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  1. Well, that’s really cool!! What app is it?? Wait, don’t you have it copyrighted?? Isn’t that illegal?? (Sorry so many questions)

  2. Totally unrelated.
    I saw a sign today for Ayala’s Restaurant. There wasn’t a dash, and the food was Mexican (I probably would have screamed if it was Japanese), but I thought it was great.

    Anyway, I really hate the iPhone.

  3. Wow, that’s so awesome! And flattering. Even though I’m one of the old-fashioned people who actually like real books.

  4. going 2 the mall!!!! this time 2 shop!!!! b back later. bye!!!!=D hope everybody feels happy 2day because i am.=D even though i should b doing hw i don’t want 2. it will probably get done Sunday night. =D bye,bye!!!!!

  5. I guessed I’ve missed alot, huh.

    I’m glad to see you talking things out Andrea-la, because actually I’m experiencing the same things right now. Confusion over whether I believe there is a God. Confusion about another thing that I wouldn’t mind talking about with my friends, but was afraid what my friends would think if I told them.

    I was actually thinking about this yesterday as I was reading about FSM (Flying Spaghetti Monster, if you don’t know. It’s a satirical hoax.) I wasn’t raised a Christian. Some of my family members are, some of my family members are freethinkers, my mother is a buddhist, my ex- and a friend at dance is muslim and my best friend is hindu. My parents raised me without religion so that I can have a choice in what I want to believe in, and not force something down my throat as a child.

    However, I attended a Methodist primary school. (Because of some education policy that stated people living closer to the school gets higher priority in enlisting.) And I really want to believe that there is a God up there, watching over us, but I don’t. It doesn’t help that I jumped to a science school and think about all the differences. Did someone create us? Did we evolve? All very brain-hurting thoughts right there.

    Right now, what I know I believe in is Science. And Goodness. The only other thing I have learnt from the Bible and other devotions and chapel I have been forced to sit through is in Goodness and Righteouness and Morality and things like that. So for now I *think* I am comfortable with there not being a guiding hand up there. I’m not sure, but let’s try to keep a postitive out look here.

    No matter how bleak the sky may be,
    how the snow storm ravges the town.
    When the sky is ablaze in ash and smoke.
    I still think it’s beautiful;
    A dead, empty, wild and picturesque beauty.

  6. that really makes me think,
    im a raised Chiristian and i has just always been told there is a God so i’ve just always tought that.and i still do. but the other day we started to talk about religion, and my friend was obviously uncomorabital(i totally need to learn how to spell) and she said she didnt liek talking abou that caose she “doest like wasteing her time thinking about that kinda stuff”. she basicly doesnt like thinking about how earth was created and whats gonna happen when she dies. we were all shocked, i mean at least u could think about it(like u guys r) and belive in something but she just doeant even like to think about it.

    so im gonna keep inviteing her to church and her twin sounds intrested so ill invite her and maybe she can convince the other girl…

    ok, im done rambling now…

  7. Eva-la: I was raised Christian. I’m not Christian anymore. I don’t think that you should pressure your friend to come to church with you. It’s not fun to be told to believe something when you don’t want to.
    Trish-la: We have oh so much in common, except that I come from a Christian family and have gone to church almost every Sunday of my entire life.

  8. OOhhh I have an itouch! 🙂 exciting! lol but it probably costs money. I have this little policy about not buying apps if they aren’t free… Oh well.
    I read “How to ditch your fairy” yesterday. I loved it because it was more of the same kind of thing as uglies (kind of) and it had the same slang sometimes. Like littlies and stuff. But I thought it was really neat how Steffi and David and Scott all have the little scar across their left eyebrows. 🙂 You and your wife should put the main male character as always having that scar. it would be cool!

    I lovee Uglies so much, and I even dream about it which is really pathetic. But I wish there was a movie!

  9. Oh, and to contribute to the religion debate… I’ve thought about it a lot because it’s really hard to believe that there really is God up there, because he doesn’t make himself know very obviously, but for me, I know that there’s something, and that’s all I need to know. I mean, I have faith that God is up there knowing what he’s doing, and I feel like as a human, I don’t need to completely understand what goes on, but I should at least trust that everything will be okay. I feel God. I know he’s up there. I just hate it when people try to put God into words. I feel like some people worship the bible rather than having an actual relationship with God.

