Justine in NYC

In a mega event tomorrow, Justine will be joining Robin Wasserman and a passel of other YA writers at Books of Wonder.

Justine, of course, will be discussing How to Ditch Your Fairy, and I’m sure you remember Robin from her guest-blogging stint here and her awesome novel Skinned.

The other authors are:

SUZANNE COLLINS for The Hunger Games; WILLIAM BONIFACE for The Extraordinary Adventures of Ordinary Boy #3: The Great Powers Outage; P.W. CATANESE for The Riddle of the Gnome; JOANNE DAHME for Creepers; DANIEL KIRK for The Low Road; DEAN LOREY for Monster Madness; AMANDA MARRONE for Revealers; and KETAKI SHRIRAM for Sorceress of the Himalayas.

So many books; so little time!

Click here for event details at BOW’s site, or just read this:

Saturday, November 15
Noon to 2PM
Books of Wonder
18 W 18th Street
New York, NY 10011

Hope to see you there!

83 thoughts on “Justine in NYC

  1. I keep meaning to pick up Skinned, but I can’t find it in my local library and it’s still on hold to come in.

  2. AH! THAT’S SO TOTALLY UNCOOL! Why does nobody ever come to Kentucky? Ever?? I don’t think Scott-la/Justine-la have come near me once since I’ve become a westerbloggian…

    Skinned has been out for a while, Lotti-wa. I want it, it’s on my birthday/christmas list. Along with the rest of my three (i think… maybe two) page list…

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! Ya, it’s meh b-day! Whoo!

  3. man, i wish i could go. i really want to read skinned, but im the only one of my friends that has heard of it, so i cant borrow it. that means i will have to wait until christmas to get it. 🙁

    oh. and ive started a library. all my friends want to borrow my books, so i wrote down all the titles i own and i have a check-out list. so far i only have people checking-out twilight. maybe soon i could get people to read the other books. (this one guy looked at the list and he thought i was crazy. i mean, there are 47 books on that list.)

  4. aw man! wish i could go! i already read How To Ditch Your Fairy and Revealers (both are AMAZING) Revealers was really really good. wish i could actualy see the author who wrote it and maybe get my copy signed…that’d be really cool.

    Ah Ha! i have amazing news!! MY MOM IS LETTING ME READ THE TWILIGHT SERIES!!!! so cool! one of my physical therapists helped me convince her to let me read them!

  5. Ooh lucky number thirteen! Awesome!
    This would be a fun event to go to, lots of authors. If Scott-la were speaking it would be the best ever though, lol.
    This is nowhere near me though but hopefully somebody can go. If you do, have fun! =]

  6. I’d love to go, but i live no where close to NY. which is too bad, because i love fantasy and science fiction books. oh, well

    Emily-wa: Happy Birthday!!!


  7. Nuuzorz. Come to Charlotte, we have…uh…we have…Bank of America and Wachovia (With the greeaaattt economy we have, why NOT now?)!


    YES!im not the only one who hasnt read skinned
    yeah i have to wait till christmas soon…*sigh*
    its hard being the only reader among ur friends

  9. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMILY-WA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    HOW OLD ARE *BANGS KEYBOARD TIl capslock goes away*. sorry. how old are you again?

    its ok Eva-la. i havent read it ether. i need to go to borders.

    -Lizzy-wa OUT! 8)

  10. this is so sad making- i can’t go and i have read alot of those authors

    living in the south is totattly bogus no one ever comes down here !

    i hope you have a fantastci tiuem scott la

  11. Skinned is WAY amazing, and sooo worth the wait.
    And you know what? If we had hoverboards we could all just fly to New York. Which would be awesome. 😀

  12. I’m 14 now… Yay!

    I haven’t read Skinned either, but it’s also on my christmas list. I’ll probably end up buying it with all the money I got for my birthday… Sadly I don’t get much of it because I tithe 10% of all my money to the church, and after that half goes into my bank account for college. So I only get like $30 out of the $80-something I got. Which sucks…

    And thanks for the happy birthdays. Oh, and Lora-la is a bed hog. yeah, she slept over last night…. She’s still asleep and she took up like the entire bed. I’m too lazy to push her over, so yeah… I just got up instead.

