Cool Stuff!

Here’s some news about some of the other sites related to my books.

A new teen website called has a contest up right now. They’re giving away copies of Bogus to Bubbly and Uglies t-shirts!

Teen Libris also has an excerpt from Bogus to Bubbly online, so go and check it out.

There’s a ton of new content at, my publisher’s site for the Uglies series.

And (again) for Midnighters fans, don’t forget to join up at the new forum, Midnighters Inc.

Okay, what am I missing? Use this comment thread to promote any other fansites that the peoples here might want to check out.

And for you political folks, check out this wonderful thank-you video that the YA for Obama crew made for Maureen Johnson.

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  1. yay new post!! I finished bogus to bubbly the day i got it haha!! i was angry with borders because they were almost hiding the row (of books) that contained b-b with edward cullen tees.


  2. Grrr I don’t like Edward Cullen. He had a signing in San Francisco, and apparently 3,000 screaming teenage girls showed up and one chick broke her nose. So they canceled his Q/A session.

    I know, spastic right? 😉

  3. ugh. okay, it’s so annoying how ALL of the adults that i meet ask me if i’m 18 or something…cuz i’m 14….for example the person who i volunteered with at church was all “so, are you excited about graduating? or have you already?”. UGH! does that happen to anyone else? or is it just me? cuz for some reason, people ALWAYS assume that I’m older than I am.

  4. Andrea-la if preppy(as in holister and ugly stuff like that) people call you emo and then one day when their wearing skinny jeans go up to them and say my your looking emo today or your so d**n emo today and if you wear skinny jeans or just look emo then they will look at you funny and be like wtf(i have done it before its really funny). black is amazing and people most likly think im emo too. We are reading the witch of black bird pond in history and people are on like page 40 well im on 100 reading is good especialy when it make your read more than twice as fast as most people so you feel superior even if they do give you funny looks.

  5. Haddy-la, what the heck’s “holister”? it’s like, clothes, right? i so don’t know these things. but yeah, preppy people call me emo and you’d have to be insane to actually talk to them. hahaha. not like they make intelligent conversation anyways. but no, i’m not gonna try to look emo and then walk up to them and ASK. you know, dispite the fact that it would be funny, it’s best just to confuse them when you’re put in a group with them for a project…you know, start quoting books and lyrics and stuff that they’ve never heard of in their lives….lol….some people just don’t get things….whatever. ugh. and i think it’s just so funny how people think i’m emo cuz i am so totally NOT. i’m a quiet girl who likes to wear black, listen to depressing music, and write poetry as well as read.

  6. i think i’ve got insane. i just emailed my ex-best friend’s sister. i mean, she isn’t really my “ex” best friend, more…umm…i moved away then she moved away and we’ve only been emailing eachother monthlyish and we only get to phone eachother on our birthdays….cuz she lives in Sinapore and I live in Canada and all that….but for some reason i felt like emailing her SISTER. her younger sister. there must be something wrong with me. yeah.

  7. @ Sake-wa- “Tabby seems to be mean and egocentric”? Who the heck is Tabby…? 8D Haha, kidding, I know what you meant… Way to make an amazing first post, by the way. Welcome to the blog =D I’m surprised to see I’m the first to welcome you…! I feel special now!

    @ Haddy-la- Um, I’m not liking your advice much 0_o Anyway, I read The Witch of Blackbird Pond in 5th grade with my class… Ugh, it was a good book but we had to move so slow it got boring so fast. I prefer to do independent reading in school so I can go as fast as I need to to keep my attention.

    @ Bran-la (OMG I ALMOST CALLED YOU BRAIN-LA BY ACCIDENT!! ROFL!)) I’m like a mix of all your friends, and you oddly enough.


    …I just have to get through Wednesday, Thursday, and half of Friday.

    Oh, and just so you guys know, my main gift is Guitar Hero: On Tour for my Nintendo DS =D I iz excited!!!!

  8. Andrea-la holister abercrombie american eagle aeropostale really you have never seen ALL the preppy people wearing them its quiet obiouse because all the shirts have the brands name on them its really very ridiculouse well preppy people are really dumb (most of the time) so confusion is easily acesible when it comes to them.

    Emily-wa its not suggested to like my advice at risk you might take it (real advice is to ignore people or tell them to well…)

    CLICK IT PEOPLE (im going to feel really dumb if people have already seen this)

  9. hey Andrea-la. hehe. as for comment 56, that… kindof happens to me… cuz i turn 14 at the end of the month (WOOOOOOOOOO!) but i still get the 10 and UNDER kids menus when i go to restraunts. so it… exactly opposite. but its still KINDOF the same, right? considering we’re both FOUR YEARS OFF!!!?!?!?!?!?

    trust me. you have it better. hehe.

