Cool Stuff!

Here’s some news about some of the other sites related to my books.

A new teen website called has a contest up right now. They’re giving away copies of Bogus to Bubbly and Uglies t-shirts!

Teen Libris also has an excerpt from Bogus to Bubbly online, so go and check it out.

There’s a ton of new content at, my publisher’s site for the Uglies series.

And (again) for Midnighters fans, don’t forget to join up at the new forum, Midnighters Inc.

Okay, what am I missing? Use this comment thread to promote any other fansites that the peoples here might want to check out.

And for you political folks, check out this wonderful thank-you video that the YA for Obama crew made for Maureen Johnson.

119 thoughts on “Cool Stuff!

  1. Also, i’m personally not inclined to want to date anybody in any book i’ve ever read…call me crazy.

  2. hi. i usually comment on the scott facts page but never really here but i just made up this poem. lol, and I think its pretty good. its kinda short tho. here goes

    Now comes the moment i fear
    When you no longer will be here
    i know you have to go your seperate way
    But memories of you will be here to stay

    Soooo….Yep. kinda random but yeah…umm..okay bye. 😀

  3. thanks Haley-chan, I’m glad someone agrees with me on something! Now, scroll all the way down to the bottom of this page until you can’t scroll anymore. Then, look in the very bottom left hand corner. It’s super tiny. 😉

  4. ahh! i’m so behind! i miss this place! but i’ve been reallyyyyyy busy! i lettered in academics tonight! 🙂 and my story is going on the front page of this months issue! 🙂 and so are a bunch of my photos! pretty exciting for being the only sophomore on the paper.

  5. OHMIGOODNESS Im almost through extras and I WANT MORE BOOKS!!!! LOL but complete serious-ness could we PLEASE get some more uglies books??? Right now im at the point were tally is ping-ing Aya for her big kick… ill prob. finish in about 3 days… These books are the best!! they are the only books that have ever kept me reading the entire thing! I tried the sisterhood of the traveling pants… and… well… lets just say i did’nt finish them… WOW audrey-sensei thats really cool… how did you find that?? thats cool. Does anyone have myspace?? I’m\ahva4 does anyone agree or does it seem like david is the same stereotype as edward in twilight?? And, why couldnt Tally have been put in the beginning of extras. I missed her… I was thinking… “who is this???” I was confused… Im so happy that she was finally put in though… : )

  6. I sorta agree with Amanda on the Edward / David thing. They both don’t talk too much and when they do it’s usually pretty politely. Yeah, that have similar personalities …
    At least there is a difference – it means that Shay and Tally aren’t necrophiliacs 🙂 LOL

  7. I SEE THE SMILEY!!! thank you, Audrey-Sensei 🙂
    i can’t comment on David vs. Edward, cause I still haven’t read twilight…

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