On Being Скотт Вестерфельд

It’s good to be Скотт Вестерфельд. Very good indeed.

Sure, Scott Westerfeld gets to live in a stable democracy (two of them!), with thousand-channel cable networks and no Siberian winters.

But Скотт Вестерфельд has covers like this one:

Yes, that’s the new edition of Midnighters: The Secret Hour. Or The Owl, as the series is known in Russia. It is even more insanely cool than the old Russian cover.

Too awesome for words, at least words in English. Speaking of which, here’s the plot description, courtesy of the always profound Google Translator:

Biksbi small town in Oklahoma at first glance, nothing remarkable. But in fact it is one of the most dangerous and mysterious places on the planet. Few know that at midnight Biksbi lasts not a moment, a whole hour. Hour, when the whole world stops and go hunting producing darkness, who can resist only those born in a minute of midnight. Their five, all of them students, and each has a unique gift to brighten the whole manifested in a secret hour: Rex sees traces of touching the darkness of Melissa could not hide other people’s thoughts, Dess loves numbers and mathematical laws, Jonathan with the midnight has become almost weightless. Jessica came to Biksbi more recently, and her talent was the most dangerous to night creatures.

Suddenly, the guys show that they are not the only one who knows about the secret hour. And that previous generations owl Biksbi disappeared is not a coincidence …

Actually, that sounds like the plot description to Book 2. But, hey.

And check out this Скотт Вестерфельд classic:

“The Rebel”
Three hundred years ago, human civilization collapsed – and reborn from the ashes. Surviving disaster firmly decided not to repeat the mistakes of their ancestors. Now the world is designed to truly correct. Cities swim in the greenery, aeromobili quietly slipping in the air. But most importantly – on the ground there is real justice. Because there are no more plain people … Well, not counting teenagers. All who turned sixteen – madly, giddily beautiful thanks to plastic surgery. One trouble: how is painfully long stretch last months before the Sixteenth birthday! ..

However, in the meantime, much can happen. Vylazku risky thinking of booking for “ugly creatures, Telli and did not suspect, than it would – that it is destined to become new friends, overcome dangerous and distant way, and learn about the terrible secret” Operation Beauty “…

Scott Vesterfeld – one of the most recognized authors fiction for young people. Russian readers, he is known primarily for the TV series “owl” already successful earn great popularity both in the world, and we have.

Oh, yeah, we have. Of course, The Mignighters TV series never really happened, but don’t let a little pravda slow you down.

And the back of “The Rebel” is even cooler. It has an airship on it, for some unknown but probably awesome reason! Once I get the real book in my hands, I’ll make sure to scan it.

So here’s to you, Скотт Вестерфельд! You’re a better man than I.

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  3. ashley-wa, sorry im a little late getting back 2 u, but LO dosnt have a definition.i dont know what it is. (u can look it up if u want to)

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  6. soooo, i was supposed to take my Uglies test in Teen Lit class yesterday, but i sort of cut. oops =P
    no matter. i’ve read the book so many times, i could recite the dang thing to my teacher if she wanted me to…

  7. Jay-wa: i m hoping 4 a snow day, its still snowin hard where i am!!!! on my way home from ballet there was soooo much snow it took us like 1hour 2get home when it usually takes about 20 minutes!!!=D i put B

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  9. I really like that cover. I really do, it’s so cool! I mean the Russian Uglies cover! It’s what most kids in my school call “hot”. ^^

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