  13. Emily-wa: math time- 80 minus 10% is 72. 72 divided by 2=36. so tecnically if you’re planning on rounding, it would be 40, but yeah…and that’s assuming you got exactly $80, but either way, you have more than $30…probably more like $36. So yeah. I couldn’t help but do the math……oh and that’s American money….lucky. that’s like 40some canadian….okay, so i’m off topic….or while i’m at it, why don’t i just convert it into Sinaporian (sorry…I’m so obviously procrastionating working on math homework at this point((which is ironic seeing as this is math)))…okay, so $36 american would be 50some in singapore…let’s move on to australian! okay, so it would be 50some in australia too……..okay, i think i’ll just stop doing this now….. okay, so also, Emily-wa, my brother is a bed-hog, whenever i share a bed with him in a hotel or something, he always pushes me off with his foot in his sleep……lol….it hurts…..okay……leaving computer now…

  14. That looks awesome too bad it’s in New York…. The Hunger Games was at my book fair but I bought Bubbly to Bogus instead. =) I’ve been meaning to read it and Skinned, and also How To Ditch Your Fairy.

  15. Stephenie Meyer was talking about Hunger Games on her website a few weeks ago. I have to remind myself to pick it up at at the bookstore… Skinned looks good also.

    Much love, Scott-la!

  16. emily-wa HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! omgee i JUST finished extras AND bogus to bubbly… I loved the ending to extras… i can’t believe tally ended up with david!!!! and going to outer space??? nice twist scott!!!!

  17. but did anyone notice theres an “s” in the eye of the girl on the extras cover?? mega-helen cool! speaking of which… how many of you use the bubbly language at school??? I told my friend “Oh and mega-helens on the hair by the way” and she looked at me like i was from outer space!!!

    Go planet westerfield!!!!!

  18. Oh my gosh, we’re reading the Odyssey in English and our class was reviewing the story of the Battle of Troy, right? And then our teacher said something about how Helen of Troy was “the face that launched a thousand ships.” And I was like “Oh. My. God. I finally get it!” And I felt really special. haha 😉

  19. i need to read skinned…i still have 25 bucks in borders gift certificates…and christmas is coming up…
    my parents will have a very hard time keeping my face out of a book…even more than usual…

  20. Amanda*Boo-chan, careful. I’m sure there are some people who haven’t read Extras yet… We wouldn’t want to spoil it for them, would we now?

    My parents are gone until Thursday night. They’re on a cruise, where it’s warm… I’m stuck here where it’s rainy and cold. Oh, and taking care of my puppy who is injured. Yeah, the groomers somehow managed to cut the pad of one of her front paws, and now it’s raw there. yes, it’s disgusting and the puppy won’t use the bathroom outside because it’s wet and rainy and cold and she can’t walk outside without her paw hurting her.

    …Stupid groomers.

  21. Emily-wa: that sucks for your puppy…..so your parents are gone til thuresday? fun. now don’t try to throw any big parties or anything….lol. and lucky for your parents…is it snowing where you are? snow is nice until you have to shovel it….then it sucks…

  22. Emily-wa: I am *totally* coming over to your house with 678 friends and we will throw a massive raging party. Some people will argue that this is umpossible, because I don’t have 678 friends. And I don’t know your address. Or what state you live in for that matter. Or if you even live in the US.

    Still… tonight. Massive raging party. And everyone here is invited! (Except you, Andrea-la). 😉

  23. Skinned was a pretty good book, interesting ideas and all, just a bit of a depressing atmosphere to it.
    I wanna read How to Ditch Your Fairy … STILL …

    Audrey-Sensei, it took you THAT LONG to get the Helen stuff????

  24. Yeah, well i’m having a Twilight release party on the 21st. we’re gonna see the movie at Alamo drafthouse, then campout (hopefully) at the back. Yeah, my backyard is a forest, so why go to a fancy resort when you’ve got a perfect place to camp right out the door? hehe. I love my backyard.

  25. I’m going to see Twilight with my Mom,my 3 Aunts,my Grandma and my cousin.At the 10:45 PM showing:]So beyond excited!!

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