okay, so yeah, i’m cold, whatever. i’m eating lunch right now and it’s SO yummy….oh and Ashley-wa, my mom says that I’m not social enough either, but then she says that SHE wants to spend time with me…haha….the day after a sleepover? not exactly the best plan…lol…so yeah….i’m pretty tired right now……haha….”Can I insult the beached whale?”….lol…..sorry, funny quotes were made last night…..i wrote them down and my friends got me to read them outloud and they were all “DID I SERIOUSLY SAY THAT?” cuz it was so random. haha….okay…leaving now…

  9. i m going 2 the movies, then Keri-la’s house, so i won’t b talkin 4 a while……i m sad:(……..
    i will miss u guys! TTYL=(
    ~Ashley-wa!!!!=D BTW:Andrea-la

  10. still. so. tired. yeah, so soon i’m gonna go to my grandma’s house to bake cookies!!! yay!!!!! then i’m going home and probably watching a movie or something for a while….or read a book….or do SOMETHING that i can handle seeing as i’m about as smart as a drunk kangaroo right now….lol….well, i guess i’m just mostly tired… you know what this means? COFFEE TIME!!!! Just i probably wont have coffee cuz then i get all hyper and well…yeah. so maybe some pepsie or something….okay…..gotta go get socks nows…..

  11. Ping-la(says hi back)’s name is Ping-la(says hi back) because in Specials when Tally is about to be despecialized by the Diegos, she set an alarm telling her to wake up every ten minutes so she wouldn’t fall under the anesthesia. Then, when she’s anesthetised, she hears the ‘ping’ noise of the alarm. But she’s delirious from the knock-out drug, so she thinks the ‘ping’ is her friend. So she says,”Hi, ping-la.”. So, you get it? First there’s the ‘ping-la’, and then Tally says ‘Hi, back’.

  12. so many coments…. andrea-la u make me tired! i already had thx giving. quoincedince: the first day i picked up the UGLIES was sept. 9th! tally-wa shay-la and asheley-wa’s b-day!!!!

  13. Tyler sounds like a cool middle name…And Death Cab For Cutie is Alternative…so yeah. And TYC Leader, totally with the ‘JoBros’ and the guys you think are easy on the eyes.

    Trish-la: Okay, I was going to say learning Chinese without living near China would be killer, and to the Extras comment, why the shivers?

    I love Andrea-la’s novel length comments, they give me something to do!

  14. OMG!!!!! Jay-wa i HATE the Jonas Brothers w/ a passion!!!!!! THEY SUCK!!! such EW’s(eternel wannabes)

  15. Kenzie-la:Happy 1day early b-day(i m sure it will be bubbly)

    SONJA-LA:thnks 4 including me in that inportant day(my b-day)i feels like having the same b-day as a celeb u like!!!!

    Andrea-la:u r soooo awesome!!!! u were actually the 1st person 2 say anything 2 me on this blog!!!ily!!!
    BTW:i luv your supper-long comments too, and all the really random stuff in them!!!LOL-hope u had fun sock shopping!!!


  16. Jay-wa:BTW Tyler is not so much of a cool middle name if u r a girl like me!!!(u r not the 1st 2 like it)

  17. oh wow…arguing on youtube is not easy. some people just don’t believe in God and they wont give Him a chance. the fact is, you simply CAN’T prove that something or someone doesn’t exist, therefore you can know that they do. or something like that. my logic never sounds good if i write it out.

  18. But you can’t prove that he DOES exist either. Which is where you’re having a problem.

    But either way, *some* of the rules in the bible are good to follow. Like don’t do adultery.

  19. ALL the rules in the Bible are good to follow because they were made FOR A REASON and life is better when you FOLLOW THE RULES THAT WERE PUT IN PLACE SO THAT YOU CAN HAVE A BETTER LIFE. And people say that God doesn’t exist, and then I say that they can’t prove that and then they say that I can’t prove that He does and then I will basically tell them to look around cuz this world sure wasn’t made by CHANCE…I mean, seriously, the balance is so perfect…God must have been behind it.

  20. ALTHOUGH today scientists found an organic sugar in our galaxy that has been known to support human life. Was god behind that? Personally I’m agnostic, but that’s because I can’t ever make up my mind, and the rules are good and helping people is good. But what if you spend all this time in a monastery never falling in love to find out that you’re just put in a hole?

    Personally reincarnation sounds like da bomb.

    (and also, from and earlier post, some of us are putting our Edward posters on our ceilings. ‘Cause he’s easy on the eyes)

  21. “But the fact that some geniuses were laughed at does not imply that all who are laughed at are geniuses. They laughed at Columbus, they laughed at Fulton, they laughed at the Wright brothers. But they also laughed at Bozo the Clown.”

    (oh snap)

  22. YOUR GONNA BE IN TEXAS!!! How come i mssed this post? How bout you come by my house, Scott! We have a guest room and good Southern cookin!!

  23. i went on a few peoples blogs, and they said that they found this blog or were inspired by Andrea-la!!!!!he,he

  24. i have never been 2 Texas&i live in Michigan……so no where Texas, but i went 2 Canada last weekend!!!!i live about 45minutes away from that bridge thing!!!!we stayed in lyndon Ontario or something 4 a hockey tournament!!!!(4 my sister)….they won, but i really don’t care ’cause i spent ALL of my time reading bogus 2 bubbly(i got it the day before we left)….well, G2G……laytah!!!=D

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