    HAPPY ALMOST BIRTHDAY EMILY-WA!!!!! and yes. your posts have been rather uber-longish lately. hehe.

    -Lizzy-wa OUT! 😛

  10. Emily-la= SO what are they getting you?
    Audrey-sensi=OMG how can u NOT love Edward!!!!!!!I mean REALLY!!!!!!!!!!
    Andrea-la=YA I get told I’m MUST be at LEAST 14 when I’m only 11 so right there with ya!
    Emily-la=Hi Welcome!!!
    Andrea-la=Don’t worry u can’t be any more crazy then I am!!

  11. SONJA-LA – yup I know. This is the best way to spell Sonja. I don’t lyk the other ways.
    Emi-la – Come on, Emmett and Jasper are way more interesting than Edward!
    Sake-wa – WELCOME! And just so u know I’m non-American too 🙂 I’m Australian. Aussies are sparky 😀
    Andrea-la – SO TOTALLY agree. About the preppy and emo stuff. Preppies are STINKLANGWEILIG!
    (That’s German btw)
    So bored …

  12. Sorry for randomly commenting on your comment, but Emmett Jasper and Edward are awesome. Emmett is funny, Jasper is secretive and Edward is…Edward.
    And Australians ROCK.
    And what does Stinklangweilig mean?
    It sounds stinky……

  13. Of course Jasper and Emmett rock to but Edwards so…..Edward.You just can’t top him ya know?But yes I have to say I love Emmett AND Jasper too!!!!!(AND ALICE!!!!!!!!!!)

  14. How can you top Edward? He makes the Greek gods jealous, remember?? Edwards my second favorite fictional boyfriend…

    Um, Emi-la I thinky uo called me Emily-la. Technically that’s not right, for two reasons- my screenname is Emily-wa, and if you have an L in your name you’re supposed to use -wa, not -la. Scott-la said so =D But no worries…

    I’m reading Justine-la’s trilogy “Magic or Madness” and it’s FAWESOME! I’m on the second book already! I thought of that when you said you were Australian, Sonja.

    Oh and also, Emi-la at the bottom of my last post I said, “Oh, and just so you guys know, my main gift is Guitar Hero: On Tour for my Nintendo DS =D I iz excited!!!!” But it was hidden kinda-ish. So you may not have seen it =P

  15. (i rode my bike for, like, twenty minutes, outside in the ice and snow and i only fell four times!!!!!!!!!! and two of ’em were into snow!!!! the other two were onto ice…)

  16. Emi-wa: You asked for it…

    ~He isn’t real.
    ~He is kind of creepy. He stalks his love interest, the things he says are creepy, and he has a bit of a temper, which might lead to domestic abuse in the future.
    ~He isn’t real.
    ~He is the cause AND result of the Vampire Phenomenon (which I despise to no end).
    ~The author never really describes him except using hackneyed cliches and nondescript analogies.
    ~He isn’t real.
    ~He got Bella pregnant. Does anyone else see how this is possible? He has no tears or blood, and his heart doesn’t beat, yet he has been able to keep up his sperm count for 108 years? Does this mean he also… ah, nevermind, I will leave you to your own conclusions/fantasies/disturbing mental images. Which leads me to my next point:
    ~He isn’t real.
    ~He never seems to have any personality.
    ~He falls in love with the most boring, uninteresting, stupid, pathetic, dry, average overused female love interest in the history of published works.

    Now, I don’t know about you, but I can think of more than a few *existing* men that possess none of the above qualities, and I’ll gladly take them over a Cullen *any* day. 😉

  17. OHHHH YOU ASKED FOR IT!!!!!!!!
    *Zane’s not real
    *Davids NOT REAL
    *THE SOMKE IS FAKE, none real
    *There is no “Bubble Head” operation.
    *There all FAKE ,MADE UP!!!!
    * ANd Even IF Zane was real HE DIED!DIED!!!!
    *Its Emi-LA not -WA.

    SO BLAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! I would take a Cullen over ANY Scott Westerfeld carecter *ANY* day.(Sorry Scott!!!)

  18. Ok OK OK oK OK I thought of more!!!!
    *Zane breaks Tallys Heart-rips it shredds it-breaks it.
    *He acts like he’s EVERYTHING and EVERYTHING he says it true and *all* that matters
    *ANd your saying TALLY AND SHAY ARN”T BORING!!!!!!!THEY ARE!!!!(i mean not exsesily but enough.)
    *He’s NOT REAL!!!!!!*
    Ok i think there will be more but, you know, I’m crazy…:]

  19. dude, Shay and Tally are the sickest, deepest protagonists since, well… I can’t think of anyone cooler.