    I think that God and love are so inextricably intertwined that they are practically the same thing. I have my doubts about some things the bible says, but I still trust in God and love him SO much. He’s my rock, and He’s the reason I stay strong. I don’t really believe in Satan or Hell, and maybe I’m wrong, but it’s just what I believe. If there is a hell, I think that at any time, people in hell can accept God into their hearts and go to heaven. People say that that isn’t fair because people made their choice in their human life, but it says in the bible that humans aren’t perfect, so it doesn’t make sense to me that our eternal lives are necessarily based only on what we do in our human lives. I think that eventually after everyone dies, they will learn the truth, and have an opportunity to change their mind about whether or not God exists, and if they truely do want to have a relationship with God when they are in hell, I believe that you CAN get out of hell because God’s love is stronger than any amount of hate.

    I think that nothing really matters in the world except love, and that’s all we really need, and all love comes from God.

  10. Hannah-la: you sound a heck of a lot like i used to and it’s frightening. not even kidding. you sound EXACTLY like i did about a month ago. and yeah, i guess i know what you mean about people bringing god into words….kinda like the song “Three Minute Song”by Josh Wilson. ya know? but really, at the moment, i don’t think that god’s up there. i have this book, “Promises For A Jesus Freak”, with all the Bible verses that have god’s promises in them. yeah. let’s just say that if i thought god were real, he woulda gotten SO yelled at by me right then cuz he didn’t keep his promises. he said he would protect me. didn’t happen. he said that he would rescue me in times of trouble. nope. he said that he would answer me. well, then why is it just so quiet? so right now, i’m pretty sure that god isn’t real and that if he is, he sure doesn’t love me. more like wants to ruin my life. anyways, science tells me what i need to know, so for now, that’s what i’m going with. maybe someday i’ll give this more thought, maybe someday i’ll think that god’s real, but for now, i’m just trying to deal with the fact that he probably isn’t.

  11. Hey, maybe the reason you’re hurting so much right now is because you focused your life so much on one thing, and–real or not–you shouldn’t really do that with anything, because nothing in life is dependable.

    An extra for now. 😉

  12. Didn’t that ever strike you as strange? That you loved some almighty entity. I guess it must have made sense because you went to a Christian school and all, but the sooner you get through this the better. Maybe you can find a religion that you *can* believe in.

    An extra for now. 😉

  13. hey, i c we’ve been disgussing religion, so as usual i will b off topic. this is such a funny story& 2day is my lucky day. so i was @the mall w/my mom& as soon as we pull into the parking lot a front row spot opens up(how doos)!!!! this is the funny part: when i walk in a mall i walk w/confidence straight 2 my destination w/out making eye contact w/anybody. so all f a sudden my mom was like “hey, i think that guy was checking u out.” then i said 2 myself”what did this guy look like?”, “was he cute?” 2bad i didn’t notice. then this girl said “cute purse” i said thanks even though i didn’t know her. then this girl i didn’t know liked me asked me 2 go 2 her house. so i went &we watched Baby Mama, Ms.Congeniality(idk how 2 spell it)& Ms.Congeneality2. we also played Clue& talked 4about an hour. her name is Lexi& i think she likes me now. she said we should hang out more!!!! that was my ah-mazing day!!!! how was yours??=D

  14. Okay, it took FOREVER to scroll down here, and you made me, not angry exactly, but annoyed. Our life isn’t pointless. Pretties’ lives however… Scott-la’s life wasn’t pointless, nor his wive’s and many other great authors’. They taught us things through word play and what not, made us wait and dig through meaning.

