Zombies vs. Unicorns!

In case you haven’t been following the zombie-versus-unicorn thread on the internets, it has come to a mighty climax with the announcement of:

The Zombie Versus Unicorn Anthology! A collection of zombie and unicorn short stories to settle the issue for good, co-edited by Justine Larbalestier (aka, my Justine) and the fabulous Holly Black.

Justine is, of course, the head of Team Zombie, and Holly is the head of Team Unicorn.

Here’s Justine’s announcement of it, and here’s Holly’s.

Stay tuned for an amusing video on this subject.

But first, some appearance news: Justine and I will be in Austin, Texas this Wednesday night, at the awesome bookstore known as BookPeople.

Wednesday, Nov 19
7:30 PM

603 N. Lamar
Austin, TX 78703
Click here for more.

And the next night, Justine will be appearing at a Barnes & Noble in San Antonio.

Thursday, November 20
Barnes & Noble

Northwoods Shopping Center
18030 HWY 281NSuite #140
San Antonio, TX 78232

Hope to see you there!

And now, a short video from Lauren Myracle, she of the Scare-a-thon and (sadly) a member of Team Unicorn.

Let the battle continue!

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361 thoughts on “Zombies vs. Unicorns!

  1. I HOPE YOU FALLL OFF UR HOVERBOARD. Uni corns are amazinger because the are resistant to that nano goo stuff

    kait-wa said it all.
    i forget nate-wa is a veginator.
    he wont even eat fries! *gasp*
    scary i know.
    and jay-wa you are a little crazy.
    kait-wa is totally in her right mind.

    [i love how we have a snow day and this is how we spend it]


  4. This is all snow days are good for. [and for going into the woods and pretending its Narnia] but seriously no. Wrong faith-la wrong. WRONG. I’ma have my special eat your brain.

  5. Maybe there is a case for nano goo because it was made during the Rusty era (our era) and so therefore it could be a case, but it’s just in the future and Scott-la knows about it because It’s just the way the universe works.
    (Like the fact that Scott-la is an alien who escaped the evil wrath of the zombies and told us about the future through many great books. There are several versions of the future ’cause the aliens/zombies keep going back in time and messing around. Stupid aliens/zombies)

    from an earlier post.

    p .
    p O.
    o .
    …….. .
    …………………………. .

    My Unicorn is going to attack you!!

  7. People who like zombies have insecurities and they just talk crap because it makes them feel better. They are afraid to admit they like unicorns b/c they think it makes them look silly when in fact zombies are pathetic. They look like poop. enough said

  8. wow, this stuff is getting weird, ok theirs about 2.5 billion people in the world(thanks china) if u turn them all into zombies, u got like 2.5 billion zombies, how many unicorns are their, u dont know. because their magical and mystical and no one ever finds them and when ur watching a movie they only find one unicorn, never ten, never one hundred, never one thousand, just one lil unicorn(always white for some reason, weird) ok, one unicorn against 2.5 billion zombies, who u think is going to win. plus ok, zombies make a better movie, they make a better game, they make a better book( trust me, i know). who wants to play a video game about a unicorn”omg, u just ran, omg i just jumped over something, omg i just used my horn to scratch taht hard to scratch spot”, when u can be playing a game where u killing millions of zombies, plus who would go out to see a movie about a unicorn, lil 5 year old girls, tahts all, who would go out to see a movie about zombies( like dawn of the dead, shaun of the dead, night of living dead, return of the living dead 1 to 7, land of the dead, diary of the dead, slither and so many others) lots and lots of people. Oh heres another thign, how many unicorn movies are thier. NONE. thats saying something u know, the general population do not like unicorn, their lil kid things, get wit the tiems

  9. i was talking about kait-wa’s thing.
    and uni-corns would make an AMAZING video game.
    slicing people in half.
    id play.

