How to Ditch Your Fairy Interview

So I think it’s time for another IMterview.

You may remember previous IMterviews, such as my discussion of Cycler with Lauren McLaughlin, and this chat with Robin Wasserman.

This one is a little closer to home, as it’s with my wife, Justine Larbalestier. We’ll be discussing her new book, How to Ditch Your Fairy.

Because we’re sitting next to each other as we IMed, it turned out a bit sillier than usual.

If you need catching up about what the book is about, here’s what I said back when it came out.

And here is the IMterview. (Okay, I’ll stop saying “IMterview” now, because it is lame.)

Here’s what the book looks like:

You can order HTDYF at Powell’s, Amazon, or Barnes and Noble.

259 thoughts on “How to Ditch Your Fairy Interview

  1. why don’t u get snowdays Andrea-la???
    Kate-la: how do u never get snow???

    these r the questions that haunt me!!!LOL,jk

  2. ohhhhh, well i Livonia we have actually about 5 days we can take as snowdays, if we don’t use them we get out of school earlier @ the end of the year!!!

  3. Haha, the “IMterview” with your wife made me laugh. I have a completely random question though…Why don’t you and your wife share a last name? You’ve probably had to answer this question before but I’m curious 😛

    P.S. (: I love your Uglies Series!

  4. I think they don’t share last names ’cause then Justine’s fans might get confused. But that’s just a guess.

    Ashley-wa: I think they’re dorm uniforms are ugly. (ha ha) But like I saw (in my head) different dorms wearing different colors. Mostly plain besides a color stripe.

    I’m sorry you guys are sick. Bleh. Snow on weekends is kind of bogus but hopefully it’ll heat up, melt some snow then re-freeze and they’re’ll be ice everywhere and not be safe to drive.

  5. Jay-wa: i have 2 wear a uniform 4 school& it is the ugliest thing ever!!!! it a green skirt w/red plaid on it(each catholic school in our area has different colors on their skirt)….and a white cotton polo-ish shirt w/ some type of elastic band on the bottom so we don’t have 2 tuck it into our skirts!!!!EWWWW!!!! isn’t it disgusting???? and the 8th grade(my grade) gets sweatshirts that we can wear w/ our uniform &girls have 2 wear knee high socks either green red or white!!!!to top it all off u can only wear your hair in a ponytail or down(nothing extreme or u have 2 go home)…..and oh yeah we have 2 wear certain shoes 2, no heels over about 1/3 of an inch!!!!!DOESN’T MY UNIFORM SUCK????

  6. no way, shoes have 2 b “apropriot”(idk how 2 spell 2day)…or u get sent home& yes my school is crazy!!!!1 time i did get sent home because i didn’t wear nylons w/ my black pants & my toes were showing*gasp*!!!!it was horrible!!!

  7. Holy crap. I kind of want a dress code, but that’s because the girls at my school are…uh several not nice words and look trashy. So it could be worse. At least most people at your school won’t be trashy, and neither will you!

  8. u can’t bedazzle(nothing extreme)that would be considered extreme!!!! in the summer when me &my friends were@ the spree we saw some girls from our school dressing as u would say “trashy”& sever other discriptive words!!!

  9. Hey, at least your teachers attempt to protect you. Try. But if you were like “I only have bedazzled shoes!” what would they do?

  10. well….if u only had bedazzled shoes….ummm @my school they would probably expell u if u didn’t have normal shoes in like a week!!!(harsh) people @my school don’t think fake diamonds r cool, they would probably make fun of u(i would b ur friend tho)….u c i go 2 a school that u pretty much have 2 b @ least upper middle class 2 afford*$15,000 a month per child*(not a cheap school)… yeah, most people @my school r stuck up brats that make fun of u if you don’t wear the right clothes brands(Abercrombie, Hollister, or Nordstrom!!no exeptions) which i wear, but not cause i care what they think of me cause they already think i m a loser(i like 2 talk about books….alot)

  11. Books are good, and if they think intelligent people are losers then..uhm..well okay then. And wow 15,000 a MONTH. No way. Danngggg. How can you wear abercrombie and hollister if you have to wear uniforms…?

  12. well….sometimes we have dress-down days where u can where all ur designer t shirts &jeans or Juicy(couture) sweats(my BFF Anna-la has a DKNY goose down coat she wears 2 school everyday) actually my parents pay more than 15,000 cause there r 3 of us that go 2 that school!!!!

  13. Personally, I like JCPenny, hottopic (for the band shirts), Claires, Meijers, Wal*Mart, thrift shops, vanity, forever 21, Charlotte Russe.
    All (mostly) Low profile places, that aren’t totally expensive.

  14. My preferences (while we’re sharing) are H&M, American Eagle, Nordstrom Lucky, anything I can’t afford, and thrift stores and boutiques, because they tend to have really cute things. I like kind of preppy clothes, but I don’t judge people based on their label. I do kind of judge people based on how cute their clothes are, but don’t we all? 😉

  15. I think there is like ‘universal cute’. Sadly, Ashley-wa’s uniform doesn’t fall under that. (H&M?) but yeah. And generally at thrift shops and boutiques, people won’t have what you have.

  16. my uniform is 100% schoolbells(uniform store)..and cotton(pretty expensive cotten) as for my parents, my mom doesn’t work(stay @ home mother)my dad has a high position @Ford motor company(he didn’t get a buyout when 95% of the company did*no joke*)my mom won’t tell me how much he makes, i have asked b4!!!!=D

  17. while we r disgussing clothes, u know Anna? well….here r some of her other designer things!!!
    *$150 from her parents every time she goes shopping
    *Juicy Couture hat, gloves, and scarf set
    *an itouch
    *blackberry pearl
    *all chanel cosmetics
    *3 Dooney&Bourke purses
    this list could go awn 4ever, but i will stop there talking about my bratty friends!!!!!

  18. oh my gosh….you seriously pay that much for school? wow. I go to private school, but it’s nowhere near that much….that’s like, SJR expensive (SJR as in the most expensive private school in my city) or more. yeah…i kinda don’t really give a flying fig about clothes, ummm, i mostly wear…actually, i can’t remember what i wear….lol….(sorry, i just don’t know these things). I’ll wear it if it’s black…ummm….I like to wear either black or really bright clothes…no inbetween….ummm….brand names are stupid, to me…..

  19. also, just try to bend the rules for your school dresscode….i mean, are there rules that you can’t wear socks over your shoes? if ya wanna break unnofficial rules, you’ve gotta get outside the box….such as that you could tie your hair in a ponytail with a really crazy rubberband….or you could put in multicolored hair extensions (cuz then you wouldn’t be dying your hair or wearing a hat)…there’s lots of things you can do without breaking the rules!

  20. I hate it so much when books I want are in hardback. I started reading it in the store, fell in love, turned it over, and put it back. Dx
    Damn horrible economy leaving me with with money-strict adult supervisors.

  21. we do pay alot 4 school &that means i don’t always get whatever i want, unlike some other people i know….actually my parents NEVER buy me clothes, my nana does that!!! i luv my nana!!!!every spring she takes me and my sister spring shopping, we each get about $300 4 clothes and shoes!!!! i am not used 2 getting everything i want tho!!!! some people @ my school actually do break the rules, they wear pink or polka-dot headbands(u r only supposed 2 wear blue)there is actually a like 200page handbook w/ all the STUPID rules of my school written in it!!!

  22. actually, me &my friend Keri r the only people i know @my school who aern’t total brats!!!! i actually just realized how strict& expensive my school is!!!! my school won the school of the year or something last year 4 my area!!!!

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