    Here’s what I have so far…

    Ashley-wa: No, I’ve never been to Canada, only it sounds FAWESOME. Scotland sounds vastly cool! (except men in kilts…)
    Steffi was right, an all-boys-will-like-you fairy is un-fair! Even if it only seems like she has a fairy. I figure, if a guy acts like that, then he isn’t worth the time…

    Andrea-la: Standing? WHILE sledding? it’s like you’ve invented a new sport…a new dangerous sport..which makes it so much better!
    If you’re having problems, and you don’t want to talk about them but they need to be adressed, start another blog on your current blog, set it to private and just blog your little heart out. That way there it’s out, and when you become super famous and everyone thinks you’re perfect, you’ll have a half way written biography (autobiography?).

    That’s why it sucks telling people your problems, because it feels like everything they say and do is influenced by what you told them. Everyone has problems. Especially those ‘hut’ girls..

    this sounds really serious Andrea-la. i want 2 help u as much as i can. i hate seeing people sad. it makes me sad and nervous 4 u . i don’t know how u feel but i always try 2 look on the positive side of things and it ALWAYS works. whenever i feel sad i talk 2 my mom, but if she can’t help me i fix it myself. u seem always busy w/stuff, so my advice 2 u is 2 take your life 1 day @a time. u only have 1 life on earth so make it a good one. try 2 always look on the bright side even in the toughest situations. remember people do care about u and want u 2 feel happy. and never kill yourself over something other people have been through b4. don’t let the ocean of life drag u under. don’t give up. i belive in u, i think u can get over this and i hope ur friends do2. ahhhhh!!!! u r really making me nervous no joke. this took me like 7 minutes 2 type because my hands r shaking like crazy.=D smile, please(like u mean it) Ashley-wa is completely right. Like an alcohalic, don’t look at the big picture, or 2009, look up close with a magnifying glass here and now.

    (okay, so this turned into an essay, I’m sorry) Hey, so what if gods not real? Don’t waste your life worrying. I used to like all of the time, and I’m agnostic now. Like, sure he tests you (if hes real) and he’s got to understand that, being a teen is hard, and it raises questions. If he is real and can read your mind then he’ll understand (I hope he can’t read minds..erk) But, maybe you used to do good things and help people with the pantry or whatever. you did it for him but all that matters is that you did/do it. Even for yourself to feel good.

    (instead of putting their whole comment on here, I’m just including the number..) 195 Audrey-Sensei is right, Andrea, because you’ve just got to live your life, because that’s whats most important to everyone. I mean, here we are, a bunch of teenagers, trying to help you out. We live in America, Singapore–all over the world. You’re important and enlightening, even though we’ve never met.

    Tally&Zane: Every is like that at my school (the ‘s’ word rhyming with ‘hut’) except my friends, and uber loosers. (who are also my friends.) even some of the uber losers are like that.

  15. Trish-la: Science is constantly changing, and some how, it makes it more stable. Like the fact that it isn’t written in stone makes it justifiable.

    Ashley-wa: I love love love sales!! And cute things on sale!

  16. I’m really torn as to what to do…I feel like there’s something I can say to help you Andrea-la…I’m pretty sure there is. I even typed it out already on here, it’s kinda long. I’m not sure if I’m willing to say it though. There’s things in it that I haven’t even told any of my close friends. But I’m afraid…what if I don’t say it and I could have helped? I’m not quite sure you want help though. Do you? If you say you do, then I’ll post it. Jay-wa, I agree with everything you said too by the way.

  17. Ashley-wa: Do you normally hang out at random people’s houses? Because if some one I didn’t know was like ‘Lets hang out!’ I would be like ‘NO I DO NOT WANT ANY OF YOUR GIRL SCOUT COOKIES!!’ which is probably why no one talks to me in the mall. With the guy thing, I would’ve looked, then do a totally obnoxious wink. And probably laugh and look mentally disabled…I’m not allowed in public.. ;P

    Tally&Zane: Thank you, and hey, you never know who you’ll help with your words…

    267 Audrey-Sensei–yes.

    Good night..(or morning, rather..erk)

    Andrea-la: I hope you feel better soon.

    Scott-la: *coughnewpost<3cough*

  18. Hello!!!!! I havnt been on the internet in a while. I guess Ive been busy.

    Okay so i am wondering…what are yalls New Year resolution?
    Mine is to eat healthier and stay fit. Oh, and read more (not that i dont read enough but i will get to my goal!!!!!).