  10. Umm if there is only one unicorn that says that there only needs to be 1. Because they HAVE A BRAIN. and not magggots in their head.
    And only guys, girls trying to impress guys, and pedi files go to zombie movies. so get real zack attack, get real

  11. ”omg, u just ran, omg i just jumped over something, omg i just used my horn to scratch taht hard to scratch spot”,


  12. Zombies are also the down fall of society because they tell anyone who sees comercials of stuff like that that its ok to kill random people. and it isnt. ALSO i would like it if i didnt throw up every time i look at a zombie (if i ever saw one in reall life)

  13. Zombie movies are so pointless too, they are like”OMg i just moaned, OMG i just hit someone, OMG i just killed someone, OMG my head just fell off.”

  14. Well, if the world becomes over populated, would you rather die in a horrible burning/drowning death or have random people you don’t know get eaten by zombies?

  15. burning/drowing because i can swim and i kno enough how to stay away from fire where if there were zombies theyd probably git me (or try to unttil i hit their heads off)

  16. i was saying the zombie movie thing from a zombies point of view. RUnning and screaming isnt interesting anyone can run and scream

  17. I mean like because of global warming. Duh. Get rid of people that cause the pollution by having zombies eat them is pretty good solution. AND if some one tries to charge zombies with murder, the zombies will just be like “Attorney good. mmmm” so yeah.

  18. Maybe u should say global warming and not assume burning/drowning is really that clear to mean global warming

  19. dude really the only way to kill zombies is wit shooting them in the head
    or damaging their head
    so like u can nuke them
    adn some will still survive
    because thier head is still intact
    i wouldnt want to mess wit taht
    a unicorn
    if they go to fast
    they could break their legs
    and we all know wat happens if a horse breaks its legs
    oh baby
    how fun
    so ok if u break the unicorns leg
    it is useless
    if u ever watch a zombie movie
    theirs zombies wit their legs missing
    but thier still crawling to kill you
    but yeah no a zombie is still a human, just undead
    and we all know how the human civilzation is doing
    we are still going
    wont be much longer, but still going
    look at the horse civilzation
    oh hot damn
    pretty productive
    im pretty sure( since zombies are still humans) that zombies are so much better
    because for the last thousand years, we have made a amazing increase in just about everything
    intellgence(that may be going down)
    and idk, just so much more stuff
    look wat horses(unicorns) have done
    oh, i ate a apple
    oh, i ran
    oh, im stuck in a like gated feild =[
    so sad
    zombies are just so much better
    cause zombies can live for thousands of years after it is turned(thank you zombie survival guide) with out eating
    how long can a unicorn go without eating

  20. I think that everyone knows that this is pointless because VAMPIRES are always gonna defeat any mythical creature.

  21. Zombie Zeitgeist Redux

    Published by scott under Zombies

    Over at Inside a Dog, YA writer Maureen Johnson has just extended and expanded her Insert a Zombie, Win a Prize contest.

    The basic concept is that any scene in any book would be better with a zombie, a truth universally acknowledged among certain of us genre fans. (Scroll down to the blue text in this post for Maureen’s own example, featuring a zombie in Pride and Prejudice.) To enter the contest, just take a scene from any book and add a zombie to it.

    For the contest’s new and improved iteration, celebrity judges Meg Cabot, John Green, E. Lockhart, and Justine Larbalestier will choose the winning entry!

    Here’s my entry, though I probably won’t win, given that I’m married to one of the judges.

    Charles Dickens’ A Tale of Two Zombies.

    It was the best of apocalypses, it was the worst of apocalypses. It was an age of brain eating, it was an age of shotguns. It was the epoch of damaging the head, or of removing it from the body. It was the season of light infantry weapons, it was the season of dark pursuits through abandoned sewers. We had everything at the local mall before us, but there were too many zombies in the way. In short, the period was so far like the present period—except for, you know, all the frickin’ zombies.

    Oh dayyng.

    intelligence(that may be going down)

  22. Vampires ARE better. But everyone knows that, so it’s not an epic battle. (I’m going to some how make this unicorn vs zombies a bill in Debate)

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