    And I am definitely not in love with Zane. or David. Or Tally (cause that would be creepy).

    And the bubblehead operation is a NEW idea that is plausible and doesn’t contradict itself, but society. 😉

  20. And yes, I do think you’re crazy. Especially if you would have gone to the Robert Pattinson signing in San Francisco and broke some girl’s nose in the 3,000 people thick mob. 😉

  21. Unless there’s something Wrong with you I think you know what i mean.*Smoke* Sorrrryyyyy!!No i wouldn’t have gone to the signing its not THAT important it me.But enough.

  22. OMG!!u guys r makeing me cry!!!!!!!!!!!(not really)

    espeacailly over my fav. books!

    -tally is the bestest characheter EVER!
    -ZANE ROX UR SOX!!!!!!!!!(and u know it)
    -edwards ok…but jakes better!(im team swiss)
    cause thats one of the things i like about reading–it “takes u to another place/world”
    so if u like reading causea that then NO SAYING ANYTHING ABOUT FAKENESS!

    NO TALKING ABOUT ZANE ____ing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    SCOTTS CHACHTERS R WWWAAAAYYYY better than a cullen
    but i still love them ALOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ok im done now;D
    love u guys

  23. anyway, I have no problem with being taken into another world. Why else do you think Twilight books are so effing addicting? I just think we have to draw the line somewhere. Preferably before announcing the main character (who really isn’t all that great) as your true love and claiming to never look at human boys the same way again, or arguing over which character would be a better love interest for yourself. *cough* jk. I’m just sayin…. 😉

  24. Jay-wa – stinklangweilig means deadly boring. In German. 🙂 German class is fun. We spent one lesson on insults, once.

    I read all Justine’s Magic trilogy. The first book was genius. The next book was great. The last one was slightly strange. Oh well!

    Zane is sparky. But u gotta admit, he had to die, or it wouldn’t be so effective.
    Now, if Renesmee died … THAT would make a good ending for Breaking Dawn! Because it would have so much weight.

  25. Aw no, not Renesmee! Come on! Jasper or Alice (I love them both, actually)
    Even better: JACOB (I love him also)

  26. ummmm….what part of FICTIONAL do you people not get? I don’t like any of ’em too much cuz none of ’em are in Band….and there are no oboists/clarinetists. but if i HAD to chose, that would be David…he’s the most…ummm…realistic in a fictional way, ya know? okay. ummm. yeah.

  27. ok, i should stop reading now. U GUYS (srry) R GIVING AWAY *everything* oh, one problemo w/ twilight, ok. u all know im 10. and read way advansed books 4 my age. my grandpa is gonna buy me twilight 4 x-mas he says *” they are to advansed for your age, i would’nt want to dissapoint you if you don’t like it”* HA!!!!! my mom told him ’bout uglies. so much 4 twilight. IT IS KILLING ME NOT WATCHING MOVIE FIRST!!!

  28. idk=i don’t know….

    lol….i remember when i was ignorent of the use to comp-talk….i didn’t even know what “lol” meant, and the only reason i knew “rofl” was cuz it was on a game-show…lol….okay…shutting up now…lol…..

  29. No, you are all wrong. The best ending ever would be if both Edward and Jacob ditched Bella and eloped with eachother.

    And when my friend first told me about “Renesme” I thought it was combining Retarded and Esme. Guess I was wrong 😉

  30. bleh….I just watched “The Office” cuz it was the Winnipeg episode…they coulda done a better job…but on the plus side, i now understand the year-long joke that ended a few months ago at school!!!! cuz for Chapel, they were doing a series called “The Cafeteiria” and now I get that it’s a knock-off of “The Office” but i didn’t get that before, so yeah. I’m slow. Okay, I’m gonna go read for a few hours before falling asleep….

  31. Lol, Edward and Jacob 🙂
    Renesmee would be the best to die cos that’d make Bella and Edward suicidal. So they have to deal with that. It takes care of deaths and making it look like others are gonna die or are in for some dark days.
    I don’t want Alice or Jasper to die! 🙁

  32. i really need to read twilight…one of my friends says it’s AWESOME and another says that it was terrible….i want to find out which it actually is.
    and i wondered out loud in front of some other friends “I wonder if twilight is all that it’s hyped up to be…”
    that turned out to be a bad mistake…one of them threw sand at my face and the other tried to fence with me with a plastic baseball bat. it failed to make me repent, but that is why i’m not surprised about what Audrey-sensei said in comment 54…about the booksigning.
    and, since i’m curious…what is all this talk about a smiley in the corner? in the corner of WHAT?

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