  19. Wow. Two people in a row said I was right. That is unheard of. 😀

    Ashley-wa: I totally disagree with Jay-wa. It’s so sweet that a random girl would want to hang out with you. Branching out and making friends is the easiest thing in the world, and people are just too afraid to do it, except not you and Lexi.

    I loved Miss Congeniality, but I thought the sequel looked really bad.

    An extra for now. 😉

  20. i’m sorry about your predicament andrea-la…you sound like me…again…i’m not sure about him either. but i don’t think i ever really believed, i was brought up quasi-christian, i’ve only been to church a few times and that was with urgings from my friend. I believe that there’s something somewhere, but i don’t know if it is the definition of God. I’d like to believe in something, but i have no idea what i think about it. The funny thing is, it’s not really bothering me, it’s more like having a semi-annoying mosquito bite. The apathy that i feel about it is what bothers me.
    Have you ever read “are you there, god? it’s me, margaret”? it’s a pretty good book about a girl confused about religion.

  21. I agre with Tally&Zane all the way and I agree with Andrea-la in certain things but not all things.
    FYI the following is extremely personal I prefer on Tally&Zane , Andrea-la and Audrey-sensei to read it.

    Andrea-la : My best friend almost killed herself last year (keep in mind this is mind over matter and no I don’t believe in God nor does she) so to continue my story and she called me and told me her bf had just broken up with her her mother was still beating her and all her friends were backstabbing her eventually I convinced to wait things out and and see if life would take a turn for the better and it did there was still roughness in between but now her bf is great she ditched her backstabbing other friends and her mother has stopped beating her beacause of her new friends she made when she ditched her old ones.

    Now I’m not saying ‘Ditch your friends and hope things will get better’ no just wait things out and see if it get any less confusing and see if you feel any different about the God thing ok.

  22. hey!!!!! 2day is a crummy day. it is dark&looks depressing. which means its time 2 read or clean my room or do homework.

    Jay-wa:actually i’ve known who this girl was 4 like 3years! her sister is on my dad’s hockey team. she has never really taked 2 me tho, until i was @the ice rink no more like forced 2 go 2 the ice rink& was reading HTDYF when she came over 2 me &started talking 2me. this is a vastly serious question: who is your fav character in HTDYF??? my fav is Fiorenze. i think she is really nice& from the beginning i have felt bad 4 her cause all the other girls hate her 4her boy-attracting fairy. oh& thanks 4liking my comment thing!!!=D

    Audrey-sensi: yeah, the 1st Miss Congeniality was better than the second one.

  23. hi Eclipse!!!!! nobody really goes on durring the day, exept me sometimes when i have no life which is most days.=D

  24. personally i don’t care which religion u r or which God u belive in. actually my mom’s side of the family is very strict Catholic including my mom. my dad’s side doesn’t even belive in God including my dad, but they r all good people &i think thats all that matters. if u r a good person in life& help out the poor and do many good things, but don’t belive in God that doesn’t mean u r going 2 hell.=D

  25. Hello, it does seem like we have form a beautiful community helping each other out, bound by the love of one man’s books. This is sounding more awesome each time I think of it.

    Andrea-la: I’m not sure what your exact mood is right now; whether you are still in a depressed state-of-mind, if you are still worried about what your friends will think of you, confused about whether it is right or wrong to believe that God doesn’t exist. Or maybe all of the above. Because of that, I don’t know the exact words to comfort you.

    What I want you to know is that your grief shall pass and there will be clearer times ahead, for grieve always passes. Like the loss of a lover, a kin, a friend or a precious pet, there could still be a part that pangs when you think of it; but even then, as you decide that you no longer believe in God, there will be joyous memories that remain. Most of the things that you have learnt about in church will still ring true. That showing kindness and compassion, living with integrity is the best way to live your life, bringing light into the darkness of other people’s life. Just as we are trying our best to help you.

    Even though we do not know each other in real life, I think that I can safely speak for each of us here that we want to lend you a helping hand and that you can count on us to be here if you need it, regardless of timezones. (Although it might take a while). Knowing that you need help is already a step foward and out of the darkness clouding you.

    Jay-wa: [re: #273] Yes, that’s why I like science. It’s progress, it changes. When one explanation proves wrong, another one can emerge. Very beautiful thing, it is. Hopefully, though, the progress will be fast enough for us all to own a hoverboard in our lifetime. Heh.

    Ashley-wa: So glad to know you actually know the girl. Talking to complete strangers can sometimes scare me. Who knows what kind of danger you might get into… *shudder*

    Yes. new post, please, Scott-la! =D

  26. Trish-la:i think its beautiful2. 2have somebody 2 talk 2 and u know they can help u or try. i don’t talk 2 random people either. =D

  27. Wow… crazy stuff there my man. I just wish that i had an iphone because i would get the reading app just for the fact that Specials was used as the example…(because I’m awesome like that haha)
    (also as a side note because is one of those words you can use twice and feel like you’ve used it twenty times and then you tell yourself, ‘dang it! I need to expand my vocabulary because- crap! i used it again!’… haha i thought i’d share my inner turmoil involving that word which i shall not use again)


  28. Eclipse, sorry I didn’t see your posts earlier. I wasn’t feeling too great so I went to bed early…at like 10:30 pm, which is really early for me…
    Okay I’m gonna post it now…I don’t really care if you guys judge me. I think it’s human nature to do so, so judge away. And hey, maybe I need to be judged?

    You say that God hasn’t protected you or answered you or been there for you in your time of need, well I don’t know your situation, but maybe knowing what happened to me and that I still believe could possibly give you hope? I don’t know, this post could be more for me than you guys, it’s getting a lot of stuff off my chest. I had to get over a ton of crap, and I did it. I’m not trying to sound like I know everything or have it worse than you do. But I’m not joking when I say I know what it feels like to be hurt or feel unloved or hated. You wanna know what happened? Lots of things. It’s a really long list so I won’t put everything, just a few.
    -My Uncle died. Right before he was going to fly out for my 8th grade graduation. I was acting like a bratty little kid whining about him and the rest of my family coming. I didn’t want them all here, it would be embarassing. I wished and wished that something would happen so they wouldn’t come. I was hoping they’d just stay at home so they wouldn’t make a big deal over everything. My family always ends up overreacting and fawning over me for the littlest things and I don’t feel like I deserve it so it makes me uncomfortable. My Uncle had multiple heartattacks a few days later and passed away. Guess what? They didn’t come. I still blame myself.
    -A while back one of my best friends told us the news that she was diagnosed with brain cancer. It was horrible, I freaked out, all of us did. She told practically everyone about it. Everyone felt sorry for her and was worried about her. I looked up to her because of how she handled it. She was really calm, and okay with it and kept composure. She said she started radiation and everything and actually told me what it was like. We made cards and got everybody to sign them and gave her presents and stuck with her. Recently I found out it was all a lie and she’s healthier than ever. I feel like I must have been a really awful friend to not be able to tell when she’s lying to my face. Spinning little stories so people would like her, and I wasn’t there for her. I didn’t even notice that she was dealing with trouble, thinking that nobody cared about her anymore. She was feeling completely unloved. Now that everyone knows, nobody wants to talk to her. Only two of us do though, I spent 2 hours on the phone with her yesterday trying to explain that everything will be alright. I don’t feel like I should be her friend, she should blow me off like the others did to her. Because if I was good enough to be her friend, then I’d have been able to find a way to help in the first place. This mess wouldn’t have happened.
    -I got called into the office one day right after second period. I didn’t have any clue or idea as to what it was about because I never get in trouble. I went up there and the principal led me into his office and there were two ladies there with cps badges on. I was still oblivious to everything cuz I didn’t know anything about this really. The principal started talking about how I was an excellent student with good grades, straight As actually, and how he hoped this wouldn’t effect my learning. He wouldn’t get to the point so I had to ask him, What’s going on? That’s when the cps spoke up finally. Apparently my parents had been arrested. My parents who go to Church every Sunday, are involved in school things, that don’t drink or do drugs or anything of the sort. I certainly didn’t know what the hell was going on. So, I had to leave school in the back of a car with cps. That my friends was one of the worst times of my life I have to tell you. They took me to my older sister’s house. Who was crying at the time, confused too. And she has to try and stay strong for me and my little brother. I still didn’t get any answers then. Not for a week. Literally. My parents were in jail for a week. When they finally got out, I got the story. Long story short, They didn’t do ANYTHING. It was a terrible misunderstanding that they have to pay for. They took all their money, and their three cars. Left them with practically nothing. They still have to go to court. If they’re convicted, there’s a chance I won’t ever see them again. They broke my family. I still haven’t told my friends about it. I made a lame excuse about something, that I was surprised they believed.
    -My older brother was in the National Guard. I idolized him, he was my hero. I always always looked up to him for everything. We were always really close, never fought. I found out that I don’t even know him at all. Turns out he was on drugs. Nobody knew, but his fiancee. Who was also on drugs. My brother stopped, quit it, and was off them. His fiancee, the mother of their little 4 year old girl, couldn’t stop. Finally he flushed what was left of the pills down the toilet and told her he wasn’t giving her anymore money for them. Cuz he knew they were throwing their lives and their daughter’s life away. They were arguing about it, and she flipped out and ended up hurting herself. My brother said he wasn’t going to fight with her anymore, so he left so they could calm down. She called the cops on him when he was gone, and they arrested him for spousal abuse. He didn’t touch her. She fabricated a story. Of course the cops believed her though, they always believe a woman that seems hurt,and mind you, she’s a very talented actress. My brother couldn’t get out on bail because it was considered assault with a deadly weapon, cuz he’s in the army, that’s what his hands are considered since he’s trained in combat. I haven’t seen him since the middle of November, and neither has my neice. I lost my brother, she lost her Dad. The four year old little girl didn’t get to spend Christmas with her father. She probably thinks he’s gone forever agian. He had a tour of duty for 15 months in Iraq before and everytime I saw her I had to look at her sad little face and tell her I didn’t know when her Daddy was coming home. He won’t get out till February. I feel like there’s something I could have done, could have prevented.

    My family’s broken. When I go to my house now, it doesn’t feel like my home. Not anymore. So many things have happened, those are just a few big ones. I STILL believe in God though. Still know he’s out there, and he cares about me, and will take care of everything. It’s the little things, the little miracles that happen daily that keep me believing, even after all of that. He keeps me strong. You might just think I’m stupid for still believing, but I don’t think I am. I think I’m smart for it actually, but hey…It’s whatever you choose to believe. I’m not really sure how that could help anyone….Maybe it can show you that if you really truly want it, then you can have it. If you say you wish to believe, then you can, even after tons of things go wrong. You can’t see faith, or hope, it’s only there if you want it to be.

    ^Reaaaaaaaalllllllllyyyyyyyyy long.

  29. Not to be rude, but are we going into that whole “do you believe in God” thing again because last time it was a mess. All because of that Golden Compass thing. I REALLY dont want to get into that.

  30. Um, no…sort of…but differently this time. It won’t be a mess Mom-I mean Bran-la! (I’m just kidding, you can metaphorically slap me if you want.) No, it’ll be quick this time I hope.

  31. Tally&Zane: Wow. Reading all of that truly brought tears to my eyes. Seeing what people go through is the most difficult part of life. Going through things personlly is hard too. I see now your point of saying you still believe. I have had many things happen to me and things that i have done and we all have! Not one person on this earth can say that they have done everything right. But i never punish myself, T&Z. What i have done, all the bad things even if small, make me who i am. Without those experiences, i wouldnt be myself. I wouldnt have my logic and experiance to say “Hey, that really isnt the best thing to do.” Even if its something my sister did, i learn from it. Thats part of life. Dont beat yourself down about your uncle or your brother, T&Z. It was your uncles time to go. God wanted him back. And God knows the truth about your brother, he wont let him suffer for what he didnt do. You had nothing to do with it. And i know forgiving yourself is hard. But moving on is what makes you a stronger person. To mourn over ones mistakes is not living. You have to see what youve done and say, “I’ll do better.” I know you can learn from everything because i did.

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